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This Week: Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

This Friday, April 27th on Bill Moyers Journal (check local listings), Bill Moyers talks with Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART, about how faking the news can reveal more of the truth than all of the Sunday-morning talk shows put together.

Click the picture for a preview.

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I saw this interview when it came out. Nice work Bill. I'm sure you've seen some of the interviews of Steven Colbert. You have to admit that he's one of the most enjoyable people to interview. He can really connect with people, and it's nice to see him out of his TV personality costume. Please interview Mr. Colbert!!!!

Kevin Tanner, the story told by Hunt on that audiotape is a direct contradiction of his own earlier sworn testimony. Did he lie under oath, and then tell the truth in his old age? Or is it the other way around? I don't know, and neither do you.

If a man tells two opposite stories about the same event, then both stories are useless to prove anything except that the man who told them is a liar. Unless one of the stories leads to some real physical evidence. Has Hunt's new story led to any real physical evidence? If not, then it isn't news; it's just another story told by a liar.

Why have the press not caught up on the JFK murder with the late E. Howard Hunt? St. John indicated that he told him of the conspiracy by LBJ. Americans knew he was guilty as sin-now it is in black and white.

Kathleen, about four posts ago, touched on a subject that we aren't looking at head-on: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Oh, yes, we read and listen to reports about how many were killed yesterday, about the tense exchanges between all parties (there are more than just the two), even about some of the history behind the feud. But the apparent fear of our MSM to lay everybody's cards out on the table on this issue, is the big white rabbit sitting over in the chair that no one wants to admit is in the room.

As long as "the West" continues to side with one party, over the others, this feud will continue. As we all know, solutions are found in difficult places, and I'm not referring to infinite war here as being a "solution." Every party involved must give up ideas that are important to them, in order for even the beginnings of peace to take root.

Is it possible for this to happen, when AIPAC is diligently working away to influence congressional and executive branch decision-making in Israel's favor?

I had to watch the Jon Stewart interview on my computer , becuase our local PBS station didn't show it. It was scheduled then removed.

Great interview with Jon Stewart. When you asked him if he had a political view, he said "no" meaning, as he's said before that he's neither Democrat or Republican. He likes to joke and call himself a "Whig" but ... he's also used the phrase "Be Reasonable", and that is closer to his political affiliation as anything else.

Indeed, that could be where modern journalism breaks down. Many of the news organizations the Daily Show lampoons are those that aren't standing up to unreasonable responses to the days events. Is news reporting merely noting what a politician says or is it also pushing that politician beyond the sound bite in order to get a reasonable answer to a question?

Unfortunately, this lack of reasonableness isn't restricted to news organizations nor to politicians. In your interview, Jon gave an example of how someone said he loved his show, liked the perspective on the issues "except that joke on global warming, that was off limits, and I'm never watching your show again." That suggests to me that many of *us* are unreasonable when it comes to our pet cause. We think that anything that supports our cause, reasonable or unreasonable, is good. Any criticism, even of the unreasonable parts, is bad.

How can we ask our leaders or our news organizations to change when we ourselves also suffer from the same problem? Keep up the good fight! Awareness is the first thing we need.

Dear Bill,
I make it a point to watch your show every Thursday, now that you are back on the air. I loved the John Stewart interview, and thanks for introducing me to Josh Marshall. Both were very inciteful in their views on the corruption in our government for the past 6 years. It is about time the administration has it's collective feet held to the fire. For far too long the Republicans have made a mockery of justice and good government.

I remain hopeful that shows like yours will re-introduce our country to the values of being "Liberal" as opposed to being a "Conservative". May your show be the start of this movement to make us all more aware, and proud to be called Liberal, rather than the epithet it has become since Dubya came to office. He tried to steal the idea of compassion from liberalism, and his Iraq War has shown us all how much he lacks in compassion.

Bill Moyers,

I've been watching some of your documentaries and I must say that I truly admire what you have done. It is relieving to find a person with a true journalistic spirit, which so many others are lacking these days.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A new fan,


The issue that "even" John Stewart will not touch on his program is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. John never criticizes Israel or the countries policies or leaders. Listen and watch limits to the so called liberal John Stewart. He seems to go right (wrong) on Israel's policies.

It's too bad the the "Peoples Broadcasting System" thinks their petty auction is more important than the war where young people are dying. They could put that auction on any Saturday or preempt something else! BTW how come no one mentions why we really went over there? (oil) We didn't go after Edie Amin nor care about the suffering in Darfor because they have no oil. GWB shpowed the world how much he considers the black man when only had AF1 descend enough so he could see the people on their roofs.

Thank you for that wonderful interview, Bill. Any chance you'll interview Stephen too? Or maybe some more bloggers? The Josh Marshall interview was fabulous as well.

Dear Bill,

Thanks so much for bringing back dialogue to the airwaves! We need your calm, ethical voice now more than ever, and we love you!
You will do more for the cause of real democracy than all the other TV news sources (except of course Amy Goodman) combined.
Welcome back!

Along with all the others, I thank you for coming back,. and deeply appreciate your ethics.

My comment (though the Jon Stewart piece was great) concerns Josh Marshall. As a long time reader of his blog, I was so delighted that you featured him. The pleasure of watching his brain clicking along with incisive alacrity is deliciously satisfying.

Josh Marshall is our budding Seymour Hersh of the internet age. I wish you could have him as a regular weekly contributor--perhaps a 5 minute update of the weeks 'muck'.

I hope your showcasing him nudges him further into the MSM. I'd love to see him on Hardball.

Wow, Bill, I'm SO glad to see you back on PBS! This show interviewing Jon Stewart and Josh Marshall was the best.

Jon Stewart keeps insisting he's not a journalist but a comedian. But he's not really doing parody--the ultimate parody is the Bizarro World this country has become. Jon is just revealing it all for what it is.

That's journalism, whether it makes you laugh, or seethe with rage and frustration. With Jon's news I erupt with maniacal laughter. Much healthier than having my head explode reading the "real" news, because of all the inconsistencies and lack of follow-through I see there.

