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The Times They Are A-Changin’?

(Photos by Robin Holland)

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with two prominent voices from alternative media, Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald, about how the cozy relationship between mainstream media and the Washington establishment has contributed to the daunting challenges America now faces. Both Goodman and Greenwald were cautiously optimistic that independent media is changing the ways people get information and raising public awareness.

Goodman said:

“I think there's a reason why independent media is growing all over this country. When President Bush could not find weapons of mass destruction, it exposed more than President Bush. People said, ‘how did the media get it so wrong?’ And they started looking for other sources. I think that's why DEMOCRACY NOW! is growing so much, and independent media — community radio and television and, of course, the Internet — as well. People are looking for alternative sources of information. Looking abroad, too, at all of the different forms of information access to information we can get.”

Greenwald said:

“I think that the advent of technology – the Internet, in particular – and also the collapse of trust that so many Americans had placed in political and media institutions... have really caused so many more citizens than ever before to question the kind of establishment instruments that have been used for so long to propagandize the citizenry, and to seek out alternative sources of truth... The more profound and transparent the failures of the institutions, the more the citizenry will be open to alternative ways of thinking... I actually feel rather optimistic that the work we do is paying off.”

What do you think?

  • Will indendent media bring Americans of varying political views together to pursue real change in the public interest? Why or why not?

  • If so, where do you see indications of people with different views coming together?

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    When we allow corporations to control the media and our government with their big money treasuries, we have done nothing more than allow multi-tyrants control and spoon feed us their propaganda. This is horrible. They have taken away our American way of life, our pensions, retirement, right to work in this country, health benefits, and government representation.

    We must protect our democracy from these tyrants and we have not done anything to stop them.

    Eisenhower tried to warn us but he didnt do a good job communicating except to warn about the military industrial complex's influence in our government. The founding fathers tried to warn us about being vigilent against giving tyranny a foothold to enslave us.

    We need to do something or "Welcome to the Matrix". We are already there, do you like the view?

    Interesting show and blogs! I agree with the blogger who basically said we are preaching to the choir.

    For the blogger who inquired if people are having the same issue in the UK etc, I was speaking to a colleague in the UK and he said they have the same issues there - main stream media owned by corporations that stifle the news and "report" on only those issues that benefit them and do not "rock the boat".

    I have been less than sorry for the newspapers going out of business because I felt for some time now that they are a sham. I do feel sorry for the poor idealist journalist who thought they might be able to actually break a story!

    As I told my friend in England we have a "free" press in this country only to the extent that one can read books and Internet articles on any given subject but it is up to the individual now to ascertain the truth not the press.

    Single Payer is a prime example of main stream media black-out. Most people still have no idea what it means or how it can be used to reform health care in this country. The press have failed to cover what has got to be the most "human interest" stories out there -people dying because they cannot afford health care, people going bankrupt because they cannot pay their medical bills, people loosing their health coverage when they loose their jobs - where is the coverage???? They don't cover it because the corporations that own the papers don't want it covered, have ties to or are just loyalty to their fellow corporate pirates, the health insurers, and to tell one part of the story would beg the question, how do we fix this, which would inevitably lead to dismantling the health insurance companies.

    If William Black was the head of fraud prevention from 2006 thru 2007 why didn't he do something to stop the fraud as he puts it ?

    Someone mentioned Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as independent voices but both shows are on a network owned by Viacom, so I see them as playing the role of the old court jesters, they point out what is wrong in a humorous way, but have no real power.

    Like someone once said about that old story about "The King has no Clothes", so what, in the end the King is still the King and the boy and probably his parents also, likely got put on the rack for his insolence.

    The answer lies in the wording of the first question. We must "bring Americans of varying political views together."

    Bulletin board systems like this one are very good at facilitating discussion, but most of the posters share a common background: They watch the Journal.

    In order to accomplish anything really substantial, we must gather people from diverse backgrounds into a single discussion. One way to do this is to solicit solutions to problems thaaffect broad segments of the population. For example, increasing unemployment is hurting our entire economy right now. That is a unifying issue. Here's how we can use it:

    Bill Moyers asks his viewers to visit a particular site to share their suggestions about how we can reduce unemployment. Democracy Now! listeners and readers are asked to visit the same site with their ideas. But then we go a step further.

    Time Magazine, The Nation, The New Republic, The Progressive, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, FOX, Michael Moore, Bill O'Reiley, The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, and others all solicit suggestions to the same problem, and have them posted to the same site.

    Since unemployment is a problem for the audience of each of the above parties, all should like to help solve the problem. That would open a discussion between people who ordinarily don't work together toward a common goal.

    As a result, readers of Newsweek could consider my idea for emergency legislation to prohibit tax breaks for companies that fire or lay off more than one percent of their employees for the next year. And I could hear the creative solutions of someone from a more corporate mindset.

    So long as American discussion takes place primarily among groups of people who share the opinions of others in their group, nothing will change. We must integrate public debate before significant progress can be made.

    I don't believe that the Internet will totally replace broadcast news as it has with newspapers.

    Bill Moyers Journal (PBS), Amy Goodman's Democracy Now (Link-TV), the new and improved Dan Rather Reports (HDNet) and Kate and Richard Mucci (Matrix News Network) is all I watch. I love to see these programs back to back to back to back every night on the same network.

