Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution
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Educator Guides

The Marie Antoinette educator guides have been developed as a way to involve students in the origins, drama and outcomes of the French Revolution in a way that is relevant to their current lives. Within the guides are recommendations for using brief, classroom-appropriate segments of the program to illustrate particular ideas and concepts. As always, educators are encouraged to preview the entire program and these segments before they are presented to students. Teachers may record the documentary and use it in the classroom for one year. For more information on these and other teacher resources, please visit PBS TeacherSource.

Plan 1:  The Politics of Revolution
Investigate the political issues that ultimately led to the French Revolution, compare the French Revolution with the American Revolution, and explore how these revolution's outcomes affect our lives today. 

Plan 2:  Free Press and the Revolutions

Consider how the French and American revolutions influenced and emergence of free press in each country.

Plan 3:  Comparing Historically Significant Women in Power
Learn about some of the world’s historically significant and politically influential women, including Marie Antoinette. 

Educator Guides

The Politics of RevolutionFree Press and the RevolutionsComparing Historically Significant Women in Power
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