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Make That Change

(Photo by Robin Holland)

In this week's special finale to the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers introduced people who are working to make the world a better place.

Moyers spoke with author Barry Lopez, who discussed his craft and his belief that no one has what he calls a "walk-on part" in the theater of life. He said:

"Who is it that says one person has a 'walk-on part?' That's a political question. Who is it that's standing there saying that person, this person, those [people] are walk-on parts, and this person here will be the star of the show? I don't like that. I don't like to hear it. What happens if a person speaks imperfect English in a culture like ours, is not articulate, but can dance in a way that makes you shiver? Why is that a walk-on part? When it comes to a political statement, you can turn on the television and see people who claim expertise that they don't possess. The kind of expertise we need is not a facile grasp of policy, but a love of humanity. That's what we need."

The JOURNAL profiled the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, who refuse to accept "walk-on parts" and are organizing to make their voices heard. One of them, John Blasingame, said:

"Sometimes you have to raise a fuss, as Rosa Parks did: raised a fuss, got things changed. Rosa Parks didn't just say 'no, you can't have my seat.' She actually said 'no, I will no longer participate with you in my own exploitation.' It was because of people who stood up, who refused to back down, who refused to be quiet, who refused to be put off, who suffered the shootings and the bombings and the water cannons and the police dogs and everything else, who got out of the back of the bus. And we, the working class, the common people in this country, need to look at that because where are we? We are in the back of the bus. And what really angers me is we own the bus. It's our bus, not theirs. Our bus."

Populist activist Jim Hightower talked about the importance of building people's movements to work on solutions for daunting problems in our nation:

"It's one thing to be mad, but it's another thing to get organized and find your way around it. My mama told me that two wrongs don't make a right, but three left turns do. That's what we have to do. We have to figure a way around these blockages of Wall Street today, of the corporate interests that are squeezing out small business, of the blockages in the marketplaces... It's not enough to whine...We can battle back against the powers, but it's not going to a rally and shouting. It's organizing and it's thinking, and reaching out to others, and building a real people's movement... One big difference between real populism and what the Tea Party thing is is that real populists understand that government has become a subsidiary of the corporations. You can't say 'let's get rid of government.' You need to be saying 'let's take over government.'"

What do you think?

  • Barry Lopez said that no one need have a "walk-on part" in life. Do you agree? Why or why not?

  • Are you involved in a people's movement to improve your community and/or our nation? What issues concern you, and how are you working to make the world a better place?

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    Thank you Bill Moyers, and your devoted staff. There is nothing else like this anywhere, and you will be sorely missed.

    Before the 2008 election, you asked us viewers to submit titles of the book we would most like the next president to take with him or her to the White House.
    I wanted, more than anything, for the next president to watch your broadcast every week. That way they would get a sense of what is really going on in America, and what truly matters.

    Thank you for your service to this country, to its citizens. I can't wait to see what you're up to next.

    all my best,


    Okay, I'm having a "must be a guy thing" moment...

    "He with the gold rules"

    Is a GAME that 3-5 year olds can play because it makes simple sense to an immature animal mind....

    and not a GAME that I ever taught the kids to play because it is not REALITY oriented to life maintenance on this planet

    and kids need help being RAISED from the "terrible twos" where they run around

    cute as can be,

    saying "no" to everyone else and yelling

    ME ME ME.

    Rule what?
    Hell on earth?
    Posted by: Anna D

    Posted by David E
    They are the rules that keep the rich and influential rich and influential.
    What they do not realize is that they are dependant on their environment, their society and the people in their society to provide the goods and services that they enjoy.
    They are just as susceptible to chaos as is anyone else.

    The Capitalist Golden Rule is: "Those with the Gold Rule".

    Posted by: D. C. Eddy

    Rule what?

    Hell on earth?

    REGULATIONS that prevented "depression" were NOT FOLLOWED.
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David E
    Good point Anna...
    It is meaningless to have REGULATIONS if the regulations are toothless, ignored and not funded. In a capitalist system; it takes money to do anything.
    The Capitalist Golden Rule is: "Those with the Gold Rule".

    Without the necessary change in regulations, the only progress will be in the direction of poverty and chaos.

    Posted by: D. C. Eddy

    Stop it, please.

    REGULATIONS that prevented "depression" were NOT FOLLOWED.

    Now the same people who were too stupid to realize why those regulations were in place in the first place are going to tell us that "we need regulations"....??!!

    Can't recall which bloviator noted that there is a complete communication black-out between war lords and drug lords (ie. the "corporation")

    Straining at gnats while swallowing camels is a peculiar, abnormal form of mental masturbation.

    Privatizing the profit, socializing the losses

    is the Federal Researve Board's


    More misery for others =
    More money for ME ME ME

    Greed, hatred and revenge...

    Their MISSION

    is to create poverty and chaos!

    What part don't you still understand, DCEddy?

    Methinks you have a very flawed database...

    Gawd almighty, being raised by wolves would have been more educational for a Human "animal" about REALITY

    than being raised by Ayn Rand.

    They are GUILTY of bringing down the infrastructure of the USA - they LEVERAGED up to 4000 times on ALL

    "housing" in the USA.

    The entire housing market in the USA WAS the collateral for the war.

    That's why there was NO BUDGET passed.

    Progress is NOT in the "eyes of the beholder" -
    ie - How's it going with them cutting off that oil spill...? PROGRESS REPORT, anyone?
    PROGRESS is SIMPLE to identify.
    "Change" is what got us to the FALL
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David E
    Change is always in one direction or the other...
    One the subject of the massive oil spill; it is a good excuse to raise the price of gas.
    We will pay for the oil spill plus higher CEO pay.
    There are plenty of ways to stop the oil flow but as usual our "experts" are clueless.
    If the government does not reign in the oil companies; we will be up to our ears in oil and no money for gas.
    Without the necessary change in regulations, the only progress will be in the direction of poverty and chaos.


    You are beating a dead horse with the "change" schtick.

    Progress is NOT in the "eyes of the beholder" -

    ie - How's it going with them cutting off that oil spill...? PROGRESS REPORT, anyone?

    PROGRESS is SIMPLE to identify.

    "Change" is what got us to the FALL and we are POST the FALL.

    So I believe PROGRESS is what is going to be measured from here on in.

    Jack Martin asked a good question about what's in it for an immortal to be a part of his creation of HELL on earth...and I answered "experience" - the dude is a SADIST.

    More misery for others =
    More money for ME ME ME

    The only people still being reached by the HUBRIS on display via the "media" projecting out the party in D.C. between the war lords and drug lords of east and west

    are the ones with drugged/drunk minds.

    MEDICAL assessment.

    Just like it's a MEDICAL assessment about who is a sociopath/psychopath

    PROGRESS (things going kaboom)

    is what enlightened us all to the fact that they are INCOMPETANT sociopaths/psychopaths.

    If after 5000 or 500000 years, there is no change in something even as simple as "belief" in the atonement doctrine....well, there's no CHANGE one can believe in from the same crowd, is there?

    PROGRESS is an essential part of reality.
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David E
    Progress is a relative term...
    Progress for one person can be disastrous for a whole lot of other people.
    Right NOW our becoming extinct would be progress as far as Mother Nature is concerned. We have become a menace to both nature and ourselves.
    Change is universal; progress is in the eye of the beholder. Right NOW we need to be concerned about our survival. We need to do a transition from the square wheel of government to a round wheel of government that runs smoothly and not jar everyone’s teeth loss.
    CHANGE needs to be consistent with everyone's best interests; not just the rich and powerful.

    DC Eddy opined, in part, "Change is an essential element of reality..."

    I disagree.

    PROGRESS is an essential part of reality.

    The wheel does NOT need to be re-invented from a square circle.

    I want the mc carthyism LISt of the plutoRats

    and so does everyone else...

    THAT's "reality".

    We are also capable of initiating our own salvation.
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David E
    Change is an essential element of reality...
    Without change, everything would be frozen in space.
    We are part of the catalyst for change and need to know what the right moves will take us to a better life experience.
    Our present course of action is a disaster waiting to happen. It is necessary to change our social systems and our perception of reality if we are going to survive as viable human beings.
    We are at risk to lose our humanity, our social order and our lives if we do not fix our wrong concepts of human life, social order and environmental limitations.
    We are the authors of our own future.

    From simple attraction and repulsion to the functional design of a complex cosmos from micro to macro physical reality; reality is based on continuity and order. Everything is in transition within space.
    Form is also in a constant state of flux.
    We are either creating civilization or chaos. Creating order is good. Creating chaos is evil.
    It is essential that we understand the demands of order and do what is necessary to maintain order.
    Social systems cannot have order, functional efficiency and continuity through random accidents any more than nature could provide people with a viable world reality through random accidents. It takes intelligent intent to provide meaningful reality.
    Pulling weeds in my back yard I noticed that the "Stinky Bob" weeds I was trying to pull out of my strawberry patch had a coupling that would release the top of the plant and leave the rest of the plant intact; it was obvious that the plant was designed that way intentionally.
    If people want to survive, they are going to need the wisdom to disconnect from their present faulty social systems and establish more efficient social systems.
    We need to be smarter than "Stinky Bobs" plants.

    DC Eddy wrote, in part, "We are the source of our own undoing. We are the victims of our own greed and maliciousness."

    We are also capable of initiating our own salvation.

    To ignore the Declaration of Independence

    the REASON

    for the Constitution

    is a clear indication of a "regime change" in the interpretation of the Constitution.

    The "good guys" do not have "secret" reasons for war-making.

    The Declaration begins with:

    "When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to Separation."

    And much further down in the listing:

    "...Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury...."

    They brought down the infrastructure of the USA.

    Seems like a crime to me.

    And now the all-day yapping...shouldn't the question be

    what in her "elite" sub-culture indicates a capacity to value and respect fairness and mercy as the pillars of JUSTICE?

    Why is he in hiding? Come out come out wherever you are and do tells us about YOUR "reality" so that we can perceive the lack of free will in it...
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David E
    Considering that when God sent His Son to save people from their own foolishness and teach them what life should be all about, they tortured and killed His Son; it became clear that people do not have the intelligence or compassion to support the privilege of "free will". I think it became clear that God withholds His authority and does not restrict people's free will. It is people who abuse authority and everything else in order assert their authority over nature and other people.
    We are the source of our own undoing. We are the victims of our own greed and maliciousness.
    We are a contradiction of terms. We cry Peace! Peace! While, we stab righteousness in the back and blame God for our own stupidity.
    God is the source of all knowledge and righteousness and we use our gift of knowledge for evil instead of good.
    May God have mercy on our soul and use His authority to change our contrite personalities.

    Scheesh, no wonder authoritative religionists sent off a MERCENARY army to shut up Copernicus when he presented DATA that "god" does not revolve around the earth

    rather that the earth revolves around the sun

    Authority still has a hard time not being the center of the universe:

    "We are the center of our own universe as well as an integral part of reality. ( :- ) >

    Posted by: D. C. Eddy"

    BTW - We don't develop a "personality" - we are born with one. It's the PERSONALITY that coordinates "sensory" experiences. If it were as you propose, sensory experiences develop

    then we (as individuals and as a species) never would have reached the level of collective knowledge

    where we could determine how long of a time "god" took to feather the nest for us (earth).

    And one more very inportant point to bring up - the life force that animates atoms and chemicals? Even the ancient civilizations recognized that as a separate force.

    Too bad that bit of ancient "culture" was obfuscated by mechanists. Crucial to REAL SCIENCE to acknowledge what MAN is never able to do.

    Man reproduces life. He can never impart it.

    Arguing about "reality" at this point in time with all the problems of life-maintenance that we have goes beyond an absurd use of "brain" power, imo.

    As more and more people realize how nuts you have to be to torture the human beings originally entrusted to your care

    for 500,000 years, the Declaration of Independence that ignited SPIRITUAL FREEDOM

    will no doubt be finally seen as SANE in contrast.

    Why is he in hiding? Come out come out wherever you are and do tells us about YOUR "reality" so that we can perceive the lack of free will in it...

    "When man fails to discriminate the ends of his mortal striving, he finds himself functioning on the animal level of existance. He has failed to avail himself of the superior advantages of that material acumen, moral discrimination, and spiritual insight which are an integral part of his cosmic-mind endowment as a PERSONAL BEING."

    Stop raping three year olds with "logic".

    I would have never known that DCEddy imagines that another person is a hologram, or something... (???!!!)
    I occupy my own timeline.
    You occupy yours.
    Posted by Anna D

    Posted by David C
    Well, I guess in the strictest sense of reality we are probably an energy field that that has all of the attributes of a physical living being. In order to interact, we all experience the same space time continuum.
    While this is fact; it is what we experience as a physical being that is important. When we do the metamorphose to a physical human being, we are subjected to all of the attributes of physical reality.
    Through nature and nurture we develop the skills to deal with physical reality. Our ability to cope with reality makes it possible for us to be able to establish a personality and a modus operandi.
    Physical reality is both ordered and random with choices based on practical and emotional considerations.
    That having been said; the object of human life is to maximize our potentials and minimize our errors.
    We are born into a family, a culture and a social system that is intended to provide us the ability to survive and prosper. When these enablers fail, life becomes survival of the fittest. We depend on human integrity to make life a worthwhile experience.
    We all see through a glass darkly and struggle to make sense out of what we see and what we do not see.
    We need to know what life should be.
    We are more than our physical attributes. We are also a unique binary system of comprehension and response that is both physical and supernatural.
    We are the center of our own universe as well as an integral part of reality. ( :- ) >

    Need to know...about the crises you say?

    What crises?

    Miners, roughnecks, birds, shrimp, fish, and oysters dying due to what? Big government telling everyone what to do? Seems we're the government, and we're not keeping the scoundrels in check one iota. [tried searching "Pfeisteria" not too long ago and was pretty surprised re the lack of recent citations at Google Groups...purged from recent media (and thus our concerns) just like those registered Floridians?] Regarding the reich of Norquistian nirvana (this current moment) and PBS' present Friday night inattention to same...though I wanted to post today in 3/26's thread (the Morgensen show with my fav Moyers endnote) The Journal's site won't take me there at the I have posted my related thoughts this week in the Johnson/Kwak comments these guys also really gave the lie to the government-is-too-big malarkie. So, this message is continued over here

    Our government is only too big in the sense of earmark-bucks for future jobs. The thing that's too big is that compendium of NAFTA rules.

    DCEDDY, "HMMM! How about when you are where you are at and when you are also in the eye of the beholder..."

    See how important having conversation can be?

    Without having said, " can't be in two places at once..."

    I would have never known that DCEddy imagines that another person is a hologram, or something... (???!!!)

    Simplest explanation for a mechnistic mind is this one:

    A human being is the big circle...imagination, and organic brain electrons and eyeballs

    are interesecting circles - subsets - of the big picture.

    The dude has been around for 500,000 years playing the same sadistic tricks on human beings.

    That's nuts.

    None of us can ever access TIME - the "physics" reality of time - in any way other than as a Human Being than in the "eternal now".

    We are subsets inside the bigger circle of time.

    I occupy my own timeline.

    You occupy yours.

    Hence, no one has a walk-on role...

    Someone else was really good at the math and made it possible for the individual to be an individual inside the mechanisms of physics.

    The same "someone" who concocted a flower from the atom.

    Your eyeball can't compete with that :-)

    Nice. Trying to rationalize the institution of slavery with "time"...?

    I'm sure it's been attempted before in 500,000 year timeline

    that the cosmically insane "alien" views with his eyeball...

    After all, You can't be in two places at once :-)
    Posted by: Anna D

    Posted by David E
    HMMM! How about when you are where you are at and when you are also in the eye of the beholder...

    When you are sleeping, you are in your bed as well as where ever you are in your dreams...

    Reality is more than a "red wheelbarrow glazed with rain"; it is also the many concepts and forces that make reality possible.
    Institutions and economic principles are also realities that have to be dealt with if we are to survive our own stupidity.
    We can create heaven or hell on earth in accord with our ability to understand and use our institutions and economic principles to manage our affairs.
    There is more to affairs than going to bed with the wrong person. (:-)>

    I hope you find retirement boring and come back to us soon.

    •Barry Lopez said that no one need have a "walk-on part" in life. Do you agree? Why or why not?

    People might have been taught to feel that way about their life - a "walk-on part"

    because of how "time" is used.

    On one hand we have this timeline (caution, dry science ahead :-))

    "1. The prelife era extends over the initial four hundred and fifty million years, from about the time the planet attained its present size to the time of life establishment. Your students have designated this period as the Archeozoic.
    2. The life-dawn era extends over the next one hundred and fifty million years. This epoch intervenes between the preceding prelife or cataclysmic age and the following period of more highly developed marine life. This era is known to your researchers as the Proterozoic.
    3. The marine-life era covers the next two hundred and fifty million years and is best known to you as the Paleozoic.
    4. The early land-life era extends over the next one hundred million years and is known as the Mesozoic.
    5. The mammalian era occupies the last fifty million years. This recent-times era is known as the Cenozoic."

    So it took 600 million earth years to develop "life" into a marine life that had its dominated era of 250 million years.