    Thank you for having Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman on your show. Having my three favorite journalists in America talk to each other was truly a rare treat.

    As always good mind food. The manner of handling demonstrators in this "free" society should be a good wake up call. As to the comments on comedians bashing the government in the way, this ( IMHO) is a mental tool to place the valid information in the viewers minds "funny" filing bin and any valid input to the mind on the serious topic after that will be the same.
    Consider the particle physics information put forward by Lynn McTaggert,as well as others. Knowledge that has been known and possibly suppressed since the 30's. Basically the observer has influence on the outcome in quantum level experiments. Is some information we are subjected to for molding thoughts to focus on differences rather than the singularity?
    A quote I use quite often for others and myself for remembering my personal responsibility in this creative effort goes like this:
    Freedom, in my opinion,
    is knowing you and your neighbor
    eat until the next harvest,
    drink until the next rainfall,
    enabling us the energy to builds safe communities. Thank you for your efforts.

    I was so distressed, Mr. Moyers, when you allowed Mr. Greenwald to dominate the interview, and kept including him in your questions after he had obviously hogged the interview time, that I could not attend to the substance. This is not the first time, Mr. Moyers, when you have favored a male guest over a female guest when you have both on in the same segment. Hope this raises your usually sharp consciousness.

    I really feel you should watch "the Obama Deception" on you tube! It show hows the private banks in this country are robbing us blind using these puppets.

    Thank you for bringing this banking cover up to light. This whole mess has been orchestrated for many years to the point that we are now. As was pointed out by Mr. Black, it is and was ilegal that is why "they" have used those that are involved to work with and place them in the position needed to accomplish their goals. It is my person feeling and concern that all this has been done to accomplish the next step and that is to devalue the American domestic currency and move us closer if not in - "the world order".


    Bill Moyers Journal, PBS

    Mr. Moyers;

    I apologize for this being a somewhat unusual response to the topics discussed. My frustration at seeing a situation develop and being unable to react is maddening. Hopefully, this exposure will be sufficient to derail the events being planned.

    I watched your program on Friday, the 3rd, 2009 and was quite interested in its content. I'm very familiar with Marshall, Harrison County, Texas. You are about 6 years my senior. My name is Murphy Pickett and I live in Dallas, Texas. I've led a somewhat complicated life. In the summer of 1963, while attending La. Tech in Ruston, Louisiana, I made the acquaintance of an individual that was to alter the balance of my life That meeting was occasioned by the other person mistaking me for someone else. Some friends and I were on a weekend trip to New Orleans. I'm going to try and be concise and not dwell on minutiae in this letter. The lack of an effective journalistic community, in this country has been a longtime concern of mine.

    As a result of that chance encounter in New Orleans in 1963, I was to have a brush with history on 11-22-63. That encounter led to a continuing relationship with the individual. We became involved in several questionable enterprises during the following 15 years. In the late seventies, we withdrew from our participation's and he relocated to Mexico and I remained in Louisiana. As to what happened in Dealy Plaza that day has been discussed, endlessly. What I may be able to answer are some questions about the characters involved in the planing and execution of that plan. For instance, was a governmental entity involved? ... what was Oswald's destination on Jefferson Blvd? Oswald was not the only "patsy". In the interest of candor, I should acknowledge that I'm working on a biographical account of my life and some of the people that I've met. For instance the individual that I met in 1963 was born in 1927(?) in a city in Russia, on the Volga River, near the Caspian Sea. I believe, that as a result of becoming his friend, I can state that the Soviets did not have a connection with the assassination of JFK. They were suspicious of Oswald from the beginning and my friend's mission was expanded to include watching his movements when he returned to this country. One of his primary concerns was gathering information at Barksdale, in Bossier City.

    Mr. Moyers, because I've maintained a continuing relationship with the man that I refer to as "Boris", he caused a group based in the vicinity of Monterrey/Vera Cruz, Mexico, headed by a man from Peshawar, calling himself "Mazood" to initiate contact with me several years ago. The original and some subsequent meetings occurred at "The Parks" mall in Arlington, Texas. At that time, their plans were very grandiose and impractical. Currently, they have some simple and more manageable plans that they hope to implement, beginning on April, 10th, 2009. There is to be an attempt to place devices contained in "simulated" zippered bibles, small ladies handbags with shoulder straps, small tote bags with zippers, possibly "plush" animals and possibly soccer balls. The hope is to leave them in public areas with the desire that they will be handled by curious people. If the zippers are moved, or the animals squeezed, or the balls kicked; they could detonate and the area in a 5-10 foot radius could be lethal. My friend, I believe, currently lives near the Amalfi coast in Italy.

    I completely understand that you may believe that I'm a "doddering old fool". The FBI and much of the local media certainly do. If I learned anything from the experience in 1963, it is that a dedicated group of malcontents, lead by a zealous leader, can effectively cause great havoc. I have procrastinated, as much as I can; I must be responsible and exercise persistence. If there is a chance, and I believe this is so, that a few teams of individuals have infiltrated the USA in the past few days, then the citizenry should be warned.