I don't even bother with mainstream news anymore. By the time they come out with anything earth-shattering about these crooks in power, I've already known it for years.

It is good that Bill Moyers is adding to the exposure of Bush going to war under false pretenses and the culpability of the media. But there is one layer deeper that I do not believe that Bill Moyers is willing to go. And that is the dominance of corporations in all facets of our lives.

"The media" may have been fearful of breaking with the administration over the Iraq war. What we are talking about here is the reputation of media corps with other businesses (advertisers) and the gov. What is entirely undiscussed is the employment at will doctrine in the US, where free speech will get you fired in any US company. Most journalists are required to obey the company line. When Moyers asks disingenuously why "we" did not protest the Iraq war, he knows good and well that "we" will lose our jobs and the chance for future employment if "we" speak out. Furthermore, there are extremely limited avenues for "we" to speak. We have had massive consolidation of the media over the last half century. "We" cannot afford to own a newspaper or a radio station.

We have a very limited view of rights in this country. Rights within private institutions barely exist. And that is where work and opinions are formulated and promulgated. It is hardly any wonder that corporate friendly policies are implemented by our government, which includes tinkering in the Middle East - the home of the world's oil. In any event, the Moyers show has one more step to go, if they truly wish to get to the bottom of why our nation is on so many unfriendly people and environmental paths.

Dear Mr Moyers:
SO glad you're back with us at Public Broadcasting. I share your grief for the loss of David Halberstam and many other veteran journalists who have recently left our flawed human existence. I am encouraged about the future of Journalism because I think circumstances as they are in America are a wake up call and none too soon. The young people of America will not be complacent because they cannot be complacent and preserve their world as they know it. They will speak out and they will make you proud. The times call for it. Keep the faith.

Thank God you're back, Bill.

PLEASE continue to do these programs. The quality of the two shows I have watched so far -- Buying the War and the interview with Jon Stewart -- takes my breath away! I am a news junkie addicted to cable news, newspapers, etc., and I am sickened by the decline of American journalism. Bill Moyers gives me hope.

I have to say that Stewart was astounding when he talked about how parenthood changes your whole perspective. I lay awake at night worrying that the country isn't paying attention, and we'll have a draft by the time my 15-year-old son turns 18. Stewart is exactly right when he says that a draft is the only thing that will suddenly make the war real.

Thank you so much for bringing some intelligence to TV.

Brave! You are a true patriot, one not afraid to tell the horrific truth our nation faces. We have much to repair and much to pay as a nation. We are all at fault, the ones that comitted the acts and the ones that did nothing to stop it. May God give you strength to continue to clean our name and make the people of our nation aware of the truth.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

My God your show is like waking up from a nightmare for the first time in seven years and realising there is still reason and logic in the world.

Your interview with Jon Stewart was nothing short of Emmy winning. For the first time two people on t.v. talked with candor and honesty about the ghastly pantomime that has passed for news reporting since it became unpatriotic to bring honest examination to anything the government is engaged in.

I have no doubt that your producers and perhaps even yourself will be subjected to pressure from the thought police in the near future.

Please Please Please - string them along and then do a show exposing them :)

The inescapable subtext of Stewart's claim that he is definitely not a journalist, is the depressingly sad commentary that if we feel compelled to label him, a comedian, as a "journalist", then the world of journalism and thus our country, is truly in a frightening and alarming condition.

I was rivetted by Jon Stewart's interview with John McCain last week (25 Apr 07) just as Bill Moyers was. I thought it was just me that caught the high drama involved, but apparently this is not so! The media do need to look at how the job should be done, and Jon is teaching them. How terribly sad. But, how terribly wonderful that Bill Moyer's can document how to get at truth and reward the audience with an interview that showcases how normal people operate when not allowing lies (spin) to get to them. Moyers and Stewart are national treasures.

This week I have died and gone to Journalist Heaven--I heard John Meachum at a seminar Monday evening, watched Bill Moyer's excellent analysis of America's entry into the Iraq War and tonight Bill's conversation with equally brillant Jon Stewart. I commend you both for your humanity. When I was on the streets collecting for Kerry/Edwards ticket, one could not engage people in conversation--everyone's ears were shut...perhaps now Americans are finally waking up.
Keep up the great work, Bill, Judith and the entire team!

First time watcher and enjoyed every minute of it all. Keep up this our nation is in dire need of honest reporting.

First off.. Thank you Jon Stewart , Bill Moyers for telling it like it truly is.

Might I suggest that if those big media types continue to distort the truth, that we write down all of those business who advertise with them and boycott their products.

If this war is all about dollars, then maybe it is time we consumers, correct this wrong.

My god the children of Iraq have paid a very high price, for this war, George Bush, Donald Rumfelds and Dick Chaney cooked up.

Really these guys might go to church , but they do not pray to the pay to a careing or loving god.

Bush's god is a hateful god, look at the children they have killed/ murdered in his name. The sins of these men are the sins of this nation now.

So what is the difference between these two political parties we have? Their is none.

Absolutely the best two television programs I have seen in years. I am referring to Bill Moyers "Buying the War" and the followup Bill Moyers Journel interview with Jon Stewart.

I missed them both when they were originally broadcast. I got them from your WEB site. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been watching the Daily Show since 9/11. It has been the only news analysis show on the air. It took Bill Moyers to put in words why I have feel this way. It took the conversation between Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart to make me feel less isolated.

Other media have been telling me the events of the day. Jon Stewart has been providing analysis. The repeated clips of George Bush claiming "progress" in Iraq say what the network "pundants" have not been saying. It puts these events into context. That is analysis at its best.

I hope the ice has been broken.

Thank you and please send this note on to Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart.

Ken Jones

In returning to this page, I found the comment I posted about the Jon Stewart interview is credited to "rick" (Posted by: Rick | April 29, 2007 12:47 AM). It seems the blog script has made its way through the White House, and the facts have become distorted. : - )

In returning to this page, I found the comment I posted about the Jon Stewart interview is credited to "rick" (Posted by: Rick | April 29, 2007 12:47 AM). It seems the blog script has made its way through the White House, and the facts have become distorted. : - )

I am moved to speak about the thoughtful and intelligent conversation you had with Jon Stewart. What a breath of fresh air to hear an opinion brought about by facts. It seems the steady diet of opinion based on single minded ideology is all we have heard for the last several years. I appreciated your show.

