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Staying In Touch With Bill Moyers

The JOURNAL on-air will be coming to an end on April 30th but the conversation continues online and on our blog.

We'll be posting commentary, features and selections from the Moyers Digital Archive. Stay in touch even after we're off the air at this address and through RSS feeds, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our newsletter.

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Mr. Moyers (Bill) - I see from all the posts you are a well respected, well loved gentleman. I have been watching "Moyers Journal" for so long and learned so much about history, our democracy, and our overall political health. Your guest were top notch and it was the one bright spot, hopeful spot. You and your guests validated my feelings and spoke the truth on so many issues. Of course, I loved Joseph Campbell and reply the "Power of Myth" tapes when I need grounding. Thanks again for all you have given me and your devoted followers. Enjoy the time now with your family, friends and I know you will have new moutains to climb as well. To quote Bob Hope "Thanks for the Memories." God Bless!

I only recently found out Mr. Moyers was no longer to be on my TV, giving me the low down, showing the hope and holding the line. I am deeply saddened especially because his was the last great voice of reason in a sea of cynical politicization. Mr. Moyers, we need you now more than ever.
Thank you for your many years of selfless service to journalism, to democracy and to America.

I know you cannot read every message written for you Bill. But I write anyway, so just in case you do, you know you are very much loved and missed. Namaste; Michael

First Molly Ivins leaves us, and now Bill Moyers (at least he hasn't up and died, as we say in the South, like Molly did). My Friday nights will never be the same, nor will my mass media and society classes, in which I have played countless videos of his insightful commentary and those of his guests. Thank you for so many years of a job superbly done.

I now absolutely know the answer to that famous question I could never answer: If you could have dinner with any person, alive or dead, who would that be? For me it would be Bill Moyers.

Dear Mr. Moyers:

I just want to add my voice to the many who have already told you how very much you will be missed. You are the voice of sanity and reason in these troubled times, and I have looked forward to your Friday night broadcasts. Knowing you are out there, and meeting your guests, reassure me that I'm not crazy, and there are still thinking people in this country who are diligently trying to make things right. Thank you for all your years of service.

It sure is sad to lose what it I consider a beacon and mighty fine journalist as you Mr Moyers. Never will obtaining a breakdown of facts on ongoing stories in the current times be as cordial, respectful and truly respectful to its audiences. Its my hope that the new show will not change this formula.
May you fully enjoy retirement and all it has to offer. Thank you for opening this young man's eyes to the art of wise discussion, that you were so good at and wil be remembered for. All the best dear sir...

Dear Bill:
Despite the fact that many others have expressed more eloquently than I am able our deep affection, appreciation, and respect for your wisdom, your journalistic integrity, and your profound humanity, I cannot refrain from adding my voice. We wish you, of course, every joy in your retirement, but at the same time we hope that you will speak out, when the occasion demands and your time and energy permit, on the important issues which continue to confront us. There simply is no one else around with your insight and your compassion upon whose voice we can rely.

I watched Journal only on ocassion. Each time I did, it was a show that touched me on several levels. Such was the case on your last telecast. My expresion of gratitude is simply...thank you!
My best wishes to you!

Dear Bill, I can not add much more than what has been said already. I consider you a National Treasure. You are among only a couple of heroes I have. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you have given us.

You are a true patriot. We've all learned so much from you. These are such confusing and turbulent times, this country needs you more than ever. Take some time off, catch your breath but please come back...we your your light to shine the way. God Bless You, your family and crew.

Mr. Moyer: You will be missed! Best wishes 4 your future and thanks 4 the EDUCATION!

Dear Mr. Moyers,
I am so sad that your insight and respectful journalism skills will no longer be available to us. In my opinion you are the grandfather of quality, informative reporting which barely exists anymore. I understand that you may no longer place that public part of your life on the top of your priorty list. I will miss your show immensely and have little hope that there will be another that even comes close. Best of Luck in your future endeavors.

Dear Mr. Moyers......Thank you for giving us an alternative to the FAUX-news, which has been crammed down our throats, for far too long. You have given us the courage, through your guests, and your essays, to form our own progressive groups, to bring our country back, from the corporate-ownership that we have endured, for far too many years. I wish you the very best in your retirement, {although we know you'll never fully retire}, and very glad that we can still connect with you, on your website. Thank you again, for so many years of real broadcasting, and journalism.

Dear Bill,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your many years of extraordinary journalistic service to us all. Your unique life experience and intelligence have given you a most remarkable ability to "get to the heart of the matter." Without your thoughtful Journal and the brilliant investigative probing of controversial issues provided by your sister program NOW, the light of Truth to be found through television is radically dimmed. We hope that PBS will make every effort to continue the essential kind of journalism from "outside the beltway" that the Journal and NOW have provided. Dear Bill,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your many years of extraordinary journalistic service to us all. Your unique life experience and intelligence have given you a most remarkable ability to "get to the heart of the matter." Without your thoughtful Journal and the brilliant investigative probing of controversial issues provided by your sister program NOW, the light of Truth to be found through television is radically dimmed. We hope that PBS will make every effort to continue the essential kind of journalism from "outside the beltway" that the Journal and NOW have provided. We're waiting with bated breath. America and the world need Truth telling now more than ever before! America and the world need Truth telling now more than ever before!

A couple of months ago I subscribed to the Bill Moyers Journal podcasts on the iTunes site and proceeded to download every program that has been broadcast since the show went on the air in 2007. I've been listening to every broadcast from the beginning in my car as I go to work or run errands or travel through the countryside. I can't think of a better review of recent history and the thoughts, agendas and ideas that have brought us as Americans to where we are today. The same goes for every single broadcast that Bill Moyers has done over the past 40 years.

For all of those years the most intelligent televised conversations in America have been those produced and broadcast by the team of Bill Moyers in its many incarnations:

1971-76; 1978-81; 2007-10 Bill Moyers' Journal
1971-72 This Week
1976-78 CBS Reports
1982 Creativity With Bill Moyers
1983 Our Times With Bill Moyers
1984 American Parade (renamed Crossroads)
1984 A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers1987 Moyers: In Search of the Constitution
1988 Bill Moyers' World of Ideas
1988 The Power of Myth
1990 Amazing Grace
1991 Spirit and Nature With Bill Moyers
1993 Healing and the Mind With Bill Moyers
1995 The Language of Life With Bill Moyers
2001-04 NOW with Bill Moyers
2005 Wide Angle with Bill Moyers
2006 Faith and Reason
2007 Moyers On America
2007-10 Bill Moyers Journal

Hundreds of conversations with the most active and creative minds of the past half century; about politics, philosophy, social activism, healing, myth, religion, current events and everything else under the sun. Conversations that influenced at least a couple of generations and in many instances changed the course of our national dialogue and our ways of viewing ourselves and others. Never does Moyers talk down to an audience or pander to the popular mood. Unlike most contemporary television talking heads, he never presents himself as the expert or pundit who has to explain reality to his viewers. While never hiding his own passionate point of view he's able to draw out from both his allies and his most ardent political opponents their sincere and deeply felt convictions by addressing them with respect and a sincere desire to know. He can play both the devils advocate and the harmonious chorus whenever it furthers the depth and quality of the conversation. Although he's a nemesis to the demagogues and extremists of the right he's able to speak to intelligent advocates on both sides of any issue in a way that illuminates either point of view. Both political allies and adversaries who appear with him speak of the opportunity as 'an honor'. Moyers always trusts his viewers to evaluate the truth for themselves and sees his own role as a journalist to illuminate the relevant facts and positions that can help us reach a decision. He can be scathingly critical of the wrongs of society, particularly of the plutocratic forces in government and corporate culture that presume to control our lives from positions of money and power. While certainly a populist by inclination, the basic value that comes across in all of his work is compassion and love for his fellow human beings, combined with an insatiable curiosity about what people are up to.

I admire the spiritual foundation that comes across in every conversation he has with people of every faith and belief and point of view, with roots in an old fashioned southern Baptist tradition of free thinking and neighborliness. While my own attitude toward Christianity has become increasingly ambiguous and alienated as fundamentalists try to merge theology with the politics of bigotry, Bill Moyers stands out to me as the most visible and positive embodiment of what it means to approach life and our fellows in the spirit of a true Christian.

As a journalist, documentarist and interviewer there is no one else quite in his league.

At 76, Bill Moyers is certainly due for a rest, and yet as one of our most valuable and respected elders this country and the world will be much poorer when he is not present. With a mind as active and a heart as passionate as his, I don't think we've seen nearly the last of him. His final words on the Journal's farewell broadcast were "See you around." I'm quite sure we will and I look forward to whatever the next manifestation of Moyers and company comes up with.

I have just watched the last show - lovely! and then scrolled through the posts. People seem to be so on edge that they don't seem to be able to LISTEN. The man is 75, he's RETIRING. He's wonderful, but let others take over! which must be what he hopes for. If there is no one, then that should be protested - try and watch and support the new show and stay active with it.

I'm choking on my tears. I am most aggrieved that you are leaving us. THANK YOU for all your work on behalf of us all, for all these years, and I look forward to reading anything you write and hearing anything you say in the future.

Bill, I'll take your leaving as one of the "dark" events that make it possible to have moments of awe -- a number of those having come from your broadcasts. You've been a compass and an eloquent voice for a community of people who cherish this world and our democracy. I can't see how the hole you leave will be filled, but I hope there's a way for this community to continue to encourage our members to be part of the action. Rozanna

What can I say that hasn't been so reverently and beautifully said by the bloggers before me?
Bill, your brilliance, intelligently shining for us all to see, is irreplaceable and undeniable. This ending is bittersweet for all as we adapt to new voices and new methods of "populist" journalism that you have inspired by your body of work for the common good.
As I shed my tears through your final PBS broadcast, my wish is that I may never disconnect my open and willing heart for the people, places, and experiences that truly matter as you have guided me over the years.
May we continue to discover our own unique ways to honor your contribution to the voice of the American public.

I have enjoyed your show for many years in a traditional format, but the past few years I have used my iPod to listen as I walk through my neighborhood. The simulating ideas will be missed for many reasons. There is one other thing I will miss: that I keep walking longer in my own version of "driveway moments" to finish the podcast! I call it the "Bill Moyers Work out."

Nonetheless, congratulations on a new stage and exciting changes in your life.

A couple of years ago, I heard Bill Moyers being introduced at a gathering for Independent Media as an “American Treasure”. That gentleman was so right. Our treasure, our Bill Moyers, and my “Walter Cronkite”, the last of the trustworthy, and the only one left with integrity and such incredible insight! So, The Journal is calling it quits on air and I can’t even describe my disappointment. Over the last couple of years, I have found the thought running through my mind after viewing The Journal; “what will we do without Bill Moyers?” Well I guess I will soon have my answer. I am glad to see that I will have access to all the archives…that’s great, but I have already collected my own. And so, the only reason I have kept my TV and paid the cable bill is no longer, and on May 1st it’s out to the curb with them both. I will miss my Friday night mind openings and all the great guests and the additions to my reading list. I’m only hoping that through this modernized venue that Judith and Bill will hopefully continue to produce new Journal’s for sharing on internet TV. Please tell me this will be the case. Sure, you bet I’ll “stay in touch”…just won’t be quite the same.

All the best to Bill, my American Treasure, you stay in touch, too.

A light has gone out on our Prairie now that you and your team are no longer shining on PBS. Your journalism has been insightful, provocative, always thoughtful and well-developed and extremely thorough. We will miss your calls to Action.
Gary and Vicki H.

Dear Bill,

I wish to tell that whenever I have had the opportunity to catch your broadcast I have always left feeling both educated and somewhat hopeful that there are still those who want to be edified by logical coherent truth, as opposed to the din of political and commercial postulating and fear mongering that sadly seems to drown out rationality. After almost all of your broadcasts, that I have had the privilege to view, I can’t help but coming away scratching my head and consoling my heart as to why truth, while so pure and lucid, seems to be, purposely or at least tacitly, obscured by the infectious segment of society which blindly leads the masses. As your concluding broadcast touched on, why have we lost touch with justice.

So to hear that you are about to embark on a well deserved retirement, which I have to admit caught me by surprise tonight, left me both cheering your anticipated trails and travels, while lamenting the absence of your forum, which has been such a haven of integrity. While it would not surprised me to hear you have gotten inundated with throngs begging and beckoning you back to the airways, as you so eloquently stated it is time for you to embark on this next phase of your life.

However there will nonetheless be a gaping void which so needs to be filled. So rather than shutting the Journal down, why not make a nationwide search for a successor to take hold of the mantle, and why not come back next season for just one more premier show where you pass on the baton to the appropriate candidate who can carry on this bastion of honesty and veracity.

Thank you once again for your many years of championing the many causes, and many well wishes for all your future endeavors,

A most appreciative viewer.

Losing both Bill Moyers and Now in one blow diminishes both PBS and the national sphere of ideas. I will miss them. I wonder more and more if cable TV is worth keeping anymore.

Many, many thanks to you, Bill, your magnificent production team and the sponsors of the Journal.
Why are two of the very best programs, the Journal and NOW, ending at such a
a critical time in our national dialogue? What is PBS thinking?
We will miss all the inspirational, thought-provoking, investigative programs you have bought into our home over the years. And, while you have more than earned your retirement, please consider a special show from time to time. You are a national treasure!
Best wishes in all your future endeavors.
Penelope Wells

Mr. Moyers,

Thank you for your many years of journalistic excellence. You will be sorely missed.

Best wishes to your family and "crew".


Bill, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you've done to inform and to inspire and enlighten us with your programs over all these years.

Your voice, and your honest and passionate curiosity, has been greatly appreciated by so many of us and I was especially pleased that you had Barry Lopez as your final guest on the Journal. The interview was a salient call for us to seek justice and reverence in our lives. Two great minds and two great hearts coming together to cap a career of superlative journalistic efforts to help us all perfect our humanity.

I have followed Bill's career for 30 years,and it is a great loss for we the people at a crucial,scary time in our history. i hope you lend us your opinion viq twitter,visits to Amy Goodman,etc. You are the best,and no show can ever replace yours in my heart. Thank you,thank you for such thought provoking,incisive ,in depth yet hopeful journalism.

