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Take the Political Party Quiz to find out where you fit!

August 17, 2020

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Have you ever wondered where you fit on the political spectrum?

To help you find out, PBS NewsHour partnered with the Pew Research Center to create a simple quiz that helps calculate your partisan status and how you compare with others based on your age, gender, race and religion. The questions cover a general range of political topics and ask you to rank the importance of each issue.

Have your students take the quiz and then compare their results as a class, if they feel comfortable. Ask them if they were surprised at all by their results and whether they think the quiz is an accurate depiction of personal political leanings. Students can then compare themselves to others nationally based on gender, race, religion and party affiliation.

Media literacy education

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate and create all types of media, including news media.

All of NewsHour Classroom's resources contain lessons in media literacy, including questions like who produced the piece and what do you know about them?

Start by evaluating this video introducing NewsHour Classroom here.