Thank you thank you for the fascinating segments with both Jon Stewart and the reporters from Talking Points. It was a true pleasure to hear such thoughtful commentary about frequently obfuscated issues like Iraq, the firings at Justice, etc. I'm sure there will be some sort of shrieking about liberal journalism as a result of this segment (and indeed I see a few frantic cries in the comments), but I found myself applauding the program's candor and self-aware investigation. Keep it up!

Thank you Bill!
From those of us tired of being slammed into the category of "liberal activists" when all we want to hear is the truth and be proactive about healing our national identity (as well as continuing a tradition of integrity in our "free" press...) I think you hit a home-run on the real impact that Stewart and his colleagues have had in the media during this post-9/11 America.

And Stewart is right when he says his comedy is not a reaction to the helplessness the country feels, but rather an assertion of using the talents we have to fight for the truth beyond the talking points and spin.

He just happens to be a creative/critical thinker who can synthesize all the fodder into a dose of much needed laughter (at the administration's absurd policies or both parties gaming us over and over on the issues...

It is amazing to me that, post-9/11, there was the round of censorship and elimination of programs or journalistic voices which asked the important questions that needed to be asked at the time. At that time, I was trying to teach my 10th graders about thesis writing and fact-vs-opinion while the facts were being silenced and the sources fabricated!

How is a teacher or parent to model integrity or character without a balance in the very media students are bombarded with, as well as the systematic quashing of critical thinking advocates? To me those are examples of the terrorists winning.

Hopefully, now, with your journal and others like it coming to light again, we can work towards a press we can be proud of once more. And hopefully, the impact will have a positive effect on our collective character as well.

Ifwe are to have an honest discussion, give up the terms like "pro-=war" for the terms that mean something "pro-victory."

The ey question of the war is "can we win?" The disctinction between each side is pro-victory and pro-departure. or even anti-war."

Can you find a single person who wants the war to continue without resolution?

That is Just a straw figure to justify a pratisan position to support the Democrats at the cost of the nation.

Incredible interview. Hope you go on his show soon. Keep up the great work, both of you. Jon's wife is so lucky! He's adorable! And so are you, Bill!

I just wanted to say that all those that bashed you about the "buying the war" piece as a personal agenda obviously did not watch the entire show.

I could go on and on about how good it was but i dont want to sound like the critics viewers.

just want to say THANK YOU.

Thanks for your work and know it is much appreciated as are the sponsors who provide funding for this program in TV and on the net.
Sigh, There is hope. I've watched both of your programs one on The Media and Iraq onTV the other the Jon Stewart here online and found them both to be evocative and challenging.
I'd love to see a conversation with you, Stephen Cobert, Charlie Rose and John Stewart.

Keep up the good work.

Excellent interview and thanks for your efforts, Bill.

To echo a previous posting, would you consider doing a piece on what exactly happened on 9/11? This is the catastrophe that has changed the future of this country, and it definitely deserves further examinations. Over 40% of Americans don't believe the official account. If you can uncover the hypocrisies of the pre-Iraq media for us, no task should be off-limit to you.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

I think the truth is, Hillary made a political decision at the time. Bush was popular then, there didn't seem to be any glory to be a resister, to stand with "Michael Moore and the Far Left," or "Al Qaeda's friends." In this, she was being advised by all the smart consultants. Don't be "weak on terrorism," etc. Not a moment of great courage. However, I'm not sure that one moment is completely debilitating, though it might be in the end. Often, all politicians waffle, because they're treading water and unsure of themselves.

Edwards voted for the war, too. Has just saying, "it was a mistake," somehow like going to confession? I'm not so sure of why.

Barack says he was against it from the beginning, and more power to him; but he wasn't under the spotlight then. It's kind of easy to say, no?

The party failed then. The Clinton party failed. That moment was the end of the DLC, and it may have been the end of the Clintons.

But we have to rebuild as a party from that moment, and I, for one, thought the party solidarity in evidence at the first debate was a new and inspiring thing. Maybe Democrats are learning the 11th Commandment, finally.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Jon Stewart has respect for John McCain. McCain, returns the same old illogical non-argument rhetoric as the rest of our current Whitehouse administration. To me the interesting questions is: How is it that Stewart can think that a conversation with McCain will be any more honest than with other pro-war politician? J. Stewart asks a question of McCain, and gets the same redirected non-answer as you would get from anyone else in denial about our situation in Iraq.

In reference to the mention of the John McCain appearance on the Daily Show in April 2007, Mr. Moyers asked Mr. Stewart about why McCain continues to be in favor of the U.S.s military overthrow of Iraq (no, it's not a war) and our continued military presence there. I'd like to offer a possible motive, no matter how theoretical. McCain is a career military person, even though he is not still in the military. I think in certain parts of his personality he is a warrior type. Most people are drawn to certain types of career activity such as nursing, teaching, exploration, sports, the arts in it's various forms, and so on. Warrior types need war type conflicts to exert their energies against to feel alive, just as a teacher type needs to be teaching something to someone in some way or another. My impression is that since the end of the cold war, there is no longer a need for a large scale war type military. This may be a problem for warrior types like McCain to deal with, whether they are aware of it or not. What they are drawn to do is not longer needed on the scale it has been previously. This may seem prejudicial, but at his age he may be acting more out of sentimental idealism than political motive, POW experience aside. What do you think?

Watching Bill Moyers looking for the secrets to Jon Stewart's success in the national debate, I was struck by his difficulty with Stewart's motivation as a performer. Me too. Jon does not give himself enough credit: comic irony is the only antidote to Orwellian (Rove-ian) manipulations of our country's political agenda. Jon is not Walter Cronkite saying the war is unwinable. He's Will Rogers saying, "Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for." He's Mark Twain saying, "Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself" and "The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter." As a journalist, performer and screenwriter, I worry more about the state of American journalism--like Moyers does--than about the state of George W. Bush. I'd rather write for The Daily Show than The New York Times.