    I have tried to interest the FBI in this on a number of occasions. They insist that they must debrief the source. I agree that they have a reasonable request; "Boris" absolutely refuses to agree. At his age and with his history, I understand is position. He and a group that call themselves the "The Fossils" have contacts in many interesting areas. The Egyptian is called, "The Pharaoh". The Israeli is called, Moses. The Englishman is, "John Bull". The Frenchman is, "Chamonix". Recently, "Romulus", the Italian passed away. When "Boris" recruited me in 1963, I was expendable. Because I exhibited certain talents; I was considered useful. Once again, I am expendable. I don't relish the idea of being humiliated by the revelation of personal and somewhat loathsome information about my life; but, it would be a small price to spend, if lives could be saved and injuries prevented. The exposure of this plot will probably be enough to derail the current plans. Maybe, in the future, those with the resources to take action will be willing to listen. This operation is intended to mask a larger, more catastrophic event that is being planned. Even the failure of this operation would be considered useful: if it is perceived to lull this country into a sense of invincibility.

    I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this and other related information with you. If I didn't believe that this operation is moving to a conclusion; I would just complete my manuscript and try to get it published. During the Holiday Season of 2007, another associate of the "The Fossils" and I were able to derail a planned episode of car bombs at North Park Center here in Dallas

    Hurray for the red, white and blue independent media-- you are doing the work cable network and other "journalists" should be doing--if they had the work of supporting an informed citizenry as their main concern in a "democratic" country.

    Once again, Bill Moyers, your guests and programming give me pause and make me remember why we in the 1960s and 1970s questioned our leaders, their ethics and the caliber of their honesty in holding public office and the people's trust.

    I believed then and I believe now, it is the people, individually and at the grass roots, that led us then, and will lead us now, through this crisis, as tax-payers, small business owners and workers, once we find out the real picture to the major banking losses and fraud. Because we know it is the people, not Congress, not the Presidency, not the Supreme Court, not Wall Street that will have to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    "It's about our fundamental values"

    - - that is right Mr President; your own words!

    THIS is the defining moment, that you have to PROVE to the country beyond any doubt, as to where you stand on basic values and ethics as regards, governing.

    It boils down to this: Are you for the few ''Special-Interests''
    Are you for the ''Ordinary'' People, the Citizens, the millions who contributed and VOTED for you and put you in Office ?

    The CHOICE is very clear, Mr President:

    DO YOU have the courage to follow through on your convictions, that you espoused so clearly during the campaign, on behalf of the middle-class


    ARE YOU going to play the same old 'Washington-game' and betray the trust of your people, now that you are elected ?

    Thank God for courageous citizens like Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald, as well as the blogosphere and the internet !

    The bottom line is going to be, whether Prez Obama will have WHAT-IT-TAKES to reign-in and curb TOXIC Corporate influence, Corporate profits, bonuses etc, etc

    '' I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.''

    The mainstream media and the politicians feed off each other for different reasons but maybe if we're lucky they will gobble each other up. Unfortunately, most people still listen to them, especially if they say something that they can agree with. This is the age of "reality" tv shows and that is why we are in this current state of affairs. No one wants to think about it. I'm hoping this will change or that I am wrong, but I'm not optomistic like Mr Greenwald. Maybe in time and with so many people out of work independant news will prevail. I applaud your diligence and perseverence and dedication to the truth.

    Why have we seen no substantive changes from the Bush administration to this one, even though we elected a leader who promised "change"?

    What was interesting to me was the talk by Bill Black, and rightly so, of removing CEOs and banksters for their crimes in order to restore integrity to the system and begin to move forward. However, there didn't seem to be any mention of applying the same standard to politicians in government, past or present, for their required collaboration in all of this.

    If Obama selected the Wall St. criminal Geithner to head the Treasury Department and now rubber stamps his fiscal plans, who is really making these extremely critical decisions? Elite institutions or elected officials? Who's interests are being served? Where is the line drawn?

    Which elected official, or body of officials, in the upper echelons of our government holds enough integrity and esteems the interests of the citizenry above their own profit and gain to halt this flagrant abuse of rule and law? Who has the power to do so?

    It seems that the most of our government and economic system is and has been corrupt from the top down. If it were not, we, the American people, would not be witness to such staggering acts of criminality, committed in broad daylight, and our economy would not sit on the edge of ruin.

    Perhaps what is really needed is an overhaul of everything. Are Americans ready to begin seriously considering what this looks like? What are we willing to sacrifice in our lives to achieve it? More importantly, what more would we be forced to if we do not?

    Those in power cling to it and are not given to parting with it until they dread personal repercussions of their ever emboldened actions.

    I fear that this crisis will further worsen and only begin to change, for better or worse, when we see blood and chaos, or organized resistance, in the streets, because sadly, we have only the illusion of a democracy.

    Mr. Greenwald:

    You wanted even-handedness on the part of the US government in its Palestine-Israel policies. Since the Palestineans, in their wisdom have chosen two organizations who maintain their goals that would deny Israel any future how can you expect even-handedness? They both support terrorists in their continued attempted attacks on civilians. Don't you support all out war against terrorists? Do you condone terrorist attacks on civilians anywhere in the world? New York? Washington, D.C.? Jerusalem? Bali? Mombai? Haifa? Gush Etzion?

