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News Wrap: Ukraine president implicates Russia in plot to overthrow the government

November 28, 2021


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In this news wrap, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said intelligence services found Russia is involved in a plot to overthrow the government, the FDA reported Merck’s experimental COVID-19 pill is effective, Russian rescuers found one survivor inside a Siberian coal mine ​after a deadly methane explosion and China condemns a U.S. congressional delegation visit to Taiwan.

Five Facts

  • Who has accused Russian officials of trying to plot a coup in his country?
  • Where has Russia’s military been building up forces over the past month?
  • Why did China condemn a U.S. congressional delegation to Taiwan?
  • Why did Amazon face protests around the world this past week?
  • Where in the U.S. did major flooding occur?

Focus Questions

Do you think the U.S. should pressure Russia to try and discourage the country from invading its neighbor Ukraine? Why or why not?

Media literacy: Was there an item in this news wrap that didn’t make sense to you, or that you wish had been covered in more detail? If so, what?

For More

To learn more about the tension between Russia and Ukraine and the involvement of the U.S. see this story, or watch the video below.

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