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Halloween lesson plans: Neuroscience and zombies!

October 30, 2020

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Lesson series created by Katie Gould in collaboration with Dr. Steven Schlozman, author of The Zombie Autopsies

The following lessons about neuroscience have been inspired by the book, The Zombie Autopsies, by Steven C. Schlozman, M.D., and are intended to complement it. The Zombie Autopsies was inspired by George Romero’s 1968 cult-classic horror film “Night of the Living Dead.”

These original lessons build upon each other and have an accompanying plot line where the world is fighting a zombie apocalypse and the best and the brightest young people are being trained as medical students — with a specialty in neuroscience — with the hopes that they will be able to provide a cure to this terrible epidemic and save humanity. For a richer experience have the students read the book in class and as homework (see suggested reading schedule) along with the class activities.

Although the materials are organized as a unit, lessons can be used as stand-alone or can be shaped to fit the needs of you and your students regarding time and content. For example, Lesson 3 is perfect for the day of Halloween.


Special Note to Teachers: The content of the following lesson plans compares the “normal” brain to a “zombie” brain. While zombies are not real, of course, there are plenty of diseases that affect the brain. Students may have people in their lives who have suffered because of these diseases, and sensitivity is required.


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