    And speaking of even-handedness. How about some parity in the way you and other "experts" and the general press treat Israel. You submit to Arab blackmail, distort facts, label those that attack terrorists as they launch their attempted destruction on innocent civilians as offenses, and in so many other ways demonstrate your bias.

    Check this website for current evidence of this bhavior.

    Palestine has the support of 22 Moslem nations in their goal of displacing a country taking up less than 1% of their area, but supporting a nation that makes a contribution to the world unprecedented in history. The accomplishments of this small country is worthy of any country in the European Community and rivals all, except our own.

    Even-handed? If only they were so treated by you, the United Nations, and the free countries of the world.

    Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald illustrate yet another example of the hidden America that increasingly exists behind the scenes of the three major forces they talked about (mainstream media, Washington insiders and Financial kingpins...)

    When there is outrage about such things as the AIG bonuses by the majority of Americans, but somehow our leaders don't seem to get it, or be capable of acting on it effectively...we have comedians like Jon Stewart as our only public defense it seems. We rely on comedians with large market shares to express our outrage at serious issues.

    This is another reason why I don't pay for cable television any longer, but get my news from the "alternative," "independent" media...

    George Orwell's world continues to arrive piece by small piece, and go unnoticed, IMHO.

    Not only do all governments lie, all governments manipulate their citizens. Ours seems to be much better at the latter than the former.

    In my humble opinion, this show misses the point.

    As usual, they speak honestly, but from a certain set of assumption. William Black seems to take for granted that government needs to subsidize bad home loans. Think back to how Presidents Clinton and later Bush W. both bragged about how a record number of American's "owned" a home.

    If government insists on subsidizing bad loans, regulation is need. I agree, but that's a big IF.

    So, surprise, surprise, government regulation has been thoroughly and blatantly scuttled. This seems to be the show's message.

    Consider the free-market approach: companies that make bad loans do so at their own risk and the risk of their investors. The regulation inherent in free markets is vastly superior to any regulations government bureaucrats can muster. Irresponsible companies go bankrupt.

    Liberty works, but we need to give it a chance.

    Sorry, Greenwald.

    Mr. Moyers,
    Thank you for finally havinng Amy Goodman and the ever brilliant Glenn Woodwald.

    But the idea that Jon Stewart could somehow replace Tim Russert was so ill-conceived that it boggles the mind. Thankfully, Greenwald provided a cogent reply.

    Thank you for an excellent show. I'm afraid that we don't want to hear the truth, unless it is couched in humor, so are interested in John Stewart. Amy and Bill have helped thoughtfully interview many important guest over their careers. Perhaps not always right, they don't always convince me, but they give me information in depth that allows me an informed opinion. Amy thank you for the in depth look at important issues you give us every week. Keep the fire burning,and take care of yourself.

    Great interview. I look forward to hearing and seeing more from both of you.

    Great to see the three people that I most admire for their integrity at the same venue. I've been fortunate to follow their reporting for years and each in their own way has enriched my life.

    I urge the readers here to check out the work of Glenn Greenwald & Amy Goodman on their respective sites if you haven't done so already. A 30-minute interview doesn't do justice to the value of their journalism. Not a day goes by for me without watching 'Democracy Now' and reading Glenn's columns. Looking forward to many sequels to this discussion.

    Mr. Moyers commented that no one worked as hard as I.F Stone. I found it demeaning to the two guests. I can't imagine anyone working as hard as Amy Goodman. I am less familiar with Glenn Greenwald but he is impressive and seems to work hard as well. My point is Bill Moyers is a celebrity and is guilty of displacing his guests work with adoration of the past. Amy deserves the very adoration that is bestowed on Stone but it is safer to adore the past then the courageous journalists we have now. John Bliss

    I’m just a dyslexic visual artist, so I’m out of my depth here. Nevertheless, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." -- that classic opening line from Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities" seems to be very relevant to this discussion. The mythical snake (or lizard) eating it's own tail, the Ouroboros, seems to perfectly symbolize Dickens’s conception of his period -- and ours. The best of times in that there is food in its mouth and the worst of times in that the creature is devouring itself. As a visually oriented person, that’s how it strikes me, anyway.

    The American deity of self-interest that propels our "elite" and "established" celebrity journalists to ignore or repress the opinions of those who might upset their egos and apple carts has been fully exploited by the conglomerate-think that has taken over most media today. It is in the nature of the ruthless and the reckless, who are driven to pursue money and power to suppress truth and decent. It’s a given.

    We may well be into a technological communication revolution, but we’re a long way from a political and social transformation with a complacent, ill-informed general public so distracted and misdirected by the sly, highly rewarded, demagogues who bombard the media with their influential deceit.

    In a democracy, it will always come down to self-interest vs. the common good -- as well as Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guards, themselves?)

    I think we need to break up conglomerates for the common good and I say start with the media as well as the financial industries . . . or America will surely continue to eat itself and die.

    Why was Glenn Greenwald so rude? Why didn't Bill Moyers stop him? Why not have Amy Goodman return for a solo segment.

