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Jan 13, 2022 news lessons: Harlem Renaissance play ‘Passing’ and racial identity

January 13, 2022


Here’s a rundown of today’s featured stories, including the news summary from the previous night. Choose one of the following stories or topics from the news summary to view and answer the questions below.


ENGLISH – ARTS & CULTURE: Rebecca Hall’s Brief But Spectacular take on ‘Passing’ and racial identity Video (4 min) Transcript

SOCIAL STUDIES: Democrats search for pathway to voting rights legislation in a divided Congress Video (4 min) Transcript

STEM: How 3-D technology, goodwill gestures helped restore ‘Cleveland Krishna’ to divine glory Video (4 min) Transcript (art history classes will also enjoy!)

NEWS WRAP: Kazakhstan crackdown hauls in 1,700 alleged protesters Video (5 min) Transcript


Discussion questions using the Journalist’s Five Ws plus an H:

  • Who are some of the individuals or groups of people mentioned in the news summary?
  • What stories are covered?
  • Where do some of the stories take place?
  • When did those stories occur?
  • Why did the event(s) take place?

*Bonus: How do you think the NewsHour’s producers decided which stories made it into the news summary?

Media literacy: Who else do you think should have been interviewed in the story you watched?

For More

Ronnie Spector, ’60s icon who sang ‘Be My Baby,’ dies at 78

Ronnie Spector, the cat-eyed, bee-hived rock ‘n’ roll siren who sang such 1960s hits as “Be My Baby,” “Baby I Love You” and “Walking in the Rain” as the leader of the girl group the Ronettes, has died.

Ronnie Spector in the CBS Records studio in Soho Square. Ronnie is in London to promote her new single ‘Say Goodbye to Hollywood’, London, circa 1977. (Photo by Tom Sheehan/Sony Music Archive via Getty Images)

Ronnie Spector, circa 1970. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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