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Ask the Headhunter: Why aren’t big job boards working for me?

A reader writes: I’ve read many of your posts about job boards, including “Job Boards: Take this challenge,” but it was one about “The Bogus-ness of Indeed.com” that really got my attention because it has over 200 comments on it, and because now I’ve seen how this job board works for employers.

My wife runs a popular retail chain store and recently took to Indeed.com to find qualified applicants. In Los Angeles, at a high-profile new location opening (it’s in the news), she received three applicants, all three of whom had simply uploaded their resume and clicked any title that closely matched their interests. None of the three even knew who the company was, or what the details of the job posted were, they simply clicked “send resume.”

Two didn’t speak high-school level English, the third had never heard of the company and wasn’t sure where it was located, but applied just the same.

I’m sure there are people really looking for work. Are they using the potential of Indeed? Doesn’t seem so. Has Indeed ever brought me a job offer or listing that is close to my experience or qualifications? In well over five years … no. I have never been approached by anyone but temp agency spammers and lead generators for low-quality insurance sales scams. [Note from Nick: You can hear more about this problem in “Job-board Scams: WNYC Public Radio,” including an audio segment from the Brian Lehrer Show where I weigh in.]

Indeed, you are not doing what you claim. Indeed, I have to look elsewhere. Glassdoor? Maybe. Monster? Probably not. Consolidation loan from Bank of America? Most likely. I’m losing my home in Los Angeles in the next two years due to the lack of employment. Indeed.

I know what you think of the job boards, Nick, but I doubt you’ve had to look for a job recently. I wonder what your readers think. Can you ask them what their experiences have been with the big job boards like the ones my wife and I have had such bad luck with?

Nick Corcodilos: Thanks for your story. I’m glad to get a question for our readers rather than for me. Readers, please answer!

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