I submittd a comment early on Saturday, but, because it was critical of Moyers, apparently you chose not to post it. So much for tolerance of opposing views!

I submittd a comment early on Saturday, but, because it was critical of Moyers, apparently you chose not to post it. So much for tolerance of opposing views!

Finally, something to really give thanks for. I'm so glad Bill Moyers has returned, hopefully for a long time. The interview with Jon Stewart was amazing. Bill Moyers really knows how to interview so that brilliance can come forth, and with Stewart it did. The clips from the Daily Show were also amazing - almost worth paying for cable for (but I'll watch online). I loved how Jon made connections ever our shock and grief we experienced after the shooting in Virginia and the fact that that and worse happens on a daily basis in Iraq. How hypocritical for our president to show grief and sadness over the killing of innocent people here, while we participate in the destruction of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and maybe Iran next. I'd love to see more of Stewart and Moyers together again. What a pairing!

Both Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart have been personal favorites of mine since I first watched and listen to either.

They have mastered the art of logic - deconstructing arguments based on false premises which lead to conclusions assummed true and arguments based on true premises leading to false conclusions.

One argument I would like to see addressed is that which assumed that America went to war with Iraq based on intelligence reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. From my perspective, it's irrelevant that the argument was based on a false premise - or even an outright manipulation of facts or lies.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. Would that be sufficient cause to initiate a "pre-emptive strike" against Iraq?

In my opinion, the argument assumes that A) even if Iraq had the capability, they would use it, and B) if they did attack the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, they would prevail in the war that followed. I conclude from these two assumptions that even if Iraq had such weaponry, they still posed no immediate threat to the United States, therefore striking them pre-emptively is nothing more than the act of a "bully". Bill Mahr had it right, and was fired because of it.

I don't think Sadaam was that stupid, but I do think that Americans (As Jon Stewart simply stated) are "too busy" to want to have to deal with the possibility that their happy way of life would have to be interrupted by an attack on U.S. soil. Therefore, a majority of us may have felt it safer to support the administration from the beginning.

I also believe, on average, Americans are far more vulnerable to manipulation by government through fear than citizens with less to lose living in countries where death and destruction is a ongoing way of life.

I would like to see Jon Stewart create the satellite interview proposed by Sadaam during his interview with Dan Rather a couple of months before our invasion of Iraq. I believe Sadaam would have won the debate because he knew from personal experience how much George Bush had to hide.

Thank you Bill Moyers. Thank you Jon Stewart. Thank you Steven Colbert.

Mr. Moyers,

Spectacular interview, with great questions and journalistic mum that I liken to Larry King. Make the questions short and let your guest do the talking, the way an interview should be.

Again, great job, keep up the great work, and thanks to PBS for putting it online and making it more accessible for all to consume!

my daughter raved about moyers' program this morning, but i missed's wonderful to be able to watch it on-line...ohhhhh....i felt i was in the presence of brilliance!!
although they are sooooo different, they serve humanity doing what they do best...enlighten....
i left feeling hopeful that we have them as our sentinels....

Mr Moyers, you again hit the nail on the head. In the past 6 years I have increasingly turned to the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and the blogs for the important news of the day. I turn to mainstream media if I want to know what is happening with Anna Nicole etc. (I don't). Your show has become another must see program for me. I have to watch it on Google or PBS as I work at the time you broadcast in my area. Thank you for bringing important stories back to telivision.

I saw this program (a whole new reason to stay home Friday nights) and Jon Stewart was terrific. Every progressive politician and the entire Democratic Party could learn tons from him on how to cut through the bull and frame an issue around truth.

McCain looked his autopilot just crashed.

bill moyers is one of my personal heroes. i consider him one of america's greatest journalists - maybe the best this country has ever seen. i was able to watch a taping of the jon stewart show last year and love the daily show, but don't watch it as often as i should. i loved the interview; stewart is intelligent, down to earth, witty and rational. i connected to his comments regarding father hood & feel the same exact way - ie: i also have a new understanding and appreciation for life (and death) and can empathize more with those who have lost a son, or father, to the war. if only we could could thoughtful and calculating indiciduals like moyers & stewart running the show - how much better of a country and world we would live in!!! thank you both.

Thank you Bill! You Rock!

Thank goodness for Bill Moyers and PBS! I am addicted and plan to pass the addiction on to everyone I know. Jon Stewart.....AMAZING! I could listen to him talk for hours!!! Thank you for the truth!

Thanks so very much for the show with Jon Stewart. It's a sad state of affairs with the most eloquent description of the disconnect between reality and what the Bush regime and its allies describe as reality. I've e-mailed the transcript of that portion of the show to many, many allies.

I only ask that Stewart and others, when they refer to the hopothetical sending of, say, 400,000 troops to Iraq (as opposed to the 10,000 that are being sent) is not a recommendation, but a hypothesis. In other words, you're not suggesting that we SHOULD send those troops, thereby justifying a potential "win," but simply using the number as an example as to what would be necessary if we were to "win."

A few Americans seem to think that "winning" is the ultimate goal, whether it is consistent at all with any sense of morality. We ALL need to make it clear that such a "win" is not, and never will be "moral," but will simply mean many, many more dead on both sides.

Thanks again for both shows, but Stewart's consisted of, again, wonderfully eloqent comments.

Messrs. Moyers and Stewart,
Your conversation was very engaging, and I was very intrigued with the manner in which you both deconstruct the sleight of hand style of narrative that passes itself off as thoughtful public discourse in this country. You are both to be commended for engaging in a genuine conversation on very momentous topics, and I am very grateful to you and PBS for your public service.

Thank you Bill for the incredible interview with Jon Stewart. He proved once again that not only does he have an incredible wit, but an amazing intelligence that allows him to ask the hard questions that we want asked. Thank you Jon for keeping up informed and for sharing your wit, energy and emotion with us.