    If so, where do you see indications of people with different views coming together?
    It is interesting to read the comments. Though their views address issues of importance,
    Issues that went wrong, lies etc. their views, comments are ignored by representatives,
    because the will of the people has been denied.
    Depending on the Issues, the people with different view can come together such as was
    the case with the “BONUSES, the HEALTH CARE, the ECONOMY” etc.
    They have not come together to demand to enforce the ARTICLE V of the Constitution.
    To amend the Constitution, to be empowered to express their “ WILL on ALL ISSUES!”
    This should be the most important issue for the people with different views to come together,
    to solve the problems of our country. It should be at the ballot booth and not in the
    power of the representatives.

    Goodman and Greenwald shame me for my lack of vision into the future of solid journalism, despite having spent years working in college radio news and public affairs (at Yale's radio station, despite holding only a high school diploma) and more years building our cable franchise's public access television infrastructure (human capital, programing and physical facilities).

    Since being insulated(through physical, economic and, thus, technological disadvantage) from the fruits of that labor, I have a tendency to forget that others continue to use those fruits to good and useful purpose.

    Kudos to them, and you all, for continuing the support for them, and the many others like them in other forms community journalism, they so richly deserve.

    I enjoyed both Glenn and Amy. Please have them both back soon.

    Are Europeans having the same media problems as the U.S.?

    I think Greenwald interrupted the journalistic GIANT that was sitting right next to him a little too much. I sense that he is indeed very sharp and on the right path, but where he is headed, Amy Goodman has been there a few times already. I just felt a little dissapointed and somewhat bothered by noticing this guy race to the answers with Mrs Goodman. I realise he is a young rising superstar, or whatever, but being curtious to your elders is an even better sign of intelligence and wisdom; at any age.

    keep up the (no words come close, even thesaurus wont give enough synonims to GREAT, FANTASTIC, LEGENDARY...ETC) career Mr Bill Moyers!!!

    When I wanted to get info on what was going on in the London street during the g-20 I went to the IMC London site. The Corp. media gives very little coverage to protest anywhere. Amy said it best when she was asked by a corp. reporter why she got arrested and he did not at the RNC. Were you in the streets at the protest she replied and his responce was no. He who controls the info can control the people, we need to get more of the word out about indy media. I know Amy is doing her part 70 city tour to promote dem. now and indy media. But we need to also.


    Concerning the question, "...Where do you see indications of people with different views coming together?", the following says:

    - The three elements of democratic activity--timely information, the technology to communicate with one another, and then mobilization for action and results. (Ralph Nader)

    It seems that an easy way to eliminate the huge amount of money that Congress members need to raise in order to be re-elected is to have x amount of free TV spots available for them. I don't need to hear the same sound bite every 30 minutes in order to know who to vote for. Is there a chance in h... that we could move to this system?

    The media is the establishment. They do the work of the politicians and the institutions that support them.

    It is too optimistic to believe that this will change with Obama or any other President. We have to change it.

    Independent News is a source for those that seek informed opinion. Too few of us are so inclined.

    It will, and in fact has, created a counter culture outside the mainstream. As such, as history proves, they can be swept away or be eventually incorporated into the maistream.

    I agree with a previous blogger big money must be taken out of politics as it is the most persuasive feature that spins their version of reality. Their vested interest in maintaining this reality is greater than our limited interest in changing it.

    And on and on it goes......

    I do not believe that the dominant influence of the MSM will be diminished until and unless there is comprehensive and effective reform of our election laws that prevents the undue influence of money in our elections. It is clear that Wall Street is in complete control of Washington even in the Obama administration. That comes as a great disappointment to me, but it is the truth and the reality. Geitner, et al, is at this time selling us, or at least trying to sell us, the same garbage that we got from bush and paulson.

    Bill: One thing that you didn't include--the lack of reporters. I work at a small newspaper. Our paper has laid off everyone that is full time. They are doing their news by press releases and part-time reporters that get paid for 20 hours and no more, no matter what the story is about. (You know we put in more hours than that on a good story.) I did a story that upset an advertiser who is also a powerful politician. My editor came in all upset about offending the advertiser.
    I have been told to never go to that meeting again and I can't report on him again.
    That is what is "really" happening in the new business. If I get 'laid-off,' I have nothing to fall back on. Jobs have dried up and no one is buying freelance stories anymore. I haven't decided if I will stop going to the meetings--or if I will take the chance and get someone else to publish the story.
    Over all, Bill. Thank you for your great work. Stories like this one, make me feel like I am in the right business.

    People are struggling for ways to explain the state of affairs to themselves. There's even books called "The Theory of Everything".

    But can we "handle the truth"?

    I filter everything that the "media" projects as a script, not news.

    And it's gotten seriously sinister.

    How far are they going to go to get the "visuals" to prove their point?

    Let's say that I need to get a leg up on my "enemy".

    So I wave $250 in the air outside a wild west saloon and say, "This goes to the person who shoots "x" (the good guy) dead first."(scene from the movie movie "3:10 to Yuma").

    But wait. There is much more political hay to be garnished for the "perception is reality" puppet masters from getting the correct "visuals".

    If I click the photo just at the second where your face is a contorted mix of agony and anger from the situation that I created, I can more easily make a case against your "humanity", can't I?

    "Look how angry and ugly the person is!?"

    That's all that is going on now in the media. Photos of us reacting to the horror displayed as "evidence", your honor, that we the people are too stupid to govern ourselves.

    As for the use of "humor" on late night comedy shows?

