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Weekend wrap-up: News summary with video & discussion questions

December 20, 2021

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Over the weekend, the omicron variant’s spread causes record case numbers in New York state and a series of lockdowns in Europe leading up to the holidays. Rapid COVID-19 tests became difficult to find in some parts of the U.S.

Other news topics include: why car prices are soaring; an update on the situation on the ground in Kentucky; key Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says no to President Biden’s Build Back Better bill; an effort in San Francisco to provide guaranteed income for people experiencing homelessness and a look at how musicians are attempting to make touring and concerts easier on the environment.

Five Facts

Directions: Choose one or more of the stories to record the Five Facts questions as well as the focus and media literacy questions below.

  • Who are some of the individuals or groups of people mentioned in the news summary?
  • What stories are covered?
  • Where do some of the stories take place?
  • When did those stories occur?
  • Why did the event(s) take place?

*Bonus: How do you think the NewsHour’s producers decide which stories make it into the news summary?

Focus Questions

Two years on with new variants appearing, do you think lawmakers have done enough to get the coronavirus pandemic under control?

Media literacy: What questions would you like to ask the news producers of COVID stories?