Beatlemania Returns with Re-mastered Catalogue

JIM LEHRER: Next tonight, a "Goodbye, Hello" to the Beatles, as their music moves in new forms into the 21st century. Jeffrey Brown reports.

JEFFREY BROWN: If Beatlemania ever really went away, it's certainly back with a new sound and in a new form of media. The new sound comes from the release of digitally re-mastered versions of the entire Beatles catalogue, records originally released between 1963 and 1970. The CD sets have already topped the Amazon charts in Britain.

JOURNALIST: Do you think you'll buy this?

BEATLES FAN: Oh, for sure. For sure. I mean, it's the Beatles. Like, how could you not buy it? You know every song.

JEFFREY BROWN: Audiophiles can even choose between stereo and mono versions. Here's an example of the new stereo sound on "I Saw Her Standing There."

Then there's "The Beatles: Rock Band," a new video game which allows fans to play along. It's poised to take on "Guitar Hero" and other popular titles in the huge and growing world of video games.

BEATLES FAN: Even the visuals and what you see live, you know, going on, it kind of plays tricks with your eyes a little bit, though. I was just like, "OK, concentrate, concentrate." But it's so much fun. And you get really into the songs, especially the drums, because you get to hit.

JEFFREY BROWN: None of this is cheap. The video game retails for $250, while the recordings run at least $200. The question now is how willing a new generation will be to, as their 1964 album was titled, "Meet the Beatles."