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Welcome to PBS NewsHour Classroom!

October 20, 2021

Note for PBS NewsHour EXTRA users, we’ll be releasing all new content on our new site, NewsHour Classroom. For now, all of our old content will remain on EXTRA while we transfer and update it on Classroom. Eventually, all your old EXTRA links will redirect to Classroom. If there’s a lesson or post you link to frequently on EXTRA that’s not yet on Classroom, let us know, and we’ll make it a priority! You can send us feedback on the new site here for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the PBS NewsHour Shop!

Starting in October 2021, PBS NewsHour Classroom is replacing NewsHour EXTRA, NewsHour’s long-running current events website. Classroom will feature “Daily News Lessons” in civics, social studies, science, English and art as well as engaging activities that will keep your students well-informed and asking questions. Our lessons and features are designed for students from grades 6 through 12 and all draw from PBS NewsHour’s award-winning news programming.

Read our walkthrough and watch the videos below for a tour of how our new site works!


You can watch the video below for a quick tour of site structure and features, or explore on your own. We’ve designed Classroom with educators in mind: You can browse by the broadest categories of subject areas that you might teach, including civics and social studies; ELA and the arts; and STEM topics (though many of our lessons and stories cover overlapping subjects!). Educators can also search for content type and subject to find the perfect lesson or news story for their classes.

Also watch the homepage for special announcements, including invitations to our popular Educator Voice Zoom sessions and topically relevant “special collections” of lessons and stories grouped by theme such as election specials, media literacy content and more.

Daily News Lessons

The heart of NewsHour Classroom will continue to be our Daily News Lessons, which invite students to learn about the most pressing news of the day and discuss questions about government and civics, science and the environment, the importance of the arts, how the media works and more.

We’ve listened to teacher feedback and will be offering more daily choice on NewsHour Classroom than we had on NewsHour EXTRA. Educators can expect several curated news stories a day, selected from the previous night’s broadcast. We aim to have breaking news ready to share with your class first thing in the morning. These Daily News Lessons can be used as “bell-ringers” to start a class-period with 5-10 minutes of current news, and if there is time, teachers can invite students to identify “five facts” about each piece, discuss essential questions (you can use ours or make up your own), or follow links to even more information and resources on the topic. Our Daily News Lessons can serve as quick ice-breakers for the day or as a launching point for substantive conversations on the most pressing challenges facing the nation and our communities.

Lesson Plans

NewsHour Classroom offers free, substantive lesson plans based on NewsHour current events programming that help teachers meet education standards in social studies, civics, history, ELA, arts and STEM fields. Our lessons are designed to help students see themselves as engaged citizens capable of helping address challenges facing the world today, including in their own communities.

For more on how our lessons are structured and how they can be used and adapted, see the video below.

Classroom Voices

NewsHour Classroom isn’t just a repository of lessons and news: it’s also a community of educators and students, and a forum to share latest thoughts and ideas on teaching strategies, best practices for discussing difficult current events topics and a showcase of student writing on important topics of the day. You can find this student and educator writing on Classroom Voices. We’ll also share recordings and clips of some of our popular Educator Voice Zoom sessions here. If you are a student or educator and have a post you want to pitch, send your idea to Victoria Pasquantonio (vpasquantonio [at]

We hope you enjoy the new site, and we’re excited to hear your thoughts. You can send us feedback here and we’ll enter your name for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the PBS NewsHour Shop, or send an email to, and let us know if there’s any stories or features you’d like to see included moving forward. We carefully listen to educator feedback and will adapt the new site once more to be better than ever, and help grow our dynamic community of educators and students!

Media literacy education

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate and create all types of media, including news media.

All of NewsHour Classroom's resources contain lessons in media literacy, including questions like who produced the piece and what do you know about them?

Start by evaluating this video introducing NewsHour Classroom here.

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