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Ask the JOURNAL's Banking Experts...

This week, MOYERS ONLINE launches a special new web feature, MOYERS ON BANKS AND THE BAILOUT, that collects the diverse voices that have addressed the topic on the JOURNAL into one convenient interface.

Do you have any questions about the economy that you've been dying to ask one of our experts? Please submit below, and in the coming weeks we'll consult the experts and post their answers on the MOYERS BLOG.

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If 'they' can deny your vote 'they' can get your money too.

If 'they' can ignore laws 'they' can control who you vote for.

If 'they' control who you can vote for 'they' can control who pays taxes & who receives loopholes.

Do NOT vote for 'pariy' nominees and have a chance for CHANGE.

Billy Bob, no longer a member of 'the party'--no, no, democratic--what do you mean--one candidate communist? no way to both!

The U.S. public and its government officials have been so thoroughly indoctrinated with free market capitalist dogma that they are unable to think of even the simplest solutions that lie beyond that paradigm. Here are some thoughts that, while controversial, ought at least to be discussed:

We are losing more than a half million jobs per month. Congress can halt this entirely by passing a law that says any corporation that fires or lays off more than one percent of its employees in any given year forfeits ALL tax cuts, deductions, exemptions, depreciations and so forth, for the next four quarters. Companies are firing their workers because they believe it is in their financial interest to do so. Congress can make sure it's in their financial interest to keep their workers on the job. No company that cuts loose its employees in the current economic environment deserves a tax break. "You want to abandon the workers who have generated your profits? O.K., that is your legal right. But don't you dare expect to be rewarded with tax breaks!"

We are given two choices regarding Detroit's "big three" automobile manufacturers: 1) Give them tens of billions of tax dollars, or 2) Allow them to go bankrupt, cutting their wokers loose, and devastating our economy even further. Why not just invoke emminent domain, pay fair market value for one of these companies, and run it as a national car company? We can give jobs back to the auto workers who got a swift kick in the butt when G.M., Ford and Chrysler shipped their jobs overseas. And we can build the FULLY electric vehicles that the public deserves.

There are too many other simple solutions that deserve much more space than is appropriate here. But there must be some way to get a better diversity of ideas into the public discussion.

I don't mind if people disagree with creative solutions, but just getting them heard seems impossible. I first started trying to get out the idea of rescinding tax breaks for companies that fire their workers back in September. We've lost about 4 million jobs since then, and STILL I can't get anyone te even acknowledge the idea, let alone consider it.

Americans are perhaps the only people on the planet who feel they don't deserve jobs, health care, decent wages, a clean environment, a good public education and so forth. Why do we continue to embrace the same capitalist ideology that has denied us such things? We deserve much, much better.

When Obama spoke about the failed economic policies of the past, seeming to reject them, what is your understanding of why he is endorsing them? His continuing support of Summers and Geithner, both of whom certainly helped to orchestrate and sustain the economic situation as well as profit from it, is obscene.

If the banks were given the "bailout money" to resolve their liquidity issues because they had more "toxic assets", then money on hand, then (1)doesn't that mean that technically they should have "failed" those stress tests, and (2)why as housing prices are falling are these greed-heads still trying to receive 100% compensation for property that is no longer worth the paper that it's printed on, and why is the government letting them?

How is it that banks are allowed to create currency out of thin air and charge us interest that can never be repaid?

Posted by: Rick Sullivan

Hi Rick,

I, too, have that question.

It's nuts. And that's why their non-answers are even nuttier.

We have to stop using that kind of currency. Immediately if not sooner.

Now tax dollars are being recorded as "profit" at Wells Fargo. It's getting even nuttier, if that's possible.

Are the "big banks" creating the insolvency of the "small banks"? Are the "big banks" becoming more solvent by taking the deposits of the "small banks"? What happened to Wachovia and what does Wells Fargo do with the pensions, etc. it inherits from Wachovia? Where is the Trilateral Commission in all this? Where is the Carlyle Group in its involvement with the NYS pension fund in all of this? Where does the IMF come in in all this? What about the World Bank? Who has the plan, the plan that is not being shared with the people of this country? And MAN said, Board up the doors and windows and throw the people in the street, in the name of GOD, AMEN.

Great help-orientation about all this mess.
I wander, our hard earned retirement money savings are at risk of lower dawn its value?

Good point, Nanette. My reollection is that you have to pay for mortgage insurance until your equity reaches a certain level. Did borrowers not have to buy this?