    And how long did it take for the walk on actors to deregulate "protection" of marine life?

    On the other hand, nanosecond theft has become the shining glory of all that micro-chip technology.

    Maybe we need to live more in a sense of HUMAN time.

    And the yearly seasons of the seeds.

    Maybe then we'll think about 850 million years in the making of that sushi fish in front of you


    the nanosecond thieving.

    "Time is money"...

    If that is true, then we don't have even a walk on part...

    Weird question, but what if you have been around for 500,000 years, without a break,

    and you keep pulling the same INHUMAN stunts on the "stoopid" humans...?

    Wouldn't "time" be on your side - always? Whether million years or a millionth of a second...?

    We humans have a finite time span - a "may fly" lifespan...

    So the 500,000 year old other-than-human could claim justice moves slow

    and crime moves fast...

    and explain "time" in a simple parable for the simple mind...

    Logically, you could arrive at believing all you are is a walk-on part...even less...

    Something to be said for the advance in the game with the conversation

    starting up about the "eternal now" of the present.

    After all, You can't be in two places at once :-)

    Amazing how much wreckage lies in the wake of psychobabble politics...

    Yes, "education" is certainly one of them.

    Lost in the decades long plutocrat blitz

    against "Labor Unions"

    is that bit of "union" history

    and "education".

    You didn't get into the UNION

    unless you displayed

    COMPETANCY in the trade.

    Also for consideration, everyone who has a "job" in the 68% of the GDP food chain - 6 bankster clusterfks -

    did NOT get their job based on the rules of the game as they now have rewritten them

    the game is rigged to KEEP the unemployment numbers up...

    sounds crazy - don't it?

    Just like the TRUTH always does first time you hear it...

    Dear Bill Moyers,

    Tonight took me back to Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth broadcasts. And still with each new show, a new discovery. I'd never known the work of Barry Lopez.


    There are so many examples here of how your show has influenced your viewers and links of appreciation. And now, so many years later, there are books created which I'm sure those shows contributed to also. It's a modest, vulnerable repertory, and nothing like Barry Lopez's site, nevertheless, we share a common humanity and vision. Of course, mentioning this here is all a bit fuzzy but in our fuzziness is also our joy.
    I do hope both of you gentleman, Bill and Barry, will take a moment to peruse 2 of these examples, at least for the sound of an answering echo over the dark ocean.

    "Touch the Ocean: The Power of Our Collective Emotions," and also, "Journeys: Stories Our Bodies Can Tell." Both of these books are on listening and not just with the mind. There is also an online essay on listening with the body, "Spirals Within Spirals: Stones Have Stories to Tell," and relevant to the topics discussed tonight.

    Consolation is that we won't be left up nights after watching your show! But where will we get our gentle reality checks? So it's a plutocracy, after all -- thanks again for saying it like it is!

    Thank you to YOU and all of your perceptive staff for providing a calm space of sanity, a place where the troubles of others are held for an hour with kindness. Thank you for being of use.

    In Love and Appreciation,

    Bill Moyers~ It has been a week since your last program on the Journal and I still feel as if I am in mourning. You graced Friday nights with your marvelous interviews and guests and my family and I are so grateful to you. Like so many others who have written here, I think you are an absolute national treasure and I will miss your program so very much. There is a wonderful tribute to you on by a writer Jeanette DeMain that I loved; in it she cites a number of your programs that she found outstanding (how does one pick outstanding when the whole body of work is outstanding?!) Some that may have not been mentioned are the interview with Dr. Marcia Angell, M.D. which I often referred people to as health care/insurance was being debated ("debated"); the interviews with Mr. Bacevich on matters of war and peace and military issues, Iraq and Afghanistan, philosophy and history - and so many, many more. As I have been aware that you and Diane Rehm are getting older and may someday want to retire, I have worried about that eventuality. I have wondered what we would ever do without you (and without Diane, too, although she is still on the air, thank goodness) and would be sad just imagining it. I still don't know what we will do without you, except for this certainty: we will miss you. I think many of us love you, Mr. Moyers. In my household we do and we wish you well and most of all we thank you most profoundly.

    How am I involved in improving our nation and the world?

    I'm encouraging our citizens to focus. Focus on the source of our governmental and economic woes.

    The source is this:

    1. Our government should create and issue all the money we use in our country.
    2. But instead, our government borrows all the money. Absurd but true. Since 1913.

    That is the source. That's what we must stop. We can only stop that from the top.

    Let's do it in 2012. Here's how:

    Or just click on my name below, which is linked.

    Dear Bill Moyers: Thanks for what you've done. But it's not too late to do better. It's not enough to generalize about "government" and "plutocracy." Learn the source, and tell the people.

    Since it is your last show I wanted to send you a quick thank you note describing my not so quick love affair with PBS, Bill Moyers and The Journal. I have LOVED you nearly all of my life.

    When PBS first came to Boston I must have been all of ten years old. It did not compare then to watching the Lone Ranger, Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best. As, I grew older, though, until this very day at 61 not only have I continued to love PBS and watch it, it is the one of the few channels that I give my life's precious time TO watch nearly every day.

    When my mother passed away I thought I would never be able to take a breath without her. That is how I am feeling now. Bill, you are an irreplaceable man. I will miss you more than my feeble words can convey. I thank you and your staff SO much for the humanity, compassion, insight and your many guests, too, who reached out to me every week and from whom I learned so much.

    You are a priceless gem and I am thrilled to have lived in the ascribed era I had no part in choosing. I thank you, too, for nurturing my knowledge, understanding, and interest in the people and events of this earth we all occupy for much too short a time.

    Thank you again!!

    You're the man, Bill.

    OMG, was Limbaugh actually trying to cover up the real cause of this oil rig’s damage? Here he had me believing that leftwing extremists had done it, and then today, in an Olbermann report called Cheeney’s Katrina, we found out that Halliburton has a history of burning down oil rigs. Now if Cheeney isn’t a lefty, then I think Limbaugh might have tried to pull a fast one. Has he done this before?

    “Spill, Baby, Spill,” no wait, “Spill Here, Spill Now,” no wait… (I haven’t seen this much scrambling since Bobby Douglass.)

    Will Morgan wrote, in part, "One can only surmise that once the principle of the meaninglessness of money has been introduced at the most basic level, in order to generate FALSE, unearned or uneccessary demand, that principle will always extend fantasy and greed to the point of economic collaspe.

    Let's spend a little less time worrying about how "free" or "democratic" we are, and a little more time examining how our liberty is compromised from the start by the way we create money."

    Not being flip, breezy or judgemental

    "just the facts, Ma'am"...

    In our socially engineered

    faux "culture"

    where we have to do something HUMAN

    like think and have a serious conversation,

    "fractional reserve banking"

    is a RELIGION.

    Freedom of speech IS freedom of religion

    and every institutionalized

    religion of authority

    supports the MAIN religion

    of "money".

    So it's a double-whammy of censorship...a vicious circle...

    Greed, hatred and revenge POWER "religion" - the power over others...

    "god's work", indeed...

    I'm just saying - it's a RELIGION...and a "discriminating" religion, to boot...time to examine who the plutocrats hate the most.

    audit the fed...

    Mr. Moyers,

    No doubt about it, you are a "good guy".

    But when you speak of American "Democracy" I have to wonder: Have you ever read the Federalist Papers? Surely you have. The Founders of the United States did not set up a "democracy". They set up a limited Republic, and a Republic in name only, one which was capable of being driven, as it now is, in many political directions, from lassiez faire liberalism to paranoid quasi-facism. A chief reason that there is no Democracy to save is because there never was one to start with.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote that he "feared banks more than standing armies", but the United States had its first standing army within his own lifetime.

    Jefferson understood the power of credit for well or ill in society, and that explains why we are not a democracy. In a democracy the people "rule" but no people can rule if they are ignorant of how they are manipulated from the start.

    Why have thousands of Americans protested bank bailouts, excessive and corrupt profits, and huge bonuses, while not a single a person has protested the fact that in our system of fractional-reserve banking, banks are allowed "create" money?

    One can only surmise that once the principle of the meaninglessness of money has been introduced at the most basic level, in order to generate FALSE, unearned or uneccessary demand, that principle will always extend fantasy and greed to the point of economic collaspe.

    Let's spend a little less time worrying about how "free" or "democratic" we are, and a little more time examining how our liberty is compromised from the start by the way we create money.

    Will Morgan

    Game over. President Eisenhower was worried of a revolving door in the defense industry and the military. Now that door in in all government agencies. That is where the money talks. America has been "For Sale" for a long time. When you mention Government funding Journalism, I laugh. I released a documented story to a national press organization two months ago that a state entity is in violation of five constitutional amendments and inaction only spells one word, corruption.

    When Barry Lopez speaks of "walk on parts" I think that is how so many of us feel. We are bit players, extras, whose job is to "be the crowd", but when I listen to his comments against those ideas I think of a friend of mine. My friend has cerebral palsy and has a very difficult time speaking. Because she appears odd and is difficult to understand, people tend to dismiss her. But I have learned that when she makes that effort to speak in a group and to be understood, we should listen. Because it is so difficult for her, she has put much more thought into what she says than those of us who rattle on easily.
    I will try to remember to listen to the other folks, who like myself, seem to have a "bit part".

    Dear Bill + co,
    Your work was so important and very much appreciated.
    I wish you all the best for future endeavours.
    OMG how I will miss the Journal!
    Thank you again,
    Gemma - Brisbane Australia.

    Thanks, stephanie. You led me to these two sites:

    Dear David,

    The next march on is K-street, the 17 of may. Go to the website National People's Action. org for more info

    Thank you and your staff for bringing us the truth along with your guests. You will be missed. Happy trails.

    Bill Moyers is gentle, reverent guy yet strong and principled without being a loud mouth. I wish him the retirement of his dreams and hope that he will remain a presence for the rest of us...

    Dear Bill:

    Thank you for the best show on television. I am truly sad I will no longer have a chance to hear thoughtful, reflective discourse, but there's a void for someone else to fill!

    It was a Wonderful Ride, many, many thanks!

    I must say Mr. Bill Moyers will be missed by thousands of Canadian's who tuned in.

    Your last show Bill put the icing on the cake and those good people of CCI Iowa, have set a standard that all of us in Canada and the USA should follow.

    Here in my tiny province of Nova Scotia we too are pushing for change, except we feel that if we are to ever change our corrupt system of politics we must stop supporting political parties, they are our demise.

    Our Moto :

    Bill , I wish you well in your retirement and enjoy every single minute have earned it.

    Wayne Coady Nova Scotia Canada

    The human mind is not such an easy tool to use for endeavours that help all of humanity to succeed, and grow in love and goodness, but man does it ever work well for war and greed!!! And this is especially relevant since all of the users manuals were written by the successful, on the fly...So there does not seem to have been much research or experimenting to see if it (the so called human mind) actually could do what it said it could, using such an unreliable tool as words, which created thinking, and human reasoning! You know...acting with intelligence just hasn't been a human ability that we have demonstrated since day one! I wonder though, that when it comes to using words to make a reasonable world for all of humanity...are we just monkeys with hammers?
    It sure appears to be so.

    Why were the two most progressive programs on PBS, Bill Moyer's Journal and Now, removed from the air? Who were uncomfortable with these two programs, corporations or pro-corportion board members?

    The PBS has become more and more like the commercial TV stations, particularly with the removal of these two programs and its replacement by another program mediated by some mediocre journalists. We need to take back PBS or we'll have to stop supporting PBS.

    I cannot believe you are leaving. Say it isn't so, Bill! :-( I was amazed how you always asked guests questions that popped into my mind while I was listening. I cannot accept your departure. I will remain in denial for as long as possible...

    Gonna miss you Bill! I'll never forget when the power went out at the conference in St. Louis and you 'blamed' Karl Rove! Right before the Journal's comeback.
    I noticed that singer/songwriter/cultural worker Anne Feeney's song was quoted in your piece on activism this week:
    "...JOHN BLASINGAME: You can fight. In fact, you've got a duty to fight. There's some words to a song that get right to the heart of this.

    (SINGING) You law abiding citizens, listen to this song. Laws were made by people and people can be wrong. Once unions were against the law, but slavery was fine. Women were denied the vote and children worked the mines. The more you study history, the less you can deny it. A rotten law stays on the books 'til folks with guts defy it. ..."
    Anne's trying to make a living. Her songs are great. You can buy the song mentioned here:
    "Have You Been to Jail for Justice?" at
    And other stuff of Anne's here:

    Thanks for a great show. Have fun!

    Dear Mr. Moyers,
    Thank you for all those years of excellent journalism. You will be missed.
    All the best for your retirement.


    I want to join the next “March on Wall Street” march, but I can’t find their website. Does anyone know if there is one? This could be what we need to get Congress to listen to us, so I’m all ready to make me a poster and YELL (that goes without saying).

    I wish I had half the fire that is in Mr. Hightower. What a fighter. I loved his clever analogies too.

    This ’March on Wall Street’ might be the seed we need (if you’ve read any of my posts, then you will know that I can supply plenty of fertilizer to help it grow).

    Also, with the oil spill, immigration law and NY terrorism, we can't afford to be distracted from finance reform (Obama, Reid, Dodd and Frank haven’t).

    Globalization would be nothing without the demise of the U.S. They bought over 50% of the three branches of our government, they put our jobs on a fast boat to China, and they crippled our economy with their influence over our banks (Senator UBS AG). We need more than just a bunch of new green jobs. To start with: we need to stop Congress from taking lobby bribes; we need to make our own household items again; we need to grow our own food again; and ultimately, we need to get back on our feet again. This would be the change that I can believe in, so check your lip-service at the door, please.

    It will interesting to see if PBS replaces Moyers with someone/something more politically impartial. The incessant left-wing slant of the show may ultimately have led to its early 'retirement'.

    Mr. Moyers, your show and your work will be sorely missed. You have not only filled a most necessary role in keeping the American public informed, but have led me personally to so many wonderful people, books and other resources. I wish you well in whatever you choose to do with your time in the future and hope you will find joy in knowing that you have made a great difference in the lives of many of us. Thank you so much.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    Thank you for a remarkable body of work. I hope your 'redeployment' (I can't see you 'retired') will be most enjoyable.

    By the way, I want to thank you for including my music on two of your shows. This last show featured John Blasingame singing a verse of my song "Have You Been to Jail for Justice?" and one of the shows you did on Walmart featured my song, "War on the Workers." (I wasn't credited either time, but I did get hundreds of emails from my friends... )

    Best wishes to you,

    Anne Feeney

    Mr. Moyers,
    Your program exemplified the very best that public television has to offer: differing points of view, a healthy skepticism of political & economic power, a passionate searching for truth and justice.
    I'm heartbroken that there is nothing of that caliber to fill the void left by the end of your Journal... not by a long shot.
    Thank you so much for the immense contributions you've made, and for your civilizing influence on our national discourse.

    Holy frijoles!
    It does the heart good to read all of these posts.
    I've written before and am writing it again. God bless you, Mrs. Moyers and everyone who worked on the show. The Journal was my fix of journalistic sanity.

    We are the lead role in our lives. No one is unimportant. Each one of us is as important as the last. What's more important is our intentions and our actions. To walk proudly with your head held high in respect to what you think, say and do. Though I must admit my head hangs low on many days due to what I see my fellow human beings do.

    I work with several humanitarian groups, several environmental groups, several equality groups. I donate monthly to various groups and often to other groups and to a local Buddhist order who work for world peace. I have a great faith and a great despair for humanity. I work hard to support the faith and try not to fall into the despair.
    Earlier today I wrote that I thank God for the liberals and progressives (of which I am) because they give me hope that we can change the world to one that respects the dignity of man, nature and the Creator. I often feel like giving up but tomorrow I wake up and try again. Not to prove that I don't have a 'walk on' role in life. My life is my own. And I want to use it to try to make the world a little better. To give my energy to saner and safer world.

    Enjoy your retirement with your wife and family Mr. Moyer. And encourage the staff of The Journal to continue in their beautiful effort at responsible journalism.

    Thank you Bill, for the lifelong intellectual journey and your shining light in a darkening wilderness.
    As I was washing the dishes this morning - at 50, rolling the Lopez interview over in my mind with the oil spill as example, I wondered: where is the justice? And, as always - what is the reason for being here? To have to witness such pain? I've watched you throughout the years, always with this question in mind. And the simplicity of the answer - like a light bulb turning on in the blackest night - astonished me: to take care of the earth. That is our primary, overall purpose. It is not about being an environmentalist - rather it is about self preservation and respect for God's gift. It can be done - on an individual scale. Just look out the window and see the possibilities - a garden, solar, kindness to animals, minimal impact, as small footprint. Freedom comes from self sufficiency - and the ability to enjoy the freedom in a beautiful environment.
    Thank you for a life of insights that has taught me this simple lesson, along with many others - you will be sorely, deeply missed.