I can see why you saved Barry Lopez for your last interview. You wanted to leave us with the best possible expression of all that you have tried to convey to us over these many years. You have always inspired me. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Moyers, Like many of those who have commented on your retirement, I was moved to tears by your last program and the prospect of your retirement. I have followed your career since the Sixties and have eagerly watched your programs and commentaries for 40 years. I have long thought of you as a cherished and honored friend. You and your programs and commentaries have consistently engaged, informed, enlightened, inspired, provoked and encouraged me. Your work is always suffused with sincerity, insightfulness, honesty, courage, wisdom, humility, decency and compassion. There is no one quite like you; no one can take your place. Your courage, your integrity, your devotion to honesty, clarity, forthrightness, fairness, generosity is unparalleled in American journalism. I can hardly count the times I have given thanks for your programs, the times your work gave me hope that I, that we, were not alone in a world that seemed corrupt and duplicitous and lost, the times I have told others about you and your programs and comments, the times I have reminded friends to watch Bill Moyers to get the truth, to be engaged in the discussion, to hear a reasoned, fair and revelatory investigation of important issues, to exercise the mind, to consider both sides of an issue, to learn, to to be inspired to action and participation. Your service to the public debate on controversial issues, to the reporting on the most important social, political, cultural and intellectual ideas and issues, to the support of a humane and just society has been immeasurable and profound. Thank you for all the hard work you've done, thank you for daring to care and persevere against all odds, thank you for being yourself and thank you for your devotion to humanity. Thank you for great ideas and grace and goodness. I feel blessed to have been in your company all these years.

Please do not leave us without the ability to continue to hear, learn from and be moved by your wisdom, caring, justice and LOVE! Your voice is of the greatest 21st Century voices of human commentary. I am wiser and more compassionate because I listened to your thought provoking programs for many years! Thank you and God Bless!!! Thank all your family and staff!

I thank God for you ministry as a journalist, Bill. Other than that what more is there to say that has not been said above by others. I like them will miss and fear that the show replacing yours will not bring the smiles to my face or the righteous anger to my heart that your has so often. Fare thee well, my friend. Fare thee well.

The first time I saw you was when you interviewed Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth. I have so much respect for you. I am going to miss your Journal. I'm sure there are hidden reasons as to why it, and NOW must end (that we, the public are not aware of). Thank you for your sincerity, all of your hard work, and especially, the impact you have had on my life. It's refreshing nowadays that there are still people I can look up to. Best of luck Bill!

Thank you for every illuminating show. I just shed a few tears realizing that I watched the last of the Journal. You have given us years of provocative shows. Best Wishes for satisfying retirement.

Dear Bill Moyers,

At first I whined because I won’t be able to listen to your Journal anymore. Now I just want to thank you for your contribution. Thank you for letting us know that you are not leaving under pressure because of the content of your programs. Yes, I suspected that. Thank you for your civility when interviewing. You have broached so many difficult topics and done it without screaming, yet, your questions have been piercing and get to the point. Thank you for inspiring us; thank you for being brave enough to face complex issues; thank you for challenging our compliancy. I will miss your program.

Finally, I understand your reasons for retiring and wish you the best as you enjoy your family.

Kathleen Stetter

Dear Mr. Moyer,

I wish to tell that whenever I have had the opportunity to catch your broadcast I have always left feeling both educated and somewhat hopeful that there are still those who want to be edified by logical coherent truth, as opposed to the din of political and commercial postulating and fear mongering that sadly seems to drown out rationality. After almost all of your broadcasts, that I have had the privilege to view, I can’t help but coming away scratching my head and consoling my heart as to why truth, while so pure and lucid, seems to be, purposely or at least tacitly, obscured by the infectious segment of society which blindly leads the masses. As your concluding broadcast touched on, why have we lost touch with justice.

So to hear that you are about to embark on a well deserved retirement, which I have to admit caught me by surprise tonight, left me both cheering your anticipated trails and travels, while lamenting the absence of your forum, which has been such a haven of integrity. While it would not surprised me to hear you have gotten inundated with throngs begging and beckoning you back to the airways, as you so eloquently stated it is time for you to embark on this next phase of your life.

However there will nonetheless be a gaping void which so needs to be filled. So rather than shutting down the Journal, why not make a nationwide search for a successor to take hold of the mantle, and why not come back next season for just one more premier show where you pass on the baton to the appropriate candidate who can carry on this bastion of honesty and veracity.

Thank you once again for your many years of championing the cause, and many well wishes for all your future endeavors,

A most appreciative viewer.

Mr. Moyers, you and your broadcasts have raised me up in body, mind and soul. We are better as people because of your work. Thank you.

I will miss your heart and mind more than you can know. Your contribution to the national dialogue cannot be overstated.
Thank you so much. And by the way, have a blast!

I have watched you and listened closely since the beginning. Tonight is April 30, 2010: I just learned that I am called a populist. Thank you, Bill. And, take excellent care of yourself: we need you in our midst.

Thank you for decades of contribution to the public good. I will miss your program terribly, but I understand. I will stay in touch with your future activities. Be well. We love you.

Dear Bill,

I have been a faithful follower of yours for many years, today I am saddened by the end of your program.

You have been a representative of the truth, in a world full of half truths,which are like drinking luke warm water.

Your programs have been an energizer bunny, and a security blanket all rapped up in an intellectual discourse that feeds my soul.

Bill I have but one request of you, please come home to Texas. Maybe establish a Texas CCI, God knows we need it.

Anyway, I'll miss you and the wonderful guests who have enabled me to find clarity of thought, and solos in knowing there are people in the world who care for justice.

I agree with so much of what others have already said. I don't know why The Journal is ending. I assumed it was your decision to retire; however if it is PBS' decision I have to say I am truly frightened for us all. I will miss your calm demeanor and the integrity you have brought to TV journalism. I can only think of a few journalists that I trust as much as I trust you. I will miss you greatly and I want to say "Thank you so much - for so much." Good luck in whatever you do in your future. I surely hope we will hear from you in some capacity - cause "You are the man!"

Mr. Moyers,

Thank you, you made a difference!

Dear Bill,
Big crocodile tears are falling on my TV tonight as you say goodbye. You are one of the few people who have a heart and an intellect that actually speak to each other on a regular basis. I will miss them both. Wisdom is so rare, but especially so on television.

As we watched your "final" show tonight we hung on every word, trying to remember what wisdom was being shared from your fine commentators and Bill himself. Participate. Don't take democracy for granted, in fact, take it back from the plutocracy. Go towards the light. Trust one another. Be strong. Find solace in nature and the knowledge that we must all share this great stage.

Great knowledge to live by and live for.

Thank you Bill and your unbelievably fine crew. We will look forward to the new "Need to Know" but you will never be replaceable.

We are going to miss you and all that you have taught us over the years. There is and never will be anyone quite like you, Bill Moyers. You are loved and appreciated for all you have done to spread the truth about many things. Good luck in your future endeavours. Again, we will miss you. Thank you.

The Journal is simply the most brilliant, insightful program on the air. Every Friday evening I look forward to seeing Bill Moyers cut to the heart of the issues that matter most, with his excellent interviews and guests. Keeping people informed is what journalism is all about and no one does it better. No shouting, no grandstanding egos yapping around a big table. Just the real deal. Bill Moyers, the Journal, and its amazing staff will be sorely missed.

I am saddened by the news that tonight's broadcast of the Journal and NOW are the end of some of the best programming on television. The insightful and thoughtful journalism of both of these shows has repeatedly broadened my view of the world, my community and myself. Your voice and perspective will be missed in our home.

Thank You Bill Moyers for all your hard work and insightful journalism. We wish you well but consider coming back as an Archetypal Hero as in the Power of Myth. It will not be the same without inspirational and intelligent journalists like you and David Brancaccio. See you again.

Dear Mr. Moyers: You are the true consummate journalist... leaving in your wake thousands who yearn for more. You will never "leave" completely, since you have placed your faith and hope in our hearts and your search for justice in our souls. It is impressive to think of the generations you have touched, but maybe more heartwarming to think of all us "Moyerites" crying on our couches, wondering when you will write a book or do just one more something we little ones can cling to. From all your guests along the way, I guess we should know to "let go".. that something new and better may grow from where your footsteps trod, but I will still look to the road not taken and sigh wistfully, hoping that those hearts you touched will be motivated to action in the coming years. We will need all the help we can get.

God bless you and your whole crew.... and Yes, believe it.

Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I watch your final goodbye tonight. Thank you for your fairness and thoughtfulness over the years. Your program was a source of truth and objectivity amongst all the shouting and name calling on other "news" sources. You will be greatly missed.

Tonight's show was a fitting final hour. So heartening! One of the many gifts Bill Moyers has given us over the years. No one will ever replace you. Thank you so very, very much.

I sure hate to see you go. Political analyzing won't be the same. It was so uplifting to watch and listen to you and know that someone else was seeing what I was seeing and expressing it on TV. You will be missed.

Thank you Bill for being a garden in the wasteland. Best wishes from your Kashmiri-American neighbor, Rafiq Kathwari who looks forward to sharing a Havana with you after supper in Central Park and blow smoke signals across these United States.

I came to your show a little late, but I have enjoyed it immensely ever since. I will miss it.

Bill: Thanks more than I can say for all your hard work throughout the years. I guess the only positive thing about losing your weekly broadcast is, it looks like it's long since past our turn! We'd better get to work.

I also must voice the devastation I felt when I heard about Bill Moyers retirement. Our week revolved around his show and NOW because of the truths they told.

i am going to miss you so much, Bill Moyers!! While I am happy for you - Lord knows you deserve to have some time for yourself and your family - I am selfishly sad that we will miss your thoughtful, reasoned and measured conversations with people who are the same. I know of no other "conversation" show on TV that matches yours, nor will one likely to appear on TV now that you are leaving. You have had an amazing career, bringing viewers a clear, considerate, reasonable dialogue - something sadly lacking in the media today. What will we do without you? Best wishes to you in your future - but I have a feeling we will still be seeing you from time to time on TV with special shows that are of interest to you and to us!

I am happy for you, Mr. Moyers, I really am. Tonight I'll savor each word and moment of my long-time favorite program. No one here schedules anything for Friday nights so I can turn the lights low, kick back my recliner, and feed my brain. Now that's ending, but I'll follow you online. It's not the same, of course, but I can't expect you to teach me forever. God bless...
Nancy W. Del Borgo

Thanks for all the wonderful programs you brought into our home over the years. I'll miss your Journal more than any other program; I always looked forward to it on Fridays.
Best wishes, Bill.

Ah, the end of a meaningful voice's presence. Thank you for your gifts. My birthday, April 30, you move to the new calling of your days.

I say goodbye with great sadness. Where will I turn for truth in this world. Who will I turn to for balanced reporting in this world? Who will I look to for compassion in this world? There truly will be no one who can take your place and fill your shoes. Thank you for teaching me to grow and question as a moral and spiritual being seeking truth throughout my adult life. You are truly the gold standard.

I've come to understand that your broadcast is a kind of "how to" of going about the process of learning about and understanding the issues shaping the current conversation our country, and our society is having with itself. Each week you could have been any one of us, attempting to get at the heart of the matter in a way that will enable one to speak to it directly and so engage it at the same time as being engaged by it. Thank you. But I hope it's not so-long, but rather, well , what's next?

Bill Moyers Journal is one of the highlights of my week. Some of your interviews have changed my life, Joseph Campbell comes to mind. Your stories were always very human in their concerns. It was like a weekly reminder of the values that move our country and our relationships in a more caring and human direction.

Thank you for all of your contribution. I'll miss you like a good friend.

Best wishes for your new adventure.


Just a few words..

From Caracas,Venezuela. Your programme has become a great companion in very recent times. You have become an example of journalism which definetely would be highly missed.
I thank you for the lessons taught.

I will miss.
Buena suerte

Un fuerte abrazo.

Bill, putting the "Journal" behind you in no way inhibits your ability to continue to focus attention on the day's issues or point the way to a better & more reasonable tomorrow. A member myself of the 70+ "club," I encourage your continued input to our national dialogue--albeit now from afar--and thank you, profoundly, for the wisdom you have seen fit to dispense, especially during times of domestic turmoil & tension. As one who served our nation in uniform for 25+ years, I can say it's difficult to make a soldier cry--your departure, however, has done that, because I look in vain for someone with the honesty, courage, and, above all, the sincerity and conviction to carry on in your stead. With affection, Dwight W. Beach, Colonel (ret), US Army

It's all been said already so I will just express my heartfelt appreciation.
- A Canadian fan for many decades.

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the many years of important, informative, well-reasoned, civil, contemplative, stimulating, thoughtful, graceful, uplifting, inspiring and soul-satisfying dialogue and commentary that you and your guests have provided through your show, "Bill Moyers Journal,” and previously on “Now with Bill Moyers." I have eagerly looked forward to spending every Friday night with you on WGBH…and I have fervently wished and hoped that our leaders in government had the good sense to listen to your show more often than not as well, as I believe much of what they would learn would be revelatory to them. I now have tears in my eyes because of your departure from the airwaves, but I also have compassionate joy in my heart for you as you move into your retirement and more personal adventures. You have given much of your life to public service, and you have done so with great honor, forthright honesty, steadfast courage, perceptive wisdom, real humility and good humor. Thank you so very, very much for all you have contributed so that this country and this world might grow to be a more connected, humane community. Your example and encouragement have prompted many like me to get more involved. Like so very many others, I will miss you and your conversations each week enormously. I hope we will meet someday again to carry on more good conversations…and to prompt still others to involve themselves in helping this world in which we live to become a better place for all.

With sincere wishes for good health, happiness and long life to you and yours,
-- Lisa

I am 83 years old and have appreciated Bill Moyers a good part of my life. I scheduled my day around watching. I will very much miss the ideas and issues raised by this wonderful human being.

I am sorry to inform you Bill, that you cannot retire. Your program and the information and services it provides to the american people is too important. You can check back on the option to retire as your 80th birthday gets near. Thanks.

Dear Bill Moyers,

I do indeed respect your need at 76 to tend to projects more important and fulfilling than your Journal, and we’ll be delighted to learn of them and share those fruits of your sagacity, O Honored Elder.

Yes, “Honored Elder”—for such you’ve shown yourself to be, these countless Friday nights, in your probing conversations with the most spirited, insightful, enlightening, eloquent, courageous, admirable guests one could hope to meet.

And then to provide a blog for responses, rebuttals, and for ongoing discourse, as well as a chance to revisit the original dialogues (or catch them if one’s missed them)—that has been a great service to public engagement and exchange.

Whatever new and comparable news analysis program now being planned to “fill your slot,” I hope will carry on these virtues of your Journal. But the earnest, honest, ardent, incisive character of your interlocutory style can never be replaced.

For all of your great service to civic sanity and wisdom—deep thanks!

Dear Bill,
Hardly able to contribute any more to all these others' moving words. Except again, "Thank You".

You've given so much more than is our due, every bit of it cherished. Courage, intelligence, loyalty, tenacity and humanity. Thank you for allowing your working life to expose so much of your interior.

Best wishes for many many years of happy and healthy retirement.
With love returned.