I just found this report. It is very confusing and I would really appreciate it if the banking experts can explain this in a simpler manner.

From my understand, this report indicates there was a huge increase in money transfer to ECB after Wamu seizure by FDIC...

"The amounts deposited with the ECB rise from a
daily average of 0.09 billion euros in the week starting September1, 2008 to a daily average of 169.41 billion in the week of September 29, 2008... The amounts deposited with the ECB start rising after the collapse of Washington Mutual when the crisis spreads outside the investment banking realm."

Does this mean FDIC seized Wamu for a $15 billion bank run but by the same action, FDIC caused a bank run from the US banks to ECB on a daily average of about $160 billion?



I'd like to know why nobody has said anything about mortgage insurance, it was supposed to cover future defaults in mortgages.

My question is about currency creation. I've been reading through the Fed Reserve guidance on the fractional reserve banking system in "Modern Money Mechanics." I have several questions. 1. Why would we adopt a system that so clearly causes inflation through the arbitrary creation of currency? 2) Why do/should commerical banks have the right to create currency? 3) The application of interest is barely mentioned in the entire 50 page document and the formulas they describe are $1 of currency created for every $1 of principle loaned. Where is the currency to cover the interest? My guess is that it doesn't exist, which in turn creates self-perpetuating bubbles of debt that grow to consume more and more people and eventually entire economies. It seems like system that drives us to indenture other nations and people. Can someone please tell me how the American economy is supposed to pay back the interest without indenturing other nations? How is it that banks are allowed to create currency out of thin air and charge us interest that can never be repaid?

CDSs not worth much more than the paper they are written on collasped & participated this financial crisis as those left holding the bag no longer had valuable assets.

Tim & Barock want to acquire the CDSs so the financial institutions can issue more CDSs as that is the only way for them to get back to profitablity, and they want tax money to replace the money lost on the CDSs.

You gotta' be kidding me!

Wonder if they will let us vote in the next election--or maybe they ewill make a rule.

Billy Bob hope I can afford gas to get to the polls.

Yes...Wall Street, the CEOs, the bankers, most of government have lost the moral integrity just to save face. Why not speak the truth? I have thought for a long time all this was a giant ponzi scheme to enrich the key guys. Bernie Madoff is the example especially when he said that he alone acted alone. Time to wake up.

Thank you for your efforts to bring some level of truth and understanding to the current crisis that is being presented as financial greed. Like other readers and viewers of this forum, I am wondering where this is taking us. Is it possible to see beyond the immediate crisis and government activity to predict or project what a likely outcome will be? For example, are the “Elites” trying to get to a “World Bank” or “World Government”? The reason I ask is that It’s clear to me the Financial Crisis was completely predictable a number of years ago. If I can look at the charts & numbers and see it, then the Financial and Government Elites could see it coming as well. So why did they allow it to happen? What is the master plan? It’s obvious there is an outrageous transfer of wealth from the middle class to the Elites, but is this all? Is it just money and power or is there another outcome that will eventually be exposed?

I'm a Canadian and I suggest that Americans look at the stable Canadian banking system. Our currency is printed by the our federal government and owned by our government, not from private banks. Plus banks are regulated by the Bank of Canada, there's less leeway of banks trying to repackage their investments to third parties.

Also, I suggest one other major banking change to your banking system; banks must be prohibited from reselling their financial instruments to third parties. If that happened, there would never have been this worldwide economic collapse! Any bank that lends money for a car loan, home mortgage, etc. must hold that instrument and cannot try to make more money off of them by selling them off to third parties and repackage them as an investment opportunity! If this law was in place, all that would have happened is that only the banks that made foolish loans to people who couldn't afford them would have suffered the direct consequences of financial loss or even bankruptcy. But that's all that would have occurred, this problem would have been confined to those banks that stupidly chose to loan money out to persons who were bad risks.

I find it ironic that president Obama is now placing your country in further debt by trying to sell the average person that government financed make work projects to dig ditches and build bridges is the solution to what really is a financially based problem of greed and corruption! One thing has nothing to do with the other!

Your government could better serve your economy if it took all those trillions of dollars and directly made available loans to every company that is laying off workers or worse, is going broke! Obama should let all those banks that dealt in this phony game of reselling toxic mortgages to third parties go bust! Then shut down the federal reserve bank, print federally backed currency opposed to private bank loaned currency and then should have just used these trillions of dollars to federally lend it directly to individuals and businesses.

