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At Play
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This depiction of Marie Antoinette portrays her enjoying two of her favorite things: the outdoors, and the diversion and freedom she so desperately desired since her initial days at Versailles.  While in her teens, Marie Antoinette took up the idea of hunting enthusiastically. 

She loved to ride and found the outdoor activity liberating.  However, the sport of hunting was considered too dangerous and too masculine for a young lady.  Marie Antoinette continued to ride however, and defied both her mother and the advisors by  donning breeches and riding like a man.

Under her traditional equestrian gear, the young queen is most likely wearing an undergarment common for her day, which was a straight cut, almost knee-length shift. This white linen undergarment was worn by both men and women, had elbow-length sleeves, and was worn beneath corsets.

Undergarments provided a more comfortable barrier between the wearer’s body and the heavy fabrics and severe lacing common for this era.

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