I missed the first show but was thrilled to catch you Friday night. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Excellent job of highlighting how journalism and politics are being transformed by technology.

Jon is my hero! I have looked at him for the last three years and I have been amazed at how accurate he is. He asks that pertinent questions about the craziness that we have been living through three last few years. Keep me laughing, Jon! If I didn't laugh I would truly cry!

Jon Stewart is my hero. He allows us to to hear truth that goes so deeply we would cry, but instead can laugh - the cleansing release leading to revelatory thought, precipitating action which can truly change the status quo of this last six year's insanity.

Hey gang,

When can we get the net version of this? Charlie Rose has all his shows on google, could you guys put your journals up, so that we could look at them. All the initial sponsor will remain attached to the show, so everyone gets their money's worth.

Much akin to a awakening from the political-economic matrix (we were raised to accept as consensus reality) I'm wondering why following the money in the Iraq-Iran drama is off-limits to journalists: "petro-dollars", the dollars fragile status as the worlds reserve currency, military support of oil sales in dollars only, etc. etc.. And how all this relates back to the U.S. citizen on the street. Too complex for the average Joe to fathom or resist channel surfing? Off-limits by corporate decree? Risky to the journalist? This is a story that needs to be told and underlies the Bush administrations actions more than anything else.

I am reading a Mark Twain biography - as he was learning how to set type, he was crafting his own style of journalism which eventually crafted him. I reflect, Mr. Moyers, that your present enterprise resembles that little newspaper shop in Hannibal - future journalists, poets, thinkers - we will hear their voices and take the measure of how they view their craft and perfect it using the current tools of the trade. Which current tools encompass all of us! As we now hear your voice and theirs, you now hear ours and we hear one another's - we are many, and that can seem overwhelming, but what riches to draw from.

re- Tim Wilson: "She has done nothing wrong, Bush admisnistration has a lot of money to use and wisely changed all the media to support him, they are very cooperative to him, at that time I haven't seen any TV Channel broadcast something different that favorism to the war. Public should understand some Democrate senators voted for the war, it is not their fault."

Sorry Mr Wilson, she definitely knows what she is doing on at the time.

On October 11, 2002, Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War Resolution to give President Bush authority for the Iraq War.

During an April 20, 2004 interview on Larry King Live, Clinton was asked about her October 2002 vote in favor of the Iraq war resolution.

"Obviously, I've thought about that a lot in the months since. No, I don't regret giving the president authority because at the time it was in the context of weapons of mass destruction, grave threats to the United States, and clearly, Saddam Hussein had been a real problem for the international community for more than a decade.... The consensus was the same, from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration. It was the same intelligence belief that our allies and friends around the world shared."

But, she said, the Bush Administration "really believed it. They really thought they were right, but they didn't let enough sunlight into their thinking process to really have the kind of debate that needs to take place when a serious decision occurs like that."

In a November 29, 2005 letter to her constituents, Senator Clinton said, "There are no quick and easy solutions to the long and drawn out conflict [the Bush] Administration triggered ... I do not believe that we should allow this to be an open-ended commitment without limits or end. Nor do I believe that we can or should pull out of Iraq immediately."

On June 8, 2006, Clinton said of the US airstrike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: "I saw firsthand the terrible consequences of Zarqawi's terrorist network when Bill, Chelsea and I visited the hotel ballroom in Amman, Jordan last November where Zarqawi's followers had detonated a bomb at a wedding, killing and wounding innocent people. We owe our thanks to our men and women in uniform and others in Iraq who have been fighting Zarqawi and other insurgents and who are responsible for today's success."

On June 15, 2006, Clinton charged that President Bush �rushed to war� and �refused to let the UN inspectors conduct and complete their mission ... We need to be building alliances instead of isolation around the world ... There must be a plan that will begin to bring our troops home.� But she also said, �I do not think it is a smart strategy either for the president to continue with his open-ended commitment which I think does not put enough pressure on the Iraqi government, nor do I think it is a smart policy to set a date certain.�

On February 5, 2007, Clinton said: "Believe me, I understand the frustration and the outrage ... You have to have 60 votes to cap troops, to limit funding to do anything. If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will."

By February 2007, Clinton made a point of refusing to admit that her October 2002 Iraq War Resolution vote was a mistake, or to apologize for it, as anti-war Democrats demanded. �If the most important thing to any of you is choosing someone who did not cast that vote or has said his vote was a mistake, then there are others to choose from,� Clinton told an audience in Dover, New Hampshire.

Your show gives me hope for the future. Jons show is a cross between that was the week that was, and laugh in. We have the best goverment money can buy. I would like a refund. Thank God and the founding fathers for freedom of speech. Keep up the great work. Sincerely JIm Brott

After learning just how deeply involved our media were in the attack of Iraq, I am so sick inside.

Here we are in one of the greatest Nations in the world, now known as the most evil on the planet.

Saddam Hussian was an evil leader, now there are two George W Bush is the other.

George Bush , Donald Rumsfeld,Dick Chaney and the rest of the inner circle of this sick government, are no better that Saddam.

The people of the United States are being abused by those we elect and the media are helping them....this must stop.

Those who lied must be held accountable and we must regain control of "our" government. The bureaucracy and those we elected in the past have been using and abusing the government, so they benefit. They put in place taxation laws that pick our pockets clean, while they use those taxes to finance their friends and their families.

My GOD where have all the honest reporters gone? Surely Bill Moyers and Ritters News are not the only ones left.


With all the show on TV from Bill Moyers, I hope the Public should understand why Hillary Clinton voted to go to the war at that time. She has done nothing wrong, Bush admisnistration has a lot of money to use and wisely changed all the media to support him, they are very cooperative to him, at that time I haven't seen any TV Channel broadcast something different that favorism to the war. Public should understand some Democrate senators voted for the war, it is not their fault.