Instead, your government has mortgaged out your entire country's economic debt on the backs of the many yet to born future generations of Americans that need to pay off this money to the private banking system (who was responsible for this mess in the first place)! And now your future economic success is still being placed on the shoulders of the same unreformed private banking system that caused this financial crisis in the first place!

All short-term digging ditches and building bridges programs will never restart your economy! Plus any tax revenue from these temporary jobs will never exceed the cost involved paying all these workers, thus more local and federal debt will just add up! Jobs are being lost because the credit available to small and medium size businesses is drying up from the private banking sector!

Obama isn't saving your country's economy, he's making it worse! The federal government should never at this point in time be spending money to create jobs rather it should be making federal credit available to businesses! That's the only way to save your economy, not to get trillions in loans from the Chinese in order to pay for a bunch of short-term make-work jobs! This strategy will only create more debt along with having to immediately begin paying off interest to the Chinese.

The bottom-line is don't bailout private banks, get rid of the Federal Reserve financially back currency, don't spend money to create short-term jobs and have the federal government loan out money immediately to businesses that will create the jobs that the economy needs. This is the recipe for growth and the way to reduce debt rather than further grow a debt based economy!

That's my opinion!

Hi Mr. Moyers,

Thank you for the great interview in regards to financial mess, with Mr. Black. I just heard, in Amy Goodman's show, that Tim De Christopher a student from Utah that intervene in illegal auction of Utah land by Bush administration, is being charge by Justice department attorneys and has to go to court. My question is when we have all these people committing fraud in Wall Street why are we wasting tax payer money bringing to court a brave student that interrupted an auction that has already been declared illegal? I probably have to ask the question from president Obama but I'm not sure how to reach him?



And the grand deception continues unabated, with Bill Moyers' interview of Bill Black. Most telling exchange between the two:

BILL MOYERS: How is this happening? I mean why is it happening?

WILLIAM K. BLACK: Until you get the facts, it's harder to blow all this up. And, of course, the entire strategy is to keep people from getting the facts.

So whose job is it in our society to keep us informed and 'give us the facts'? Why, it's the job of reporters like Bill Moyers, of course. But we haven't been kept informed, have we? And you know why? Because Bill, along with virtually every other well known TV journalist/news reporter, is paid handsomely by the very corporations that are bringing us this financial disaster to keep us all in the dark.

And when the likes of Bill does a supposedly scathing expose such as this, it's because he has been given the green light to do so by his masters.

So you gotta ask yourself one question: why are we being fed this information now, given that the fraudulent loans have been known about long, long before the wheels started to come off our economic wagon? I don't claim to have an answer, but it's a pretty safe bet that the 'real' perpetrators of the fraud -- you know, the bosses of the bosses of the bank CEOs that are being fed to us as the perps -- have some outcome planned for all this, and all we can do is sit back and watch it unfold.

I wish the professor would have elaborated on the use of "side letters" (first in the reinsurance days, now in de CDS business). You can find some info on this on the Ritholtz blog. Then, just a small remark about the "Dutch saying": the original saying is attributed to William I of Orange ("the Silent") and goes like this :
"point n'est besoin d'esperer pour entreprendre ni de reussir pour perseverer"
, which translates as :
"it is not necesseray to hope in order to undertake, nor to succeed in order to persevere"

If you would like some additional confirmation about the government/finance community collusion which caused and is continuing the economic crisis, check out The Atlantic article by Simon Johnson entitled The Quiet Coup. Let's make sure these items are read by our legislators.

Got the link to William Black on Bill Moyers Journal from a friend. Watched it: my heart's beating a mile a minute now.

I'm 64 - NEVER have I seen such a degree of danger for the United States as I do after seeing the extent of fraud and dishonesty on the part of our financial "leaders" and political representatives, including Bush and Obama.

The first question we should be asking ourselves is: What can I do right now to bring about needed regulation and oversight? The first thing I will do is to "spread the word" about this Bill Moyers' show. I urge everyone to spread the word. Raise the alarm!

The next thing I think we should all do is: contact our senators and representatives and the president: demand an immediate end to their current (dishonest) bail out programs and an immediate revamping of laws - to include criminalizing the acts already perpetrated by top financial executives.

But first spread the word: only public outcry and public demands on the federal government will have any effect!

Only remaining question is: Where is True Majority? Where are the other public action groups? Why didn't they get on this?!

