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Educator Voice: Teachers discuss teaching plans and experiences from 9/11

September 11, 2021


Educator Lisa Kapp of St. Ann’s in Brooklyn. September 11 was just her second day of teaching and she watched the attack from her office. In the following days, she worked to put together a scrap book with her students.


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On Thursday, Sept. 9, host Sari Beth Rosenberg, a history teacher at the High School for Environmental Studies in New York City, was joined by four other educators to discuss experiences on 9/11, and the ways teaching students about the day and its legacy has changed through the years. The event was part of NewsHour EXTRA’s Educator Voice Zoom series and was attended by educators and school staff from across the U.S. The series brings together educators to discuss important stories of the day and how they impact the classroom.

Guests included Lisa Kapp, St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York.; Denny Conklin, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, Mass.; Ricky House, Maret School, Washington D.C. and Scott Seeley, Somersworth High School, Somersworth, New Hampshire.

As with all NewsHour EXTRA Zoom sessions, the educator audience played an active role throughout the conversation. The full session is available to watch below, along with clips from each guest educator invited to share their experiences.

Full Zoom session:

Lisa Kapp of Brooklyn on her experience on 9/11 and teaching the day since

““It has shaped my teaching in so many ways — making it relevant, meaningful, connected to current events.”

Denny Conklin on his experience of 9/11 in high school in New Jersey, and the “kind of surreal” experience of teaching the day now

“‘There’s been all sorts of terrible things that have unfolded since I’ve become a teacher … and I always tell my students we’re going to stop and process this, reflect on it, work through this together…”

Ricky House on his strategy to get his students to engage with those who remember the day

“My school in Arlington was five minutes from the Pentagon…”

Educator Scott Seeley on serving at Walter Reed when the Pentagon was attacked, and how his experiences in Iraq and on 9/11 inform his teaching today

“I line up a bunch of video clips and maps of what happened that day … with how I experienced it that day.”

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