I will miss you, Bill Moyers, tho' I hold such a legacy of memory - the Campbell interviews, Amazing Grace --- I'm old enough to remember when you wrote for the Long Island Daily (I think that was its name). But mostly I will try to hold in my heart your ability to see the truth, but to somehow keep your cup half full - your belief and dreams in the goodness of human kind.

I wish you a full and satisfying life in retirement - and I shall always hold the lessons I learned from you close to my heart.

I send you much appreciation and my blessing.


Marylou Hadditt

Mr. Moyers,
I have gained a lot of insight from your productions over the years. I remember clearly that you were as awed as I when you flew with David Rockefeller to Strasbourg. I have wondered just how long you would be allowed to focus on the imbalance of power in the United States. Now I know.
Please do the citizenry a favor: keep on sending us your findings. We really do not have any other source for sound analysis.
Thank you for a lifetime of serious journalism.

Dear Mr. Bill Moyer,

Thank you for The Journal. Now go enjoy everyday of your life, doing the things and seeing the people that enrich your daily life.

Happy 76th Birthday, Bill.

Mr. Moyers, thank you for your amazing dedication to presenting a timely, thoughtful and informative public affairs show. Your show was always must see television for me. You will be missed! I wish you all the best in you next chapter.

I cannot believe that the time is almost here that my two favorite TV shows are
leaving PBS. What will I do with my Friday
evenings. I can understand Mr. Moyers
wanting to retire but why is NOW ending?
I want to thank you Mr Moyers for the
Journal I learned so much from your program.

I was very upset and sad to hear last week that the Journal was coming to an end this month but after hearing the statement that Bill made on this week's Journal I felt a surge of relief knowing that I can still trust PBS as it didn't make the decision to cancel such a valuable program. I will still greatly miss the program but I respect Bill's decision to pursue other endeavors and wish him well on his new journey. I have learned so much and gained insights and understanding from the program over the past few years on what goes on in Washington and pressing issues in our society and around the world; I have you, Bill and the team, to thank for it. Your program has provided independent, thoughtful, in-depth analysis of what's happening around us as well as giving us valuable information. I was often shocked, moved, enlightened, and humored during the program, and especially inspired at the end of the program when Bill made his final remark urging us to take action. You have inspired me, Bill, and made me understand the importance of activism. I also appreciated very much the compassion you have for humanity. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to journalism and in turn to our world. I will miss you dearly, Bill!!

Bon Voyage!

I am writing this with tears in my eyes.

Bill, we met long ago while working on civil rights.

In the last two years I have lost (in order of occurrence) my baby granddaughter (to cancer), my business (to the insanity of unregulated markets), my wife (to cancer) and at the end of this month I will lose my home. Now I find I'm also going to lose BMJ.

What's it all about? Change.

I have spent the last year, since my wife's passing, learning the old/new work of what has become known as "energy healing". I plan to spend my last decades facilitating the healing of spirit, soul and body of all who deem me worthy of the task.

You, your wife and staff have been a beacon light to the power of transformation. I have gotten much strength from your work. I will miss you all more than I can say. But, because you have done what you have done, we all know WE have the power to carry on the work!

Thank you all - from the depths of my heart...jogjr

Mr Moyers
Tonight you asked a fine question...what is your vision America. Mine can be summed up very succinctly: a nation where the law applies to everyone, even the economic aristocrats.

Your show has been a staple of my television viewing and a source of democratic (small d) inspiration throughout the last decade. You will be missed.

Everything I feel and want to thank you for has already been expressed by others. I can not say good bye. You have given this septuagenarian a reason to finally find out about twitter. Bill I would follow you anywhere. You are a hero. Good luck!

Hi All,

Despite Bill Moyer's long career, the only work of his I'm really familiar with is The Journal, which I have been with since it's launch. I will deeply miss this broadcast/podcast. Through it Bill Moyers has become a hero of mine, and a role model of clarity, reasoned concern, and inquiry. Thank you, all the staff of The Journal, for your weekly installments of sanity and wisdom these, last handful of years.

Politics for Elections (PE) - A Circle of Exploitations

The current state of American politics places a heavy burden on candidates to accept campaign support from self serving forces if they wish to be probable contenders. The starting exploitation is two faceted; one is campaign support by special interest entities in exchange for political reciprocation and the second is campaign support by a major party in exchange for aligning and supporting party agendas. Understanding that the two major parties have evolved from ideological entities into sophisticated competing organizations designed to win elections at all levels of government, party unification or polarization is necessary to maintain/enlarge a party base and obtain money for elections. The nucleus of each of the parties is elected officials (Congress). It should be noted that parties are not mentioned in the constitution and the founding fathers warned of factions but we now have parties formally integrated into our government literally splitting it in two.
The next exploitation in the circle is where the two major parties (Congress) exploit the public with red and blue team extreme propaganda designed to promote team competition using issues as a means as opposed to an objective. Deductive or genuine issue communication is replaced with inductive rationale that agrees with party agendas; in the form of extreme sound bites to provide maximum party separation and energize the party bases.
To close the circle, the public unknowingly funds the above exploitations. For example, the costs for lobbyists by the insurance industry are reflected in premiums. Similarly, business campaign support is reflected in the cost of products and services they provide. In addition, the public pays to be exploited when Congress spends energy on numerous party committees, generation of party statutes and propagation of party propaganda.
We have a convoluted paradox involving political survival factors coupled with two parties imbedded in our government, competing for political power. It is not likely that members of Congress will broach election rules that could undermine their established position in their respective party for upcoming elections. For example, recent campaign reform efforts have proven to be superficial because loopholes outpaced the legislation, resulting in continuous record levels of campaign funding. Also, after years of Congressional indoctrination and party induction reasoning, a myopic view of the current political system requires a paradigm shift away from a hard earned comfort zone.
PE reform will require the electorate to convince Congress that their votes depend on the unleashing of elected officials from all forces (parties, special interests, etc.) to enable unbiased policy making. Specifically this requires the electorate to search for candidates that promote genuine campaign finance reform, refuse special interest campaign support and encourage parties to be restored to ideological entities not integrated into our government with party committees/leadership positions and party statutes.

Raymond R. Givonetti
P.S. Will miss your program

Bill, thanks for everything. You will be missed in a deep sense that echoes in the chasm left by my father's recent passing. He was a man, like you, who had a keen eye for truth and the courage to speak on its behalf. Go forth and do those "things" knowing that one fan, and many others I’m sure, will be smiling from the root of joy toward the memories you will be bringing to yourself and to those you share them with. The clever bankers, financiers, ruthless capitalists, politicians, etc... will continue their games and in the spirit of Joseph Cambell we "the American People/global community" will strive to dive into the rough and tumble dance of life and celebrate its opposing passions with our full vitality, shining our beacons on truth with a civility that doesn’t poison the well or fall prey to the schemes that tend to divide us. Imua!

The PBS elimination of all
progressive journalism is
cause enough to boycott
categorically ALL PBS
fundraising. PBS has become
nothing but an annex of
right wing media operation.
It's constant self congratulatory self-accolades need to
be challenged.
PBS is now one of the most
insidious and negative influences in the media
because it claims that it
is "quality" while what
it delivers is mostly
right wing platitudes.

Re: PBS elimination of all
progressive journalism shows:

It is probably too late but in any case you may want to contact PBS at:
to comment on PBS eliminating its
only progressive news programs.

I have written this to them:

The cancellation of Bill Moyer's Journal and NOW
is clearly a destructive act aimed at
the elimination of progressive journalism from
PBS. This is unconscionable and indefensible.
PBS statements to the effect that it wants to
experiment with new formats shows its
lack of any serious commitment to real journalism.
Moyers' was about substance not format.
PBS has a RESPONSIBILITY to have more than
just right wing think tank funded "public affairs"
shows. Removal of NOW and Moyers and their
replacement by a show with a lot of short frothy
reports of conservative slant would be
intolerable, but this seems to be the
intention of PBS. PBS in so doing loses
all possible credibility and simply devolves into
a department under the panoply of the right wing
media imperium. We demand that PBS reinstate
Moyers' and NOW.

I will miss you soooo much. I tape your show every week so I can watch and sometimes re-watch it. You are my hero. You are the real news. You are the show I hope Obama watches. You are the voice of sanity and common sense. You are a good kind real American man. You understand democracy and hope and compassion and honesty. I hope what you want to do with more time is so fulfilling and exciting that you are delighted you stopped now. I hope we get to hear more from you in surprising ways. I hope PBS puts something really good in your place. But it won't be you and I will really miss you.
Many thanks for all your good good work. Linda Merryman

dear mr. moyers, thank you so very much for helping me to remember the good that is still in the world - thru all of your amazing interviews i've been privileged to watch. i am hopeful that, as the saying goes, "when one door closes, three more open up..." and possibly p.b.s. will open three new doors of similar caliber shows in an attempt to fill the shoes you are leaving behind....( what big feet you have!!) .
thank you, also, for reminding me that there are soooo many sides to a story - and that i do myself a huge disservice by jumping to conclusions with limited information. your skill in interviewing others has helped me learn to listen more carefully and critically...
may you walk in peace and joy in your retirement, respectfully, ali t.

When you were forced out of NOW a few years ago, I was so upset that I resented to even see "NOW" survive beyound Bill Moyer; I turned it off from then on. Then I was elated to discover you on Moyer's Journal. All I can say to you is thanks for having been who you are and have been for the years I watched you. I definitely miss you, and so does this nation, but we take comfort knowing that our Mr Moyer will deservedly be taking more time for himself and his loved ones. Wherever you are though, walk with the pride of knowing that many people like me will always remember you with much love and admiration. Respectfully, Michael Soltani

Dear Bill, I weep at the prospect of losing my weekly hour with you and your reasoned, probing conversations with other intelligent, knowledgeable intellectual and civic leaders of our country. They have informed me and given me hope during these times when negativity and greed seem to be overwhelming forces of integrity, fairness, and even enlightened self-interest. Without your program, how will I be able to hear such voices and know they are indeed still working to save all that has made America the land of equal opportunity? I wish you continued good health, joy in your pursuits, and I hope that from time to time you'll continue to share your insights and inspiration with your appreciative fans like me! Susan Phelps

As I bittersweetly look forward to your last show, next week, I think how impossible it is to say, "thank you". You are something to look forward to at the end of a week of struggling with all the injustice from America. But your show helps us keep on, with greater knowledge that we can use to build wisdom and perseverance. Thank for staying on an extra 4 months to allow the team to recreate. It most matters that the spirit of this show not end, at this time of immense challenge. It is equally important that you, Bill Moyers, have time to rest, enjoy and see what new creativity is born from your years of contribution to a more humane and dignified world. We are still full of MLK's triplet evils, materialism, racism and militarism. But we must not stop the good fight. Thanks to Bill for him and his team for the foundation they laid. And thanks for the ones who will continue to build upon this. In peace, love and solidarity, gracias y mucha gracias!

As I bittersweetly look forward to your last show, next week, I think how impossible it is to say, "thank you". You are something to look forward to at the end of a week of struggling with all the injustice from America. But your show helps us keep on, with greater knowledge that we can use to build wisdom and perseverance. Thank for staying on an extra 4 months to allow the team to recreate. It most matters that the spirit of this show not end, at this time of immense challenge. It is equally important that you, Bill Moyers, have time to rest, enjoy and see what new creativity is born from your years of contribution to a more humane and dignified world. We are still full of MLK's triplet evils, materialism, racism and militarism. But we must not stop the good fight. Thanks to Bill for him and his team for the foundation they laid. And thanks for the ones who will continue to build upon this. In peace, love and solidarity, gracias y mucha gracias!

Dear Bill Moyers,
Your journal is my most favorite program on TV. Knowing that I will watch it in the evening brought a smile to me on Fridays! I really do not want your journal to go off-the-air. You will be greatly missed. Thank you very much for bringing your self to your work and speaking your mind boldly!

Thank you Bill and team for all that you do.

As mentioned by your many fans, words cannot express how much clarity, integrity and professionalism you and your team have brought to bear.

You will be dearly missed.

Happy retirement, Bill. And to the rest of the team, keep up the amazing, life-changing work.

Best regards,

I felt like I got kicked in the head on Sunday nite when the show ended and Bill M said the show was ending ( I have just moved to Duluth, Mn. and we don't get PBS at regular times) Please , say it isn't so. For years , I have planned my life around Bill Moyers Journal.. I don't have time to read the NYT or that wonderful magazine from DC with chris hayes writing in it. I am so flustered I can't think and I am rather inept on the computer so I don't dare quit and go look up the info so I can make things clear. Oh, I want to weep and have wanted to since Sun. night. Please say it isn't so, can you do a once a month show? m.s.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

For years we have tried not to have any social engagements of Friday nights so that we could spend the hour with you. We feel bereft at your leaving the Journal. Where can we turn to find the probing, enlightened reportage and analysis you and your guests bring to all of us who are deeply concerned about the way our nation appears to be heading? We can only hope you are able to pick a deserving successor, and we look forward to reading the fruits of your labor in the years ahead. All our thanks from two deeply grateful admirers of your fine work.


Marcia and Jack Easterling

Dear Mr. Moyers: I have been watching you for a long time. But you have been remiss on information on the gun lobby and what happens to states that are controlled by the gun lobby.
I live in Arizona. They just passed a law last week, making it OK to carry concealed weapons, without a permit, and without training. Also they recently passed a law that exempts guns made and kept in Arizona from federal regulation including background checks. We still have the gun shows where unlicensed gun dealers can sell a gun to anyone without any kind of background check. We have serious drug/smuggling problems with Mexico. It has been written many times that the druggies and smugglers get most of their guns from Arizona. Yet the media says nothing.

The media rants about the proposed illegal immigration law in Arizona but says nothing about the guns and the new laws, and the gun shows in Arizona.
This is hypocrisy.

Who is behind the T-party anyway? The media? For ratings?

Since the liberals refuse to cover the drugs and the smuggling on the Arizona border and no one cares if they seal the border, there is no coverage. All the liberals are afraid to upset their political friends who they hope will vote for them and corporate America is saving money by employing illegals. You are part of that group.

Do some research and learn how guns purchased in Arizona are fueling the border war. But then, why should a good liberal care? You don't live near the border and you just overlook the recently passed gun law. It doesn't affect you. Good liberals live in NY; they never mention illegal immigration and the border wars and if they would, their sympathies are always with the illegals.

Such is the media and the weak conformist NRA loving liberals.

Dear Sir,
Words cannot describe
how your works preserved the honor of journalism,
against which there is currently much diatribe.
The integrity of your words and thoughtful discourse,
is why the news of your retirement have impressed sentiments of remorse.
The depth of thoughts reflected from your works Power of Myth, Chinese In America and NOW,
have caused many to think and question not just what, but why and how.
Dear Sir we wish you and your family a happy retirement!
We hope your future is blessed with continued joy, wisdom and much merriment!
Cheers to Bill Moyer
(though we hope to see you sometime soon- maybe even on World News with Diane Sawyer)?