    In a parallel universe where the inmates aren't running the asylum and filling out the psychological profile in corporate HR departments to carefully select who gets to "labor" for them - Stewart and Colbert would not be "funny".

    There's nothing "funny" about any of this. By laughing at it, you've been programmed into social cognitive dissonance. Here are the meds you need to not think about it.

    As for all the Julies and Judiths - professional blogging hand-wringers paraded out to make it okay and "feminine" to be in permanent brain lock mode, you all will be needing a new script soon, also. "Feminine" does not get defined by women promoting a male script.

    Women all know that, but hey, kudos at having that PR job in this bad economy! Do what you have to to hang on to it.

    After the hand-wringing and finger-pointing, how about some heavy duty jail time for these fat-cat crooks on Wall Street? Why are they being protected for out right theft and fraud? Is it because "everbody" did it and therefore nobody is held accountable...not even being required to give-back the stolen loot to us little people(aka. Suckers!) Just pay our taxes, abide in the law and shut-up. I predict a massive tax rebellion and cheating in the future over this monstrous swindle being perpetrated on the taxpayers today! j.bee.

    Only the truth shall set us free.


    And a cure for the housing problem: Why doesn't congress enact a fixed rate of say a reasonable 3% on all existing home morgages, or loans?
    I think it simply might save the day!


    Yes, I think more independent media would bring together people of varying political views because they would find out how much they have in common. For example, people on the right and left oppose the bank bailouts, yet people who consider themselves conservatives blame liberals. I know this first-hand because in my job I take phone calls for a conservative think-tank. Yet two weeks ago, when I marched with other liberals on the Pentagon and defense contractors in DC, many of the signs carried expressed opposition to the bailouts, and yesterday and today, people are demonstrating on Wall Street in opposition. This is under-reported, if at all, and the corporate shills like Rush Limbaugh continue the mission to keep the American people divided, and as Amy and Glenn pointed out, isolated, for the benefit of the powers that be.

    If I might add, the mainstream media dismissal of public protests has led to the current mantra of "Where are the protests?". They have been and are continuing to happen, despite suppression - again, I know this first-hand because I've marched with hundreds of thousands in NYC and DC over the past several years. "They" just don't want you to know...

    Thanks for having Amy on - she's national treasure and I'm fortunate to hear her show daily on the Pacifica radio network. Maybe you could have on her regularly?

    -Mary Godwin
    Boonsboro, MD

    The Inherent contradiction in Capitalism is the absence of Compassion. Lock em up with transcripts of your interview with Karen Armstrong.

    Thank you very much Mr Moyers, Mr Black, Ms Goodman and Mr. Greenwald for your personal courage

    Excellent show.
    I see we've already got some long winded comments so I'll just add the mindless 'ditto for me'.

    Seeing if I can get so light on my famly Heirs? In John Walling ask around about it and see if there a govm, or big banks geting payed off for it. if can i will be thank for it /Im a 2bline to it but not a member of it. Im try to see what i can get some light on it thank you

    William Black was a laser in a sea of media irresponsibility and corruption. But there is one important point I have not seen much coverage of.
    This week the dow broke back up through 8000. Why?
    Because the bankers and the politicians got the rules changed on Mark to the Market rules. Up to now, the Mark to the Market rules said Bankers had to show assests on their balance sheets at what the current market value is. So in this market, most of these toxic mortgage backed securities have very little value because there is very little market for them. The politicians and bankers were able to pressure those who set the Mark to the Market rules to change those rules and let the banks show the assests for what they would be worth in a "normal" market. Which effectively means show them at a false value. So here we are, screaming for tighter regulation, more transparancy, honest bankers, and the politicians and bankers walk right in and do more of the corrupt practices that have gotten us into this mess and the market celebrates it. This is hideous and should be plastered in banneer headlines in every newspaper across the country and it is almost virtually unknown. Black is right to say the trust is completely broken.

    I cannot even begin how disappointed I am in President Obama's handling of the financial institutions. For the life of me, I cannot understand why he would jeopardize his presidency for these people. It will not work and he may go down the tubes with them. It is very clear that there is not enough money in the world to bail out the insolvent institutions. Our money has been transferred to these institutions against our will. In the streets, that would be a robbery. It is unjust and unacceptable. I will leave this country before I spend the rest of my working life paying to bailout the banking thieves and their ilk.

    Thank you for having Amy, Glenn and Mr. Black on your show. Bill, we - for so long have hungered for the truth. As all of these people so aptly pointed out, we are not getting the truth. Again, my sincerest thanks.

    Mr. Greenwald and Ms. Goodman have it exactly right. The problem with the media, especially the TV pundits, is that they are the establishment. They constantly supply misinformation to a naive audience who trust in the sincerity of what they hear. The audience never stops to think that the TV media personalities advance their career by towing the corporate line. They never consider that they kiss up to politicians so they can get an interview. Great job shedding light on this issue; I think most people would like to know what we can do to combat this?

    You shamelessly cut the footage of Amy Goodman breaking through the police lines after being warned not to do so. The full footage shows Goodman being told not to cross the police lines, and ignoring that order. The police in St. Paul, and the guards, were confronted with a crowd control problem that included persons with a variety of weapons. When that happens, the police have every right to engage in crowd control. When a citizen tries to push through police lines, it creates a tremendously dangerous situation. When a few people break through the lines, the few becomes a torrent.