    Wonderful programs will be sorely missed

    Dear Mr. Moyers,
    Your departure from PBS broadcasting is a tremendous loss for the country. As the host for the most intelligently composed show on television, you are at the top of your game and will be sorely missed. Even if my wife and I did not agree with all of your guests' opinions, we were enriched by the exchange of ideas. No one else in the media seems to be speaking out on the issues that you have raised. Will a deafening silence follow your retirement?
    Thank you for all that you were able to accomplish. May God bless you and yours,
    Stephen L. Stringham
    Poplarville, Mississippi

    Mr. Moyers,
    First let me thank you for three years of the best journalism on television and congratulate you for your “retirement” from your Journal… somehow I doubt that you will ever really leave us. I watched last night and loved it all, particularly your interview and discussion with Barry Lopez. With the exception of the time I’ve spent in the mountains or on the sea, I’ve always felt beyond any sense of grace. Listening to the two of you talk about the reality of nature and humanity, I realized that my own experience has kept me from grace.
    I completely empathized with Lopez when he said: “…When I sit at that typewriter, I have to be frightened of what I'm trying to do. I'm frightened by my own, belief that I can actually get a story down on paper. I still have that thing in my mind from childhood, "Who cares what you have to say?" So, my path is the same path. It's still a path through confusion and lack of self confidence, and struggle and embarrassment over all of my imperfection… if I can find a way to build with language a bridge between a failure to believe and a witness to what is incomprehensible. If I can build that bridge and then do it again and then do it again. I would hope that at the end of my life, somebody would say, "Well, his life was useful. He helped…"
    That describes my own unsuccessful struggle over the last forty years and even though I always give up, I always return. I keep trying to make myself heard over that cynic inside my head that says, "Who cares what you have to say? It’s just more noise in the world of noise that either preaches to the choir or preys on the naïve well meant intentions of the fringe of the herd who are genetically hard wired to consider the possibility of anything beyond they’re own fear and desire."
    Over the past three years of the Journal and over most of fifty years of your career, your work has helped me keep trying. I’d like to thank you for that. Enclosed is the letter that I wrote to you on April 27, 2007. I never sent it and really knew why not, until last night when Barry Lopez said, "Who cares what you have to say?"
    Well today I’m putting it in the mail and I find appropriate irony when I tell you again that I love to hear that tale and see your face while you’re tellin’ it.

    Thank you again,

    James Mahaffey

    Your voice has been formative to my perosnal perspective since I first heard of you 25 yrs ago. You have inspired me to act and thus, you play a direct intellectual part in the formation of the revolution that is THE 250BOYCOTT. I hope your days are colored with joy and I wish for you to live to see the changes you've inspired in this world. Peace to you and yours Bill. Infinite thanks.

    How Profits Killed Profit-Making
    How the Greed Snake Ate Its Own Head
    and What came Out In the End

    This is not complicated. In fact, it's so glaringly simple that it sets off alarms in the mind.

    To tell the story of profit making we must first tell the story of money. As we review this hunk of Human history, to see how it all went down, we analyze the fundamental elements of profit making philosophy in the simplest terms possible. We gear our approach towards an audience who has never heard of money or profits. That way we know we're getting down to the nitty-gritty, down to the real poop in this tale of fodder.

    Starting with a definition for money, we're getting into the big picture view.
    Money is both a valuing tool and an exchange medium. It's used to value and exchange Human TEA (Time Energy & Attention).

    If I want a grilled cheese sandwich I could spend years of TEA growing wheat and raising dairy cows and then bread making and cheese making. I'd also have to spend TEA
    inventing and engineering the mechanics for all the growing and raising and so forth. You get the picture.

    It's much more efficient and practical for humans to specialize and spend our TEA on particular tasks. Money allows me to exchange my cheese making TEA with your bread making TEA and we both benefit from each others specialization. It's mutual compensation for each others specialization and a way to make an endless variety of products and services available to everyone. Money is an awesome and great invention and one of Humanitys most versatile tools.

    The spread of money worldwide generated the massive exchange system we call, the economy. Almost everyone in the world is exchanging money, or TEA, daily.

    Since money is our valuing tool its' use is only as efficient as the valuing system being applied with it. As long as money represents actual Human TEA it functions efficiently because it's designed to value Human TEA ( remeber: Time Energy & Attention).

    Enter the story of profits. You see, a product priced according to the actual TEA it took to produce it, reflects a real value. A profit however, is an arbitrary amount added to the price of the product, not its value. The value of its TEA. The purpose of profit is basically, to get something for nothing or to get more value than is given, creating an inherent imbalance in the exchange. Since profits represent no real TEA, they are just arbitrary fluffs randomly chosen to serve a sense of advantage and to indulge impractical pricing and uneven, or unfair exchange.

    Because profit making allowed people to have more and more money without any real valuing stricture, the over indulgence of greed was unleashed and a dominant/submissive relationship was established in the Human-We with those having more money socially dominating those who had less. This relationship thrived on the notion that profit-making should be the highest priority and the ultimate symbol of success in the Human economy.

    Here comes the glaring part. Since profit margins are arbitrary and only limited to the audacity of the sellers greed, they are a Falsehood, a Sham, a foundation of sand, as it were.
    Hence, by associating profit making with money... Nay, even more, by elevating profit making to the most significant and glorious purpose money can serve, we simultaneously legitimized profit making with the real value of money and in reciprocation, devalued money by associating it so deeply with the falsehood of the almighty bottom line.

    We are witnessing the fall of profit making and its demise is accelerated by the exposure of pure greed. The foot is so far to the floor there's no stopping the complete crumbling of the profit making philosophy. All lies crumble and this ones a'crumblin'.

    I will forecast the future of money and the global economy right here. I will prophecize with my pen. Money we shall keep. And profit making? We are tossing it away as we speak. By employing money in its actual design, we'll really get to see it at work for the first time in our known history.

    That's right! I'm calling it! Finance and business as usual are already passe. It's only the greed-icts who will feel devastated when we all wake up to the fact that, the profit making egg gave birth to a greed snake that was fated to eat its' own head. What came out in the end? Well, the end of that story.

    The new story is alreday unfolding.
    We’re quickly approaching the time when sustainability will be the new requisite criteria for all economic enterprise and social status will no longer equate to financial largesse but, to personal integrity and decency.

    Real power lies in words. It’s WORDS that move money around. WORDS are true human currency and we ALL have equal access to words and ideas. In the south central desert of Utah, where we have felt the “recession” for decades now, we have started a movement. It’s legal, it’s peaceful, it’s free and all it requires of you is to put a home made sign in your window and talk about it.

    When you make a home made 250BOYCOTT sign (see design in videos below) and put it in your window you’re saying, you agree that all humans, without exception, need a HOME. You’re saying, “My home is my SANCTUARY and I honor the sanctuary of my home and YOURS!” When you put a 250BOYCOTT sign in your window you are, at that moment, a revolutionary for PEACE, EQUALITY, FREDDOM and LOVE. Whether you are poor, or a shut-in, or an ex-con, or 12 yrs old or otherwise invisible, when you put a 250BOYCOTT sign in your window you are, at that moment, a hero to your self and every other Human on Earth.

    Watch the full “Max Trinitys Trickle UP Global Economics” video series on youtube for full details and join this world wide movement today.

    “Max Trinity Part 6: "THE PHILOSOPHY"

    “Max Trinity Part 2: "THE 250BOYCOTT”

    God bless Bill Moyers in retirement!

    Beware of Meechum! (new plastic newsweek guy)

    I would imagine the next show would have been about the massive oil spill in the gulf. "Drill baby drill" Sarah Palin et al? How pathetic. God help us or even some aliens would be cool at this point.


    PS - Dagny...let me guess - you are a miserable and ignorant person with no real friends who never got dates in high school?

    So glad to see this show is going off the air. Love to see it replaced with something educational.

    To Bill Moyers and all the staff of the Journal,

    I am probably slightly younger than the average PBS devotee. However, I was fortunate enough to have parents who introduced me to your reporting. As a result, I came of age learning from the excellent reporting of the Journal. At the end of most of your programs, I would get up to find a way to take some tangible action to make my world a more just and equitable place. So many times the things I first heard about on your program spurred further reading, and eventually my own political advocacy.

    I am now 20. Your program contributed to my desire to study public interest law. If my own life one day represents even a small fraction of the public good embodied in your journalism, I will feel fulfilled.

    Your work has been invaluable to me.

    Dear Bill Moyers
    From the comments, I see there is so much about the emptiness we're all feeling at you're living, but very little response to your questions.

    As for me, when I turned off my TV on Friday, again, I wanted to cry.
    A friend of mine died recently. We often called each other on the phone after your program. In a way, I feel I'm glad she won't have to miss you. But I will miss both of you, and I feel I'm going through a double grieving process that feed on each other.

    As a non-religious Jew, as others go their family dinners, my "Shabbat" was religiously watching you; it had to be something really important for me to miss it, and then, I would still tape it.

    I can't believe you really can leave us like this. You have too much to give and too much to do to retire. You know how important you are to all of us, and how much we need you to:

    DO SOMETHING TO "MAKE THAT CHANGE" you ask us to think about, and act upon, that change you inspire us with your words and your guests.

    Like many, I have felt powerless, frustrated and angry at how little I can do & how meaningless it also seems. YET, so many people think like me! We are all disillusioned at the place the Obama administration and the Democratic Party have left us. We don't want to fight them, and thus, support the right. We are their pawns. They have ignored us: the left, their "base", they have just taken us for granted, knowing we don't pose a danger to them. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don't think we can take it any longer. We cannot accept the economic and social situation created by our political system: the tremendous and growing inequality; the inhumanity and immorality of the people in power; they coalesce against us: WE THE PEOPLE, the workers, the poor.

    I believe it's time to create another populist movement nationwide; it's time to create a political party that fights for what we believe in; it's time to be proud to be on the left; it's time for the left to unite, to stop bickering, to fight together for the "Common Good" , it's time to form a new PROGRESSIVE PARTY!

    If you really get down to it: there is a tremendous force for change, but it's dispersed and diluted.

    I have been an independent voter for a number of years. I cringe when I hear the media saying that independent voters are centrists, and that is the people the candidates need to win.

    I was happy when the "Coffee Partiers" formed; at the meetings I went to, most people (like more than 90% are disillusioned with Obama and the Democratic Party, and want to see a Government from, by and for the people, and not the corporations. Their materials and ideas are very good, they're very well organized, and are willing to be active, and I'm glad they agreed to start working for Campaign Finance Reform; but … they also want to represent the Center, want to compromise.

    There is so much anger that needs to be tapped on by the left (vs the Tea Partiers), but I'm afraid we might let it get dispersed or taken over by very clever people.

    If you really get to it: the other parties like the Green and the Peace & Freedom, basically want the same thing. There is so much common ground! there are so many organizations that you have presented in your program like Public Citizen, Common Cause, League of Women Voters; so many studies and information by groups that you have presented to us that can give us the basis we need to start.

    There are many professionals that you have introduced to us and others like Robert Reich, and George Lakoff from whom we need to learn how to frame the debate; and there are leaders who have not had the opportunity to be in a position to change things.

    You are one of the most important ones, and you HAVE DONE SO MUCH to achieve what we want; Michael Moore is another, though not as profound, much more accessible and popular to the general public. There are people outside the Democratic Party like Ralph Nader that maybe could be more successful with a stronger support; or people that never made it in the DM like Jesse Jackson; or people that are in the party and in Congress, but totally ignore, like Dennis Kucinich and the rest of the members of the Progressive Caucus.

    Would these last be willing to leave the Democratic Party that plays and uses them? Would all of them be willing to put their egos aside, and let the person who best can represent us win? Could there be more Bernie Sanders in power? Would he join a Progressive Party? - I think so, it makes so much sense!

    All together, we could write a platform and fight for all the issues we believe in, and we can do it simultaneously; start working on the issues, forming committees, and let them guide us, with the help of the "experts" to write the platform.

    It's time to stop being scared (of what? We have nothing more to lose, but a lot to gain!)
    It's time to stop compromising, and stand and be counted, to learn and teach, to hear and be heard.

    The change we need is DRASTIC, RADICAL, and if we don't get it, will we need a Revolution?

    If we don't do it NOW, fascism is overtaking us. The right is going to the far right and gaining so much strength!!!! We all know what I'm saying and are scared to death! The "liberals" have moved to the center right and are being bought and/or are compromising. And the left? Where is it? Hiding somewhere.

    If we don't unite and act now to take back our government, it can only get worse.


    Bill Moyers, what do you think of this idea? Would you be willing to lead us --with all the people you know-- in that direction?

    Dear Bill Moyers:

    You have been like a long time neighbor, a friend really, whose front door was always open for me, and everyone, to just come on in. I have been dropping by your house for so many years, feeling so fortunate to be invited in and have opportunities to listen into these wonderful, intimate, enlightening gatherings and conversations you have hosted with the most interesting people anywhere. These visits have been comforting and reassuring at different times just as I needed them most to be, and have helped me sustain faith and hope in our humanity, and keep a spark going in my belly. Thank you. You are one of a kind, Bill, and I am grateful for you. So how does one say goodbye to an old caring neighbor whose bigger than life presence will be so dearly missed? See you around? Fare well, old friend.

    I really enjoyed the discussion with Mr. Lopez. I could relate with everything he had to say. He reminded me of Louise Erdrich because they both are doing something they truly love and then they both have the skills to share their experiences with others. Plus, during both interviews, I had to keep hitting the pause button because while I was digesting one thought, I didn’t want to miss the next.

    I’m still doing ok, but next Friday, I’ll probably start going through withdrawal.

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    Nature's first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leafs a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.
    -Robert Frost

    Stay gold, Ponyboy
    -S. E. Hinton, The Outsiders, 1967

    Haiku for Bill

    Bill's Winter came fast.
    Global warming has brought Spring
    With him we must leap!

    I think what bothers most of us is the fear of a loss of friend.Stay friendly, stick around when you can.:)

    I'm 32 years old and you and your show have really brought me up to speed. I feel 65 with the wisdom you have imparted on me. About to finish my PhD in neuroscience, but your show has been a second education. Thank you so much Bill and staff.

    I just want to say thank you for everything Bill Moyers! I hope that your life in retirement is spent in love and happiness with your family and the world around you.

    As a student of the healing arts (traditional Chinese medicine to be exact) I was introduced to your work last fall in a class when we watched your documentary with David Eisenberg on 'Healing and The Mind'. A few months later I discovered your Journal on PBS. I can honestly say that what I witnessed and learned from you and your guests have profoundly impacted the way that I philosophically live my life. I guess that it didn't imbue me with a new philosophy to life but helped me to understand my point of view. Through your work I have come closer to finding myself. I truly appreciated the centered composure you directed the conversations on your show with and the depth and truth at which your subjects dealt with. I am sad that your show has ended but its spirit will live on in me and the many many other viewers your show has had over the years. Being a native Iowan I found your final show to be very uplifting and empowering! I didn't realize that there was a movement like CCI. Its people like that that make me proud to say I am an Iowan (and when school is done I plan on moving back). That kind of hope makes me feel strong and hopeful even though much of Iowa has been destroyed by factory farms. Its us the people that will reclaim what is just. I was interested to meet Jim Hightower who taught me that I am a progressive. Sadly enough I didn't even know this political ideal existed even though I share the same ideas. And finally to end with a human being such as Barry Lopez, well that final conversation says it all. What a well spoken and well understood man. Justice and Reverence indeed.

    May you continue to be blessed and may happiness and love fill your heart. Even though there is darkness in the world, the light is out there and it is growing brighter and brighter everyday. Just look into your heart to find it and then you will see it all around you. Blessings to all those who are lighting the way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    The conversation with Mr. Hightower touched upon "plutocracy" or as Citigroup labelled it, "plutonomy." These words might well have described the prevailing conditions in a feudal society before the creation of corporations. In today's world they are well wide of the mark. The correct word is Fascism, as proerly defined by Benito Mussolini: The Corporate State.

    Finally, I will miss the Journal. I will miss you. Fare you well.

    Thank you, Bill Moyers...
    ...for reminding us so patiently, profoundly, persistently and buoyantly of our humanity, history, spirit and interdependence,
    ...for so resolutely speaking truth to power,
    ...for so courageously and profoundly seeking out and stating what needs to be said, and
    ...for inspiring us to move and act in concert, and leave this place better than we found it.

    Thank you Bill Moyers.

    Responsible journalism is the cornerstone of democracy. We citizens have to be informed and we rely on the press to search for the facts.

    Thank you so much, Mr. & Mrs. Moyers and your team, for your service to our nation. We will truly miss this excellent, thought-provoking, and spiritually nourishing program.

    I was deeply dismayed when I learned that tonight would be your last broadcast of the Bill Moyers Journal. My immediate reaction was "where will I turn now when I am feeling the despair of an overwhelmingly powerful world of inequity and greed?" Your program and personal reflections have been such a beacon of reason and intelligence in our troubled world, and I have often relied upon it to assuage my despair and renew my hope. No matter how corrupt and hopeless things seemed, I knew I could tune in to the Journal on Friday to find voices of reason and truth and meaningful democratic discourse. Despite all you have yourself witnessed and covered, you have never given up, never ceased finding companions on the journey to holding our country accountable to its ideals. My hope would be renewed, the world would seem less lonely and bleak and and my despair over the overwhelming power inequities in media, finance, health care, the environment and other spheres would be mitigated enough to renew a hope in the future and a motivation to keep playing my part.

