In the 100th episode of Brief but Spectacular, 92-year-old Richard Goldbloom offers his take on the things that have made his life spectacular, and what it's like to begin losing your memories.

Duration: 04:06

People working on the front lines of the opioid crisis at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offer their Brief but Spectacular takes on addiction and recovery.

Duration: 04:38

It took just 10 minutes to flip a switch in Ariel Levy's body and mind to make her into a mother. The journalist was on her final major overseas reporting trip, in rural Mongolia, when her pregnancy ended prematurely and she gave birth in her hotel to a s...

Duration: 03:14

Art and science have always overlapped; early scientists used illustrations to depict what they saw under the microscope. Janet Iwasa of the University of Utah is trying to re-establish this link to make thorny scientific data and models approachable to t...

Duration: 02:59