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News Wrap: Biden meets with Chinese president, Steve Bannon appears in court, U.S. journalist freed

November 16, 2021


In today’s news wrap, longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon appeared before a federal judge in Washington on criminal contempt charges. Health officials in New York City called for all adults to get booster shots going beyond current CDC guidance. American journalist Danny Fenster is headed home from Myanmar after six months in jail on charges he spread lies about the military government.

Five Facts


  • What is the reason the former Trump aid Steve Bannon appeared in court today?
  • Who was released from prison in Myanmar after receiving an 11-year sentence of hard labor?
  • Who should get booster shots, according to New York City officials?
  • How could a weapons test in outer space by Russia cause problems for other nations?
  • Why did President Biden meet with President Xi Jinping of China?

Focus Questions

What do you think is the most pressing international problem facing the Biden administration at the moment, and what action do you think it should take?

Media literacy: Was there an item in this news wrap that didn’t make sense to you, or that you wish had been covered in more detail? If so, what?

For More

With vaccines now recommended for children 5–11 and boosters recommended for adults, a number of people have fresh questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. To find answers, you can watch highlights from a Q&A here with Dr. Payal Patel of the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation at the University of Michigan.

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