Jackson Bird came out as a transgender man at 25. Growing up without any role models, he felt as if he were alone in the world. Now he makes YouTube videos and hosts the podcast "Transmission" to help everyone better understand the transgender community....

Duration: 03:45

Inspired by the people who have come forward as part of the #MeToo movement, Imani Davis shares her poem "Platinum" and gives her Brief but Spectacular take on how society can overlook wrongdoing by famous artists.

Duration: 03:41

The act of one human speaking to a group has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Chris Anderson, owner of TED and TED Talks, gives his Brief but Spectacular take on the power of ideas and how we communicate meaning to other people.

Duration: 03:07

New York-based poet Whitney Greenaway shares her Brief but Spectacular take on letting go.

Duration: 03:37