This is an eye opener for me, this is the first time in the history of the United States that Media has been fooled by the Public Relations Agency from Bush administration.
For someone out there who still do not understand how this adminstration tried and succeeded in misleading the citizens, congress, senators, including the media themselves to go the war with Irag, you can look back when Bush (the Father)when he
annouced the war with Kuwait, it is also a successful story of the Public Relation agency from the Kuwait that showed the picture of how bad the Iragee people tortur the Kuwait people (I don't know that it is a 100% true or not but I am giving you an example how powerful the media is).

Nearly everything the administration has done falls apart when confronted with a simple aphorism:

The wisdom to act is not wisdom in the actions chosen

At no point, before or since choosing the Iraq War as our defining response to 9/11 has this administration or its acolytes been made to address the question: What made this war, at this time, in this way THE way to proceed in the wake of 9/11 and against Islamic radicalism?

The administration and its supporters reply to objections to their courses by insisting we need to be strong and resolute. Perhaps the signal lesson to be gleaned from the dark history of the 20th century is that being fools (WWI, Vietnam) can be every bit as deadly as being weak and irresolute (fascism, WWII) Careful consideration and sound judgment are essential. In a world that fights with Weapons of Mass Destruction, war takes on the aspect of striking matches in a dynamite factory. You may get away with it for a while, but it ISN'T a good idea.


Wonderful program - Moyers & Stewart - FANTASTIC!

Please Bill, become the Walter Cronkite of the 21st Century and blow the lid off of 9/11! Yes, planes hit the twin towers and they collapsed. Any thinking person, by now, ought to have realized that this event was not orchestrated by radicals in a cave. The buildings did not collapse because of fire. The Pentagon was not hit by a commercial jet liner........ Our government is clearly willing to sacrifice any number of our citizens for private power and $$$$$$. This has to got be stopped, before it is too late...

I realize that it would be gambling your life and career on one story - it is one that has to be told and the Rosie O'Donnell's of the world are not up to the task...

Journalist, schmernalist. If John Stewart doesn't want to be identified as a journalist I say: fine! But on the run up to the war and during the early stages of the war, I was desperately searching the internet, radio, TV etc., the “journalists” for critical war-on-terror commentary and it was in short supply. At that most discouraging time, John Stewart and the Daily Show was absolutely the most courageous commentator on the subject. The D S was a beacon of intelligence piercing through the fog of stupidity that was settling in over this country. In all the various forms of media there was almost a total sellout. As an anti-war Viet Nam war vet I was certain this country had learned a lesson about the absurdity of war. I couldn't have been more wrong. There was so little affirming commentary. It was devastating. John Stewart (and the entire crew of the daily show) is my hero, (along with Bill Moyers) and regardless of how he sees himself, and, last night, to see him expressing himself in such a modest, and unassuming nature was making me squirm as I watched the interview. I struggled to understand his points about who he thought he was, what he was doing and about how he felt about people such as John McCain. It's weird, he was expressing a level respect and understanding for the people that he skewers and is contemptuous of, what do they call that, cognitive dissonance? Bill Moyers and John Stewart facing each other across that beautiful and simple table, priceless! You can do that over and over again.

I grew up watching the evening news from all three networks and whatever PBS had to offer. Each weekend included viewing "Meet the Press", etc. My dad was and still is a news junkie.

I still watch many of these programs, but have added The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart as a not-to-be missed program. Because of the intelligent, witty, sarcastic, flippant and downright hilarious format, my teenaged daugther has become interested in the wider world around her, prompting her to take an interest in the more traditionally formtatted news programs.

Mr. Stewart is not a journalist, as he stated in this evening's Journal broadcast, but he is an intelligent man. He and his writers throw out thought provoking tidbits that rock us back on our heels.

Thank you for a very interesting interview, Mr. Moyers. I enjoyed it very much. By the way, you're one of my father's favorites. You are becoming one of mine.

I just wanted to say that the show tonight with Stewart was amazing. He truly is someone to be inspired by. I think his approach, attitude, and sincerity is something very rare these days.

I don't admire many people... but he tops my list. I wish I was so damn funny.

Keep giving up hope and laughs Jon.


Any chance you could look back into media coverage of election 2000. Bob Somerby has a great post up at his website ( examining just one aspect of that embarrasing campaign.

The fact is, the Iraq war was just a continuation of a decades long decline in our journalism. The inconvenient truth is, if not for their egregious performance during campaing 2000, they wouldn't have had the chance to carry the Bush administration's water, and our troops, into Iraq.

Jon Stewart is awesome! My girlfriend always joke that she would rather marry John Stewart than me :-)

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Like so many others, I am thrilled that you have returned. "The folk" need ethical,intelligent,
"voices" that represent their interests, needs, and viewpoints. You are one of those rare voices (Jon Stewart is another). I must add that I wrote PBS off soon after you left and when it became frightening clear that the programming had taken a turn towards the inane. In fact, my local PBS station will not be airing the episode with Jon Stewart (they say its because viewers will be more interested in a repeat of something and they just couldn't fit it in). I'll tune it for your program, Now, and Frontline but that's about it for now.

Those of us who have been starved for real objective journalism, that isn't afraid to ask hard difficult questions, can not thank you enough - Thank You!

I have but one favor to ask. Would you please do an investigative report on what really happen on 9/11? I agree that there are a lot of conspiracy theories that are total bunk, but that does not diminish the fact that there are a lot of unanswered questions that are very troubling. To fully accept the official account of how three buildings collapsed in a free fall demolition is to believe the laws of physics took a holiday on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Never before or since have buildings collapsed in that manner due to fire. Even if you were able to suspend the laws of nature and swallow the account of how WTC buildings 1 & 2 fell, there is still the nagging problem of WTC building 7's collapse. To date there has not been a logical explanation of how WTC 7, a 47 story office building, suffered total structural failure after two plans crashed into WTC 1 & 2.

Please, I beg you and all who seek the truth to please look into the facts surrounding this troubling event that has caused us to make so many bad decisions. There are many in the scientific community that have raised these questions about 9/11, but like pre-war intelligence they have been ignored.

A good place to start is a website that is dedicated to a scientific analysis of what happen on 9/11 - From there you can find links to the online government report that is flawed and incomplete.