    All best wishes on your path forward into the next passage of life, but know how much your wisdom and ideas, your rich and insightful interviews with remarkable life teachers, and your clear-minded statement of the abuses of power unmitigated by spin will be missed. You have been the Edward R. Murrow in my life, albeit far more gracious and gentle, and inclusive without sacrificing any of his political fierceness and courage. Thank you for all you have done to nurture our democratic spirit and to give voice to those unsung who humbly embody it in their lives and efforts. May a new generation follow in your footsteps and take up the beacon.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    You have enriched my days, my thoughts, and my reading list, and those of my husband and parents and even our 8 y.o. daughter for years now. We will wholeheartedly miss the Journal! May you delve into well-deserved time with Judith. Your name and opinions of your wise and varied guests will continue to come up in lovely lingering dinner conversations in our home for years to come. Our great thanks to you!

    All our best, the Keely's (of WA) and the Glovers (of BC)

    Committed to moving forward with wealth untold of knowledge, perspective, hope and reason. Gained, as I have been on this side of the lens. May every joy in existence continue to enrich you and yours in travels beyond the Journal. My smile tastes the salt of a tear, prescient and hopeful.

    Thank you for everything. I will miss your insight. May God richly bless you and yours, as you have blessed me. After reading the many comments, believe me, we all feel a big hole in our psyche and will truly miss your perspective. Please come back from time to time because you will truly be missed

    Your show instilled in me how lucky I am not to be a liberal!!

    One of the many things I will miss about your show, Mr Moyers, are the wonderful authors' interviews you have done.Over the last few years I have read and benfitted from a number of recommended books. Tonight I wasted no time in searching Kindle for both Paul Woodruff's "Revenge" and Barry Lopez'"Resistance". I look forward with much anticipation to whatever you will do next, and wish you peace, rest, and renewal.

    Just watched the last Bill Moyers Journal this evening. Goodbye and thank you, Mr. Moyers. We love you. There will now be a vacuum in quality journalism on TV, with Mr. Moyers' retirement. Why is there not even one journalist of the new generation in America who can fill Mr. Moyers shoes, just as there are no great leaders in America that we truly need?? Truly sad indeed. With Moyers' retirement, we will now be more controlled by the corporate powers than ever before. Time to fear, not hope.

    Moyers' "replacement" will be the Newsweek editor, who will co-head the new show "Need to Know." Don't expect Bill Moyers journalism here. This Newsweek Editor is a Centrist, a Corporate Democrat, an Establishment Journalist, a bit like Charlie Rose. I saw him on Charlie Rose a few weeks ago, and he continued to be in awe of Obama, saying that Obama was amazingly admirable, implying he was some kind of legendary figure. Don't expect this Newsweek editor to report meaningfully on important issues that have been ignored by MSM (Main Stream Media), as Bill Moyers has done for us. This Newsweek Editor IS Mainstream Media, who toes the Establishment line. Don't expect him to call out Obama for killing the public option, as Bill Moyers has done. Don't expect him to call out Obama for allowing for offshore drilling. Don't expect him to call out Obama for being soft on financial "reform." Truly disappointing they are replacing Bill Moyers with this Establishment Man, the Editor of Newsweek, solidly of MSM. The Corporate Powers are surely very happy with this pick. Time to fear. Be afraid, be very afraid.


    You and your team have done a superior job. I believe you have helped enlighten me as well as others.

    Good journeys.


    Dear Mr. Moyers,
    I am constantly amazed by your approach to interviews. It's an art. Your first question is like a brush stroke on a canvas. Then you hand the brush to whomever you are interviewing and let them create images, share stories, dig deeper, be understood... You don't ask many questions or make many comments but when you do it's to urge the person on to paint more vividly. Thank you.

    Your last program was the end of an era of responsible journalism. What passes for journalism on much of the media these days is clearly not reporting and definitely not journalism. You will be missed as one of the few voices in the wilderness that tried to bring objectivity to the discussion.

    Bill Moyers,

    Thank -you for your years of journalistic integrity and journalism; I wish you abundant blessings. Barry Lopez ended your show with an invitation. Yes, we can make democracy work; thank you for inviting us to work together. This issue is an example of the dark side of politics and greed. Bill Moyer’s viewers might resonate with my concern.

    The Pesticide Action Network has initiated a petition to Pres. Obama to stop the use of American funds for DDT in Africa. Yet, Americans are unaware President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) is providing tax dollars to fund distribution of SP. Malaria parasite has had documented resistance to this drug for 10 years. This is why it appears that malaria is an epidemic. This is the premise used to substantiate claims that only DDT, a banned toxin, will be effective in Africa.

    PMI Report for Uganda 2009 seeks to increase from 16% to 40% the number of pregnant women administered the useless drug, twice daily. They project administering SP (sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine) to 60% of pregnant women the following year. Each time a poor, sick, pregnant woman seeks care, she is treated with our inhumanity. How far has the pendulum swung?

    World Bank had indicated leading direct foreign investor nations since the 1990’s have been: United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, US, South Africa and India. Infrastructure has been put into place to develop Uganda’s natural resources: hydropower, oil, gold, diamonds, platinum, copper, cobalt, coltan, and rare earth minerals. Twenty-year civil unrest effectively cleared peoples from their lands; yet, leading real estate sales for the nation were in the conflict area.

    We can choose to fund cheap, effective, 1-pill-a-day, 3-day dose prescription interventions (cost of $1.50 per child under 5 years). Please contact the US State Department ( Please say: “No, to President’s Malaria Initiative genocide” and “Yes, for universal access to ACT’s, artemisinin combination therapies!”
    Good-bye, Bill Moyers

    Thank you for your contributions to our country and the world.

    At each changing of the generational guard I sense a loss of people who watched the world sensitive to the dangers of an American competitive narcissism that engenders so many crises from wall street to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Thank you for watching wisely, strongly, and with a measure of humility that we watch best for ourselves and those we love when we watch out for the whole world.

    I hope you are blessed and productive in your next stages of watching.

    It's the Sunday after the last "Moyers Journal," May 2nd 2010. The last Journal was broadcast on Friday, April 30th. Down here in my part of the southland the 30th was a pretty day. Since my beloved, activist-yet-purnajnani, dedicated-Moyers-fan mother passed there have been 17 months of The Journal. Bill, I already told you last week how much I'd miss you.

    Today, 40 hrs post last edition, I am gladened to see more posts than I expected in the Barry Lopez thread. I don't see on first scan as much comment on Lopez's ideas as might have come with so many posts but will have to read everything here a little more closely. Unfortunately, I too will veer off into things related but related a little obliquely. After an interview with a guy like Barry Lopez a lot could be said...and posted. One can see how this could happen. But since Bill said keep it short, like I say, I'll do so now and wait to see if any further burn'n issues or burn'n debates develop (re Lopez's ideas)...before posting the stuff I typed up. Disorientation, apprehension, and confusion still plague the boomer (it came despite all the idealism of our era...all the smultz of it, all the books on psychiatry, all the Faith; it came cause souls are unique) such a state he's not even sure if he should venture out into this venue.

    Right now it looks to me like there might be a couple ways forward for democracy; sometimes they seem like those razor edges up in the Himalayas. The Himalayas, Antarctica...when we consume media or write our minds zoom to such exotic spots. We don't zoom to Juarez. Hey friends, people will get ticked about what they're put'n up with down there. There will be reactions that are termed "reactionary." I think it might have something to do with that thing called "the war on drugs." The liberals will pan the new AZ law, but downplay the actual chaos that may convert folks know...those "f" people. Keep track of it, NOW won't be there to give ya the low down. No time to focus on what's unproven, only time for focus on items where support will arise in regard to the chaos and death that's goin on right now...because it's goin on right now. If it hadn't been for the increased dope in hoods likely as not we'd of had no Iran-Contra hearings. We're willing to start WWIII over occasional rockets while right at our border Mexicans dealing with constant gunfire and death day in and day out...don't seem to matter.

    Over the past few wks still what's most helpful to me is what Erdrich said about memory. Glad she pulls something outta memory that isn't all revenge (speaking of justice). Sometimes I sort of feel like share'n with folks I know how (back in '64), for this whitey, stackin hay bales in a torrid barn taught me something, or unload'n a whole boxcar of peanut hulls til my fingers felt like someone hit all the tips with'a hammer...or how, out in front, sprint'n hard right prior to finish I watched my lane of cinders rise up right to the tip of my nose...try'n to impress myself and the inimitable veteran.

    And we liked it!


    Memories, memories. I sometimes find myself wanting to relate to friends and acquaintences that there really was an ethic in some places in this land that other places in this land lost track of. But nothing can be fully accurate that is stated so generally...without more subtleties and qualifiers. Whereas I feel the country's sink'n, I get the feeling a fair number of folks I know think it was sunk way prior to 2008.

    Everything's a big synthesis like Ellul said. No elements of thesis or antithesis get left behind--it all just gets more complicated. Oppression in one county, peace in the valley in the next. Ditto hoods. Ditto workplaces. Physician assisted dying in one state, ventilators needles and screaming monitors in the next. Over time...waves of this tradition crossing waves of that tradition. Nodes and empty spots, infinite cross fertilizations. Some from every race in this land are lucky, landing in the right confluence. Thich Nhat Hanh explains it when he talks about the "fifth bow." He gives an explanation of what's wrong with those who make us suffer: they didn't pick up compassion and insight...because no someone imparted it to them. I'd like to get into what he says regarding soul annihilation, but, again...wait'n to see if this thread stays lively.

    If I don't get over to the populist comments, that story on the Iowa CCO...whoops, no words will do. And Jim Hightower was great too. My mother subscribed to "The Low Down," which, as good as I remember it was...I do not remember as anything like Hightower-in-person Friday night. Also, when I see all the folks it took to put
    The Journal together...I wonder how everyone in the crew got so in synch with the same vision of what was to come about (the evidence of this unity of vision is I think apparent). Of course, I don't see it as a marvel of contrivance, but as a marvel carrying on some very viable notion of how to view the world...the origins of which no doubt hark back to a time in this land long, long before my memory functions were switched on. Or...if there are features that have been added by The Journal I guess we should be extra thankful. Anyway, the need was great, and there it was. Like something out of Lao Tzu. Thanks to all you folks. As funny as a lot of young guys are, none of them have come close to doing what Bill has done...and that is heavy. [We have not seen people like Amy Goodman or Chris Hedges, though, get such a chance.] The potential of our elders is demeaned by the system, and in many cases so are their last days (intolerable)...and what remains in our own memories that tells us to seek out their counsel grows fuzzier and fuzzier. That potential should be something we attempt to enlist. Ah well, if you don't exude the macho presence of a master/meritocratic race...

    The tea baggers have missed out on a big, significant reflection of their nation and their world as it truly is; we should pity every single one of'em. No one they trusted told'em to watch the show. They don't even know a big chapter in citizen education is now over. I could freak out try'n to think up what should come next, but I've already written too tell me!

    I've always benefitted from the experience of watching NOW and the Journal. Like many of the sentiments expressed here, I've gained an education and much insight into the ways this country works -- for better or worse -- because of your tireless efforts to speak truth to power. I thank you for this and for your tenacity, thoughtfulness and intelligence throughout the years. Sadly, these qualities are rare among our politicians and journalists alike and when I find them, I feel nothing but appreciation. I wish you all good luck in the future and am looking forward to seeing what Bill Moyers will do next.

    You will be sorely missed.
    We need your wisdom, insite and pointed compassion for the common good. I hope your journey goes on well.

    I would encourage you to keep up the work on Campaign reform. As you so abley put it plutocracy has taken over. There are though a few rays of hope. One of these is in the state of Maine with their Clean Elections. It works very well on the state level and can be a model for the national level. It is a way that we can once again make government our own.

    Again, You have been the great gem of broadcasting. Stay on line I will be going back time and again like and old friend to those conversations.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    Who is gonna keep government official and the fat cats, owners of banks and corporations on check? Someone in this blog said that you are the "last guardian of the old idea of journalism being the watchdog of the government and politics of a country, not working for its benefits". I think it's time we take control of our bus, we have to take control of our government, we have to kick out all the fat cat politicians that are part of our goverment along with the fat cats of corporations. We are gonna have to do it even if is by force; we can, we the common people, the populists, the working people are more than them and are more powerful than them in numbers. We need to get them all out...from banks and corporations to the Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House...ALL OF THEM you said in this your last broadcast for now...democracy and wealth don't go together...capitalism is exploitation and we are letting ourselves being exploited by a few!! Let's raise both of our arms and our voices and if we have to our arms & guns too and not get rid of government but the people that are running our government along with the fat cats of corporations...NOW!!


    bill this country needs you to remain "mainstream visible" !!! i am a professional cuban naturalized (real)
    american since 1974 .. having lived in spain , miami , chicago '70 , back in miami '81 , in kentucky since 1993 ...lived in a socialist nation until 1968 having seen how haitians and mexicans were treated differently when i worked alongside them as youngster a strong proponent of FDR second bill of rights , discerning the difference between a political and an economic inmigrant , deploring the mediocrity of our schools , the resultant selfishness of the uneducated voter , and our baron politicians ....WE NEED YOU ! ... PRO-PUBLICA'S MORNING BILL ?

    Mr. Moyers:

    On your last show, congrats. You've retired three or four times. Although journalism remains the potentially great civic art form in another decade or so, do you believe a steadfast and successfull commitment to quality reach a satisfactory audience since there is greed, selfishness and oligarchy in the corporations and branches of government who control mass media? Still enjoy your work
    with Joseph Campbell.

    Citizen Action in Iowa?.Iowa Free thinkers we the people, debate whether Man should serve money or Money should serve Man ?.. Often time in History When Greed gets out of control, it can cause a lot of problems in a working economy. That results in recessions by the people in our regulatory offices that was supposed to be educated.( Wall street & Government ) These types of disasters lead to Man shall serve money. Who are we the people, that we should let the greed of a few encapsulate mankind from money serving man. There shall be no documents or writings that shall enslave mankind from his expansion of knowledge. The whole basis of money economics is to serve man, not to bound him into poverty and greed of a few. The founding Constitution of America sees that we the People should not be bound by a few !..

    I wish to tell that whenever I have had the opportunity to catch your broadcast I have always left feeling both educated and somewhat hopeful that there are still those who want to be edified by logical coherent truth, as opposed to the din of political and commercial postulating and fear mongering that sadly seems to drown out rationality.

    mr. moyers,i am a 57 yr old african-american who ran across your show about 5 years ago.thank you sir,for your independent voice showcaase of ideas,they have been most informative,I hope that you enjoy your retirement,which you richly have help fiht the good fight.god bless you sir.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    You have been a beacon of truth for myself and others watching american news media, from across the pond, failing or neglecting to report facts and resorting to opinion based/angled reporting.

    You will be sorely missed, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to look now for real interviews about important topics. I'm stuck with political satire from Daily Show and Colbert Report.

    As I see it, you were the last guardian of the old idea of journalism being the watchdog of the government and politics of a country, not working for its benefits.

    Wish you a happy retirement, and hope you will come on Jon Stewart's Show for a last goodbye before you leave the media exposure for good.

    Thank you for all your hard and honest journalistic work throughout the years! We are many who have learned a lot from your, lessons we will make use of for many years to come.

    Dear Bill,
    You have been the greatest public servant, minister of kindness, investigative journalist and conscience of our democracy. Selfishly,I doubt you can be replaced, as a even handed voice in the sea of right wing hateful media driving violence for profit.
    I wish you the best in life, you deserve it most assuredly.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    I started watching your program a year and a half ago, when I spent a couple months living back with my parents and helping my father recuperate from a serious injury. Watching you became a Friday night ritual, and when I moved back out to California after my dad healed, I subscribed to your show online and kept watching. It has been consistently insightful and inspiring, with a quality of discourse and discussion unlike anything else on television. I'm sorry to see you go, but I did want to let you know that you have certainly influenced at least this one twentysomething to continue to try to enact positive change in the world. Thank you for so many years of excellent reporting, and good luck to you.

    I started watching Bill Moyers only a couple years ago. I had thought that he would be a middlebrow liberal with predictably worthy opinions. Before long I realized that Moyers was the real deal: a gusty journalist with far more radical views than I had imagined would be the case. Yet his sensibility remained open to others and his manner was always courteous. Bill, you are a great interviewer. You ask the right questions; you engage; you know when to be quiet (so rare these days!); and you know when to end. I am sorry you are ending literally now. Thank you for your enriching contribution to public life.

    I watched the last of the Journal last evening, and I'm finally writing to express my gratitude for it. I'm not proud of those two facts just stated, but I am proud to be a fan of the Journal, as I have been from its start. Bill Moyer's Journal has been an illuminating relief from what passes for "news" today; it has also been a marvelous light for ideas, old and new, shining on our cultural life. I have long been a fan of Bill Moyer even from the days when he did interview programs of current cultural leaders, which were by the way among the best things that real TV (public broadcasting) has been able to bring to our society. He has been (& continues) a hero of mine; we wish him the best, and sincerely hope we've not heard the last of him.