Just posted a comment on Mother Jones about the Sunday shows and fact checking. I thought of you, Bill Moyers again and how much I will miss the Journal. You have inspired me but most of all you have educated me by having conversations with brilliant and inspiring guests vs. sound bytes and talking points. Thank you! My Huffington Post column came out today on Technology and Collective Fear:
My next one may have to be on you. Wishing you well sir. All the best, Cassandra

I have enjoyed your work for years and will miss your contribution to journalism, to our country, and especially(to be totally selfish)to my sanity. I hope you have chosen someone to continue in your footsteps in whatever venue that is left for people who crave to reason. You always proved the addage that "you can't learn anything when you're talking".A better listener journalism will be pressed to find.Have a good life,Bill. You've helped all of us have a better one.P.S. You really kicked some ass.

Just want to say I'm saddened that Now and especially Bill Moyers Journal are leaving the air. Moyers has been the most credible and moral voice on Television - I'm sure we'll all miss him. I haven't heard why, but can only assume it's due to age and the fact that he's been doing this a long, long time.

PBS, what will you offer to replace this? Moyers' Journal is the best thing you do as a network. YOu need to find another Bill Moyers, Studs Terckel, whoever who can carry on Moyer's work. It's too important to allow to stop, even if Mr. Moyers has done the heavy lifting for too long. Who is there that can at least try and fill these shoes?

Thanks Bill Moyers, and God Bless!

Even though links on talking-heads cable TV sites were provided to Moyers Journal

it appears that there was no cross-fertilization


UNIFY resources in a course of action regarding

"the economy"...

Well, at least this all will be on the web and if neede, we can toss in the sheckles to keep one unemployed wiz-kid cleaning the spam...

Amazing how many ways to get in to a person's personal laptop...must be them midgets...

I suppose that we can not ask any more of Bill Moyers, at 75 he has done more good than most of us can ever hope to achieve. I felt a shiver when I heard him announce the end of the show, this is one of the last (if the not the last) places for true journalism in its true form. We should all hope that someone will step in and take this role, there is an urgent need for the kind of honest and thoughtful journalism that Mr. Moyers has provided. Best of luck to you and thanks for everything that you have given us.

I will miss the journal your show informed me, scared the crap out of me, opened my mind to a bigger world, made me laugh, and think! you are a port in a sea of sound byte noise, thanks for the good job.

I am so sad to see your great program come to an end. This program has been the moral conscience for this country. I've learned so much and gained so much insight from watching and listening to your program. You will be missed.

With the cancelation of NOT and Moyers,PBS has turned a corner that takes the viewing public in the wrong direction and down a path that we don't want to hike. The crass commercialization of news generally has gone too far and is absolutely disgusting. Turning PBS into a network the public no longer wants is likely.

your departure is devasting, not only to me personally, but the entire country. is there any reprieve? please!! we desperately need at least one sane voice of reason we can rely on for the truth.

Bummer! You'll be missed.

I just want to add my own disbelief, deep sorrow that Bill Moyers will no longer be on PBS. And like others on this forum, find out that PBS canceled this show, I as well will never support PBS again.

I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

My husband and I are truly disappointed to know that Mr. Moyers and NOW will no longer be a source of information. They are the only true news agencies left and we wonder if the banks have taken over PBS. We will miss you Mr. Moyers and thank you.

PBS is dropping Bill Moyers Journal--the one program that should be required viewing for all Americans??? What is going on?

You are also dropping NOW??? Have the PBS directors lost their minds? These two programs represent the summit of journalistic excellence in this country. Please reconsider!

How will the void be filled after this educated gentleman ends his decades of relevant reporting? The silent majority's voice will approach the squeak volume if Mr. Moyers

One word comes to my mind when I consider Bill Moyers and the excellent journalism that has constituted his life's work:


It is somehow fitting for me to note that I made this sad discovery today, Patriots Day 2010. There are not many Americans today who truly deserve the moniker' "Patriot," but I would venture to guess that everyone who is the least bit familiar with Bill's work would concur.

To Bill - I sincerely wish you a satisfying and well-deserved retirement, and hope that this is the reason for your departure from the Journal and PBS. Like everyone else commenting here, I feel like I am losing a very close friend, but more importantly, the world is losing a light in the gathering gloom.

All the best to you, Bill. Thank you for your integrity, your insights and wisdom on so many issues facing our nation, and our world, today.

Joan Cunningham
Denver, Colorado

Is the Republican Noise Machine, (David Blocks book title) taking over PBS too? How can democracy survive with only right wing views available? It can't which is exactly what the big money right wingers want!

For years, I have raced home from work on Friday nights, cut the dog's walk short, turned off my phone and shut out the rest of the world just so I could watch Moyers as well as Braccacio and Hinahosa. If PBS is concerned about my Need to Know, it is advised to keep these programs. It just doesn't get any better than Bill Moyers Journal and Now.

My heart sank when I heard Bill say that the Bill Moyers Journal will end. This program was the last of truth in reporting. I, like others who posted here, do not believe the retirement story, even tho Bill is 75! And also believe since PBS has "public" sponsors - that a more real explanation should be made by PBS to its sponsors. I also fear that corporate control finally won this battle. I wondered how long Bill would be allowed to tell the truth. It seems we all agree how valuable this is. Why doesn't PBS see this? Although you could never replace Bill; the show and its current format should go on. It was a light in a very dark world.

Bill- you are the best there has ever been. If you truly are retiring, you deserve that. It is just hard for us to accept. I laid awake in bed thinking about the loss this weekend and what it means to America. The people that watch your show know that ALL other media/news sources on TV are corporate controlled. Friday's show content was a perfect example of how we are not so much victims of government control - but ARE victim to corporate control.

I hope you continue your work via whatever format will allow you to continue to tell the truth with your most eloquent observations and excellent/spot on/relevant choice of subjects/guests. Words cannot express what losing your show means. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

I too will miss the show with the insight and intelligent conversation found nowhere else. However this is no conspiracy by corporate America and PBS. Bill announced his retirement in November 2009.

I have grown up in the Information Age, and have never really known television news that is not on the 24 hour cycle, captured by corporate interests, and dumbed down to the point where a 2 minute exchange between a disinterested host and a partisan "expert" is what counts as an interview on the most important of subjects.

In comparison, listening to Bill Moyers interview guests on the Journal was like taking a long, leisurely stroll through a landscape of ideas, an intellectual process which afforded enough time and thought to actually try to understand important issues.

I will miss his calm and thoughtful approach to journalism and I mourn the fact that one of media's few beacons of integrity is being swallowed up in the storm right when it seems that clear, conscientious voices are needed the most.

i mourned when mr. moyers left "now" but continued watching, because it is an amazing, important show. i rejoiced when he returned with the journal, and have not missed a single "journal" since. we desperately need this kind of civil, smart and truthful journalism, we especially need mr. moyers wisdom.

I just heard that Bill Moyer's Journal will stop broadcasting on April 30. Tell me it isn't so. Credibile sources of information are, ironically, a rare commodity in this Age of Information. PBS is one of those rare sources and the exit of Bill Moyers (and NOW) will leave a large visible void for those seeking some truth on the tube. What's next, The News Hour ?

Are the big banks taking over PBS???

Please consider returning Bill Moyers and the Now show to the PBS lineup. Not having these shows is a blow to in-depth reporting in the USA.

I just found out that Bill Moyers Journal is coming to an end on PBS... he is the best and I cannot believe PBS is not doing it's utmost to keep the Journal going. The program has kept me sane in having guests who are erudite,thoughtful and care about society. I don't know what I will do without my weekly dose of integrity!

NOW and Bill Moyers journal obviously have a large following. To take them off the air without explanation or a published plan to fill this huge void is very disrespectful to PBS supporters. More "Antiques Roadshow" is not going to cut it.

Bill Moyers needs to address his supporters to clarify his intent, PBS' intent, and the relationship between the two. He's too young and vital to just walk.

My donation is tied to the return of Bill Moyer's Journal and NOW to PBS television. I expect them to be supported and able to present the in depth analysis that so many of us have come to rely upon. The computer links and blogs can never take the place of the visuals we get from this programming. Return the programs or I am finished supporting PBS.

Say it ain't so, Bill. Wow, you're like family. Is it really that you are retiring or are you being pushed out? If you're thinking about retiring from the show, think again please! Anyone can retire but very few (maybe like none)can create such a thought provoking and worthwhile program week after week after week. Bill, I hear retirement isn't what it's cracked up to be - forget about it already. If you leaving because of PBS . . . then never will I pay another dime to them.

I heard that this show was cancelling (along with NOW) and I can express it only as my heart sank. My disappointment knows no bounds and I am left bereft. I will no longer watch PBS, support PBS in any way until these two programs return. As for me, I am planning on applying to Boston University for my Master's program and PhD study specifically under Andrew Bacevich. Hopefully, what both shows have taught me will continue to live on in my work, efforts and dedication. This is my only hope-to take action in my own life to effect change for the betterment of our Nation. I will continue to carry the torch of enlightenment. Thank you Bill, for being my hero, inspiration and truth.

I’m very disappointed to hear that Journal will no longer be broadcast after April 30. I will miss the insightful, informative and heartfelt discussions at Bill’s table, whether if it’s about politics, poetry or the arts. I felt like I had seat at the table each Friday.

I’m troubled by not knowing the circumstances surrounding this cancellation. If this decision was made at the corporate level, I wish they would reconsider it. This show is truly an asset to the viewers of public television.

What the F----is going on? I just heard Bill Moyers state that he will not be returning after April 30. Then I hear that NOW will not be returning. I don't understand . Two of my favorites on PBS , not returning? Have you lost your minds???? We need and want these programs in the PBS lineup. Please reconsider. I enjoy the indepth coverage and questions we all want to ask but some are too afraid to ask. Please don't take away the voice of the people.

Mr. Moyers, I do not know what is going on with your program being discontinued as well as the probram, Now, but I can tell you this, you are one of the very few people that I feel gives the American public an UNBIASED view of the news. I no longer feel the same about PBS and that is a shame.

I can "read between the lines". In losing Bill Moyer's Journal and NOW it is clear to me PBS is moving toward the corporate-funded biased pablum fed by network TV - which is a travesty and an insult to the public. The entire population is not as stupid as banks, corporations and so many elected officials believe -a great many of us know the emporer wears no clothes and too big to fail only hurts everyone but those receiving bonuses while destroying so many lives.

OK, let's get the facts straight. Check the link on the blog by JWL on April 17 12:02 AM re. the NY Times article. It appears that Bill Moyers wants to retire. If so, why didn't he say so? It would seem that he dropped the ball, or else had something else in mind. Without doubt, PBS fouled up by not explaining it, unless they didn't want us to know their intentions. In that case, the management shaould be held accountable.

I echo the positives about Moyers' excellent programs, which I will miss. I hope he will do periodic returns, at least.

Re. PBS NOW, we need some explanations, big time! If not, we should talk to our representatives about the current management and public funding of PBS.

The biggest mistake you have ever made. What a loss.

I am in SHOCK to learn that BMJ and NOW will not longer be aired on PBS. Every week I looked forward to viewing and listening to such thought provoking, true telling and informative journalism. I've enjoyed every one of your guest...was inspire by you and them. BMJ and NOW are the only two shows that I watch for the many reasons expressed by others above. I can't help to ask and wonder the reason for ending your program? I appreciate all your work - BMJ's and NOW team and hope you continue your great work.

I am in SHOCK to learn that BMJ and NOW will not longer be aired on PBS. Every week I looked forward to viewing and listening to such thought provoking, true telling and informative journalism. I've enjoyed every one of your guest...was inspire by you and them. BMJ and NOW are the only two shows that I watch for the many reasons expressed by others above. I can't help to ask and wonder the reason for ending your program? I appreciate all your work - BMJ's and NOW team and hope you continue your great work.

What a shock this news is! Last year, when I made my yearly contribution to PBS, it was after watching my usual Friday night line-up, which I rarely miss: News Hour, Washington Week, NOW, the Journal. Even though I could hardly afford it, I went online and made my contribution, because the meager sum demanded for membership was a pittance compared to the wealth of knowledge and important, thought-provoking programming I was able to receive every Friday night, without even having to change the channel. With my contribution, I sent comments, stating those thoughts, one of which was that Bill Moyers just had to live forever, (and never retire) because his presence is irreplaceable. Most of the time, it seems that he is the ONLY original and fearless television journalist left, never afraid to tell the truth and take on the powers that be. The Journal, along with NOW, Frontline, and, of course, Expose, (wherever it is to be found) are invaluable resources for us all. This week's NOW presentation about investigative journalism said it all too well. The last bastion of great, fair, incisive, investigative reporting has always been PBS. I guess that is all going to change.

We all should have realized something fishy was up when the News Hour changed formats to become more like their network counterparts. (Terrible!) I honestly have come to question PBS's independence and taste. Whether it's the pre-show "commercials" for Boeing and other corporate giants, or the repetitious airing of silly and unremarkable musical performance specials during pledge drives (I mean how many old doo-wop performers and mediocre Irish male singing groups can one take??), something is wrong. PBS's character, as an alternative to the netwiork drivel and ratings mongering, is will my support. What a shame!

The discontinuance of both Bill Moyer and NOW is shattering news. It difficult to find important issues discussed in a thoughtful manner as they are on these two shows. They will be sorely missed. I understand that Need to Know will replace NOW (that will be a hard act for them to follow), but what will replace (if anything can) Bill Moyer. Conditions do not allow us to spend much time in front of the computer, or with the many other forms of media now available, so television (and would you believe newspapers) are still our main source of news and information. We will be missing our old friends, but as long term viewers and supporters of PBS we look forward to your continued excellence in providing news and information.

I miss Sunday services so I can watch Mr Moyers show! I have become a Saturday worshiper thanks to this show and I'm outraged and distressed by this decision by PBS to end his show. As much as I would like to rage and point fingers though, I think the Moyers might be more in mourning than I could ever be considering this is their life's work and baby being taken away from them by tyrants they can't possibly match. Thank you Mr. Moyer, you and your wife are great people who can be sure your legacy will live long. We love your work and although we have not yet marshaled the ability to fight corporate Goliaths, Thanks to you, we are closer to learning how. I believe this is not the end, I will check you online and support you any which way I can. God bless you.

I ditto all of the positive remarks toward Bill, the call for PBS transparency, the concern over a possible sell out to corporate interests, and the cessation of donations to PBS.