There are just to many people with different views. We all want a quick fix for everything that's gone wrong. Give us quick fixes, but don't hold us accountable. Hindsight it seems is always a better judge of a problem than foresight. The world just can't get along with itself. We kill, destroy, and then whine about how our world has gone to hell. Will peace ever be a possibility?

theres no question that we the sleep at the switch public,must demand the crooked elected officials to get the f.b.i. involved and investigate these crooked banksters.

Why have we seen no substantive changes from the Bush administration to this one, even though we elected a leader who promised "change"?

What was interesting to me was the talk by Bill Black, and rightly so, of removing CEOs and banksters for their crimes in order to restore integrity to the system and begin to move forward. However, there didn't seem to be any mention of applying the same standard to politicians in government, past or present, for their required collaboration in all of this.

If Obama selected the Wall St. criminal Geithner to head the Treasury Department and now rubber stamps his fiscal plans, who is really making these extremely critical decisions? Elite institutions or elected officials? Who's interests are being served? Where is the line drawn?

Which elected official, or body of officials, in the upper echelons of our government holds enough integrity and esteems the interests of the citizenry above their own profit and gain to halt this flagrant abuse of rule and law? Who has the power to do so?

It seems that the most of our government and economic system is and has been corrupt from the top down. If it were not, we, the American people, would not be witness to such staggering acts of criminality, committed in broad daylight, and our economy would not sit on the edge of ruin.

Perhaps what is really needed is an overhaul of everything. Are Americans ready to begin seriously considering what this looks like? What are we willing to sacrifice in our lives to achieve it? More importantly, what more would we be forced to if we do not?

Those in power cling to it and are not given to parting with it until they dread personal repercussions of their ever emboldened actions.

I fear that this crisis will further worsen and only begin to change, for better or worse, when we see blood and chaos, or organized resistance, in the streets, because sadly, we have only the illusion of a democracy.

Jim Bullis:
"What is the magnitude of the "default credit swap obligations" listed by institutions? If this is not known, I propose an instant ruling that all such obligations be reported. (Any not reported in one week shall be declared unenforceable.)"

Globally, approx. $900T. For reference, to scale this debt, global GDP plus global real estate is somewhere around $100T.

No escape from this one. I think USD will cease to be a reserve currency in less than a year. We could still hang the crooks though.

Do you think it is a good idea to first practice Geithner's PPIP with the Maiden Lanes (Bear Stearns and AIG assets) just bought by our Treasury?

"Treasury will take over Bear Stearns, AIG assets from Fed"

I read that this cost $72.21 billion. I think TARP has enough money for this without any involvement from FDIC.


I would like to see the FBI investigating the banks for fraud en mass.

Mr. Greenwald said there is not an even handed treatment of the Palestinians in the press. If you believe the Palestinian position with their Hamas leadership openly stating, "Wipe Israel off the map", How do you handle that, even handidly?
Jerry Sitner

It's feudel law all over again. Get ready for their customs-- Droit de seigneur.

Jill Jennings,

From the PLAN written some time ago (early 1900's) but seems to fit now:

"This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from the cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot".

Mr. Black's comments today on the Journal stated that Geithner is mandated by law
to investigate what led to the recent fiscal collapse, but that he is just choosing to ignore this law. This needs to be on every blog, every TV and radio program, and on every newspaper front page.
Unless we American investors find out WHO is behind the major fraud visited upon our economy, there is no way we can make anyone accountable. The fact that most media outlets have not called for such a measure says a lot about the way media have sold out completely. What does it take to get a the American public up in arms?

I would like to hear some extended discussion on what the consequences would be of another currency replacing the dollar as the default currency for international settlements. Also, it would be helpful to discuss the likelihood of this transpiring, or, put another way, what events would have to take place for this to transpire. The Chinese currency is already been tested in settlement transactions amongst ASEAN nations. The Chinese government has openly suggested a new currency basis; the Russians have made a similar suggestion. Finally, what will happen to the U.S. version of "empire" if this should actually take place.

#1 -- thank you for all your coverage, especially this econ crisis. While news is mostly bad, your coverage helps us keep our sanity.

My ciritical question -- which I haven't heard covered at all in the ms media: Are there "stop the bleeding" verification procedures in place now on the mortgages, refinancings, etc. or are toxic assets still being manufactured? This seems like the first priority.

