Meditation teacher Trudy Goodman, founder of InsightLA, shares her Brief but Spectacular take on how our lives could be enhanced if we incorporated a bit of mindfulness into our daily routines.

Duration: 02:19

Droughts are here to stay, says Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, so his city is striving to employ sustainable practices to preserve water not just for the next two years, but decades beyond that. Garcetti offers his Brief but Spectacular take on Californ...

Duration: 02:18

So far, space travel is limited because we have to transport everything we need using rockets. But what if we could build whatever we needed? Jason Dunn, whose company built the first 3D printer to operate in space, shares his Brief but Spectacular take o...

Duration: 02:19

A lot has changed about parenting since the first days of America, including our perceptions of what's best for our children. Jennifer Senior, author of "All Joy and No Fun," offers her Brief But Spectacular take on the paradoxes of modern parenthood.

Duration: 02:43