Some say we can't handle the truth about 9/11, but I don't think we can afford not to know the truth. The truth will set us free - please help!

Mr. Moyers
your programs have always been produced with balance and compassion. I would like to make you and your producers aware of a very important Blog site that has been running on called the Sandbox. Linked to the dunesberry cartoon strip ,it is a raw and wrenching open letter from our troops in Iraq and Ahfganistan.Like your stories these are well balanced well written stories from the men and women this country, whom we can't possibly appreciate for their sacrifice and courage. These stories are the kind that spill across partisan barriers and are well worth the time. Please anyone interested in a very important way of seeing War and Nation building, at it's grittiest.

Thanks for your outstanding editorial work.

Lee Swett, Slidell, LA

Thanks Mr Moyers, for having the courage to speak out on what you ,and many of us have known for a long time. You presented the truth to the nation in such a concise and rational fashion.. Remember JFKs' book back in the 60s called “ A Nation of Sheep”? Ironically, after the fall of the iron curtain here we are using the same methods the communists used to coerce the people into following that system. It still amazes me how easily a corrupt system can take over the mind of a people so easily with the 6 classic propaganda methods( we learned them in 8th grade Catholic school in 1961 from Rev Mother De la Croix ,but they have been around for a 100 years )Here they are ( found them again on the internet after all these years I had forgotten all but Bandwagon , and Plain Folks ). It bears looking at again to be ready for their next round !

Name Calling
The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. The propagandist who uses this technique hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence.
Glittering Generality
The Glittering Generality is, in short, Name Calling in reverse. While Name Calling seeks to make us form a judgment to reject and condemn without examining the evidence, the Glittering Generality device seeks to make us approve and accept without examining the evidence.
When propagandists use glittering generalities and name-calling symbols, they are attempting to arouse their audience with vivid, emotionally suggestive words.
In certain situations, however, the propagandist attempts to pacify the audience in order to make an unpleasant reality more palatable. This is accomplished by using words that are less expressive, distasteful and bland (e.g. replacing the work "LIED" with the word "misspoke").
When a political activist closes their speech with a public prayer, they are attempting to transfer religious prestige to the ideas that they are advocating. As with all propaganda devices, the use of this technique is not limited to one side of the political spectrum..
The most common misuse of the testimonial involves citing individuals who are not qualified to make judgements about a particular issue..
Plain Folks
By using the plain-folks technique, speakers attempt to convince their audience that they, and their ideas, are "of the people."
Band Wagon
The basic theme of the Band Wagon appeal is that "everyone else is doing it, and so should you." Since few of us want to be left behind, or appear to be out of step with the majority, this technique can be quite successful.
When a propagandist warns members of their audience that disaster will result if they do not follow a particular course of action, they are using the fear appeal. By playing on the audience's deep-seated fears, practitioners of this technique hope to redirect attention away from the merits of a particular proposal and toward steps that can be taken to reduce the fear.
Card Stacking
Not really a logic fallacy, but simply a way of lying.You can also do "card stacking" by inviting someone onto your "SHOW" to share and explain their views. Then invite someone who agrees with your views, and both of you attack the original guest.
If you have a 1 vote majority on a board/committee/etc. you can push the opposition aside and just bull your way through a task, without giving them an opportunity to have a fair say, or ask relevant questions. This is called "STEAMROLLING" in politics, but it is just another way of stacking the cards..

Mr. Moyers, Thank you so much for the excellent Buying the War. What a relief to see some real journalism in this country. Now, PLEASE, let's all get it right with Iran. I urge all journalists to seriously investigate and start learning about that country. It is not to be confused with any other country in the Middle East, including Iraq. Diplomacy. We need to try it for a change. Americans need to demand it.

Thank you, Mr. Moyers.

As a budding journalist, I applaud your work. As a U.S. citizen, I appreciate your contribution to society.
As a human being, I am deeply grateful for the integrity you've shown and the respect you give your viewers.

America needs you.

Mr. Moyers todays America reminds me very much of South africa during the Apartheid years. Only difference the media in S.A was controlled by the government while the media today in the US is controlled by the need to make profit. Being anything but loyal meant being anti american and that meant ratings challenge. Ask any South African and you will find out what it will be like to be an American in the future.

A great piece of journalism. However, there is no mention of the reason why the Bush Administration concocted this web of lies. OIL OIL OIL!!!
I realize the focus on the story was journalism's failure. It is important though for all discussions about Iraq to include the story behind the story. If the American people understand why BushCo did what they did they will begin to believe that they were deceived. So many want to believe that the war was a noble cause. It was not, NOT EVER, and this lie must be exposed.
I recommend two books: Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse and Dilip Hiro's Blood of the Earth. Very illuminating about the quest for control of the worlds oil resources and the trillions of dollars of profit still in the ground. That's what they want, pure and simple.

Thank You Mr. Moyers. I hope the public will be able to view "Buying The War", on the internet.

This is something that people around the world should see.

The Canadian media, if that is what I am forced to call them, people are just starting to understand that the media are not doing a very good job.

To my American friends, please do not feel that your media is the only ones corrupted by politics.

Here in Canada we too have the same, the media are owned by a few wealthy families and these families are pretty much in bedded in Canadian politics.

The people nolonger control their "government", so why do we vote for such a dirty political system? Voting to date is only justifying and further approving a corrupt system

Want to clean up politics, then stop supporting political parties with your time and your money.

If the rich want to control political parties...then let them knock on doors, make the phone calls, and drive the political parties signs in the ground. Or maybe they can get their media friend to do that grunt work.

God bless Bill Moyers, this man has ethics and morals.

I will watch you every Friday! You won me with "Buying the War" Good on Ya!

Almost forty years ago, the Washington Post, single handedly, without corraborating media support, spearheaded the uncovering of the Watergate scandal. I would think this spectacular example of courageous journalism would be an inspiration to all those in the journalistic field. Yet Dan Rather tells us that today members of the media are afraid of having a "trouble maker" sign placed around their necks. What has happened to our journalistic/American courage?

