Simpsons Movie Director Talks About New Film


ANNOUNCER: 20th Century Fox presents the greatest Simpsons family adventure of all time.

JEFFREY BROWN: After 400-plus episodes and a zillion zingers on the small screen, "The Simpsons" are making a long-expected big move or, more to the point, movie.

HOMER SIMPSON, "The Simpsons": Those idiots don't even know where we live!

JEFFREY BROWN: Now in its 18th season, the show is the longest-running sitcom in television history, with millions of fanatical followers of the loveable lug, Homer, his devilish son, Bart, worry-wart wife, Marge…

MARGE SIMPSON, "The Simpsons": You didn't listen to me after I warned you!

JEFFREY BROWN: … precocious little Lisa and baby Maggie…

LISA SIMPSON, "The Simpsons": Dad, do something.

JEFFREY BROWN: Just another American family living in Springfield, their fictional Anytown, USA.

HOMER SIMPSON: Spider pig, spider pig does whatever a spider pig does…

JEFFREY BROWN: Creator Matt Groening's simple, hand-drafted cartoon is credited with defining a new kind of television satire. Often hilarious, always irreverent, and at times subversive, the show is as much adult fare as children's show. Its influence has been felt far and wide.

MATT GROENING, Creator, "The Simpsons": You can always relate to a family who love each other and who drive each other crazy. "The Simpsons" is just an extreme version of that, a very American version of that.



JEFFREY BROWN: "The Simpson's Movie" is the culmination of four years of work. Marketing tie-ins abound: The 7-Eleven chain converted 12 outlets to Kwik-E-Marts, the convenience store in Springfield. Here outside a Denver store, "Simpsons" fans grabbed up specially produced show staples, Squishee frozen drinks, Buzz Cola, and donuts, or as Homer calls them…

WOMAN: Mmm, donuts.

JEFFREY BROWN: "The Simpsons Movie" opens today.

HOMER SIMPSON: Did I save the day?

BART SIMPSON: Actually, you doomed us all.


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