In many recent media clips & interviews of foreclosure stories, some borrowers who falsified income, etc. or should have known they couldn't possibly afford such a debt level freely admit "they don't think they did anything wrong." Where, ow, by whom are the checks & balances for post-bailout loan underwriting? Have criteria been established, however loosely? The American people deserve to know? Obama has said only responsible borrowers who fell on hard times, etc. would be assisted in the foreclosure process?

This was our government's response regarding AIG bonus:

"The administration official said the Treasury Department did its own legal analysis and concluded that those contracts could not be broken. The official noted that even a provision recently pushed through Congress by Senator Christopher J. Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, had an exemption for such bonus agreements already in place"

So under contractual laws the Administration cannot stop AIG from giving out bonuses. Fine, then why is it legal for FDIC regulators to break "contractual laws?"

"F.D.I.C.'s October agreement with JPMorgan Chase and Washington Mutual allows Chase to pick and choose which of the city's 148 Washington Mutual branches it will keep. Chase will then turn over the rejects to the F.D.I.C. But here's the kicker: According to sources, the F.D.I.C. [CAN THEN SIMPLY TERMINATE THE LEASES OF THOSE REJECTED BRANCHES, ALL CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS VOIDED]...

-I am Lanlord for on of the WAMU Location I don't know who to talk to about this Lease or how to pay my Mortgage.
-I believe we spoke with each other. WaMu moved out as of 2/10/,leaving me with an empty building and half a million loan with Chase-WaMu. FDIC legalized the cherry pick by Chase without obligations.Jamie Dimon is really a very smart banker and good bzman,but at the price of all WaMu contractors, landlords,shareholders,etc.
-I got the same situtation. They stopped rent payment. I can not pay the mortgage and will lose the property."


What would the Bankers and other World Money Changers think if the President of the United States of America authorized Congress to proceed with the Printing of Greenbacks; similar to what Lincoln did to fund the Civil War Interest Free and Kennedy attempted to do prior to his assassination (although Johnson repealed Kennedy's Executive Order for the printing of Debt-Free United States of America Notes while eliminating Federal Reserve (Private Bankers) Notes)?

These actions eliminated Debt on the backs of the American Citizens, in other words, no profits for the Private Bankers of the World.

Although many say that Lincoln created mega inflation, this was one example of their propaganda in an attempt to avoid the huge benefits for the American People.


We Americans have a lot to be greatful for including the gamblers on wall street. Afterall, those gamblers bet we Americans wouldn't be outraged over their debts when we found out what a ponzi scheme they were. And they are right and will continue to be right because we Americans still have our toys and playtime. Afterall, those gamblers greed gave our nation power beyond the pale and we Americans unlimited credit for more than just the basics. We Americans now more than ever need to face the fact that we Are the lender of last resort...and have been packaged, marketed, sold on the block for cents on the dollar.

Could you please question your experts on why the former Sec.Treasurer, Hank Paulson and the current FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair put pressure on the OTS Director John Reich (who has since resigned prior to his term ending)to seize WaMu and place under FDIC's receivership? Note this Sep 25th 2008 was the exact day that Congress stalled on moving on Paulson's proposed "bail out bill". Further I would want to know the thoughts of your experts as to mounting evidence being unfolded of a collaborating effort between FDIC/Treasury and JPMorgan being exposed in the taking over the assets of Washington Mutual Inc for a mere $1.88billion? JPMorgan at its own admission through its' recent Letter to Shareholders state (Page 9)"The deal was financially compelling--it was immediately accreditive to earnings, and it will add an estimated $2 billion or 50cents per share to our 2009 results and increasingly more thereafter." JPMorgan also recently stated in their Adversary Case Complaint filing, in Washington Mutual Inc's Chapter 11 bankruptcy case,(Page 9 Para 30.)"JPMorgan had only two days after being briefed by the FDIC to submit a bid and then only 24hours from that time that its bid was accepted by the FDIC until the time the acquisition closed to complete the single largest acquisition of a failed institution in the United States history. The circumstances which led to execution of the P&A meant that JPMorgan had limited opportunity to prepare for this unprecedented transaction."
which implies they were not given ample time to preform an in depth due dilegence process. Yet, again in their Letter to their shareholders, (Page 9, B.) JPMorgan states, ""Our due diligence on WAMU was extensive"..."we are confident that it will add enormous value to JP Morgan Chase in the future."

