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News Wrap: 6% of NYC’s work force placed on unpaid leave for defying vaccine mandate

November 2, 2021


In today’s news, 6% of New York City’s workforce went on unpaid leave for failing to get vaccinated. Rebels from Ethiopia’s Tigray province appeared to be advancing toward the capital, Addis Ababa, and claimed they seized two key cities along a major highway over the weekend. American Airlines has cancelled nearly 2,300 since Friday, blaming bad weather and a shortage of workers.

Five Facts

  • Who has released a strategy for the U.S. to run entirely on clean energy by 2050?
  • What is the reason 6% of city workers in New York City went on unpaid leave?
  • Where in Africa are fighters from one province advancing on a nation’s capital city?
  • Why does Democratic Senator Joe Manchin think it’s too early to pass a major bill that will address climate and economic concerns?
  • How many official COVID deaths have been reported across the world?

Focus Questions

Do you think some agreement or compromise could help end the impasse with unvaccinated workers in New York City and return them to work? If so, what is that agreement?

Media literacy: Was there an item in this news wrap that didn’t make sense to you, or that you wish had been covered in more detail? If so, what?

For More

For more on why some city workers are refusing to report vaccination status and what it might mean for some city services, see this story.

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