New Orleans Health Care System Still Recovering

SUSAN DENTZER, NewsHour Health Correspondent: Before Hurricane Katrina, the only emergency trauma center in New Orleans was here, at now shuttered Charity Hospital.

INSPECTOR: One of the concerns that we have is that there's pervasive mold.

SUSAN DENTZER: After the hurricane, the trauma center was moved here to MASH tents inside the city's convention center. There, emergency Physician Peter Deblieux performed triage.

DR. PETER DEBLIEUX, Dir., LSU Emergency Medicine Services: We've had a whole slew of major trauma, including knife wounds to the neck.

SUSAN DENTZER: Two stops later, including a stint in a closed department store downtown, the trauma center is now in new, temporary quarters again. They're at the city's old University Hospital, which was also flooded and shuttered after the storm.

DON SMITHBURG, CEO, LSU Health Care Services Division: Well, this is the new trauma center.

SUSAN DENTZER: Just before the trauma center reopened, Don Smithburg, who heads Louisiana State University's Health Sciences Division, showed us the freshly renovated space.

DON SMITHBURG: We basically were starting from scratch. With the exception of the piers and the foundation and the studs, everything is brand new. And FEMA actually has funded that so that we can provide first-class trauma care.