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Whatever Happened to ‘Discover Economics with Paul Solman’?

Paul Solman
Paul Solman produced a set of videos to teach the basics of economics in 2004 to accompany McGraw-Hill’s introductory textbooks. This comes from “The Basics of Graphing.”

Paul Solman frequently answers questions from the NewsHour audience on business and economic news on his Making Sen$e page. Here is Thursday’s query:

Name: Charles Chavez

Question: A few years ago I purchased a class set of McConnell-Brue’s macroeconomics textbooks. Included was a disk explaining concepts in a manner that was easily understood by high school seniors. Do you have a current edition disk that I can purchase to show my students?

Making Sense

Paul Solman: No, the only disk ever made was the one you used. It is still played in classrooms around the country. It can be purchased online for about $25, according to Amazon, with used copies going for as little at $9. All four-plus hours of videos are also online, in a discouragingly small format, here.

As usual, look for a second post early this afternoon. But please don’t blame us if events or technology make that impossible. Meanwhile, let it be known that this entry is cross-posted on the Making Sen$e page, where correspondent Paul Solman answers your economic and business questions

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