    But I have two more confessions to make:
    I was worried that the end of the Journal would be another concession to the likes of the "FOX 'news'" genre, and people would be left with less an avenue to truth. Who could be a successor to Bill Moyers? Then at the end of the program came the announcement of "Need to Know" to be hosted by none other than Jon Meacham; so my fears are allayed and my question answered. Thanks.

    The other confession is that I have been "active" in my community all my life, at least to some extent. I have been a life long church member and participant in its programs and community life. I have been a member of a Township sewer authority for many years, even to see its transformation from a 'construction authority' into an 'operating authority'. I have had a career as an Civil Engineer for the state I live in, which, believe it or not, I importantly considered to be a public service even as I hired-on out of college. But listening to Bill Moyer on the Journal last evening, I realize that is not enough really; I need to be even more involved to "make democracy work" -- the price of freedom is eternal vigilance -- I'll try...

    I will continue to look to PBS for guidance, for truth, and for beauty -- very much as Mr. Lopez has done, and as Mr. Moyer has done, and as so many of the people he introduced over the years have shown how to do ...
    Thanks for all that you have given -- and please keep up the good work !

    Mr. Moyers,

    The exceptional PBS programs "NOW" and "Bill Moyer's Journal" have provided our family and myself in particular a great educational experience that is unique and is not found on any other television program.

    When the voices of the Main Stream Media cheered the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan your series was almost alone rightfully questioning and condemning the invasion of Iraq as a travesty and calamity of global proportions. Your organization continued to broadcast a truthful and objective perspective on a host of other issues that most MSM organizations ignored or simply failed to publish breaking a sacred compact between the press and the people they are supposed to serve.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective of the world with us and know that I am much better off for having experienced it.

    BTW, is there any chance you will take the late Molly Ivins' suggestion and run for President?

    As so many of us have commented you will be deeply missed! As always, your shows have been such a ray of inspiration and hope. You have helped keep us connected through such tumultuous times in realizing that there is a steady powerful movement of solid values in treating life with respect and gratitude. Thank you immensely for your sincere dedication of enriching our lives.

    Dear Bill:

    thank you for your insight into our national issues and intelligent comment to our country's policies. Even though it meant staying up until 11:30 pm on Friday night (and this in so called liberal SF, where KQED pushed your starting time to 10:30 to keep you out of prime time). But it was worth the effort to see "what Bill had to say". You will be sorely missed. Thanks for all of your work.


    For many years, I have thought of Bill Moyers as guardian of our national soul. I have tried to arrange every Friday night to spend them with him. I'm at a loss as to what I will do to keep informed on the issues that only NOW and Bill Moyers took the time to address. I know it may not be fair to Mr. Moyers and David Brancaccio to expect them to reappear soon on public TV, but I will hope. I hate to think that PBS might deteriorate to the level of the rest of the media, who simply seem to repeat each other without adding any new facts to the discussion.

    i have that the true depth of a bond is measured in the hour of parting.

    i have followed you since i found your interviews with Joseph Campbell.

    the gifts of truth, love and reverence for life you have highlighted are a never ending source of light in my life. i wish you receive the amount of love and joy you have given to me in my life.

    you are in my heart, i still wish you were on TV.

    We met in Rome, in 2007, amongst the paintings in the Spada Gallery on a rainy Spring afternoon. I possess a battered copy of "The Smiles of Rome" recommended by your dear wife that day. You recommended the glorious "History: A Novel" by Elsa Morante to my husband. It's his favorite book of all time. I want you to know how much you've meant to the two of us all these years---our Friday night companion. Your thoughtfulness and deep caring spirit reached through the screen to so many of us. It hurts to say goodbye, but indeed, we must let you go. We wish you every good thing in this last gift of time ...

    I also cried when you announced that last night was your final program of Bill Moyers Journal. I hope you will keep your archive available online so we/I can re-watch the many wonderful and inspiring interviews.

    I thank you and I pray that you have influenced many who come behind you, the up and coming generations of journalists, to strive for your grace and steadfast reaching for truth and perspective on a wide range of issues.

    I reluctantly let go of you and yet I wish you a continued blessed life.


    Maui, HI

    Thank you, Bill and team for your good work. I have looked forward, each week, to Friday night as the high point of my week, because that is where hope was kept alive. "As long as voices like these can still be heard on public television, " I said to myself, "all is not completely lost." You will be sorely missed.
    Frank VanDevelder

    Bill, thank you for the integrity and intelligence you've brought to our national debate. Though I've only recently become old enough to really immerse myself in it, voices such as yours have inspired and encouraged me that there is, indeed, integrity left in it. Our nation has been enriched by your wisdom and civility in discourse of the issues ... See Moreof our age, and will surely be diminished with your departure. I only hope you have impacted as many other young people in the same ways as myself, and hope you still find the time to give us the occasional invigoration you have provided so regularly, for so long, during your much deserved retirement. Best of luck!

    You have been a companion on my journey for many years. It was your interviews with Joseph Campbell that first hooked me. I want you to know that you and your whole team have made a profound and positive difference in both my personal and professional life... as for some many others... and our country. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Dear Bill,

    Although I am happy that you will be moving on to enjoy a new phase of your life, I am also so sad to see you leave television. You were the bright light at the end of my week that I looked forward to. Your stories each one more interesting than the last. Your dedication to honest journalism was so refreshing.

    Here's wishing you all of your dreams on a silver platter.

    Until the next time,

    Dominique Adansi-Bona

    I've never commented on this Blog before but I feel compelled to now if only to say that Bill Moyers Journal has always been one of my favorite programs on PBS.

    As far as addressing the subject matter of the Blog, yes I do believe in giving back to the community and have done so in so many ways. Small contributions and sometimes acts of kindness can go a long way and if more people got out and did the same it would add up tremendously.

    I'm also a musician (Independent) trying to be heard outside the music industry mainstream. Recently I wrote a song about the Corporate Bailout that questions why from the perspective of the average working American who has lost a job because of the financial crisis and is wondering where to go from here.

    Hope you have a chance to listen:

    Bill Moyer's and the journal will truly be missed by so many of us who have grown to love and look forward to the insightful interviews and intelligent guests. Wishing you and your wife well on the next chapter of the journey. I was waiting and wondering what Barry Lopez would talk about as your final guest and was not disappointed. He was interesting, inspiring and very validating for me on my current journey.

    I'm writing a book that is basically translating the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell, Kahlil Gibran and others into language that may reach a different group of people. Listening to Barry was very instructional because much of what he was saying was yet another way to say the message I'm hoping to impart. Each one of us is a unique and relevant part of something bigger and that something bigger also includes every aspect of the world. The connection to nature and the beauty of the wind is one portal to that connection to spirit that I'm hoping to help people find. There are so many other ways than meditation and near death experiences. I also understand that we must accept (not condone) all of what exists, the beauty and the barbaric, to truly be present and at peace with the power of now. This concepts is at times difficult to swallow yet so true. Because we are connected as humanity in a Collective Consciousness we can not only be connected to the beauty. Since words can only be pointers to these spiritual concepts, I appreciate very much hearing new ones from Barry Lopez. Joseph Campbell said that "as one seeks spiritual enlightenment it is very important to not to get too attached to one's own methods. As enlightenment comes, you will see all methods point to the same end result." Every day I'm fortunate enough to be here I see more truth to that statement.

    Thank you Bill Moyers for all you have given me. I do truly hold you in my heart and wish you and your family a fun time.

    Follow my on Huffington Post and Twitter:

    All the best, Cassandra M. Bellantoni

    I found 'Myths to Live By', by Joseph Campbell next to a busted-in Salvation Army donation box 4 years ago.

    My disillusionment since the stolen 2000 election and 9/11 (i was 16 at the time) became complete; because I have asked questions and found decades of scientific knowledge ridiculed and ignored by the public. Seeking understanding in Joseph Campbell I also found Bill Moyers.

    I only watch TVO and PBS because in Toronto (ON., Canada) Rogers cable company had (effectively still has) a monopoly. And they gouge, and buy the Skydome for .25% of its original (inflation adjusted!) public cost to RENAME it: The Rogers Centre.

    Rogers bought CityTV;They killed iconic Speakers Corner after saying it was under construction-it never re-opened.
    So I never paid my dollar to try to get on TV using Speakers Corner, like I grew up wanting to. Because of that opportunity I waited until I was old enough to have something to say; I waited until I had something to say;
    But it was taken away-and my civilization reveals itself.
    Our culture is still alive; which I now know as The Journal enhanced my understanding that bore-out virtue towards my family, friends, partner and community.
    It seems we've found ourselves in You, so like a constant star your work shines in our skies too.
    Love, Angie Jackson

    “Who is it that says one person has a ‘walk-on part? in the theater of life?’”

    First, in a strange way (perhaps without his own conscious awareness), it sounds as if Barry Lopez’s basis of definition for ‘star of the show’ is somehow connected to perfectly American stereotypes. Are the only two choices really: Speak English articulately or dance!?

    Second and finally, as for his commentary that the roles people play in the world are solely of a political nature, I tend to disagree, though it can be said that politics is often center-stage for many people. For me, however, the “Who?” is a much larger force; one that transcends the often times apparently destructive and pseudo-benefic efforts of most men. Moreover, I contend true Beauty never finds repose with darkness. Rather, its luminescence is frequently despite the most obscure atmosphere.

    Dear Bill,

    I have followed your journalistic endeavors for many years. You truly are an original, and to myself, and many others, a true American hero. You always brought something to us so rare... the courage to listen to others, and let others speak. This is a rare gem in this age of prejudice and punditry. I found myself misty-eyed and heavy hearted at the close of the Journal. I look out at the journalistic landscape that remains, and find it definitely lacking something- missing your patience, your reason, and your courage in the face of honesty and truth. You leave an empty space in the airways that can not easily be filled, and yet you have been such an inspiration to so many week after week. You will live in our hearts forever.

    Thank you for all you have given of yourself.

    “Who is it that says one person has a ‘walk-on part? in the theater of life?'”

    First, in a strange way (perhaps without his own conscious awareness), it sounds as if Barry Lopez’s basis of definition for ‘star of the show’ is somehow connected to perfectly American stereotypes. Are the only two choices really: Speak English articulately or dance!?

    Second and finally, as for his commentary that the roles people play in the world are solely of a political nature, I tend to disagree, though it can be said that politics is often center-stage for many people. For me, however, the “Who?” is a much larger force; one that transcends the often times apparently destructive and pseudo-benefic efforts of most men. Moreover, I contend that true Beauty never finds repose with darkness. Rather, its luminescence is frequently despite the most obscure atmosphere.

    thanks for everything bill. You are an original.
    may you continue to be blessed.

    Dear Bill, I've had a standing date with you on Friday nights for many years. I will truly miss you and your guests. Thanks to you and your staff for enlightening so many of us with exceptional journalism! I am a member of Iowa CCI, and was most proud to see my fellow populists in the spotlight. Your show was an impetus for me to stay informed and active on the issues we face today. Thanks for introducing America to Barry Lopez, whom I was not familiar. All my best wishes to You and your family.

    Thank you Bill, and the rest of the team, for an amazing and inspiring final show. I will miss watching the program but am happy that you all will be following your dreams to the next destination. I hope that Bill will return to television from time to time, and that your team might find and nurture others who could start a new show with the same high standards and journalistic integrity as Bill Moyers Journal.

    To respond to your questions, I do agree that there are no walk-on parts in this "participatory" play of life (I just loved the part where Barry Lopez said it couldn't be directed!). All of us are here as aspects of Source; we are witnesses to the astounding beauty and possibilities of this vast and terrible place; we are all connected in a grand dance that is our journey back to wholeness, and everyone one of us has a different lens, a different perspective, that is necessary for understanding the universe through which we are inextricably moving. Everyone brings a unique way of being in the world, and it all matters in the long run, because the story is about the journey, and all the possibilities that are contained therein. As we evolve, as we grow in wisdom as a species, we will come to understand that we share our experiences more deeply than is now commonly understood. When more of us have evolved empathy, and can share in the lives of others, we will come to understand just why each of us is so important. I think Barry Lopez gets this, and his remarks about vulnerability and intimacy were refreshing and important.

    I have worked most of my life for social justice causes. Currently I do what I can to help our schools which are in dire need of positive community input and support. Our children are our most vulnerable citizens; anything that makes school better greatly improves their lives, so I have lately directed my activism towards helping schools become better places for children. I personally find that schools are places that renew my spirit and sense of play and wonder for they are filled with children, and children understand what really matters in life.

    I will miss the show, and I wish you all the blessings you so richly deserve after so many years of public service. Thank you!

    Yes, it is the end of an era, and I say thank you Bill Moyers. I'm an old timer, a few years younger than you, also from East Texas (Galveston). I praise you for decency and for a willingness to learn and to change. We certainly don't need to chant about the good old days. The old days in Texas had some very nice features, but I went to segregated schools and heard some of my friends' parents refer to Mexicans as "dog meat". The problems change as countries evolve. The difficulty of avoiding corporate control is much greater when you have a country of 300 million than when you have a country of 7.2 million (as we had in 1810). The big countries (I mean the US, Russia and China) will always feel that we have special rights and will try to dominate others rather than face up to the limitations and complexities of life. Quality of life inside the big empires will never be as good as in smaller countries like Norway, which has much better control of offshore drilling than we do, much better education and health care. They may outlast our empire.

    I share the skepticism about Jon Meacham, but I'll wait and see.

    Dear Bill,

    I wish to tell that whenever I have had the opportunity to catch your broadcast I have always left feeling both educated and somewhat hopeful that there are still those who want to be edified by logical coherent truth, as opposed to the din of political and commercial postulating and fear mongering that sadly seems to drown out rationality. After almost all of your broadcasts, that I have had the privilege to view, I can’t help but coming away scratching my head and consoling my heart as to why truth, while so pure and lucid, seems to be, purposely or at least tacitly, obscured by the infectious segment of society which blindly leads the masses. As your concluding broadcast touched on, why have we lost touch with justice.

    So to hear that you are about to embark on a well deserved retirement, which I have to admit caught me by surprise tonight, left me both cheering your anticipated trails and travels, while lamenting the absence of your forum, which has been such a haven of integrity. While it would not surprised me to hear you have gotten inundated with throngs begging and beckoning you back to the airways, as you so eloquently stated it is time for you to embark on this next phase of your life.

    However there will nonetheless be a gaping void which so needs to be filled. So rather than shutting the Journal down, why not make a nationwide search for a successor to take hold of the mantle, and why not come back next season for just one more premier show where you pass on the baton to the appropriate candidate who can carry on this bastion of honesty and veracity.

    Thank you once again for your many years of championing the many causes, and many well wishes for all your future endeavors,

    A most appreciative viewer.

    Posting comments isn't really my thing but I want to add my thanks to Mr. Moyers and the Journal crew- outstanding job, folks! Bill, your tone and manner were so calm, fair, rational and concerned that I was always drawn into your audience, even at times I was surfing channels on the way to something else! I repeat the chorus' refrain, "you shall be sorely missed." All the best to you going forward.

    I agree with previous poster pmorian. When I learned what the title of your replacement program was going to be--up came the red flag. Having worked for a government contractor most of my adult life, 'need to know' means something entirely different than what you might think. It means they'll tell you what they think you need to know on their terms. Every thing else is a secret. The way things are going this is what kind of information we are likely going to get in this program. Thank you Bill Moyers. You have made a huge difference in my life. We love you. Don't lose hope.

    thank you, thank you. your program mr moyers will be sorely missed. i appreciated your farewell show, the enthusiasm for populism, the iowa example and mr hightower's comments. but i worry that without LEADERSHIP, our democracy may finally sink. will the people get it together in time to stop this corporate takeover? i have my doubts, especially when we get so misled as we have in the recent obama promises and then his performance.
    i tried community activism only to be met with public scorn, denigrating comments from officials and finally i gave up. but thanks anyway for keeping us on our toes all these years about vital issues.

    Bill Moyers and company. Thank you so much for your contribution to civil discourse. I am truly saddened, knowing that there will be no more Journal shows. You guys did a superlative job week after week. Thank you for enriching my life.

    Norman T

    Thank you and godspeed.

    These testimonials are right on the money. Thank you for very much for informing us-- we'll really miss the show.

    I cried watching your last show last night and I've been feeling a little sad all day. But I went out and bought some flowers and planted them to remind myself of your last friend's talk with you. Thank you so much for enriching our lives. I don't know how to sign on for the blog so maybe you won't ever see this but I had to write.

    Mr. Moyers - thank you so much for your insight. I truly hate to see you go. For the longest time, we could not get you here in Georgia - go figure that one. Then, we started getting your show from another source. It has been such a privilege to watch your show. You have been the source of news, books to read, different ideas - just too many things to mention. Our household will truly miss you.