I hope and pray that Bill will be able to find a way to continuing his service to America.
This is truly catastrophic to the wellbeing of our nation.


At last even PBS has finally morphed into Private Broadcasting Station while taking in Public money! Whoa! What a great con job. Way to go America!

What the heck?!!! This is B.S.!! The Journal is the best show on P.B.S. bar none. Why is this happening?!?!

Call you local stations, people and tell them to dump a "British comedy" if they need to. But they have to keep Moyers Journal on?

Where else can we get the truth about what's REALLY going on in our country?

This sucks.

-Mark L.
Layton, UT

I wait all week to have investigative, informative news that I consider realiable. As a long time contributor to PBS I am owed an explanation of why BMJ and Now are being taken off the air. What is the role of the corporations and how does the public play into programming? No, BMJ, NOW and programs like them will mean that we are just getting more of the same, biased, unreliable dribble. I don't care how many women Tiger Woods had sex with! Is it possible that powers involved in programming want us to pull our support so the last bastion of reliable investigative reporting in this nation will be gone?

Bill and BMJ team

I am stunned to learn that your program will soon be taken from the air. I can't remember a time when it did not shed light on important issues, a light that was not provided so brightly (if at all) by mainstream sources.

Viewers who want more than a soundbite will find themselves a little more in the dark without your show.

Ginger Manis

Finally the long-reaching arm of the special interest group known as American Government has knifed through Moyer's neck.

This, folks, is the last draw. Do not support PBS (Public Bull S%%t Station) fed by special interest oligarchs.

Pull out your money NOW.

I have once again been disappointed with main stream media and the journalism that represents it. I thought that PBS was an entity that had truth at its core, but as I see sponsors and various forms of financial support I begin to question what is the truth.
Bill, I have respected your commitment to us the people that you represent,
your work with all subject content and all sides of the picture, not linear, your body of work makes my heart soar. I have observed and been moved to thought provoking and humanistic places inside myself that so few have approached in your field.
This is not my MO to write
but your work deserves this respect and acknowledgment,
Thanks for everything you have shared and will continue to,

Speaking truth to power is about as common today as government that serves. This is the best program on TV about what is happening in America - we will miss you and more importantly, America will be worse for not having your unique voice tell us the way it is.

My wife and I were very distressed to learn of the demise of BMJ and NOW. I didn't sleep much after hearing the news Friday night. It was as devastating as the death of a close friend.

I have been a fan of Bill Moyers going back to his TV programs of the 1970s. And no, I have certainly not been in agreement with his views at all times. His intellect, insight, and journalistic talent however, have always delivered results that I value.

I stopped giving money to PBS around 1995. At that time, I could see that they were steadily slipping to greater corporate and political interference. If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it is this: What you accept, you usually get more of. Where applicable, cutting off the funding is to cut off the oxygen. So, we give money to that which we support and PBS has not been supportable for a good 15 years now.

Bill, you have been an inspiration and a light of hope in my life. You have made a difference so often in my life that I find it hard not to personally know someone who has given me so much. "Thanks" is such an inadequate response. As I near 50 years old, you stand as one of the most memorable parts of my life.

To David Brancaccio, Maria Hinojosa, and to the support staff of both programs, know that your work has made a difference and was far from being done in vain.

I sincerely hope that the people involved in BMJ and NOW will return to broadcast media elsewhere so that their talents and efforts can be savored once again.

As for the rest of us:
Your life is a consequence of the day-to-day decisions that you make. If you want something better, you'll have to work for it. Consider what you are and are not supporting, financially or otherwise. Nobody is looking out for your best interest. If you don't want weeds in your life, pull them and stop planting them. Stop, think, and ask yourself: "Is my current life what I want? Is it fulfilling?" I did this decades ago and through the intellect of Bill Moyers and the work of his staff, I found ways to open my mind and pursue the life I wanted. It hasn't been without many problems, but Bill Moyers made a difference for the better in my life.

Phoenix, Arizona


You once said, "So for all the blunders for which we are culpable; for all the disillusionment that has set in among journalists with every fresh report of job cuts and disappearing news space; for all the barons and buccaneers turning the press into a karaoke of power; for all the desecration visited on broadcast journalism by the corporate networks; for all the nonsense to which so many aspiring young journalists are consigned; and for all the fears about the eroding quality of the craft, I still answer emphatically when young people ask me, “Should I go into journalism today?” Sometimes it is difficult to urge them on, especially when serious questions are being asked about how loyal our society is to the reality as well as to the idea of an independent and free press. But I almost always answer, 'Yes, if you have a fire in your belly, you can still make a difference.'"

Thank you so much for the incredible and indelible 'belly fire" you have kindled over the course of your brilliant career in so many of us ardent admirers.

Your life example is singularly precious. Kudos.

I agree with many of the previous posters that the loss of the Bill Moyers Journal is a massive loss - (our local station had already pulled NOW)- and not only for PBS viewers but for our increasing fragile democracy. Not only will Bill be sorely missed but we are losing yet another of the very few trustworthy voices that seek to "speak truth to power" with integrity, intelligence and thoughtfulness. If we are to protect the few remaining media avenues by which issues vital to all of us can be discussed in depth, PBS needs to be swamped with demands for an explanation and for the continuation of programs like NOW and BMJ (even if hosted by others, if Bill is retiring by choice). Where else, if not PBS??? PS We love you Bill.

Why is this happening? If it's because Mr. Moyers needs a rest, I have to accept it. If it's because PBS wants his in-depth controversy off the air, I am both shocked and scared.

We are disgusted and enraged that PBS this pulling The Journal". It is the only intelligent/thoughtful/adult news program on TV.
We refuse to listen to mindless pabulum on the other "news"channels, and we will not listen to it on PBS.
If the Journal is not brought back ,we are ending our 25 year support of the station.

I get up early every Sunday morning to watch NOW and Bill Moyer's Journal, as Friday night's shows are too late for me, so I've now just learned the of the end of these wonderful programs has come. Shame on whomever is in charge! This is criminal and I will never send another dollar of support money to PBS until they are returned! Is PBS going to evolve into the same idiocy found on the rest of TV? Will Frontline soon follow? Are those in charge afraid of letting the public hear the truth? I fear for the future of our country.

With BMJ and NOW off the air, and the NEWSHOUR now sponsored by corporate entities, I am only left with one reason to watch PBS; and that is Frontline. I am seriously considering pulling my support for PBS altogether.

BMJ, NOW, Frontline and Democracy Now (not carried by my local Detroit PBS station) are the only credible sources of news that I have been accessing.

What Now?

With BMJ and NOW off the air, and the NEWSHOUR now sponsored by corporate entities, I am only left with one reason to watch PBS; and that is Frontline. I am seriously considering pulling my support for PBS altogether.

BMJ, NOW, Frontline and Democracy Now (not carried by my local Detroit PBS station) are the only credible sources of news that I have been accessing.

What Now?

Someone had better archive this site & Now before they simultaneously disappear as well.

The oligarchy has been trying to kill PBS pretty much forever. Since Bill's viewers are unanimously abandoning it here, I'd say they are succeeding. Lawrence Welk, anyone?

Bill, God bless. I say this aloud in the silence of my home.

Mr. Moyers

Thank You so much for the years of wonderful programs.
I hope that you will continue with multiple specials.
You are one of a kind and irreplaceable. You've brought a depth to stories that is singular and you've introduced me over and over to intellectuals in fields whose voices I was unfamiliar with.
We are losing something precious.

Sorry to see BMJ and Now go. I agree with all here that this is a sad event and both programs have been one of the very few excellent sources of truth available to all of us in these very difficult times.

I am not exaggerating by a "nano-tad" that your integrity, insight and truthfulness will be sorely and deeply missed. For America to lose NOW, World Focus & your Journal at virtually the same time threatens the shrill voice of conscience still remaining in public media.

What in God's name are we going to do without this voice of truth and reason in this terribly dark time in our history? Perhaps its all a part of the end of this nation. At a time when we need him the most, he is leaving. Well, I'll never send another dollar of my money to PBS. In fact, I see no reason to watch the station at all anymore. Bill, I know you couldn't do this forever. Thanks for your astounding contribution. This is a worse feeling than a death in my family. You were the one true voice that gave me hope for my children and their future. May God help us all.

I agree with everyone. This looks very suspicious. When Mr. Moyers left NOW they found David Brancaccio. It's hard to believe that another knowledgeable talented person could not be found. Why is PBS mum about their plans?

Corporate advertising undermines the intention and mission of public broadcasting, and I believe one way or the other we are seeing its effects.

We might recall that early in the Bush administration, PBS felt compelled to produce that outrageous and contemptible Wall Street Journal editorial program. They justified it as “balanced” programming. Is PBS preparing themselves for a business friendly republican congress?

For years the Moyers show has been the focus of the week for me. It offered the single most intelligent commentary of our times.Its closing represents the end of an era. We shall now enter a new dark age where sound bites, superstition and emotionalism obscure communication and understanding.

I am terribly disappointed that Bill Moyers will go off the air. It is the most important show on television.

I too must add my feelings of deep dissapointment, shock and sadness.Both BMJ and Now were must see programs for viewing on Friday nights. These were the most relevant, insightful and intelligent programs on TV. I too will be waiting to hear the real reason for their demise and will now be ending my decades long support for PBS. Maybe Colbert can discover the 'truthiness'.

I am disgusted that Bill Moyers and NOW are being taken off the air. Don't need to say more than has already been said below. After many years of support, I too will be pulling my support for PBS.

We too wish to know why NOW and the Journal are going off the air. We value the close scrutiny of the issues confronting our nation. Why now?

The cancellation of BMJ & NOW - truly incomprehensible. Public Broadcasting Station (or) Paid-to-the-Highest-Bidder Broadcasting Station.

Corporate control of U.S. communications systems, the economy, political system, national budget? What's left?

My financial support to both PBS tv and radio is cancel...until the return of BMJ and Now.

With the sad news that PBS is cancelling both NOW, with David Brancaccio, and Bill Moyer's Journal, I have to wonder if PBS has finally caved to the corporate oligarchy. Although, at the moment, I find it hard to imagine anyone filling the shoes of Bill Moyer's... If this is the case, Link TV may be one of our only avenues left for good investigative journalism. I am not familiar with their work yet, but thanks to D. Taylor's comment, below, I checked their website out briefly. Here's a link:

Bill Moyers Journal- Gone
Now- Gone
World Focus- Gone

The New York Times has become more and more less news.

Oh well, at least I still have my infotainment- Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley. Thank you PBS for keeping the important stuff.

I too was extremely disappointed to learn that both Now and Bill Moyers Journal are ending. I highly value their insightful stories and thoughtful tone. Our country needs informed citizens if we are going to make wise decisions regarding our future and PBS should firmly support shows such as these. I have been a sustaining member of PBS but will withdraw my support if it is not going to produce the type of journalism I value.

For decades, Bill Moyers' programs and books have influenced our lives and informed our minds and spirits; for this we are so very grateful. We understand a desire on Mr. Moyers' part to retire from the work such efforts demand. We do not understand the simultaneous cancellation of Now, and will suspend our 30 years of PBS support (of three area stations) until/unless we are sufficiently satisfied PBS hasn't sold out, which it feels, intuitively, like they have. Thank you, Bill, for a brilliant career, which tonight's program underscores; and thank you, too, to David Branccacio and Maria Hinojosa, and to all the staff who produced such marvelous and desperately necessary journalism. Friday nights have lost their promise, for now.

Dear Mr. Moyers,
Like million Americans, it was in incredulity that I heard your announcement last night. French born and raised, I spent the last 25 years of my life in this country and have watched and listened to you with the greatest interest and deepest reverence from the start. Never have I ceased marveling at your intense and audacious journalistic engagement, your tenacity and the devotion you displayed for justice, advancement of the mind, compassion and truth.
I followed your spiritual endeavour and chronically still watch your talks with Mr. Joseph Campbell.
I assure you, there is no other you! And while you have so shown us the way, how difficult it will be to walk in your foot steps, even for someone as skilled as Mr. Broncacio.
Ironically, you have chosen to remind us of your departure from the air on the same night that you treated the subject of political corruption fueled by an economy of greed.
Whereas I so much hope that this decision was in effect yours, I cannot help doubting it and utterly regret the disappearance of your Journal and of Now.
It is yet an opportunity never before taken, to express heartfelt gratitude to you and limitless anger at PBS for obeying the powers of money.
Your voice will be missed.
And just as a blogger mentioned it, what next? Frontline?

My husband and I have been watching NOW and Bill Moyer’s Journal for years. We began watching NOW when Bill was hosting it and continued to view it after Bill left and NOW was reduced to 30 minutes. We were so happy to hear that Bill was coming back on Bill Moyer’s Journal and have continued to watch both programs every Friday night. We are so very grateful for both of these wonderful programs. We are both shocked and saddened to learn that both of these will be ending soon. Like those before us we wish to add our voices of protest to PBS regarding the decision to cancel two programs that we believe to be among the very few that we can count on to be exceptionally well-researched, highly principled, truthful, well-reasoned and honest. We believe that PBS should seriously reconsider the decision to cancel these badly needed public service shows. We need more programs like these, not less.
To Bill Moyer, David Brancaccio, Maria Hinojosa, and to the support staff on both programs, please accept our deepest thanks for all that these shows have given to those of us who would not think of missing even one show. We hope that the decision to cancel these excellent informative programs can be reversed. Either way, we want you all to know how very much you have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of so many important topics. We will miss you more than we can possibly say and we wish you all the best in whatever direction you go from here.
Sincerely, Gerriiana and Bert Koeniger Midland, TX

He stated back in 2009 that he was retiring and his last show would be April 30th. Check this link for the story: Just recently started watching the Journal, but I really enjoyed it, Thanks!

On April 25th, 2007 I started watching PBS.

On April 30th, 2010 I stop watching PBS.

Thank you Bill, for everything.

We were devastated to learn last night of the Journal's cancellation. Thinking we misheard, we checked it out today to find that it is so and, to compound the injurious insult, so is NOW. Two vital voices are being silenced by "the People's Broadcasting System." They don't want us to hear the facts and know the truths. We are teetering dangerously on the edge of corporate fascism. Free Speech TV and Link TV are our only sources of information being denied us by corporate America and they are both in danger of going the way of BMJ and NOW. KIXE TV has just received our final monthly donation. We are severing our relationship and ceasing our support!

Why? We have watched NOW and The Journal every Friday night for some time and now PBS is dropping them! We may cancel our support of PBS if we find out that corporate America is behind this (maybe Faux News). I guess we will now have to get all our real news from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

Bill...say it isn't so!! Please don't leave. America needs you now more than ever!! You are a ray of sunshine in an ever darkening sky filled with misinformation. This just can't be happening!!