    The story told on the Journal is a complete distortion of what actually happened. Press credentials do not justify breaking through a lawful police line in a crowd control situation involving a significant threat of violence. The claim that the police of St. Paul were trying to prevent coverage of the convention is a canard. The Mayor, the council, the entire power structure of St. Paul is controlled by liberal democrats.

    Right thinking doesn't justify defying a police line. When you cut out the footage of Goodman defying a request of a police officer attempting to hold his line, and willfully pushing through the line, and showed only the footage of her being cuffed, you committed the same kind of yellow journalism that you complain of.

    We can praise the causes Goodman espouses, and support her ability to get out the truth; but distorting what happened in St. Paul does not aid in the search for truth.

    Re Goodman and Greenwald,
    Could it be that the reason people don't demonstrate here in this country protests are not really allowed here any more? People get beaten up and arrested. If the press got that treatment - what would happen to a peaceful protester with no credentials?

    Thank you again for a fabulous program. Everyone who cares about our country should see this one! William Black ought to be given the biggest microphone in this country. His analysis is the only one I have heard that has made sense to me. I have been scratching my head for months now, "not getting it" - and now I feel like I do.
    The report of Amy Goodman was the scariest thing I have seen in a long time. If it really is this bad, we are too late to save this country!

    Tonight's program, 4/3/09, was satisfying. Many of us knew that Geithner and company would be continuing disaster.
    I wanted to think that Obama would help bring sanity to the predicament, but with his choices I changed my "hope" to reality. Appearance over substance, as always.

    I do not "believe" in miracles, and wolves in sheep's clothing are ever with us, in the grip of their fear and secrecy.

    I agree with the comment tnat Bill Moyers did not permit Amy goodman more talk time. She is sharp and interesting. She is also a political activist that brings events to the light. I am also thrilled with B. Black . I f he could only spread his views far and wide. It's like living the story of the Emperor Has No Clothes

    I don't disagree with any of this either, but just want to say as former I. F. Stone subscriber, that he was not always right, and very often short-sighted.

    A serious imbalance of air time between Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald. He essentially filibustered, barely coming up for breath, and Bill just let him roll. Your show is generally more balanced between guests.

    I only caught part of the show, but I cannot help but notice that within a few minutes of finding any segment anywhere with Amy Goodman, the subject turns to Israel. I agree with much of what she talks about, and I do not agree with much of what Israel does. But I wonder, is Israel simply to Amy Goodman as Iraq was to George Bush? Perhaps they have more in common than she realizes.

    Excellent show that all must see regarding the capitalist economic theft and journalism's role in democracy. Directly, succinctly and simply put: the necessity for people to stand up and take it to the street, as we are otherwise being undemocratically and unjustly ignored,dominated and oppressed by the elite few. Why do we want to leave this to the young?

    Im tired of Jon Stuart being hailed as the savior for free speech, and opposition. Im a 24 year old guy and i've grown up with The Daily Show...let me tell you a secret that only young people seem to know: The Daily Show has never told me anything I don't already know.

    I honestly doubt if older people even watch the show on a daily, or weekly even, basis. If they did, they would realize that the majority of it is whiney, sarcastic, and often divisive.

    Obama brings back the balance, and thats what attracts me about him. J.Stuart offsets this balance....

    Im not a Democrat, or Republican...I am a person. Thats what i believe in.

    Im tired of Jon Stuart being hailed as the savior for free speech, and opposition. Im a 24 year old guy and i've grown up with The Daily Show...let me tell you a secret that only young people seem to know: The Daily Show has never told me anything I don't already know.

    I honestly doubt if older people even watch the show on a daily, or weekly even, basis. If they did, they would realize that the majority of it is whiney, sarcastic, and often divisive.

    Obama brings back the balance, and thats what attracts me about him. J.Stuart offsets this balance....

    Im not a Democrat, or Republican...I am a person. Thats what i believe in.

    Im tired of Jon Stuart being hailed as the savior for free speech, and opposition. Im a 24 year old guy and i've grown up with The Daily Show...let me tell you a secret that only young people seem to know: The Daily Show has never told me anything I don't already know.

    I honestly doubt if older people even watch the show on a daily, or weekly even, basis. If they did, they would realize that the majority of it is whiney, sarcastic, and often divisive.

    Obama brings back the balance, and thats what attracts me about him. J.Stuart offsets this balance....

    Im not a Democrat, or Republican...I am a person. Thats what i believe in.

    What do you think?

    I used to read the I. F. Stone Weekly. I sometimes reread his work. He seems to have been on target more often than not.

    Will indendent media bring Americans of varying political views together to pursue real change in the public interest? Why or why not?

    I hope that we find this the case. We all look for information and interpretation. I believe that we someitmes get it through mainstream media, as Mr. Moyers notes during the interview.

    If so, where do you see indications of people with different views coming together? I don't.

    I am disappointed with the imbalance of the program with Amy Goodman and the other guy. He is clearly being given more focus, more time, and Bill is not allowing or asking her contribution. She is the senior member of the two and should have been treated with more respect!

    She has been a national hero for many years and he is a current internet star.

    Bad form............

