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How the Money Moved

See below for just one of the many ways that Jack Abramoff used intermediaries, non-profits and front organizations to funnel cash and obfuscate its origins. In this scheme, Abramoff's casino clients paid Reed millions to mobilize Christian opposition to competing gambling interests in Texas and Alabama.

  1. Senate Indian Affairs Committee "Gimme Five" Report, Page 26: "By May 10, 1999, the Choctaw had paid Reed $1,300,000 through Preston Gates, with another $50,000 outstanding"

  2. WASHINGTON POST, Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money For Abramoff By Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi June 25, 2006 "Call Ralph re Grover doing pass through," Abramoff wrote in a stark e-mail reminder to himself in 1999, a year in which Norquist moved more than $1 million in Abramoff client money to Reed and Christian anti-gambling groups."

  3. Senate Indian Affairs Committee "Gimme Five" Report, Page, Page 270: "As the foregoing indicates, from March through May 2001, AIC paid one of Reed's companies, called Century Strategies, $2,291,000."

  4. Americans For Tax Reform is Grover Norquist's influential think tank that "opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle." It plays host to Norquist's Wednesday Meetings, often described as the nerve-center for the conservative movement in America, and is regularly attended by some of the most powerful Republicans in Washington.

  5. The American International Center was a "think tank" set up by Abramoff and Scanlon in early 2001. While its mission was "to expand the parameters of international discourse in an effort to leverage the combined power of world intellect", the Senate Indian Affairs Committee Report called it simply a "sham." Its directors were two of Scanlon's "beach buddies" in Rehoboth, Delaware who remained largely unaware of its purpose or operations. Abramoff and Scanlon used the organization to move fees from their various clients to sub-contractors and their own pet projects. For more information about the American International Center see pages 255-277 of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee's "Gimme Five" report.

  6. After Ralph Reed left the Christian Coalition in 1997 he established his own public relations shop, Century Strategies. The firm in theory only took clients that opposed abortion, gambling and higher taxes.

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