I was shocked to learn the Journal and NOW are going off the air. Bill, I know that if you were retiring, you would have told your viewers - and you certainly deserve to after all the years of providing your viewers with excellent journalism, guests who have provided us with top-notch investigative reporting, and just quality programming. There is no other like you. Thank you. Shame on PBS for this travesty. The world has become even darker.

First and foremost, thank you Mr. Moyers for having provided a show of such quality with such consistency. No matter the topic, excellence was the hallmark week after week.

It is not only a sad day for journalism, it is yet another sad day for America.

This blog attests of the meaning and importance of your show. The audience is listening. We will follow you Mr. Moyers, no matter where we go. You have been ushered to “a” door, there are many others still open. More than ever, the world needs voices like yours.

So how do we find the truth here? What do we do? BMJ had tons of sponsors -- mostly foundations.

I was shocked to hear Mr. Moyers say he was leaving (without comment which isn't like him). Nor did I know NOW was canceled until I read these comments.

PBS has become a huge disappointment. Frontline will be next.

My first post last night was not accepted by PBS. Let's see about this one. The Journal and its forerunner NOW are being canceled because the corporate sponsors at PBS are uncomfortable with the unfettered reporting done by these fine journalists. Does anybody remember when Bob Edwards was canned by NPR a few years back? PBS will continue to back away from in-depth unbiased reporting as long as they increase the number of corporate sponsors involved with their broadcasting. Coca-cola, ADM, Wal Mart …the list goes on. Bob Edwards and others like him will have to find funding and distribution on the satellite radio and TV networks in the future. These networks have a greater share of their revenue coming from subscriber fees. The new standard bearer for uncensored reporting is LinkTV on satellite. Check it out:

It is a sad day in journalism. Thank you Bill for the amazing show. I've been exposed to people, places and ideas I would not have without the Journal. You will be sorely missed! I hope we figure out why..

Bill Moyers Journal was the best show offered on PBS! He has consistently offered fair, well-researched timely and informative topics and intelligent, thoughtful guests.

Friday nights will never be the same. Thanks for a job well done Bill!

I demand PBS to
1) Transparent about why he is been let go.
2) Bill moyers to speak out about why he is been let go or whether it is his own decision.
3) If it is a financial reason, we can have a fund drive to see whether the concerned listeners can have a directed donation to his show.

Bill Moyers defines the standard for what is to have an engaging and critical conversation. He calls it what it is. He does not seem to have any conflict of interest like getting money from corporate funders, who usually fund these things to advance their interest.

What is puzzling that PBS is ending both his journal and NOW. Should we even say that he is missed? If PBS is a "public" broadcasting system, should there be reasons for why he is let go? clearly, he is not retiring, as he seem to be continuing his commentary online. I will continue to watch him online, but i wonder, how many others will be able to? When, we discovered his show, he has been such a constant in our lives. In the time, when the media pundits avoid controversial positions, Bill Moyers takes them on directly, passionately and honestly. When, he makes mistakes, he comes back and apologizes for his views. It is going to be such a loss.
I demand PBS to
1) Transparent about why he is been let go.
2) Bill moyers to speak out about why he is been let go or whether it is his own decision.
3) If it is a financial reason, we can have a fund drive to see whether the concerned listeners can have a directed donation to his show.

What the heck is going on? If this is what it appears to be---a wipeout of our few remaining sources of accurate TV information---and if we accept it---it's another major coup d'tat---toward keeping us uninformed and ineffective.

The sudden disappearance of Bill Moyer's Journal without explanation has aroused suspicion of political motives that can only be allayed by a response from PBS. In the absence of an explanation, my financial support of PBS will end.

I'm hoping that Mr. Moyers, as he did after retiring from "Now," will be back before long... it's fine with me for Mr. Moyers to pull a Brett Favre... retire all you want, Mr. Moyers, just keep coming back better as you always have. (Except there will be a time when Mr. Favre should STAY retired; I cannot imagine that EVER being the case with Mr. Moyers.) Get some rest, then come back soon, please. You will be sorely missed and there is nobody to fill that void.

Your announcement last night that you are leaving PBS is truly heartbreaking. You have introduced me to so many people of interest throughout the years. Your voice of reason and thoughtful interviewing skills are so desperately needed now. If this departure is at the request of PBS my faith in public broadcasting is shaken.

Vickie Owen

The innumerable comments decrying PBS cancellation of Bill Moyer's Journal and NOW echo my feelings precisely. We suffer a frightful loss.where

I need some clarification. If this is Bill's decision, then thank you for your years of service to our country as one of the only good faith journalists left on TV. If this is not Bill's decision, shame on you PBS (especially with the cancellation of NOW).

I can't add anything to what has been said in praise of both shows which are being cancelled.PBS owes all listeners/subscribers an explaination and replacement plans.If not perhaps we should invoke the power of the checkbook.

PBS... we want an explanation why the critical programming provided by Bill Moyers is being cancelled. This stinks and I will not take it without raising a stink and considering withholding my support. Bill has provided insightful, informative and truthful content for years. Why stop whenat this time when we need him the most. This moves seems like there are special interest groups pulling some strings.

Dear Mr. Myers,
I had intended to mail a check to my local PBS station today. However, now that your Journal and NOW are gone, PBS has lost two stimulating and enlightening programs. I suppose that thinking people are dangerous to the oligarchy. I will support my local library instead of PBS in the future.
Missing you already,
Roland Thibault

PBS is crazy, bring back Bill Moyers or you have seen the LAST of my donations.

What is going on with PBS? Moyer's is one of the last great current affairs show left on free TV - you should be promoting the show not tearing it down. You wont get any more donations from me!

Shame on PBS. Bill Moyers gave me hope.
Mary Cuevas
Tucson, AZ

This ruined my weekend also. Friday night with Bill Moyers and NOW was standard procedure for us. I feel as sad and worried as I was when I heard the Supreme Court decision to give the public the boot and turn the government over to the corporations.
Why don't we have the energy the Tea Party seems to have right now? Why aren't we out rallying the troops? How can it be Bill Moyers' decision to quit when NOW is going out the same day? I don't think that's a coincidence!

I was hoping the Journal was just taking a seasonal break. I am devastated Bill Moyers will not be on air enlightening the public with truth. America needs him.
As for "Now", no where else do we find that sort of fare. Friday nite will be dim.
PBS - What is going on?????

Mr. Moyers, in these difficult times you have anchored us to the fundamental political values of fair play and a respect for individual achievement and honesty. Sadly, the instrument which can teach chooses less and less to do so.

Whether as a mentor only or as a continuing influence on our lives - be it here or on radio or in print - please continue to facilitate this important connection between we the people and the values we cherish. Wherever you choose to be, we will seek you out.

And thank you.

Bill Moyers has always an extraordinarily rare combination of intelligence, worldly experience, analytical acumen, self-deprecating wit, integrity and dedication to truth. He is irreplaceable, and will be sorely missed.

I second all those people praising Bill's incredible work and spirit over the years and decrying the loss of the Journal. It is indeed a devastating blow. Bill has discussed the impending end of the show for some time now and although I regret the loss of the program, I certainly think Bill has earned his retirement. (Hopefully he'll enjoy his retirement for a few weeks, then decide that retirement is boring and jump back into the fray).

Bill -- thanks and mega-kudos for all incredible work you have done. Best wishes.

Like others here, I just learned last night that Bill Moyer's Journal would be ending April 30th. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. How many times have my husband and I said to each other: "Bill Moyer's is the only program on TV--on any channel-- really worth watching?" Like others here, I planned my Friday nights so I could be sure to see it. An intelligent, reasoned, literate discussion of current issues is extremely difficult to find these days. Now it may be impossible. Somehow I don't believe that visiting the website will in any way be the equal of the show. Like others, I also asked, Why, why, why?? At first I thought that perhaps Bill Moyers had decided to retire. But then I thought that he looks pretty healthy and vital....and now I hear that NOW is being cancelled too, and that really strains my ability to believe that it's Bill's choice. If it were, wouldn't he say something about it on the air? I am not convinced by the NY Times article. Bill, if it is your choice, I wish you the very best, and want you to know that you have given us something of irreplaceable value. But if not, shame on you PBS! I won't be tuning in as often. In fact, maybe it's time for the TV to go...out the window!

All of us posting here have a shared legacy informed by Bill Moyers and his Guests. If his teaching and our learning is to mean anything we must act and act now. Demand reform. Demand truth. Who among us will lead in the direction of true change and transformation? It appears to me that we are all just too damn content to sit in front of our televisions and curse.

Is Bill Moyers leaving because of the "interference" he recently spoke of? Was it because of the Republican/conservative PBS chairman appointed by George W. Bush. There has been a steady and frightening move to the right by all news media. What can we do?

If anyone deserves retirement, it's Bill Moyers. All these years of truth-telling in the face of pressure not to have to have taken their toll.

Excellent, compassionate journalism is not an accident--and cannot be replicated by those whose heart and soul are not in it. Who could possibly speak the truth so elegantly? Bill Moyers is irreplacable.

Every Friday night I watched, became chagrined, angry, outraged and, ultimately, encouraged to become more involved. I never slept well on Friday nights.

Well, maybe now I can sleep. Oh, wait -- maybe not. Forget sleep. I'll be watching the website late into the night, hoping to find the voice that tells us what is really going on in America and the world.

Dear Mr. Moyers:
I'm SAD to learn from last nights Journal that you are leaving the on air program. Please reconsider!!

I second all of the positive remarks above as well as the expressions of both disbelief and sadness that one of the few voices of reason and responsibility in our world will be less audible, First World Focus, then NOW and now Bill Moyers Journal, but, all is not lost, we still have Antiques Roadshow.

I am so disappointed in PBS. Friday night programming has been a lifeline to accurate, informative journalism. Bill Moyers is a hero, bringing to light information untouched by others. Thank you, Bill Moyers, for setting an example of what can be accomplished.
I would like an explanation from PBS on why they have destroyed Friday night programming.
Mary Beth Medwid

It wasn't bad enough to finally grasp the sad state of the financial system in the US but then to hear that Bill is stepping down, and the Journal goes internet only? Too much.

So PBS, who will become the voice of reason?

What will you do with this time slot?

Why don't you offer Thomas L. Friedman the slot?

Thank you Bill for your insights.

I am shocked too at the end of Bill Moyers Journal. It is one of the few places where honest journalism still exists. Slowly our access to knowledge is being choked off. If they regulate the Internet there will be a total blackout of unbiased information. I don't know why your show is ending, but to my mind you are the heir to Walter Cronkite and the old style honest journalist. The people on your show were always top notch and your questions were very insightful. Whatever will all of us do now? We're all devastated. If it is due to retirement I understand, but nobody can or will replace you.Whatever are we going to do now?

I am devastated about Bill Moyers Journal and NOW ending on April 30, 2010. I have watched every broadcast of both shows. I was very sad when Mr. Moyers left NOW to retire (but understood his reasons) and of course, elated when he decided to return and started his "Journal" show. In the meantime, I got to know, respect and appreciate both David Brancaccio and Maria Hinojosa for their hard work and excellent investigative journalism on NOW. I am shocked and dissapointed with PBS! What's PBS going to do next, cancel Frontline too? Any show Bill Moyers does, NOW and Frontline are the best shows EVER on television. These shows make this world a better place. I especially counted on Bill Moyers and NOW for the real TRUTH about the issues - I don't know what I'm going to do now - PBS has ruined my Friday nights.

I was sorry to hear of the cancellation of your show and NOW. My husband and I planned our Friday nights around your shows. Why has this happened? If you are retiring, then I understand, but David Bronchicco is not retirement age and I can't fathom why his show was canceled. I hope what I read on one of the blogs isn't true, that a replacement will be a show from the Brookings Institute, produced by George W. Bush--I am sure that has to be a horrible rumor!

We will miss you and have decided along with many others that we will not support PBS until we feel that the integrity of the programming has been re-established.

Best of luck to you

Doris Martin

Thanks for all the great shows, Bill! I will catch you on Facebook and Utube and anywhere else I can. Don't know what we will do around this house without you on Friday nights, though. You have been an invaluable addition to our education on so many issues throughout difficult times.

Unlike what some others here are saying, I will not stop my contributions to PBS. I know they didn't fire you and they are one of the few stations we are able to receive without cable or satellite since the digital switch and there are still many shows that add to our knowledge and enjoyment. We will sure miss you though...

Why Why Why? We need Bill Moyers as much as ever! Another day...Another blow!

Say that it's not true!! I just learned that The Journal is going off the air at the end of the month! I've told my husband and others that Bill Moyers is the only man I would leave my husband for -- and Atticus Finch but of course, I'm not sure who Harper Lee based him on. My husband feels honored to be in a league with both Moyers and Finch. Both men are noble and honest and seekers of what is true and good. I think of the line from John Phillips, "...goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble, yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous and that both united form the noblest character..." The Journal, under your influence, is the noblest show on television. I can't imagine why it will no longer be on the air -- I don't want to imagine.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

I've been meaning to write (for a number of years actually) - appologies for the delay. Thank you so much for producing The Journal. You and your team are a national treasure. I'm confussed and sadened by PBS cancelling The Journal and shudder to think what this means in a larger sense. The effort to make ends meet and raising our two small children doesn't leave any time for TV... but I always make time for The Journal. And even as I write I can remember the countless times my lovely wife has called out "hurry up honey, your show is starting." The existence of your show always gave me hope that no matter how insurmountable the issues of the day facing our country seemed, there was still a cornerstone, a beacon of genuine dialog and journalism.

Thank you.


Dear Mr. Moyers:

I was so distressed to learn this evening after viewing the 4/16/10 episode of "The Journal," a Friday night ritual, that "The Journal" is going off the air as of April 30th, per the announcement by you, Mr. Moyers, at the end of the telecast. No explanation was given.

"The Journal" is my weekly source of truth and enlightenment in this totally irrational world we live in now. Please Mr. Moyers! We need your voice! If this decision is your personal decision, then I will understand but still mourn the loss of your voice in "The Journal." But, if this decision to go off the air is not yours, please let your viewers know what we can do. Take "The Journal" to Cable if it's a problem with PBS!

But your voice, Mr. Moyers, must NOT be silenced now of all times in this era of pure propaganda and distortion of the truth. In our ever increasingly complex and chaotic world, we need your weekly discourse in the pursuit of truth and enlightenment. Please continue fighting the good fight...don't let "the others" win.