    OH OH! What a ringer show tonight! First guest, William Black, is just OUTSTANDING! Where has this man been? He should be everywhere. Thank you so much for giving him a venue to say such important things.

    And finally, Amy Goodman. Glenn Greenwald gets around, and that is fine, but thank you for getting Amy Goodman in there.

    With the advent of the Internet age, it is not that we the people have more access to information through new media -- in fact, we may have less access than we did in 1970s in the heyday of the Freedom of Information Act -- but that more people have easier access to information.

    The difference is subtle but important. It still takes a lot of work and sophistication to understand and interpret government information, but, unlike the 1950s and 1960s, you do not have to live in Washington, DC, like IF Stone to easily obtain and read government documents.

    Source documents -- to the extent they are available -- are available to anyone.

    I look forward to an era of evidence-based media, which will necessarily be more responsible because we readers can fact-check stories ourselves.

    Times are changing and so should we all. The media has so much influence in forming our choices, it might be good for it specifically, as well as all of us in general to focus on constructive ways to go forward. The media is especially important since a big part of our task going forward is to change our expectations, including some very basic tastes relating to the way we live.

    Just for starters I put my view out in terms I am familiar with, and it relates to my business interests as well. However, I am trying to focus my business interests in a way that will fit with the future, so I do not think there is much of a conflict. Any ideas have to be thoroughly and openly evaluated.

    At this point in time two of our biggest problems, the economy and climate change, seem to have become very much related.

    If we are careful and think things through we could end up with a better system overall. The right solutions to these critical problems should be tightly interwoven, and that might get the whole job done.

    I sense that the economy is going to drive every country in making decisions for some time to come. I imagine Pres. Obama knows that we have to come quickly to a functioning economy where industrial production is activated and the financial world is set right to support the industrial system. I include housing as part of our industrial system.

    The actions of our president in demanding restructure of the auto industry shows that he intends to do just that as far as that industry goes; perhaps by pretending to not know just how deep the financial crisis goes that community has avoided a similar fate. It was recently said on these blog pages by Grady Lee Howard that there is something like $200 trillion in obligations due to credit default swaps and derivatives. I do not know how to interpret this, but it seems clear that it must be dealt with by bankruptcy. No such obligations can be honored. This has to be brutally fixed; assuming this is done, we can get on to the question of how to restructure the automobile industry. Pres. Obama seems set to take that on and expectations are high.

    It is not clear how to do that. The glaring fact is that we are no where near as wealthy as we thought we were. We got used to the idea that we deserved to dream of houses and cars far bigger than we really needed, and the financial world was happy to oblige. So how do we reset expectations? A comment recently heard was that Pres. Obama is trying to convince us that everything will soon be allright. He must realize that it will not be the same as before, so he must be thinking of ways to ease us into reality.

    Though there are many exceptions, Europeans have tended to accept smaller cars and housing arrangements. That might be a way of thinking we could adapt to, though American conditions are quite different. Curiously, Europeans seem to choose suburban living when they are able to do so. We came to our suburban living system from an agricultural living system; and still retain our desire for independence and space. If we were to rely on my sense of how things will be, we conclude that the future will continue to be suburban. The American Dream might not be so gilded, but it will continue to provide for individualized housing and personal transportation to go with it. So downsizing our life styles intelligently could be technically possible and politically viable if it respects this concept.

    In the context of making things affordable, it seems we should think in terms of not only smaller, but also, far better insulated, energy efficient structures, and there is opportunity to configure these as energy systems that are far superior than the present unorganized assemblages of hardware. And personal transportation, still using cars, could be smaller to suit the way cars are actually used, and energy efficiency could be vastly improved by rethinking very basic concepts. Yes, I know of ways to do such things, but the task for the moment is to plan things such that we will get a lot of ideas going.

    Power generation now depends heavily on the cheapest fuel which is coal. Electric vehicles seem inappropriately popular since they inevitably will exacerbate the use of that cheap coal. While I can make that argument, I will leave it for elsewhere. I have to suggest however, that the only way electric cars can be a redeemable alternative is if they are concurrently designed to use a very small amount of energy. This is an important issue which seems to be getting quickly cast aside by promoters of electric systems. This is an example of solutions that might not be as they seem and need to be thoroughly considered.

    Hopefully, influential people will start talking about taking a comprehensive look at things. I am particularly getting at this because it may be that pouring great funds into rebuilding the grid is a poor choice of actions. Sure it is simple and needs little thought, but there could be distributed power generating concepts that would depend on a grid built differently than that currently planned for the expansion.

    We should not take solar thermal, solar pv, or windmills as foregone conclusions. Also, trying to tax coal to the point that it is not the economic fuel choice seems like an impossible sell politically. They may be the most effective way to go but I am not sure and I think they should be compared to less expensive alternatives. I raise here the problem of cost, since it looks like we are going to have a lot less financial capacity than we did before. Past financial assumptions may be no longer valid. As I say it is critical that we get this right, and getting it right means looking at every innovative possibility. Of course I would limit this to fairly simple things that did not require advancements in science. In short, they would need to be in the realm of engineering, though we have to think well beyond standard handbook systems.

    Pres. Obama has shown himself to be an amazingly insightful leader, capable of getting us through a lot. We should try our best to make that work, and this includes trying our best to get the right answers.

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