Thank you Mr Moyers!
Welcome back.
Truth by the media has been scarce in your absence

What a great show & thank God your are back. The GOP are finally gonna get it. They did their best to silence you & now it looks like they may end up in jail.

Even with GOP operatives running PBS & the corp for public broadcasting, the truth has finally come out.

BTW there was no review of Buying the war in the NYT or the Philly Inquirer (who was recently bought by a group of rite wing hacks).

My congresmans office, (Gerlach PA) acted as though they had not heard of you, when I inform them that everone in America who saw the show knew that the war was based on lies & Bush was & liar & he might as well throw him to the wolfs they got a bit angry & indignent.

I am sending copys to both my senators & congresman gerlach & makinging everyone I know watch this & every episode.

God bless you Bill Moyers.

How bout a show on Jeff Gannon's white house visits & press carreer??

PS you better bet a body guard a just watched "Bob Roberts" & ther is no limit to what Rove PNAC, AIPAC & the rest of the neocon scumbags will do to stay in control.

be carefull & fight the good fight.

thank you & fight the good fight.

After the first WTC Somalia/Black Hawk, Cole,The embassies and all the other incidents perpetrated upon US.A large percentage of the public was feeling it was past time to crush the Islamic radicals.The sense mof proportion was lost. Swept away by the drumbeat of revenge advocated by the Right wing press. There was not the awareness that there
is today that these paid for media specialist were in fact nothing less then an extension of the Military Industrial Complex either consciously or through there employers.
Until the press takes to heart that we the citizens of America are being manipulated by large corporations the same corporations that many reporters work for knowingly . Work for and cover for.

Thank you for the special on why "we" bought Mr. Bush's war(s). No one else is doing TV of this kind of quality and truthfulness - not on PBS and certainly not elsewhere on our public air waves.

However, I must now look your gift horse in the mouth and say "but there should have been so much more!"

What I mean is this. You got any number of the major media news stars, the very ones who spoon fed us the lies, to come out and admit that the Cheney/Bush administration flat out lied to us about Iraq. You yourself nearly went so far as to say they lied to us. But in the end you drop the ball and leave us all hanging on essentially this: "oh well, they were bad, so it goes, time to move on, nothing more we can do about it now, our next show is gonna have this really funny guy from Comedy Central, see you then!"

I say BS. President Clinton lied to us about his own personal affair which the media and Congress had no business even knowing about yet the neo-con-artists nearly had him impeached.

The Bush Crime Family has shredded the Constitution of the United States of America and lied us into a war in which thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed. Hundreds of thousands will be maimed for the rest of their lives. All on a lie so their business partners could make obscene profits.

This goes beyond impeachment. This is treason. This is the stuff that guilty parties should be sent to prison for if not worse.

Why could you not at least postulate on the seriousness of this lie? My God, the country that was founded on the principals of democracy, freedom, and justice for "We the People" is being led into fascism by an administration that was imposed upon us not by a fair election but by neo-con judges.

If Bill Moyers will not say anything about this who will?

See you next week. Maybe. I don't know, I might be doing my hair or something. Most likely I will be reading a book instead of watching TV.

Mr. Moyers -
I am so happy to have you back, I could cry. I know you wanted to retire but we can't do without you right now.
And, thank you for this interview with Jon Stewart. I am looking forward to it. He has been one of the few voices out there saying, check it out, the Emperor has no clothes. And, now you're back and, once again, there is another voice to count on....Thank you.....

thank you for putting this on the web so that we can view it there. I only saw 10 minutes of it (because per my sons pediatrician we are having a tv-free week!)

But I look forward to watching it as soon as I can.

The amazing thing is that so many people say "no one knew" that the rationale for war was a lie at the time. Here's what I want to know: Why did I know? I started listening to democracy now just after 9/11 - I was much taken by their committment to keep broadcasting from their studio which was so close to the WTC. anyway - I heard them interview Scott Ritter (the weapons investigator) he seemed so certain that it was a very, very, very slim chance that Hussien had any WMD. I knew then that for whatever reason, someone in the govt wanted this war, but the reason was a lie.

So why didn't anyone in congress, or in the regular media talk to Scott Ritter?

It really beats me. Thanks for doing real journalism. Real journalists, who search for facts on their own initiative are becoming a rare breed. I hope you are training some young uns...

Good job Bill

Stewart reminds us:
The joke is truthier than fact.

Mr. Moyers brings a much needed breath of fresh air to his reporting. Thanks for putting it all together in a coherent, fascinating whole. We need you!

You did not mention how seductive the idea of war is to the media: it sells papers, and gets everyone "tuning in.
Television today presents war as one cool video game complete with special graphics and special music. Don't you think this played a role as well in luring the public in?

i completely agree about agressively disseminating this series of work via every emergent technology, also the video should all be encoded to flash.

the website itself is using flash as content panels, i could even do this for you - flash compression is so much better in my opinion, dont take youtube as an example of the compression capabilities of the on2vp6 codec! Mr. Gilberts point about offering a bittorrent is another good example of making the content more accesible to more people.

I just want to say that this content is brilliant, I search desperately in this wasteland, a cacophany of misinformation has here been shot through by reason.

How can one undo in reason that, which has begun in unreason? Journalism.

From what I've seen, this is an incredible show. You should consider releasing a bittorrent.

Mr. Moyers,
There are a lot of patriots who need to see and hear honest people wrestle with the facts and illuminate the issues and choices. Thank you for including Jon Stewart, I consider you and him great patriots with probing minds searching for the truth. I guess you are going to force me to get cable TV. I wish your show was avail online. Thanks again for persevering and keeping true and speaking out.

The local PBS Station Ch 8(Tempe/Phoenix,Az)refuses to carry your show on Friday nights!!!

Instead the following Thursday night at 10PM which is TOO Late.

Can't see your show on the NET,because I have Dail-Up! Can you get a clue from Amy Goodman's daily Democracy Now that I watch daily because they use Real audio and at 16-20 KBPS!

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