Carolyn A. Highsmith
Winston-Salem, NC

Tonight the BMJ was such an enlightening show, as so many (or should I say all) have been. I've read the comments posted prior to mine and I share so many people's disbelief, incredulity and despair at the loss of Bill Moyer's Journal! Mr. Moyers you have been a journalistic hero to me and I truly thank you for your efforts to shine a light on some of the topics that you have covered and the vast number of experts, authors, politicians,etc, etc etc that you have introduced to us over the years. You have been as a favorite teacher to so many of us and we are loath to let you go. I have always been so impressed with your integrity and it has been an honor to watch and learn. I really do feel a great sense of loss and wonder what in hades will PBS replace BMJ with, or try to replace- because as far as I'm concerned you're irreplaceable! I wish some of the other shows would somehow learn to have guests on who didn't shout, interrupt and just generally act like jackasses! That is one of the many things that I always liked about your show. I've always thought that your guests must be responding to your gentility and truly sincere manners. Sigh, oh well... you will be missed!

In less than a week World Focus was taken off the air on PBS, then in less than two weeks, the insightful and just tv shows, the Journal and NOW will be gone like the wind!! what a blow to true freedom fighters?? Now somebody should tell us where we can hear the voices of true revolutionaries like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, David Gil, Arunthna Roy and many others who we'll otherwise never hear about except from BILL MOYERS, DAVID BRONCHACIO AND OF COURSE MARIA HINOJOSA!

Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for years of thoughtful, insightful, inspiring, truthful reporting. You will be greatl missed. If this is your choice, may you enjoy a well-deserved rest. If the choice was not yours, may we all know the truth soon and find a way to restore this vital source of exemplary journalism. May your legacy of critical thinking live on in many mediums and in all the minds you have illuminated.

I am shocked by the announcement that NOW and Bill Moyers have been so abruptly canceled. Please tell me and others how we can contribute to your website so that we can continue to receive news that we can trust from investigative journalists distinguished by thorough reporting of relevant news the mainstream media, politically challenged before becoming economically bankrupt, chooses not to investigate or to report. I have read the weak attempt by the PBS ombudsman who asks us to keep an open mind giving a fair chance to he new 'replacements', themselves from the mainstream media. Sounds like a bone to a dog - gristle and little meat. I will withhold the donation I have regularly proscribed for my local station until the PBS broadcasts restore my good faith in the integrity of broad spectrum journalism.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the Journal and to a better quality of life for me and my family.

Hard to fathom. Instead of trying to add or expand the excellent investigative reports like Bill Moyers Journal and NOW, PBS is canceling these two of our favorite shows, it's especially hard to undertstand why, after the most informative program tonight, with the stimulating topics and insightful discussions between Bill, Mr. Kwak and Mr. Johnson.

Change your decision! PBS, before your viewership drop miserably, prove PBS did not cave in, sold out, and totally underestimated your viewers.

One by one the bright lights are going out, and Bill Moyers was one of the brightest.I fear for the future without people of the intellect and honesty of our Bill.All we will have left are the memories.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing tonight when I learned from David and Bill that NOW and The Journal are no longer going to be on the air. Our family was gathered around the TV to watch "our shows". Its the only time we watch the television. We appreciate the investigative stories and seeing some of the "best and the brightest" talk about the issues and their views. We have felt better informed and able to participate more intelligently in the democratic process. We were talking about the gap we will now experience and will miss the programs significantly. Why is this happening? and is there a way to fight it?

My heart sank this evening when I heard first David Brancaccio and then you say that Now and Bill Moyer’s Journal were to cease airing in two weeks.

I’ve so appreciated the insight you’ve facilitated over the years, bringing together key people, shining lights of clarity on so many important issues affecting us and our planet – your shows have been lighthouses of enlightened dialogue amidst a sea of TV drivel.

Friday nights will suffer for your absence. PBS will be a lesser place. TV, well, it’s two less stones of ballast lost on sanity’s lightening side of the scale.

It is with great sadness that I hear you will no longer provide the kind of insightful interviews and commentary that all of your fans expect from "The Journal".
I can only lament the lack of your point of view in the public discourse going forward. You will be sorely missed.

So PBS is now becoming Pure B.S?
Benito Mussolini advanced Fascism as the melding of the Corporation and the power of the State.
You tell me, anyone, if this is (Bill's removal) not the manifestation of just that.
The odds are good but the goods are more than odd.
This makes me feel more than ever that mega-funding by "groups" (corporations) to
PBS have served to have objective news co-opted by groups like the Koch brothers and their hench-corporate affiliates like the American Petroleum Institute. To me, there is no longer any doubt.
I've seen it on the local Alaskan level in formerly Pulitzer Prize winning newspapers stifling news and not picking up pertinent stories when told of them.
Witness the Aberta Tar Sands and Alaska's gas 's potential role in the perpetuation of that evil, heedless and unbounded extraction.
Welcome to the new Dark Ages if we do not protest and act most adamantly.
Bill Moyers is a shining light.
We must fight.

How can this stand? Friday nights on PBS meant I could rest in the knowledge that quality investigative journalism does still exist. Tonight I had that same quiet but audible gasp as when I learned about the Supreme Court ruling on campaign financing. Tap another nail into the coffin of our democracy. Without journalists of this calibre we are lost.

The PBS powers-that-be should consider polling & supporting their viewers since our contributions, in part, support them. They must know that, after watching PBS for all these years, we are smart enough to know something is amiss. "Cutting off one's nose to spite your face" comes to mind.

I am so distressed to hear that Bill Moyer's Journal is going off the air. The whole reason for PBS is to have quality programs like this to offset the inane celebrity- crazed and partisan-tinged fare that has become our sad media world. Where can we look for intelligent analysis and informed commentary now? I would love to know the thinking behind this programming decision. Is there any hope for a reprieve? Moyer has certainly earned a rest but with the fragile and critical state of our civic life today, his presence is the ballast that keeps us motivated to participate in our ailing democracy. I hope that this is not the last word on Bill's future work. If not PBS, then where can we hope to get this quality of program?

Dear Bill Moyers--We were shocked this evening to find that PBS has summarily canceled the Journal and Now, the two premiere, beautifully-researched, uncompromisingly principled and critical commentaries on the state of the nation and often the world. Does the P in PBS really stand for Plutocratic? We suspect that corporate America has finally gotten its way and silenced the only widely viewed programs that have been telling the truth. An independent press is a basic tenet of Democracy. PBS has been pretty much what's left of the tattered Fourth Estate, and it looks like PBS has caved too. We read on the PBS website that one of the programs that will be added to the lineup is from the Brookings Institute, to be produced by George W. Bush. Really? Really, really? We'll never give another dime to PBS unless the Journal, even with a replacement host--though we love you, Bill--and NOW are restored. Bill, you have certainly put in your time and we value and support you with best wishes for your retirement and thanks for your wonderful, insightful coverage of all things that matter. But the way this was done, with NOW being summarily canceled without explanation as well--that STINKS, PBS. We don't believe your corporate gobbledegook about reorganization. You ought to be ashamed. --Leslie & Mike M.

I to am saddened by the loss of a voice of reason and honesty. Who will take his place? What problems will exist without someone like you exposing the problems and giving us guidance to react and create response and movement in a positive manner with results. Who's going to be looking after Washington?
Will the journal be replaced?

Thank you for your years of dedication to bringing honest and challenging insights to our lives, Bill. Your program has certainly enriched mine. I can understand your need for a respite but feel devastated at the loss. The days of intelligent journalism seem truly at an end this month.

Anyone who is familiar with Noam Chomsky's work would not be surprised about this development. I've been expecting this day to come now for the past few years. There's no way a show that constantly exposes how the emperor wears no clothes would be allowed to remain on TV by the powers that be (even at a pretty bad time slot). The corporate executives were probably mad b/c Bill Moyers dared to be the only national TV news program to report on the death Howard Zinn this year. Don't laugh, but I actually watched in vain to see if Charlie Rose would even mention Zinn's death. But last year, the cheerleader of corrupt financiers didn't forget to honor Robert McNamara and his "contribution" to this country when he died.

PBS clearly wants to prove it is playing ball. Hey, how about a glitzy new weekly show with Thomas Friedman, the high priest of government propaganda, as host? Oh wait, I guess we get enough of that with the "elite/mainstream" Newshour everyday.

Hey Ronald, how do you explain NOW's demise? Go back and watch Faux News with all your Tea Party friends.

I'm afraid I share Bill Moyers' disappointment with America. There's really not much hope out there to dismantle the pyramid of putrid power.

Bill Moyers Journal and Now are my tow favorite programs in PBS, the reason why I religiously make my monetary contributions to OPB. It is obvious that I am not the only one that thinks like this. Why are these two programs being taken from the air? This is outrageous and frustrating.

Why is PBS dropping Now and The Journal? We need this investigative, in-depth journalism now more than ever.

The loss of these programs is immeasurable. Losing these programs while retaining those absurdly banal pledge drive "specials" is unconscionable.

I join the others on this list who just found out tonight that the show is leaving the airwaves. Tonight's show, just like so many others I've had the privilege to watch over the years, was so insightful, and so important, that I am left wondering how the void in the civil discourse will be filled.
Mr. Moyers you have been such a hero to me over the years in your many roles in public life, and I thank you for all you have given to this country. You will be missed.

Bill Moyers has been my hero since the time many many years ago when I saw him interviewing Joseph Campbell about his book "The Power of Myth". Bill's interviews and his thoughtful commentary have never failed to inform--and often to delight. I feel like I'm losing an old friend as well as a trusted, unbiased source of information and ideas. If PBS is responsible for the Journal ending---shame on them. If Bill is leaving because he wants a little breathing room, then so be it. Either way I will miss this wise, kind, insightful man who has brought so many hours of enjoyment and so much "food for thought" into my life.

I recall Mr. Moyers saying he would retire from weekly TV at some time after the election. This isn't PBS ending the Journal, it is Mr. Moyers decision to stop. I look forward to seeing future special programs with Mr. Moyers. Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for the ever informative Journal. I hope we see you again soon.

That's it; I'm done. With PBS cancelling two of my sources for real and in-depth news, I WILL NOT be renewing my annual pledges to the two PBS stations in my area.

Mr. Moyers, I very much hope you will be having a similar program soon.

We have set aside friday nights for many years to learn from the insightful and thorough reporting by Bill Moyers Journal and Now, on PBS. We also watch the McLaughlin Group and Frontline at every chance. My support for PBS is based primarily on what I consider good alternative news programing verses the dribble we get from the commercial outlets. The rest of the news I assimilate via the computer by exploiting venues from around the world to get a semi balanced view. I'm sorry to see Bill Moyers depart the airways, he like Walter Cronkite are journalists that made a mark on their audience and will be missed.

I now have to re-evaluate my PBS contributions going forward.

Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on? Why? I set aside all of Friday evening to listen to PBS as it is my ONLY source of truth about the world as it is. I want an answer as to why these giants of journalism are going off the air...Why? In gods name, why?

DO NOT cancel the Bill Moyers Journal. Something must be wrong with those in charge! His show is one of the most balanced in the business, and it covers ALL the key fundamental issues that pertain to a citizens life in America. Right now, reinstate the Journal, and stop the idiocy.


Thanks for contributing the Times article. I wish Bill's intentions to end the program had been made clear as part of the announcement. People obviously care deeply about sources of information that they find have the ring of truth. When those are withdrawn without indications to the contrary it leads to such assumptions.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? Are the PBS executives taking NOW and Bill Moyer's Journal off the air because of 1. funding issues? 2. political disagreement? This is extremely disappointing!
What is going on?! We the public need to write the heads of PBS and tell them our opinions and outrage with the ending of these programs.
With loud and clear messages we should be able to re-instate these shows.

"NOW" and "Bill Moyer's Journal" will be gone. WTF? Did Rupert Murdoch buy PBS?

I am shocked, bereft with grief at the loss of yet another public forum. We have only nattering talking heads and sound bytes to represent our democracy. I grieve for the future generations that will never know true investigative reporting.

Mr. Moyers and I thought differently but I really enjoyed his show. The opening music was really cool, too. But there are too many people on this board who are "shocked", "dismayed" or "horrified". Come on people, if any of you are that concerned, then step up and carry the torch. Bill is 75 years old and is getting tired. You folks are too used to others doing for you.

This is the week I lost respect for PBS. First they took Now off the air and then Bill Moyers Journal, two of the finest informative show on air. Thank you Bill for the timely information you conveyed every week. You will be missed.

I thought I happened to miss the broadcast where Bill Moyers explained why his show is leaving the air, but from the other listeners' comments and questions, it appears that no explanation has been given. I, too, am sorry and extremely concerned that Bill Moyers Journal and NOW are leaving the air. Have the "Bad Guys" exposed by these shows exercised their power to stop these shows? Without information to the contrary, that is what I believe.

The archives are good, but are no substitute for providing new information that seemed to only be available from Bill Moyers' Journal, NOW, and I will add "Frontline."

I'm fed up with PBS in the past week they have removed to of the best journalism program on air, NOW and Bill Moyers Journal. With these action PBS has lost my support. Good luck to you Bill and thank you for the many timely and informative programs you have shared with us.

I thought I happened to miss the broadcast where Bill Moyers explained why his show is leaving the air, but from the other listeners' comments and questions, it appears that no explanation has been given. I, too, am sorry and extremely concerned that Bill Moyers Journal and NOW are leaving the air. Have the "Bad Guys" exposed by these shows exercised their power to stop these shows? Without information to the contrary, that is what I believe.

The archives are good, but are no substitute for providing new information that seemed to only be available from Bill Moyers' Journal, NOW, and I will add "Frontline."

All I can say is WOW.

If these fine gentlemen and their staff decided this was the best decision for their organization then fine. However, if the only thing that PUBLIC broadcasting stations want from the PUBLIC is our dime and absolutely no input on programming, then we begin the slow death of the last great hope for unadulterated journalism designed for the PUBLIC with little influences from corporate and political flapdoodle.

So we lose two of the most influential shows at once? No more JOURNAL or NOW? Is it the "Underwriters" for your other programming dictating this? I have a few suggestions on who I'd like to see less of and neither of these shows qualify. This is just bad.

This cannot be true! What has happened that Bill Moyers Journal and NOW canceled. Is this Bill Moyers choice or PBS? I will be very interested in the accurate, truthful answer. But wait a minute, I think there will be very little truth, or investigative journalism on TV after this amazing journalist leaves PBS. He will never be replaced. So sorry to hear this news.

Thank you Bill for all the years of invaluable information you provided on Now and the Journal. Both programs have been a Friday night ritual for me and there isn't another program qualified to take it's place.

Dear Bill

I used to think of PBS as a fair voice for bringing us people like you; I guess I was wrong. I will miss your thoughtful and wise commentary on so many issues that need to be heard by all and the people you brought us to debate the issues. PBS has crossed the line; I am now done. I certainly will miss your presence on Friday evening; you gave me much to think about in so many respects. I wish you well and will continue to read your blog, etc.