    Damn it! I'm gonna miss this show so bad =[

    After reading all the posts previous to my own, I can only echo the words thus submitted. Mr. Moyers your contribution to the nation's - no the world's dialogue is immeasurable. I too looked forward with great anticipation each Friday night for that stimulating conversation with a true American patriot. One with great experience, a huge circle of friends and colleagues, the journalistic credibility to entice any person to the table, and the keen ability to look at both sides of an issue. To your staff, who were invaluable to your efforts, my thanks for allowing Mr. Moyers to receive most of the accolades while you labored under his mantle, accepting that when we praised Bill, we meant you as well. Mr. Moyers, enjoy your family, enjoy your life, but do not forget your friends, many thousands of us, you don't know our names, but our lives were made richer by your dulcet tones, humor, knowledge, wisdom, and love of our country and planet. You're not gone, you've just moved on, no longer the regular Friday after dinner guest who provokes thought about how the world affects us and how we can affect the world around us. Please allow me this invitation, to return once in awhile, to keep the conversation going. Provoke our minds and hearts that people, no matter how diverse their opinions, make up this blue planet and we have to learn to co-exist, listen, love, and honor all. So long, dear friend!

    very good last show. didnt know any of the thoughts of barry lopez before it.

    will remember some of them now.

    best wishes on your next works.


    Thanks for the very positive, hopeful program as your last. I still feel despair and loss, because the light you shone on all of us is getting dimmer when you leave.

    Mr. Moyers, I weep as I write, because I am so concerned about our country. You have been a bit of hope for me. At least someone (you) was free from corporate influence and fighting to help us find our way, too.

    The oil spill is a fitting symbol of the pollution of our civic life by money and corporations. You have been a life boat above the pollution, pulling us along, helping us see the shore. We will all have to work together to use the courage and vision that you gave us. Thank you.

    (Sorry I am so melodramatic, but it is really hard to see you go.)



    A short note of "Thanks" from Mpls Bohemian Artist.
    Over the years, you have reinforced my personal believes. I have personally experienced many issues that seem to get exploited on the news. I often wonder how other countries interpet our mistakes. In 2005, I was studing in Paris, when talking with other Parisians, they often asked "What do you think of Bush"? The question kept coming back to me, I came to acknowledge France history and in their history they experienced many "Bush and Cheney" characters. The United States is a infant compared to other countries. I try to look outside the box for answers. I recently donated a "Wellstone Portrait" to the Wellstone org. here in Mpls. I will send you the article.
    Thank you for all your time and energy!

    Gera Pobuda

    Bill and all of those behind the scenes:

    You were a unique source of insight and wisdom me and I will deeply miss your presence. My husband and I had a special weekly date to watch your show which we rarely interrupted. I always felt it an appropriate Friday night ritual for myself as an agnostic Jew - a way of meaningfully marking the Sabbath.

    Thank you all for your wonderful work and best wishes for your futures.


    Good bye Mr. Bill Moyers,
    Your goodbye saddened me. I felt that I lost an important source for my facts and my intellectual growth. You introduced many highly informed people, with distinct integrity and convictions. Your comments were brilliant. Even though, I feel whatever will be, will be, but for sure you will be missed.

    May God Bless us ALL,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful program. As I watched you every week I was just amazed you could get away with actually telling truth to power. I wish you all the best in the next phase of your life, whatever your endeavors.

    Dear Bill,
    I want to thank you for being the most stimulating, thought-provoking influence in my adult life.
    When my children were small, I kept my composure contemplating the issues you presented in the wonderful programs Genesis, Six Great Ideas, Joseph Campbell, and the myriad other probing specials that you gave us. As our family matured, we all watched The Journal, which has been a truly enlightened gift during chaotic times. You have introduced us to so many important issues, contemporary and ancient, and people, thoughtful and surprisingly hopeful. What a hero! Really.

    First off, goodbye Bill. Thank you so much for enriching my life and my epistemology. I'm not sure, as far as broadcast journalism goes, who I will turn to next for such informative and enlightening episodes. But at least I graced your presence, virtual though it may be.

    I wish you nothing but good health for you and you wife for the remainder of your years on planet earth.

    As to your questions:

    # Barry Lopez said that no one need have a "walk-on part" in life. Do you agree? Why or why not?

    I do agree with Barry but as you know, actions speak louder than words. I feel my life, thus far, has been a walk-on part, if you will. And I truly don't think my life has made the impact on humanity that I've idealized from time to time. It just hasn't happened. And now I am active in a single payer campaign in my community but it's difficult to gauge how significant an impact I'm having for this cause. But I'm trying. Sly Stone sang that "everybody is a star." Maybe. I think though that some stars do shine brighter than others.

    # Are you involved in a people's movement to improve your community and/or our nation? What issues concern you, and how are you working to make the world a better place?

    I am active with a single payer organization and I'm working to get single payer approved in the state of california. I hope it comes to pass in my lifetime, or while I'm still living in California. There are many other issues that do galvanize me and I can do more. I'm also nursing the realities of the aging process as I suffer from a debilitating degenerative disk disease in my spine and I live with pain each and every day. It's not fun. But I'm trying. Pain does remind one of life, I guess, so its another way of looking at it.

    Goodbye, Bill. I will miss your broadcast presence in my life.

    Byron Gordon, San Francisco, California

    Bill I want thank you for presenting such truth about our lack of Democracy in this Constitutional Republic of/by/for the wealthy few.

    I find you have been very fair with the plutocracy. I personally would like to see very detailed tactics the ruling class have planned out and effective means the citizen majority can legally utilize to outcast and outlaw elitism in USA.

    I am very sad to see your show come to an end. But i wish you and your family all the best.

    Goodbye,Bill! Thanks for many years of demonstrating that thoughtful and intelligent reporting is possible. Your final program could not have been a finer farewell; it was simply magnificent! We will miss you!

    Mr. Moyer,
    I and my husband were looking forward every week to one program, we will miss you. Thank you for all the excellent reporting, and your thoughtful remarks. I am hoping that you will continue to inform us fairly some other ways.
    Chemistry Professor
    Gunay Ozkan

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    I want to thank you for all of the years you've devoted to bringing to the American people the information that we need to know and that the MSM refuses to cover. You have been an island of sanity for a lot of us in a sea of mind numbing, tabloid news presented as "real news" by our MSM.

    Because of this, I was deeply saddened to hear that one of the replacements picked for your show is the status quo protecting Jon Meacham. While Mr. Meacham will be on a show entitled "Need to Know", in my opinion, he will NOT bring us information that we need to know only information that hides what we truly need to know.

    I wrote a blog piece last year entitled "Pathetic" where I include video of Mr. Meacham telling viewers that we shouldn't prosecute those high level officials who created and protected the Bush torture regime. Mr. Meacham was just horrified that anyone would even suggest such a thing as holding our leaders accountable for their violation of our laws.

    With all due respect to you and to PBS, Mr. Meacham couldn't touch the bottom of your shoes if he stood on a ladder to do so. He is one of those beltway insiders that advocates ignoring the Constitution because it's too politically complicated to follow it. He is just another access journalist that lives to rub elbows with the plutocrats in order to enhance his own lifestyle and reputation. He is not a fitting replacement for you.


    You are a giant of journalism. You are simply the very best--you set the bar to which every single journalist should strive every day to reach. It's a testament to your one-of-a-kind excellence than no other journalists alive today will ever come close to that bar you set every week on the Journal and in your journalistic career.

    This is an extremely sad moment for anyone who appreciated having you on the side of people and democracy. You will be missed by millions of people who wish you could have stayed a little bit longer.

    But we know that whatever you decide to do on your retirement you deserve everyone's full support. You deserve to rest and to do whatever you please.

    I hope this is not the last time we see you on television. Bill, you are quite simply irreplaceable. A true American profile in courage. Simply the very best.

    I wish you the greatest happiness in whatever you endeavor from now on.


    Thanks Bill, you'll be missed on the air. Hope you stick around on the web. Since college when I stumbled onto your Joseph Campbell interviews, I have followed you on PBS and read your books. You are both a political and spiritual friend and mentor. Good health to you and please say thanks to all in your company including your wife for helping you stay on air.

    I would hope that most of us have had those unique and priceless moments in our lives -- a conversation with a relative, a midnight bull session with school friends, etc. -- that we wish would never end. Bill Moyers' Journal last evening with Jim Hightower and Barry Lopez was such a moment for me. I felt throughout the program that I was very near the very best and noblest and inspiring of our cultural universe, and I was honored and privileged to be in attendance. And I was sad that it had to end.

    For years now, Mr. Moyers has given us more that one such moment, and the last broadcast of the Journal comes with an emotional punch every bit as powerful as when Mother and I listened to the very last episode of the old radio drama "Ma Perkins". Our faithful listening to the program's good sense and love was ending for us. End of an era? -- oh, yes.

    It has been said that our country changes with the people that it admires. And to know that Bill Moyers will no longer be there on Friday nights -- to remind us of our better natures, of how great our country could be, AND of how unworthy it can become if we don't fight for it --
    prompts us to say, "We do appreciate and admire YOU, Bill! Thank you. Well done!"

    I wish to say thank you Bill Moyers for the years of great journalism you have brought to an otherwise barren landscape of investigative reporting and in-depth interviews.

    I have not always agreed with everything you have said, but that's part of the greatness of this show.

    That said the difference between what the good people in this last show from Iowa and unions is that they all had an equal say. My experience with unions in my life has been very negative. That said I still think that organized labor is a good thing and should be allowed and encouraged.

    Life is complicated and messy and your show has been a beacon of light on what seems to me to be the down fall of our nation.

    Dear Mr. Moyer and amazing staff:

    I am sad this morning. I feel as if I have lost a friend and a mentor. One of the sanctuaries from political double talk and hype was the clear, factual and honest journalism you shared with us. I have admired Mr. Moyer since his days with LBJ. Part of my political education has come from watching, listening to and reading this humble man and his work on our behalf. The new populism and progressivism is alive partly because of the insight others gain from The Journal. My hope is that you will still have some place in the market place of ideas.

    Thank you all so very much!

    Randy Rutschman

    Aloha, Bill Moyers,

    Seems I should say one more thing regarding the mysterious Earth as our teacher and mother. From the recent Amy Goodman interview Father Miguel D'escoto said, "We are part, integral part of Mother Earth. We are the ones who speak." and, "You are earth. I am earth. Through you, the earth thinks, invents, cries, laughs, loves, venerates the Creator."

    Last night, exactly just as I hit the send button to say goodbye to your show, the crashing gong of raccoon(s) dropping the lid of the animal-proof cat food can sounded. Like I hit a sound button. I went out and tried to seal it better against their cleverness and strength, and this morning found the can intact but dragged half-way out of the garage.

    I was crying for beauty and sadness after seeing your show when I hit send. Raccoons make me laugh.

    Good bye Bill and may God bless.

    I can honestly say I'm heartbroken that you'll no longer be on the air. I hope you continue writing and telling the truth.

    Watching your conversation with Barry Lopez was a vivid reminder why I had tears in my eyes as the program ended.
    My life has been so deeply enriched by watching your program over the years.I can honestly say I am a better person for having watched.I wish you all the blessing and happiness in your retirement.See you around.

    "Never can say goodbye."
    Thankyou, Bill and crew for such a wonderful show.
    I guess we're all going to have to carry on the work now! Blessings to you and your family in your retirement or enlivenment.
    Christina Cohn

    Mr. Moyers,

    I met you when you introduced us to Joseph Campbell. It changed my life. In your leaving, you have introduced me to Barry Lopez. Quite a pair of bookends.

    I felt true sadness when your show ended last night. You unfailingly brought to broadcast journalism what is so sorely lacking on the cable news shows: calmness, civility, honor, grace, an unwavering focus on the heart of the issues. Thank you for your brilliance, your dignity, and for your sense of responsibility.

    You have been a gift to this world. I offer my deepest gratitude for the work that you have done. Thank you.

    All the very best of everything to you, Bill. I will always remember you with the utmost reverence. Many thanks for being you and for your unique vision that has contributed to a greater good. I am writing this with tears, so know that you have touched my life. If, as you have at the age of 76, I could say that I have touched as many people's lives in a positive way, then I would consider myself greatly blessed. I'm an American viewer who has been watching your show in France via internet. You have introduced me to some great American minds and helped remind me how many things I still love about my country. Thank you.

    Dear Bill,

    As you said goodnight, I found tears streaming down my face.

    You shared your light and courage and love with us from so many years and have inspired us.

    One of my personal treasures are tapes of your interviews with Joseph Campbell.

    May you and your work continue to be blessed.

    A heartfelt thank you to you and your staff for all the good you have given.

    "Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

    Why is the first show I watched so ironically the last? This blog and the comments therein are proof that hope is not dead.
    All the best in your retirement!

    From Alaska,

    Dear Mr. Moyers,
    Your reporting, (with the assistance of your colleagues) has greatly enriched my life, and my awareness as a citizen and business owner here in the U.S.A. I am grateful for all you have brought forward for us to discuss, the many inspiring conversations before the cameras, and your devotion to speaking up where you saw the need to do so. I have made it a point to tune in for years to your touchstone of reason and thought here on PBS; your programs have been a steadying influence during a time when our public discourse has become so strained. I thank you for your hard work and inspiration, and wish you well always. Please keep in touch.
    Bill Nunn

    I echo the sentiments of your loyal fans. You will be missed greatly. Thanks for all your tireless journalism and insights. All the best to you and your staff. Thank you as well to your foundation supporters and underwriters. You could not be more of the truly American patriots envisaged by your Founding Fathers. Good on you.

    I was rather frustrated by the inarticulate tongue-tied fumbling of your last guest whose gist, in essence, was that due to the ubiquitous Cartesian Linear way of thinking in the west, we humans are good at dissecting and analyzing the world—as if we are separated from that very world in scientific research and experiment—-not realizing we breathe and live in it. We are just another parasite in it. An earthquake or volcano can wipe out cockroaches of humanity overnight, for we are not in charge of anything.

    Yet we always talk about how we humans lost millions of dollars for not having been able to fly across Europe thanks to this inconvenient ash in the sky so caught up in our anthropomorphic master (I) and slave (earth) relationship. Does the earth care? Hell, no. Whenever nature reminds us that we are not in charge, such as even 9/11, we realize the dark side of our existence that has been in and within us all along. Hence, any sublime is terrifying at the same time, for beauty contains the very seed of terror in it, inherently. That’s life. And realizing and embracing such duality as one is the Way.

    May I suggest you and your guest read Lao Tze.

    This program has performed an outstanding public service by bringing the best of progressive thought to TV. I do hope Bill will do the occasional special now and then.

    (On Channel 13 NYC we have now lost three good current events programs. Let us pray we are not dealing with a Foxified PBS in the future.)

    To Bill Moyers and all the people behind the program.

    Greetings from Sweden! I believe you all are the best in your fields and, despite any sorrow you may feel about ending your involvement on what is the BEST journalistic project ever, I hope n the future to be made aware of, follow, subscribe to, ponder and be informed by each and every one of you, in you new posts - where ever that may be.

    You all have an enormous responsibility. The price that you must pay for having worked with this man, Bill Moyers, is that you must spend your lives following this track. Strengthening this way of viewing the world, teaching young talent to pursue truth and serving the world honesty wrapped in humanity.

    I would have given anything to turn the clock back a year or two and to have traded places with any one of you - only to be close to the fire.

    I understand Bills choice of final guest - his observations and philosophy has equipped us viewers to deal with the sorrow and loss that the retirement of Bill Moyers means.

    Mr Moyers, Thank You for making my life more enriched.

    Michael Durkin
    (originally fr California but in Sweden for 23 yrs)

    What a captivating interview with Barry Lopez. It's funny there are so so many self proclaimed self help "gurus" who will go nameless here, but have your pick.

    I regret not knowing about Barry Lopez before today, at age 51. He articulated many of the sentiments I feel, thank you Bill for your integrity and love of ideas.

    The only times I've ever actually had my mind expanded by television have been by Bill Moyers. I will never forget the example set by Bill as I seek to try and right a few wrongs and make a little bit of a difference over the next 75 or so years I have left. Bill - please take strength in how many lives you've touched and please figure out a way to keep helping young people like me learn from your amazing career. We need you in the fight still. With limitless passion - all the best to you!

    Bill, when Barry Lopez began to comment on televison, God bless it, you commented that he hadn't blessed it. But I disagree. God did bless television by inspring people like you and Fred Rogers to use it to make the world a little better. Thank you.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. Like so many others, Friday evenings will never be the same. Saying goodbye, gone is the anticipation of the Bill Moyers Journal, triggers deep sadness. But that sadness also reminds me of why parting is so difficult, the great teacher you have been over the years, and for this reason it is sweet. A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. I look back with appreciation and gratitude to Bill Moyers and his many guests who touched my human feelings. Your curriculum was so much necessary raw material, but your warmth was the vital element for the growing plant and for my soul. “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” - Kahlil Gibran

    It is therefore delightful that parting can hurt so much. Saying goodbye also initiates my anticipation of seeing you again on line and your blog, which gives that emotion a pleasant tingle.

    Thank you!

    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” - Henry Brooks Adams

    Mr. Moyers:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and calm insight. Friday evenings will not be the same.

