TV great Dick Cavett credits comedian Jack Paar with providing his talk-show hosting philosophy: Make it a conversation. Cavett offers his Brief but Spectacular take on his career.

Duration: 03:51

Filmmaker Reid Davenport wants people to know that his biggest obstacle isn't living with cerebral palsy, but how others perceive and respond to his diagnosis. Davenport, whose films focus on people living with disabilities, gives his Brief but Spectacula...

Duration: 03:14

What does it feel like to be diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease? Pam Montana and Chris Hannafan offer their Brief but Spectacular takes on what it means to live with the disease and how their worlds have changed.

Duration: 03:34

Artificial intelligence is going to change how we live to such a degree, that when we look back at driving a car, it will seem to us the way the Middle Ages looks from today's perspective. That's according to Sebastian Thrun, who gives his Brief but Spect...

Duration: 03:30