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Rick Karr on Internet Surveillance

Congress is still deadlocked over the Bush Administration's efforts to listen in to phone calls and read emails without search warrants. The sticking point is whether or not to allow private citizens to sue telecom conglomerates, the huge firms that provide most of us with phone and internet service - and helped the Administration spy on us. Now, the Administration wants to try to spy on Americans in another way. My colleague Rick Karr has this to bring you up to speed.
-Bill Moyers
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I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

Larry Ross: the actions you recommend have proven ineffective for the very reasons you list. The two party system is one party actually, in service to the oligarchy. Our elections are as rigged as those in Iran or Afghanistan, maybe more corrupt because of larger sums of money. Campaign finance reform is as bogus as health care reform (compulsory consumption of a flawed product/candidate).

You should investigate better, Larry. Oswald is never alone. Hasan didn't live in a vacuum. When we execute the 9/11 Mastermind his name will be Cheney.

Now is the time to take action. We need to let the politicians in Washington know that if they do not act in the best interest of the people then they will not have our support or our votes. The contributions from lobbyists is out of control and the politicians have gotten away with this for way to long. I look forward to the future of our new administration.
Larry Ross Denver private investigator

hamemnemevisp: Here in my community (NC) the local fabric store operator was caught in a federal prostitution scheme. He paid $1000 for oral sex at least 23 documented times. His brother is the county sheriff.
Think about how Ellie Spitzer suddenly went Pfftt!
Any person who ever expects to be prominent or have a public life is presently being monitored as to their sexual tastes and behaviors on the web.

I have seen many electronic devices encrusted in downloaded porn like an ATV just out of the swamp. My son has a fulltime business erasing viruses from porn users computers, so if you don't think covert agencies use similar and more sophisticated spyware, think again. This is a nation of blackmail and extortion.

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Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution states that no royal titles can be given in the United States. In short, there can be no kings or queens in the U.S. Why then are the banks that walked away with 700 billion dollars of our tax money acting as if they were royalty and we taxpayers are the peasants who live outside the castle walls ?
After approaching taxpayers with hat in hand and walking away with our hat, as well as their own, the banks act as if we taxpayers don't deserve a detailed explanation of where our money went. Only a detached arrogance bred by a lifestyle that answers to no one can explain the ease with which Bank Of America,Citigroup,JPMorgan,Chase,Wells Fargo, and others brush aside their responsibility to the taxpayers that have saved them from ruin.
If a rose by any other name would smell the same, it stands to reason that a king or queen by any other name would also smell the same.

I apologize for Gustavo Corral. He often walks into women's restrooms. How do I know? Ubiquitous security cameras.

This may not be strictly relevant, but Amy Goodman was arrested in front of the RNC while FILMING a protest.

Read the story, see the video, and appeal to the media here:

And Bill - cover this on the show! Thanks...

First of all ( and slightly off topic ) I think this blog is mis-organized: it is not clear how I could blog on a specific story on bill moyer's program or even that all stories have their own blog section. It seems only prefered stories do.

Ok onto my comments on this week's show:
I don't mind Bill bringing on liberal guests every now and then, but EVERY WEEK ?? Every week I can tell what these people are going to say. The latest incarnation was Katrina Vanden Heuvel's quote that Republicans have a "fetish" about eliminating deficts. ( if only they did !! ). What I would say is that Katrina's kind have big spending plans for this country, and well, balancing your checkbook and making the sums come out right just gets in the way. What if the "deficits don't matter" philosophy you sometime hear from Washington (sigh! sometimes even by Republicans ) were applied on an individual level to families? e.g. you lost some income, things are going badly for you, let's SPEND our way out of the problem!

Katrina's own magazine runs on a perenial deficit ( only made up by individual contributions ). Maybe that is why she thinks deficits don't matter.

On the often heard Democratic refrain that their expenditures are really "investments" in society, I have a few questions:

1) What is the rate of return of such investments ? ( and btw, the fact that some liberals view such a question as missing the point makes my point )

Let's analyze this question:
a) how much do we have to wait after such "investments" to expect their benefit to show up in higher income for the poor/middle class ?

b) how much of this investment would have happened anyway ?

c) is this investment sustainable i.e. can the extra tax revenue make up for the interest you are paying on the debt you are incurring ? ( again if this is not a good deal for the individual, why is it a good deal for the government ? )

2) In what way are such "investments" different from a subsidy for tuition-jacking universities ?

And finally, one for Bill :

On Labor day we should all support our unions. Barack and many Democrats have declared their support for unions. What exactly does this mean ?? The government is about making laws and setting policy. What besides a good feeling of having their man (finally!) in the White House do unions want ?
Do they want less free trade ? Can trade with any country whose workers make 1/10th the American wage be in any way fair ?
Do they want higher wages for government (state, federal ) union workers ?