    "Good night, and good luck"

    Sincerely Yours


    On Jim I belong to a large national union with a state and local organization that all collect dues and are top heavy and bottom heavy with absolutely no service provided to the membership. We get no news letter or email, meetings have stopped, and those in power run everything along with their policical agenda. In my view the unions are more corrupt than the federal government that can't even enforce its own regulations, but feels it needs more control. Washington is starting to look like Moscow or Berlin 70 years ago. The corporations maybe corrupt too, but at least they response to shareholder concerns and consumer pressure, better than a government or union that doesn't listen to it people.

    First I thank you for so many wonderful years with you and your inspiring guests. And now for you to say goodbye with Barry Lopez's words of belief in the wonder of being alive in our humanity is icing on the angel food cake with a double dose of whipped cream and more cherries than I can count. Earlier this year I was honored to meet him and exchange several words of hope and belief.

    From my heart I am eternally grateful for the difference you have made in my life of knowing the darkness and emerging to walk into the light of the life of my humanity.

    ... the goose to death.

    barry lopez and jim hightower are both good spokes persons for why the size of the federal government needs to be greatly reduced and streamlined. The corporations are the goose laying the golden eggs, and it is big government taking and regulating


    It has just been an honor and pleasure to have you in our livingroom on The Journal. What an awesome show-- there will never be another like this, or a journalist such as yourself.

    I will miss your show very much; I'm quite sad.

    But certainly you deserve a happy, relaxed retirement and time to pursue other endeavors.

    I was interested to learn you've been married 56 years, so you married young, at age 20, and I'm so glad your partnership has been such a wonderful, unique success.

    I wish you ALL the best! You have contributed so much.

    Finally, I must say I don't understand how to keep in touch if I'm not on Facebook and Twitter and don't understand all the latest bells and whistles of the digital age.

    Is there some forum group that will continue that I can be a part of via email? Or is there some Los Angeles Progressive group I should know about?

    Or, something simple? I don't know anything about podcasts, don't have MP3... in short, am a dinosaur.

    Thank you so much for everything. You have made such a difference.


    Dear Mr Moyers,
    My wife Jan and I have faithfully watched every one of your weekly broadcasts on PBS for the past three years because you have become our sole source of honest and independent news. The great variety of guests you have featured on the show have brought a great many points of view on all sorts of important and current topics from health care reform to the financial debacle on Wall Street. Your final program tonight focused on an issue that has not been given sufficient coverage either in the mass media or in any other venue and it is the problem of the enormous influence exercised by the very large corporations both on the economy and the governance of this country. These corporations have relegated the ordinary citizen to a minor role in the political realm and unless, as your guests stated, individual citizens re-assert their right to access to their elected officials, this democracy is in danger. We were inspired by the groups such as the Iowa ICC and would like to know if other such associations exist in other parts of the country. We will sorely miss your program. It was truly such a refreshing and stimulating source of honest and unbiased information.Please let us know if you plan to have broadcasts in the future, whether via the Internet or any other media.
    John Proudian and Janet Reed

    Dear Bill,

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the work that you and your team at the Journal have conducted these many years. Your show has been my comfort every Friday night, and you have continually reminded me of the history of the peoples of this country - their struggles, plights, and aspirations. I have been a skeptic of the "American Dream," but your show, your guests, and your superb ability to communicate has reminded me of the possibilities that exist when we work together to achieve a more just and democratic society.

    I will truly miss your show, and wish you much success and happiness in your next adventures.

    Linda Barrera

    My dearest Bill Moyers,
    I just had to log on to tell you and all your helpers a fond goodbye. I watched your Journal twice tonight (as has become my habit). Then watched NOW. To my horror both will be gone next Friday. I have a feeling I will be mourning the loss for a long time.
    Have a great retirement and my deepest thanks for your many contributions to me education in life. Would that we could clone you to carry on your work through eternity. The world would be a better place if such could only be.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    The "Bill Moyers Journal" is a fresh air in a society that is full of market-driven reporting. Journalism is to bring the facts to the public in an unbiased manner, and in a way that common people can understand. Your program is the best example of journalism. It truly enrich my views to the society.

    Though this program comes to an end tonight, I wish it will be on air again in the future, not only to expand the views of people in this society, but also for the future generations, showing them what is true journalism.

    Thank you Mr. Moyers and the production team.

    You outdid yourself on your last (sigh) program.

    Your interview with Barry Lopez reminded me of a quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: "Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

    Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for helping us rediscover fire.

    All the best as you continue your amazing journey.

    I wish you weren't leaving. I think we're going to become less knowledgeable about issues and facts underlying issues but I can understand that you might be getting tired. We're going to miss your voice on Friday night desperately.

    I won't be watching "Need to Know". In fact, I won't be watching PBS. With both you and NOW gone, it appears to signal a turn to the hard right by PBS and that I won't support.

    What a beautiful show. Thanks to all involved.

    And what a beautiful path you tread to help many of us along through the darkness and confusion.

    God bless you, Mr Moyers

    "And the goodbye makes the journey harder still."
    -Cat Stevens

    Bill will not be allowed to 'go gently into the dark night' witout a tussle from those who want him to linger around a while longer! Meaanwhile Thanks for all you and your team of professional associate team members have done so far!

    Thank YOU, Bill Moyers, and Blessings on your Journey. Do what you need to do, but don't say forever goodbye. So thankful to have you on our road. As DH Lawrence said, "the only riches, the Great Souls."

    As I have said repeatedly everywhere I can the Journal was the best show on television and you, the best journalist. You came out of the tradition of Murrow and carried it forward.

    Now PBS proposes to make a change. This man Meecham is a conservative. Newsweek is a conservative rag. This "Need to know" better not be more rightwing blather disguised as "discourse", the kind PBS is becoming increasingly inundated with.

    CCI seems to have it altogether. Fighting the trends of big corporate and political interests for the welfare of the general public. I like that.

    Mr. Moyers,

    America and the World needs you and your voice and vision. Please please don't go away. Please keep speaking to us and keep truths illuminated. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR VOICE AND VISION.

    I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude for the powerful moments you have given all of us. The poem you began many years ago came to a grudging halt tonight, and there doesn't seem to be anyone around to pick up the thread. You have brought something truly unique to the world of public affairs. I'm not sure what to call it; spirit, decency, heart, maybe all of those things. Whatever it was, it will be missed terribly.

    Mr. Moyers,
    You cannot be replaced, and I do wish you would continue with an energy series that explores strategies and their impact and solutions upon the environment. People in the oil industry, I suspect, knew of some risks but found them subordinate to their goals. We need journalists who know what the experts know, and we need to be told. I believe you can make that kind of information accessible to the non-tech as well as the tech people in such a way that they can sense their empowerment and not tune out on duties to future generations.
    Sadly, with regard to the oil spill, for instance, the focus of information even on PBS news is about the impact of the spill on markets, industries, and next ten years. What about species we will probably lose of birds, fish, plants? Where are the details of emergency plans on how to address oil spills and why aren't they working? That's a media job also. Where is the planning for the 7th, or even the 3rd generation. Where is the planning for disaster. Clearly, if there is not a watchdog outside the system such as the 5th estate used to be, then what we find after disaster is there was not plan at all. For instance, the floats that were supposed to protect birds by blocking oil spill material are not working due to waves! Who could have foreseen that one? Who is asking those questions? Clearly, no one is asking those questions in pubic and plans to address disaster are inadequate. What about pipelines from the Alberta Sands oil mess that the Chinese, I believe, are putting across our country over Midwest water sources such as the Ogalalla Aquifer that cities and rural Midwest areas depend upon for drinking and irrigation water? We need to understand that nationwide. Whose manufacturing that pipeline? Who is building it? Does it have the kind of oversight that the markets had, or worse? I fear so. We see precious little inquiry about technology, ethics, and policy on even this and the next generation, much less the 7th generation. Why is that? Someone is studying that, or should be. But instead we are barraged with what celebs are naming their kids or wearing in their navels. So we need you to stay and engender some questioning so that our children's children have some hope.
    I was interested tonight when Barry Lopez spoke about despair. I believe both young and old have given up on the earth's viable future, and that is why they shut off and focus on the present. Even school age children have seemed to give up on the future of the planets future. How can we address that? Children can't travel far and wide to get hope and there is no place for them to run around and experience nature's living breath and earth.
    Bill Moyers Journal faces facts with a sense of empowerment and confidence that counters despair. I don't know where we can find his likes, so please encourage him to stay on. MJ
    I don't think we can do without it. Sincerely, MJ

    People are starting to connect the dots..... For me it started in 2001 and was confirmed in 2008.

    I left my corporate career because I could no longer be a part of such a unethical behavior.

    Change begins with being well informed and educated on how the new economy is manipulated by the few.

    When you see the lies and connect the dots you have to take action.

    Truth resonates.

    I enjoyed Jim's comments " standing on the side of the creek and yelling at the hog to get out is not working. It is time to push it out"

    My website is here for those who want to take action to become informed and empower others too.

    Dear Mr. Moyers:

    I would like to toast my old friend, Sally Roy, your executive producer. Isn't she great?

    You're pretty terrific, too, Mr. Moyers. Thank you for the hard work and thoughtful conversations.

    Best wishes to you and your family and have fun!
    Shivaun Manley Hinman
    Palm Desert, California

    These are chaotic times.
    Truth and deception have become entwined in a dense opaque fractal.
    Bill Moyers Journal, my fog horn, now is silent.
    I'm Lost.

    Dear Mr. Moyer,

    I wish to tell that whenever I have had the opportunity to catch your broadcast I have always left feeling both educated and somewhat hopeful that there are still those who want to be edified by logical coherent truth, as opposed to the din of political and commercial postulating and fear mongering that sadly seems to drown out rationality. After almost all of your broadcasts, that I have had the privilege to view, I can’t help but coming away scratching my head and consoling my heart as to why truth, while so pure and lucid, seems to be, purposely or at least tacitly, obscured by the infectious segment of society which blindly leads the masses. As your concluding broadcast touched on, why have we lost touch with justice.

    So to hear that you are about to embark on a well deserved retirement, which I have to admit caught me by surprise tonight, left me both cheering your anticipated trails and travels, while lamenting the absence of your forum, which has been such a haven of integrity. While it would not surprised me to hear you have gotten inundated with throngs begging and beckoning you back to the airways, as you so eloquently stated it is time for you to embark on this next phase of your life.

    However there will nonetheless be a gaping void which so needs to be filled. So rather than shutting down the Journal, why not make a nationwide search for a successor to take hold of the mantle, and why not come back next season for just one more premier show where you pass on the baton to the appropriate candidate who can carry on this bastion of honesty and veracity.

    Thank you once again for your many years of championing the cause, and many well wishes for all your future endeavors,

    A most appreciative viewer.

    To you, Bill, and the entire team, I give my thanks. I'm young--17, and I'll soon be making my way into the world, shaping myself into something either respectful or subpar. You have served as the greatest example of what a thoughtful, and above all, honest, man is--of what a man should be. You have set the bar awfully high, my friend, and I assure you, I'll do my best to reach it.

    Thank you for the inspiration- Ken

    Nooooooooo! (in my best Colbert imitation), Jon Meacham? I'll reserve judgment on Alison, but this does not look like real truth to power. Darnitall.

    Heartbreaking. thank you so much (and your wife and all the crew).

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    Thank you for your vast contributions to the American conversation and culture. Millions of us are wiser and our lives are richer because of your hard work, skill, and perspective.

    It will never be good by. I hope to see you around.

    Jack Mudd

    Dear Mr. Moyers and staff,
    Please continue. Please begin a new series. I am sure we need you. Twice a week would be not enough. Come back with a series of favorites?
    I get from you an ability to center and sense community in a meditative sense while integrating facts.
    The magazine format is a barrage, even the well-done ones, of facts with two sides; and nothing on this roundish spinning planet has just two sides. The two-sided monster seems to be somewhat (maybe fully) engendered by glitzy media barrages of adrenaline shots of two-sides. And it is sickening our process and causing a painful numbness. Those of us (all, probably) who do not have access to relationships with news-makers get just posturing and no shadow, shading or dimension.
    Your program goes beyond meditation with seeking, asking, and connecting. So please, don't stop.
    Working with your staff must be amazing. Love to you all. Come back. Sincerely, Mary
    PS: Even in small farming communities, I think Monsanto is running things. Farmers get terrifyingly one-sided e-mails that further break down community. Whose goal is that. This is why we need you to come back. We made need "Need to Know" also, but we need you.

    I am a populist, voting my conscience rather than for either of the two corporate funded parties. This week and next, I will be in annual HAZWOPER training as a crewman on a commercial fishing vessel based in Cordova, Alaska, where we've learned over the past twentyone years that you get the government (all three branches) that you can buy. The last Supreme Court decision reducing punitive damages in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS)should put to rest the claim that we have "government of, by, and for, the PEOPLE." Yes, I am a populist, and for that reason an IBEW shop steward, crewman on a commercial fishing boat to help protect the livelihoods of my neighbors and myself, as it depends on the environment. Cordova's fishermen, bless their independent spirits, banded together to get their first contract with the consortium of six oil shipping companies known as Alyeska Pipeline Service Company to continue providing a 24/7 response fleet with great local knowledge and expertise. We empathize deeply with those in the Gulf states, as we watch this spill progress. "Progress?" True progress is in a populace that protects and mages what it holds dear; life and livelihood, connected to this good earth.

    Thank you for your time and great efforts with "Now" and "Journal". I wish you the best in this much-deserved respite.

    A week before my father died, on his last birthday, he wholeheartedly and joyfully said "This was my best birthday ever."

    This was the best show ever.

    People who lived in the time of Shakespeare and saw his plays being performed for the first time and could tell their grandchildren that they did must have had feelings like this.

    What a privilege it has been. We shall always be able to say we have been here, and we promise that we will see you, all of you, around always.

    Thank you, Mr. Moyers, your underwriters, and all of your wonderful crew.

    As an avid viewer of your show for many years it saddens me greatly to have to see you leave, although the manner in which you did was nothing short of spectacular. Never have I seen a show that actually makes me depressed to have to see go off the air, as watching you discuss politics and life has made me feel better as a person with a better understanding of the world around me, and for that, I feel as though nothing I write here could be praise enough to you and all you've done.

    Thank you.

    Hi Bill,

    Who is going to introduce the country to the spectacular thinkers of a: Kevin Phillips, Mark Danner, Barry Lopez or an Andrew Bacevich?

    This nation’s institutions have become unrecognizable from the country I was born in and as a toddler - watch land on the moon.

    I’m afraid I’m going to miss you, your essays, and this program...terribly.

    God Bless You and Thank You

    - Olaf Brescia / The Boresight / Sacramento, California

    ps: I still miss Joe (Campbell)

    Dear Bill, or as we affectionately refer to you around here, Uncle Bill,

    I will miss your work tremendously, you've been a part of my life for at least 3 decades. You're some special breed of poet-journalist, a rare big-hearted flame thrower, who tells it like it is with that gracious Texan turn of phrase, always reminding us of the power within the people. And for your last "snapping and popping" conversation to be with Barry Lopez was a great gift.

    Thank you, and I hope I see you around,

    Ann Millikan

    I have enjoyed listening to Bill Moyer's commentary since the McNeil Lehrer News Hour.
    I have become a fan of "Bill Moyer's Journal" too late.
    If I understood anything from Bill's conversation with Barry Lopez, it would be when you reach the darkest depth of disrespect for nature, humanity, or whatever, all is not lost.
    Yin (gentle) and yan (forceful) remain open, compassassion, and happiness are real and possible in all human endeavors and probable in all scenarios

    Bill & Company,

    You guys did it right tonight! For those of us who have found ourselves kindred with Mr Moyers over the years, tonight's program was a great representation of the man. The first part of the program through Jim Hightower represented who Bill Moyers is today and the second half of the program revealed how he arrived here. Thank you, Mr Bill Moyers, you have been a great pointer whose finger I have followed to find much wisdom.

    A fellow Texan!

    Thank you, Bill, for the work you have done for us. I hope you continue to keep your voice in the public sphere in other ways as often as you can. Love and peace to you,

    Bill Moyers, know this:

    Never have so many "citizens" been enlightened by one journalist. Thank you for imparting to us, that which we could not get anyplace else -- THE TRUTH.

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    Thank you for the lessons in wisdom you have sent into our homes every Friday night. You have been a rare calm grandfatherly voice in the midst of so much irreverent chatter. My husband and I are long time viewers and every time I watch your show I feel a strong sense of gratitude. I greive the loss of this cultural touchstone. Now to be replaced with yet another deskless, edgy looking news show. Sigh. Who else will speak to us of populism and politics and corruption and truth and beauty and poetry and love? Who is there left to sit at a solid round table and show us what authentic, thoughtful, and, yes, heroic conversation looks like? Peace be with you, sir. A million thanks to you, your staff and sponsors.

