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Local Heroes

In this week’s JOURNAL, Bill Moyers reflected on the life and recent death of a fellow Texan and one of his personal heroes, Justice William Wayne Justice. Justice was a veteran federal district judge whose rulings compelled Texas to integrate schools, reform its prison system, and provide public education to illegal immigrants.

Who are your local heroes? Tell us why you think their contributions have made the world a better place.


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When Sam Tann... Talked about Bill Buckley & his mentor, he mentioned Gary Wills. Do you have any info or a bio on Gary Wills? Plan to have him on a future program? I' d recommend him for a program. He's had a great deal to say on our country & the Roman Catholic church. He should add a number of ideas of interest to many.

Keep up the excellent progrmming & good luck.

Peade, Joe Hargadon

The nonprofit Giraffe Heroes Project honors real people who stick their necks out for the common good---Julia Butterfly Hill is among the over 1100 heroes at They are eminently findable.

Picking heroes often terminates good work. (The word hero has been perverted and now can mean conscripted indigent or even chance victim.) I think it preferable to examine good works, and even to critique them. Methods are perfectible while human beings probably are not. So much time has been lost with honors (Nobel Peace Prize for instance) and the acceptance of catch concepts. (I am often appalled at the contradictions and structural discrimination that abounds in the wonderful program Habitat for Humanity. We non-religious should have adopted and improved its better aspects long ago, as an improved alternative.)
Often, an otherwise privileged person is named to celebrate success while the people powering a program are overlooked. Why not recognize those who give what they can scarcely afford first, and consider the good works of the better off to be duty, and nothing more. To whom much is given; much should be expected. Also, in these times, people can be heroic in what they decline to do, and in what they refuse to tolerate. Honor the just indignant and the justified defiant by acting on what you know to be right.

Just wanted to say, "hello" and encourage the Journal to do a story on another local hero, whose story and subsequent work is transforming lives and communities. Please take a few minutes to check out Julia Butterfly Hill on the world wide web. If you go to youtube and look at it is the first in a three part series on youtube on the background of her earlier work as an environmental activist. If then you take a moment and look at her more recent work I swear I think you will feel better about the future of this world and the hopes for humanity. I hope all of you at the Journal are doing well. I often watch episodes of the Journal and my regard for Moyers work goes back to his interviews from the 1970's forward. My hope is that many many more people will discover the rich gifts that Julia Butterfly Hill has to offer and what better place to share her gifts and energy in the greater world than on Bill Moyers Jounral? Best wishes to you all, thank Bill personally for his rivetting interview with James Cone. Peace--- Sam Sommers

I'm going to take a moment to point out that this thread was not about Israel at all. That said, apparently even though you watched (?) the show its rather obvious you didn't bother to look at Justice Goldstone's credentials. They are impressive and are not suggestive of a prejudice against Israel. That and your statement "There was not one mention of investigation of how Hamas deliberately used the civilians as fodder" indicate that if you listened you didn't hear because there was, in fact, mention of how Hamas has been known to use civilians as well as how the Israelis have gone too far.

No one wants to see Israel destroyed. That doesn't mean we appreciate it when they kill Palestinian citizens. I also find your decree that people should be "punished" to death without taking the time to find out whether they're guilty or not to be curious.

As usual, Bill Moyers is biased against Israel. His questions lead to his pre ordained conclusion, not to any sensitivity to the Israeli side.. Why has he not invited Netanyahu or another israeli to ask the questions to Goldstone.
There is another side which has not been listened to.
Shame on you Bill MOyers.
I have listened to this travesty and it erodes all positive feelings I have ever had for this man.
The word punishment is given for the rationale of Israel's counterattack against Gaza. Punishent is what these people deserved. There was not one mention of how Hamas deliberately placed their weapons in civilian homes.
There was not one mention of investigation of this tactic, and how the militant Hamas deliberatly used the civilians as fodder.
Bill Moyers you should be ashamed of yourself...I noticed how increasingly red in the face both you and Goldstone became as the "show" went on. YOu both knew you were going to be condemend for this travesty. and rightfully so....
Jews have bed the standard bearers for Human Rights. Always.


In short just a motivating show to see how common people can take things in hand and bring a total change in the community. I was specially touched by the work done by the Immigrant from Mexico to help the community with some basic things.

Please keep the good work in spreading such motivating stories. Thanks,


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