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News Wrap: COVID-19 pill, Biden promotes infrastructure bill, Russia tests weapon in space

November 16, 2021


In our news wrap Tuesday, drug maker Pfizer asked for federal authorization for its pill to treat COVID-19. President Biden traveled to Woodstock, New Hampshire to push his new infrastructure package and social policy agenda. The jury in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial began deliberating in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The state has rested its case in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial in Brunswick, Georgia.

Five Facts

  • What are the claimed effects of the pill that Pfizer hopes to have approved by the FDA?
  • Where did President Biden go to promote the signing of a massive new bipartisan infrastructure bill?
  • When Democrats hope to pass a bill that will address the environment, childcare and more?
  • Why has the state of Washington declared a state of emergency?
  • Who denied that a weapons test in space may have endangered astronauts?

Focus Questions

How do you think a pill that prevents the worst effects of COVID might change national and local COVID policies?

Media literacy: Was there an item in this news wrap that didn’t make sense to you, or that you wish had been covered in more detail? If so, what?

For More

Some critics worry that spending bills may increase problems with inflation (the rise in cost of goods and services), but its sponsors claim the bills will help shrink inflation. To learn more about the risks and state of the economy, see this piece.

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