You see, once we get to the policy details is when the divisions (which Obama hates) start. Better to stay at 1000 ft. and look at the big picture.

Looking for my good friend, Rick Karr - nice work, as usual - give me a shout when you have a minute to catch up...

If McCain gets elected, he has already admitted he doesn't know how to use a computer. "Spying" on Second Life and WoW will be as effective as a border fence, or as meaningless as 3oz of liquids on carry on, it'll provide them with nothing substantial and be a colossal waste of tax payer funds.

Keep up the good work
keep looking deeper inot the rabbit hole. youll find nothing but ex hippies and the CIA funding the religion of no privacy and the VR world mediated future that all our children will be plugged into 24/7.-)

indies- ? well read any MMO TOS lately? you own nothing, they own all your efforts- all the work that they make money off of..

look deeper. fuedalism has never been so revived--and so seductive.

I "police" my mind anyway... walk around in there picking up all the detrius and cigarette butts. Cheney, Bush and Swartzeneggar are my avatars on really nasty interactive porn sites. Now their anuses are as big as culverts. Too bad it's virtual. (Help me, Echelon!)
Telecom demands before 9/11 with terrorism as leverage tells me someone knew what was coming and just couldn't wait, like peeking at hidden packages before Christmas. Anyway, the gift just keeps on giving... witness our new "food for gas" lifestyle.
It's the threat under totalitarianism that matters in that no one outside the elite inner circle can ever feel secure. You don't have to commit an offense or even think subversive thoughts, just be expendable. A good film to watch here would be "The Lives of Others."

Well, surprise, surprise- Americans have been asleep at the wheel. But we have woken up and it's time to take action. We need to descend en mass on Washington and kick out ALL politicians that do not act in the interest of the PEOPLE. Demand an end to political contributions from lobbyists and demand the impeachment of Bush & Cheney. Go to to see the cronological reporting by an investigative reporter from London of the world banking crisis perpetrated by Bush and gang. It's shocking that they could have gotten away with this for so long. The PEOPLE need to rise up and defend our rights & freedoms and get rid of these criminals running our government. McCain is NOT ahead by any means. He's a Bush puppet. They are going to try and manipulate the election again. Demand a paper trail.

"Wouldn't it be great if a group of people . . . ."

Who says that some of us are not already doing this?

Wouldn't it be great if a group of people (perhaps growing daily into the thousands) went down to the public library OnLine and created avitars of terrorists - and going to these sites, joining, and deliberately playing up the rolls Mr. Bush wants to find? Before long - he would want to shut down all the libraries as harbingers of terror. Things have to change around here - this country. Bush is eroding our fundamental rights, he's allowing and promoting big corporate windfalls - actually paying multi-billion dollar companies to grow larger. Watch what Bush becomes after his presidency - that will tell us all who he is really for. And I bet he isn't going back Texas to watch baseball!
Richard Lewis
NorthCentral Arkansas

Look at how the FBI monitored Mario Savio as if he were a Mafia don instead of a Catholic graduate student in philosophy. Surveillance is an odd business.

In the case of Mr. Savio, apparently just telling the truth was a sufficient threat to government. In a way, that reassures me.

All this country really needs to secure our homeland is for someone to watch the president. What game is he playing?


I am not a "low information" voter. I've been following the Bush administration's assault on our Constitution, our privacy and our civil liberties very carefully. I knew that Qwest had refused to break the law and allow unfettered spying on American citizens. I DID NOT know, however, that they were asked to do this BEFORE 9/11. The technology of spying has become so sophisticated it is almost impossible to elude government intrusions into one's privacy when we are faced with a regime that is determined to break the law, stonewall investigators, lie and destroy evidence -- coupled with an opposition party that doesn't know the meaning of "oppose" and takes money from the same telcoms seeking immunity. The damage that Bush and his Flying Monkeys have inflicted on our country cannot be overestimated. I fear that we will never be able to undo what he has done. If the Dems cave on FISA and telcom immunity, the last chance to bring Bush's crimes to light with pre-trial discovery will die. The evidence and the testimony will be "disappeared" forever.

What? The Bush Administration asked for spying on Americans before 9/11... and then when 9/11 happened, used that as the excuse. Obviously, spying on Americans was a goal of the Bush Administration; it was not because Bush was trying to protect Americans from another 9/11. So, the question you have to ask yourself is, why does the Bush Administration want to spy on Americans--against our Constitution and our laws, to which the Administration is accountable? Why would spying on Americans be so important to the Bush Administration? Once again, this makes sense if you look at the bigger picture of corruption. Click on my name below for my description of the corruption, with evidence and independent media analysis.

The video really upsets me as a Human Being. The old"Well, if you aren't hiding anything, what are you afraid of?" Just doesn't wash here. They have seriously underestimated the Intelligence of Americans, and Instead, thrown all of our Civil Liberties into the Sewer!My Mom told me that the same style of BS was very prevalent in Nazi Germany!

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