    Having always enjoyed Bill Moyers' Journal, I made sure not to miss tonight's final airing. Television will be a poorer place without this program. Moyers surpassed his usual eloquence in bidding farewell to the viewers and giving a favorable nod to the replacement program "Need to Know."
    I also made sure to watch the final episode of NOW that immediately follows Moyers on our PBS station. I have felt David Brancaccio and Maria Hinojosa were in a league with Moyers and that David inherited NOW from Moyers and was his protege.
    So, I was struck by the stark difference in the farewell messages from Moyers and Brancaccio tonight. Moyers was highly complimentary to the successor program's hosts, mentioning them by name. He enthusiastically recommended it to viewers. David said only that the new program “starts next week and I'll be watching."
    Moyers left no doubt that his departure and its timing were entirely of his choosing. There seems to be a big question mark about why and how PBS’ decision to end NOW was made. Even the viewer feedback has been cut off from NOW as of tonight. I hope there might be some illumination on those questions in the coming weeks and months..

    I looked forward to Friday nights at 10:00 P.M. to tune in to Bill Moyers Journal. What a breath of fresh air! I feel as though I'm left to find my own way through the wilderness. You have left us with a set of directions to find our way through this wilderness. Thank you for the most thought provoking and insightful programming on television.

    Everytime I watched this show, I was able to see through the glass a little less darkly, thanks to the beacon of truth. Bill your a true servant of the Living God. Thankyou, And we'll keep the faith

    Dear Bill,

    My part tonight is to give you and your Journal crew a standing ovation for your outstanding work and for truly doing your part.


    What am I going to do on my Friday nights without the Bill Moyers Journal. I have been a faithful viewer for so many years - your interviews with Joseph Campbell & the Poetry festivals are remembered with joy. Your Journal has given me truth and hope. Thank you so much.

    All the world is a stage said Shakespeare. What counts as a walk-on part or a leading role remains to be interpreted, for each is another's audience, and each plays different roles at different times.

    Bill Moyers' contribution to journalism, public civility, and discourse is exemplary and without peer. But put aside lamenting the conclusion of this brilliant and unique program-- why not draw another lesson: what better way to carry on than to practice the message of what made it so attractive: discussing issues with mutual respect and intelligence. What made the show remarkable was the discussion--and most of us miss it in public life because even without knowing that which we miss, for it is so rare. Honor the legacy by taking up the discussion, using discussion as a means of understanding, connecting, of sharing, and also as means to inform action in the world.

    Indeed, one may not have a leading role, but one still plays many roles in the stages of life, and the life of the community. Learn the lesson of the show: learn to talk, learn to think, learn to act constructively. What better legacy could be imagined?

    Bill Moyers and staff:

    Another wonderful show ... and a truly classy end to a meaningful and driven idea and series.

    Thank you so much for enriching my life with thoughtful and provocative dialogue. Your efforts will be missed. I soaked up every moment tonight and in the true spirit of tonight's topic with Barry Lopez ... I think of the mother robin incubating her clutch of 3 eggs in the flowering crab apple tree just outside my front door this spring, day and night ... she's protecting her future and her current contribution to her world - at all costs and without regard to the dangers that lurk around her. She never searches for meaning, but has found one, none the less in the age old dance of life - protect and serve, and do what you need to do to make the world a better place for current and future generations.

    Bill, you have always done just that. Whatever has driven you to excellence and driven you to continue bringing us fresh ideas, when most people would have retired long ago ... you have passed along to your viewers.

    Thank you is not enough, but I hope you will accept my simple felt gratitude.

    Enjoy your retirement and never stop dreaming.

    - Roger from Iowa

    Thank you so much for your truely inspiring progam - one I have looked forward to each week for many years. I will miss it. Your viewpoint on the issues of the day were very thought provoking and timely. Your "quiet discussion" of the news was most refreshing. Good luck to you and hope that you will come back to "visit" from time to time.

    You were my storyteller. You took care of the spirit of the word and took your ethical responsibility to me very seriously.

    I listened for a long, long, long time. You ensured that I will remember and I will.

    May the next chapter you begin be verdant and enable you to touch many more lives.

    I feel almost heartbroken to lose your wonderful show from my life. Thank you, Bill Moyers and all the people behind the camera, for your tremendous contribution. Your final show was particularly fantastic - every part was great, but I was blown away by Barry Lopez! Bill Moyers, I know you'll keep your creativity flowing into our lives. Many blessings.

    Mr Moyers, Sir - thank you for wonderful Journals, you are leaving a lasting legacy and hopefully the people will improve because of your insistence perseverance and your hope. Your last interview was well chosen. Thank you again and All the Best.

    Thank you Bill Moyers and all the staff producing the Bill Moyers Journal. This program has been the justice and reverence component of my effort to keep in tune with current events and issues. You have set the standard for which I will judge future PBS programs. Enjoy your new journey and please keep in touch to let us know what you are thinking and the things you are discovering. Thank you, so much for being who you are.

    Thank you, Bill Moyers, for all the years of courageous, truthful, democratic, respectful, gracious, intelligent, edifying journalism. Since your previous retirement from NOW, Ive known what a great void your absence produces. Thanks for coming back three more years.

    As much as I and our country will miss you, I wish you a long and enjoyable retirement. I am not religious, but I know you are, so I hope God bless you and your wonderful wife, as He has blessed us with the work you two have done for our country.

    Going to miss you and the show more than I can imagine.
    The Journal was a classic, one of a kind. This country lost a treasure.
    I wish you and your family all the best.
    Thanks Bill

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    I enjoyed your Journal immensely and immensely I will miss seeing you every Friday night talking to your guests.

    It was a great joy and privilege to have that feeling of being a party to such a premier community of intellectuals, to such an exceptional cultural event in this country.

    Thank You and Best of Everything!

    Bill Moyers, my Friday night boyfriend: You have left me!

    I still remember watching your interviews with Joseph Campbell when I was young and safe. Remember how he talked about the *force* of the female body? Those breasts!

    And here we are now with our birds drowning in our burning seas. Too little justice, too late. Not enough reverence.

    What will we do without you...

    I'm an immigrant and an American citizen since the last few years. I rarely missed the Journal and will miss it greatly henceforth. Besides my own immigrant perspective, the Journal more than anything else reminded me about all that is good about America and even the world. No other program anywhere brought forth quality people like you did, Mr Hightower and Mr Lopez being the quintessential examples. Thank you for the education and the optimism it always generated in my mind!

    Most people pick the size part they play, walk on, speaking , or worse, not being engaged at all. Bill, you and your guests are a huge part of the world dialogue that I don't know the public will be able to find in any format. You called it right when you talked about plutocracy and democracy. I worry also about our nation's ability to survive the coup d eta that big business has over our government. I am doing the usual, emailing government officials on my concerns for the future. I am also a pain to local government by exposing conflicts of interest, and the self serving policies that always seem to happen when now one is brought to task as to motive\reward. Bill your humanity and questioning attitude will be truly missed with the journal. I selfishly hope that you decide to continue to contribute in some public format we can follow. I like to associate myself with people who I can look up to, and have something intelligent to say, or ask. thanks for sharing. AL Haney

    What to do without my weekly dose of Bill Moyers' sanity, how I shall miss it!

    Profound thank you for the oasis of insight, wisdom, and intelligent discourse that your broadcast has been. It is often the only broadcast all week for which I actually turn on the TV.

    Thank you for the introductions to conversations, books, film projects, ruminations, and courageous souls I would never have known otherwise.

    Few and far between, anymore, are venues that treat us as citizens, rather than just consumers. Yours has been preeminently that venue for me. I will miss it sorely. You certainly deserve to take it easy, but confess my fingers are crossed that perhaps you and PBS might consider revisiting an occasional journal, a little dose just to keep us on track.


    Bill, time and time again you have exemplified those key components, faith, reverence and vulnerability, and reminded us that we are fully alive when we are guided by them. You bring out the best in people. I weep to lose the friendship you have offered your viewers. May countless blessings shower upon you as you continue to lean into the light.

    I've never heard Moyers articulate his bias so well as after his conversation with Jim Hightower. After tonight's broadcast I realized I was not alone in my populist beliefs. I bet there are many of us who have not been called to action...yet. Thanks for a brilliant and moving journal tonight. Loved both guests. Will miss the Journal.

    I am going to miss the Bill Moyer Journal. May be I am bias also but I do enjoy the show. Thank you very much.

    Here's to you, Mr. Moyers.

    You were the only good news show on television. You will be greatly missed. Thanks for all your hard work in protecting our Constitution and bringing awareness to the important issues of our times. Cheers!

    - Danny

    I will greatly miss the Journal. I sent an e-mail with similar comments, but I wanted to state two key points I took away from tonight's broadcast: 1) despair is not an option, and 2) I will strive to be the kind of person who would deserve to be interviewed by Bill Moyers.

    Thank you. You have meant a great deal to our family. For our family, justice is the question ou our age. But the million dollar question is this: if we as a nation are going to survive the challenges ahead, how do you translate everything you have stood for into policy? From everything you have learned and discussed, what would a sound government look like and how would it function in terms of creating, not only a just, but a sound and healthy economic and fiscal policy?

    thank you for your years of inspiration. I no longer have a Friday night date; that saddens me more than I can say.

    What a wonderful and inspiring show!

    Your two guests exemplify the higher qualities in human nature, each in his own way. I was left humbled by their humanity and intelligence.

    Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for your contributions to journalism. Throughout the years your shows have left me inspired, angry, sad and motivated.

    You are irreplaceable and will be missed.

    I have tears in my eyes and heart since few programs on tv or anywhere have moved me and informed me as deeply as Bill Moyers Journal. I am reading now, almost finished, Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich. Mr. Moyers had the auther last week and I had to read the book after hearing her. And he was right, it is a moving and puzzling book, in many ways. I need hope and strength so much. I do understand he is a conduit, an energy channel that just openned a world to me of ideas and people that I seldom have known on tv or anywhere. All this to say, thank you so much for enrich my life and the life of so many. Please keep in touch, some way. Peace and much love.

    I will truly miss your program, the most
    informative, intelligent,and honest program on the air. Thank you for the
    many years you have enlightened us, and
    delighted us.

    Wishing you health and happiness.
    Thank you again!

    Tonight was the first time I watched the show. I enjoyed it. Sad to see it go but feel fortunate to have experienced it.
    Lowell, Ma.

    Bill, Camus didn't leave Paris in 42.

    You can't leave broadcast journalism.

    Take a leave, then come back at least once a month, and call it Journal 2.0.

    Frederick Willman
    Madison, WI

    You're the one person on the airwaves I looked forward to visiting w/ and you and your sanity will be missed. I'm sad to see you end this series.

    I just watched the final episode [is episode the right word?] on WJCT. I will miss this show very, very much. Who knows though, maybe the show needed to end in order for me to do what Mr. Moyers has been suggesting all along, that I get off my duff and do what I can to help change life for the better for us underdogs.

    Thank you so much for all your insights and brilliance in choosing your fellow conversationalists. You have enriched us all and we will miss you! Wishing you great adventures...

    Thank you so much for all you have done for this country. You truly are a national treasure. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Journal and appreciate how you balanced stories on the problems facing our society with inspirational and empowering interviews with the people striving to remedy these injustices. Rather than focusing on what is wrong, the Journal sought to inspire viewers to change America for the better. This inspired viewer is grateful for your work. Thank you. I wish you all the best in your future adventures.

    Bill Moyer's savvy and insightful words have provided me with the necessary fuel to participate in numerous people movements for social justice. Mr. Moyer will be missed and yes, we can't clear up the water until we get the hogs out! Thanks and God Speed!
    Cornelius M.
    Little Rock, AR

    What a great show!

    I wish you would have at least mentioned us in the 9/11 Movement, even if only briefly. Disqualifying Dr Griffin's book from Obamas must read list over a year ago, didn't count. I will always wonder why you avoided this topic since only Corporations have the wealth & influence to hire our secret Government & the Israeli Mossad to carry it out?

    Exposing this criminal conspiracy is only sure fire way to get the worst hogs out of the stream. "Hunt the Boeing"! If people knew about this obvious false flag attack, it would drop Corporate America to its knees and allow "We the People" to replace most of our corrupted politicians.

    Bill, We have occasionally "bumped" into each other on W75th where we both live: you, an American icon looking at the stars; I, an unknown Kashmiri-American poet in the gutter. Will miss you, constant friend, but look forward to sharing a Havana with you when you emerge after supper from the Kenilworth. Let us together send smoke signals across America.


    I'm watching Bill Moyers Journal and I suggest your group use consumer power to boycott the friends and contributors to those conservatives who block legislation that you want.

    See my web site where you will see examples of letters you can send by email to contributors to conservatives and force them to get us the legislation we want. If you need a short url then use

    You can adapt this strategy to legislation you need and also send these emails for national legislation. Spread the word.

    Use your consumer power to get legislation by organized boycotts.

    When it comes right down to it the comfortable higher incomed person, who is networked in, who is an "opinionmaker in the community" and contributes to PBS for a little tax break is a LIBERAL, maybe with some populist pepper on the mashed potatoes, and that kind of person orders SAME over CHANGE habitually. Liberalism, just like neo-conservatism is a Realpolitik allegiance to global capitalism, which must crush the Golden Rule to succeed. Goldman-Sachs is pictured in my dictionary beside "LIBERAL."

    Moyers knows most of his fans are pentitents from the religion of wealth worship taking out a CDO against Hell. He himself exemplefies that apologetic role as truly as Ozzie Nelson portrayed a homebody. To step over the line is celebrity suicide.

    Bill Moyers once told Terry Gross (Fresh Air interview) that the people need to know when the fire department is in cahoots with arsonists. Such was surely the case with Bush II as it appears to be with President Barack Obedient.

    Tonight I'm rereading THE NEW PEARL HARBOR by David Ray Griffin, a theologian allied with Moyer's pal Richard Falk, and not some fascist conspiracy schemer. Moyers knows this is why he's been called a hostage, that he can't examine the Oligarchic purposes of 9/11.

    I would say his career is bracketed by the paved over assassinations of the 60s and this false flagged event with its Wall Street companion (*The Meltdown), all engineered. As long as the truth is hidden by primal fear we can have no real democracy.

    Michael Parenti (Christopher's dad) examined the parallels between Roman elite collusion-conspiracies and those in our time when he published his biography of Julius Caesar. Public distrust in the air and in the polls is based upon the acrid aroma of Empire afire.

    We are loath to curb the Nerocratic arsonist because he outranks us in the corporate flow chart (always above our "pay grade": signs our check)
    When a fire brigade was justified Moyers only pissed on the marshmallows.

    But still I love you Bill Moyers, for I too am a cowardly mortal. Warren Zevon said it best, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." For the vigilant those are patriotic words. Where is the political party of the common good? Aborted every time, for we love spectacle more than justice.

    It is difficult or impossible to become or remain extremely wealthy (Moyers adds: or extremely poor) in a fair and just society. And still we wander farther from that golden principle.

    Captcha: extremity now (those foolish funnypants moderators)

    When it comes right down to it the comfortable higher incomed person, who is networked in, who is an "opinionmaker in the community" and contributes to PBS for a little tax break is a LIBERAL, maybe with some populist pepper on the mashed potatoes, and that kind of person orders SAME over CHANGE habitually. Liberalism, just like neo-conservatism is a Realpolitik allegiance to global capitalism, which must crush the Golden Rule to succeed. Goldman-Sachs is pictured in my dictionary beside "LIBERAL."

    Moyers knows most of his fans are pentitents from the religion of wealth worship taking out a CDO against Hell. He himself exemplefies that apologetic role as truly as Ozzie Nelson portrayed a homebody. To step over the line is celebrity suicide.

    Bill Moyers once told Terry Gross (Fresh Air interview) that the people need to know when the fire department is in cahoots with arsonists. Such was surely the case with Bush II as it appears to be with President Barack Obedient.

    Tonight I'm rereading THE NEW PEARL HARBOR by David Ray Griffin, a theologian allied with Moyer's pal Richard Falk, and not some fascist conspiracy schemer. Moyers knows this is why he's been called a hostage, that he can't examine the Oligarchic purposes of 9/11.

    I would say his career is bracketed by the paved over assassinations of the 60s and this false flagged event with its Wall Street companion (*The Meltdown), all engineered. As long as the truth is hidden by primal fear we can have no real democracy.

    Michael Parenti (Christopher's dad) examined the parallels between Roman elite collusion-conspiracies and those in our time when he published his biography of Julius Caesar. Public distrust in the air and in the polls is based upon the acrid aroma of Empire afire.

    We are loath to curb the Nerocratic arsonist because he outranks us in the corporate flow chart (always above our "pay grade": signs our check)
    When a fire brigade was justified Moyers only pissed on the marshmallows.

    But still I love you Bill Moyers, for I too am a cowardly mortal. Warren Zevon said it best, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." For the vigilant those are patriotic words. Where is the political party of the common good? Aborted every time, for we love spectacle more than justice.

    It is difficult or impossible to become or remain extremely wealthy (Moyers adds: or extremely poor) in a fair and just society. And still we wander farther from that golden principle.


    Thank you so much for the contribution you have made to our collective knowledge and for the passion you shared with us all. We are better for it.

    Wishing you many happy and healthy years as you turn your focus to other interests.

    -La toya
    Many, many thanks!!!

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