Best wishes, you will be sorely missed.

I'm very disappointed that both "Now" and "Bill Moyers Journal", hands down two of the best, most insightful and intelligent shows on PBS, have been canceled. What next? Dateline?

What a drag.
This was the best program on television. Especially after being riveted by tonight's program, it was a shock to learn that Bill Moyers Journal is ceasing to exist. Add one more voice to the outcry!

Oh puh-lease... All of you who think the world is one big conspiracy, and that PBS is giving Bill the boot. Have a look at this NYTimes article. Sounds like Bill had planned to leave a few months ago and PBS asked him to stick around little longer.

Bill, thanks and congrats on your excellent show. I've watched it every week for years now and will truly miss it. I look forward to your next journalistic endeavor.

Recently a sermon in church asked, "Who is the person you most respect?" and my immediate answer was Bill Moyers. Friends and family on all sides of the aisle love, listen and revere him. He is the singular voice of conscience and soul of America in this land. I feel I'm losing my one connection to this country.

Your announcement on tonight's show that Bill Moyers Journal will go off the air in two weeks ruined my weekend. Your program has proven the most informative (and often the only) source to unravel many of the puzzles of modern day politics and finance. I hope your impeccable insistence on openness and honesty will lead you to fully explain (at the appropriate time) why your show is leaving the air.

Good luck! Your journalism has really made difference in my world view.

April 30 will truly be a sad day for America. While obnoxious and shallow TV talking heads flourish, Bill Moyers, the Voice of Reason, will be unplugged. Let's boycott PBS.

Dear Bill Moyers

The show was good. Please, stay in public’s eye and keep doing your thing…

I assume--in the absence of indications to the contrary--that the Journal is being dropped by PBS. This is depressing and angering. At the same time, it's not surprising. The Journal has shone the light on the dark side of what we have come to settle for as American Deomcracy. Of course this is effrontery to those who would rather the public's repose not be disturbed. But PBS should be public enough to provide for views that challenge the lop-sided advantage that big money has. I'm disgusted by this action by PBS. My next e-mail is to the PBS corporate office to say so.

This cannot just be a coincidence, as it is for the second time PBS tried to silence Bill Moyers - the most respected journalist and the only Voice of Reason and Critical Thinking around. From now on, not a single penny to PBS anymore!

Yes PBS, we do want to "be more". But how can we "be more" if the lights like "Bill Moyers Journal" and "NOW" are being turned off pushing us into the intellectual darkness?

"They" won! After 10 years of the oligarch that rules America your leaving.. another voice for the rest of us is being silenced. I am now convinced that the best thing for average Americans is left the oligarch have it's way... let them complete their program that for the majority of us is a race to the bottom. And, then and only then we may come together as a people and take back power.. the power that the Constitution implies: Power of the people.. to govern for their economic futures.

Why would PBS make such an incredible blunder? Bill Moyer's voice needs to be heard. NOW and the Journal tell us a point of view backed by journalistic credibility.

I doubt that most Americans know how big a role the FED plays in creating financial recession-depressions. It is true that Wall Street needs to be better regulated and the biggest banks broken up, but it is doubtful that the Amerian economy can be saved until the FED is abolished. It is after all a privately owned for- profit corporation. The word "federal" in their namesake is very misleading. Please watch Bill Still's revealing documentary video about the history of the FED(it was aired on PBS in Aug 2006). You can watch the video by googling Bill Still and "The Money Masters". It is truly an eye-opener and reveal the powers that have to be fought.

Dear Bill,

It is too bad the show is ending. It was only one of a handful of shows that provided factual commentary and debate rather than the usual inane interviews.

I will have to start watching Fareed Zakaria's GPS as a substitute.

I'll keep checking the website each week to see what's new.

I hope you keep motivating and mobilizing the public for change. Some of the public are profoundly wrong and need the facts.

How many times have I said, "thank God for Bill Moyers!" Thank you for your courage and integrity, Bill, and these years of so many valuable, informative and memorable programs. I'm another fan who always has looked forward to Friday night with NOW and you.... Somewhere, somehow, I'm smelling a rat and sure hope we can find it.

I can't believe you are taking Bill Moyers off
the air again. What is the problem with PBS and who has made this decision ?The Journal and Now are the two most intelligent,insightful and probing programs on the network. There is no other journalist of the high caliber of Bill Moyers.What a tragedy his loss will be for PBS and more importantly for us.

Why is this happening ... ?! Well it appears that the big corporate money and sponsors have taken over our public television and are trying to prevent honest reporting from taking place on national tv. They, the big corporations, have taken over public televison with their large monatery contributions , and are fighting against the interests of the average American citizen. This is unacceptable, and should not be tolorated by the American people and our democratic way of life !!

Really. Why?

Bill, thank you for all the hard work, thoughtfulness, and insight provided by the Journal. I watched you on NOW and was delighted when the Journal brought you back to us. I feel abandoned by PBS. I will not be supporting PBS with donations. I have noticed which corporations have started funding certain PBS programs and the overall quality, content and journalistic effort has been seriously compromised. Very Sad...
Bill you have inspired me and my family for years, Thank you and good luck...

Dear Mr. Moyers,

It is a shame that your illuminating and important public affairs show will no longer be on the air soon. I would also like to know why your program is being pulled off the air and why now? Is there anything the general public can do to bring your program back on the air? Besides this website, do you plan on doing any future broadcasts, television specials (on PBS?), news articles, books, and investigative reporting? Can you or anyone else recommend any other quality programs or websites that the viewing public should be aware of?

You been a great teacher of ideas and wisdom over the years and I certainly hope this is not the last we see of you!


All I can say is, I am shocked. Having worked in the broadcast industry - no explanation usually means it wasn't your choice.

My reasons for viewing PBS are quickly diminishing. There isn't enough honest information on TV anymore and now one more nail in the coffin.

Thank you for your years of providing another point of view.

- R

The termination of broadcasting's most intelligent, informative, insightful, and relevant programing isegment is criminal. It's a SIN!!!

Add me to the list (and it will be the death knell to PBS) of those who will no longer support a broadcasting system that is not for the Public!

I am shocked, saddened, but not surprised at this loss. I shall miss the insightful, intelligent, challenging and courteous interviews on timely topics.

Rev. Kelly Craft

Your weekly insights will be missed come April 30, Mr. Moyers. I wish you well and trust that you will be taking the advice of our friend Robert Bly, to take a deserved respite and attend to your own needs for a while.

We just heard Bill Moyer say his program will no longer be on Public TV. We are horrified - feel like there has been a death in our life. What in the world has happened. He and his program are a voice that has to be heard!!!!!

Obviously the corporate paymasters decided to clip the wings of the small group of journalists that would actually report on their malfeasance. I guess I'll be increasing my contribution to Link TV on satellite television.

Please say it ain't so Bill! Your program is an anchor for our week. Friday night just won't be the same without you. If leaving is your decision, good for you and Godspeed. If not, I will never donate another dollar to PBS. In these days of soundbites and blurbs you have brought clairity and wisdom to television journalism. Thank you for all your years of excellence. Please keep shining a light in the dark corners of our world.

I demand an explanation!!

Like so many other viewers, we were shocked to hear Mr. Moyers say that his program will be ending soon as well as NOW. What is going on? Without Bill Moyers Journal and NOW, we will find it difficult to support public television in the future.

I am glad Mr. Moyer's show is finally ending. Over the years, every time I've chanced upon it, it shocked me with its pretentiousness, clear radical leftist bias, and socialist agenda worthy of Fidel Castro and Co. PBS is absolutely correct in pulling the plug on this piece of communist propaganda which doesn't deserve to be supported by my money (I've been a faithful PBS supporter for over 10 years).

Why are Now and Bill Moyers Journal going off the air? I can only assume it is because these programs are willing to challenge corporate america. I have noticed a shift on the NewsHour and Washington Week that makes me less interested in watching these news programs. Since the decrease in PUBLIC Funding, Public TV must get funds from PRIVATE sources - notice the corporations sponsoring these shows? Is this why PBS will no longer have NOW or the Bill Moyers Journal?

Why is the most intelligent and fair program going off the air?

Bill, you can't leave us now when we need you more than ever!

What's going on here? Is this a PBS blunder or a personal decision on your part? If the latter, won't you reconsider?

I just heard that Bill Moyers Journal is ending. That's a huge disappointment. PBS owes us some explanation.

We are horrified to be losing Bill Moyers' Journal and NOW. Even with faithful donations, it seems we cannot count on receiving straight-talk news from PBS, regardless of their ads and promises. In this particularly difficult time, we have depended upon the integrity of Mr. Moyers for truthful and insightful information. Bummer.

Hi Bill-

I am shocked that your TV program is going off the air-

Why is this happening ???

If you decided to call it a day--I totally understand it-

If PBS has pulled the plug on your show and Now --
I will stop my regular donations to PBS --

Please let us know why this is happening --Thanks--Jay--

Mr. Moyers say it isn't so. You have been my Friday Night date forever---BILL MOYERS JOURNAL is one of the few
excellent programs left.
My TV will retire with you Bill...not worth watching
All the best and thank you for your intelligent discussions and enlightening me on too many subjects to mention
You will be sadly missed

I cannot begin to tell you how unhappy and upset I am at NOW and Bill Moyers Journal being dropped. As the other commentators ask: what is going on?
I have been unable to get an answer to this question. I have been trying to find out the board Members of PBS. The ombudsman, Mr. G. seems to receive but not pass out information. One cannot help but be most seriously disturbed at the PBS CEO. What a pathetic change from Dr. Baker! Sorry, but that has to be said. PBS has become a film arsenal worse than TCM. There is no one who does not like the Marx Brothers???
And here, the two most important public service programs, apart from the sorry remainder: FrontLine, are taken off the air. No, this is not a pretty luxury for 'elites'. So who/what is behind getting rid of what serves the public, in ways the working population has not the time to dig up individually, or the means on any level. Public Broadcasting Service: what has happened to it? And why was it done in the furtive way--to say the least--that has been the case?
To whom does one go?
Please, inform, if need be, reveal a list of people in Congress, in PBS, wherever, who can be contacted.
No, hearing NOW and Bill Moyers Journal on the air, seeing it, is not a private predilection, but a source for needed information, and a right of the public, not to have shelved--by seemingly unknowable--and, once again, unaccountable--forces in the form of people who deserve scrutiny.
Thank you,
Johanna Sayre
My Data:
Johanna sayre, Ph.D.,
19 River Rd.,
New Paltz, NY 12561-3009
845 658 3554,

I too, can't believe that your show and Now are ending. I find both shows help me to understand important current issues. I look forward to Friday nights because of the information your show presents. Why is this happening?

We have watched the Journal and NOW for years. We feel this is the only honest way to hear what is really happening in America and the world. We have learned so much from these programs. Why are the programs ending? Is PBS changing? It is interesting that many programs have been dropped over the past few years, but this announcement tonight is really the biggest shock of all.

This evenings announcements that both NOW and Bill Moyers Journal will no longer be broadcast on PBS is very disappointing. Is there a press release, statement or explanation available anywhere?

It's a shame, Bill Moyers is a true hero for all truth seeking citizens. An inspiration and a national treasure. Thank you for all your good work and for keeping this website up and running.

I am so distressed that the Bill Moyers Journal is leaving the air! Why? The Journal provides such important, intelligent commentary. We need you! If not you, Bill, isn't there someone who can assume this role? Friday night will not be the same for my family without the Journal!

I,too, am distressed and curious about your leaving PBS. You have long been apart of our weekly ritual and one I am proud to say our children have incorporated into their lives. Can't you reconsider at least for the children

What a loss - one that we can ill afford when big business has overwhelmed government with their influence. Bill Moyers Journal was a true "David up against Goliath". Why is the show being discontinued? Has the FCC succeeded in silencing a great speaker of the truth? Come back Bill Moyers. You are needed more than ever.

As sent to PBS:
I will certainly NOT be donating again to public tv now that you have demonstrated your stupidity by canceling two of the few remaining investigative reports in media. You are consciously contributing to the continued dumbing-down of America. I'm turning off my pbs stations and encouraging anyone I know to do the same. You have sold out. Maybe you can air more re-runs of Bob Ross or another 2 useless hours of how to barbecue spare ribs. Incredible!

Also just learned your show and NOW will be ending. As a young-ish person (24) its so sad to think of people younger than me who will never have access to quality shows like these.

So sorry and sad to hear the news.

I was astonished when you announced tonight that your program would end on April 30.
Your program is one of the most important and informative on the air. Why has this happened? Did Murdoch buy out PBS?

What in the world is PBS thinking?! I just sat through the most illuminating conversation between Bill,, Mr. Kwak, and Mr. Johnson and was stunned to hear that Bill and his wonderful Journal are leaving us! I am heartbroken. I plan my Friday evenings around "NOW" and "Bill Moyers Journal". There is simply no one on television that provides the insightful discussion and stimulating topics that we find on the Journal. To lose "NOW" and Bill is simply incomprehensible. PBS...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!

I also just heard the news tonite.

And also ask Why?
If you are choosing to leave, Bill, does that mean you know NO ONE who you believe is (at least on the way to being) capable of joining your team as novice (or not so novice)interviewer???

of is it PBS....?

Why are you leaving Public Television? We shall miss you! We need this type of constructive reporting to help us get through the "gobbbelty gook" we are fed by sources who don't really research their reports and certainly don't make them simple enough for the average citizen to grasp.

I am so sorry to hear that this program will be ending on April 30. I look forward to Friday nights when I can hear an intelligent and thought provoking program on the issues. We definitely need a program like this to delve into the major problems our country is facing with engaging dialogue. My Friday nights will definitely feel empty and my knowledge diminished.

So I am learning tonight that you are ending two important news programs which I do not understand. So you can put on more jibberish like Antiques Roadshow? I thought this was a station I could turn to for serious reporting and debate. I would like to have some explanation other than appealing to the mass audience.

Why? While watching tonight I just learned that the Journal will not be on PBS and that Now will also be gone at the end of April? Why? What is going on?

I just learned in tonight's broadcast that the Journal is ending on April 30. Why? Did PBS pull the funding or did Bill make this choice? I feel that America is losing a valuable public affairs program at a critical time in our nation's history. Who else is going to explore these problems from a different perspective than main stream media? I feel that PBS has abandoned us and more explanation would be nice!

I'm really going to miss Bill Moyers. I've learned so much in the last few years listening to your show. Your thoughtfulness, kindness, intelligence has been an inspiration to me, and when my two boys are old enough, I want them to learn from your example of how we can all be good citizens.

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