Here are links to verify my comments:

What are your views of the Washington Mutual Inc. Vs. FDIC lawsuit, and what impact will it have when discovery portioning of the trial starts, and the FDIC, SEC, OTC,and JPMC take the stand. It has been widely reported that WMB was insolvent, but there is another side to the story.

Thank you so much, Mr. Moyers, for getting this information out in front of the American public.

The "mark to market" accounting change is just one more outrage and yet the latest proof that the very criminals that got us to this bleak point are still dominating the policy makers.

The basic hope underpinning all current policy is that the real estate bubble can somehow be re-inflated and thus all the fraud will be rendered moot. If real estate and thus the toxic assets were somehow to regain their value, then, the hope goes, everyone will simply breathe a sigh of relief and the crisis will be over.

Of course, this hope hinges on re-inflating housing prices. Given that reaching those price levels took all manner of fraud, deceit, and "creative" loan products combined with massive, frenzied buying, it seems impossible to ever re-inflate that bubble.

This really is an appalling situation. The fact that so few reporters even question the wisdom of trying to re-inflate the bubble is simply further evidence of a new low in investigative journalism. In such a journalistic vacuum, corruption has free reign.

Wonderful. So many writers are putting out the truth (William Greider, Matt Taibbi) and now, William Black. One of these days, the truth will emerge about how the taxpayers really got hosed. Just have to hope that the magic moment comes soon enough so that some good can still be salvaged.

Could this crisis simply have been a "run" on our largest banks by their largest investors; the bulk of whose deposits were not insured by FDIC? Could they have demanded their illiquid deposits even if it meant that the cartel of bankers (the Fed) had to go to the Treausury Department to get the money printed?
Could the government conveniently be covering up the fact that most of these investors/depostitor are foreigners and the soverneign wealth funds?
Are my theories valid?

What kind of crazy logic is the change in the Accounting Standards (resulting from pressure by Congress) to allow the banks to place the the value of these securitized "toxic assets" on their books at some value other than the current market value? Especially when these same banks agree that they would not buy these same assets from other banks at the values they're being allowed to use on their books? Who determines this mythical value that the banks now may use? If it isn't based on the willing buyer/willing seller standard, what is it based on? I feel like the financial institutions are blackmailing the taxpayers with threats of financial disaster into giving them not only billions of dollars but whatever else they want, including the unlimited power to get us into worse trouble down the road, and the government is letting them do it.

Dear Bill, thank you for the persistent efforts to bring truth to the people.

Those responsible for the crisis suffered by so many innocent people here and around the world must be jailed and trialed openly.

Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Bernanke, and Geithner and other oligarchs.

My question also is why do President Obama adm and the Congress want to help them cover up this crime?

Wake up America, your country has been hijacked by the rich and powerful, which now owns the government. Sad thing is most of you don't even know it.

Is the reason that banks "are not lending" because nobody wants to borrow?

Once in awhile, someone will mention that the banks are still not lending. Should we not be monitoring the stock market and instead be watching the paramaters that indicate banks are lending? So what parameters should we be monitoring daily?

What is the magnitude of the "default credit swap obligations" listed by institutions? If this is not known, I propose an instant ruling that all such obligations be reported. (Any not reported in one week shall be declared unenforceable.)

In relation to the above, what is the magnitude of mortgage backed debt that is not directly held by the issuing institution?

Similarly, what precisely is owed by whom to whom under the heading of derivatives? A similar reporting law is also appropriate here.

Then we need to know about credit card debt. Specifically, how much exists and how it relates to incomes of borrowers.

Once we have established transparency, we would need to decide what to do about it all; no more waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Could someone explain the history of off-shore tax havens in the US.

Why do we continue to allow Americans to house assets in overseas bank accounts averting the law, and taxation?

Does it scare you that 52,000 Americans have Swiss bank accounts (one of out of 2000 households)?

How can we not see this as an intense war on the public when our monies are going to private actions we did not approve of: war, bailouts, and massive risk taking strategies on Wall Street?

Dear Banking Advisors,

Comment on the Petersen's Institute influence on public policy.

Based on structural and demographic longterm financial difficulties with energy, education and healthcare, how will this affect "privatized initiatives?

Will we see the marketing of privatized solutions as the answer or cause of our problems?

i recommend that you stop using the term 'experts'. america has, in large part, been cut off at the knees by alleged 'financial experts' in the public and private sectors. I find myself drawn more and more to blogs for the answers, independent sources, an informed public's opinion. and even some uninformed opinions can give this 'non-expert' pause.

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