November 13th, 2014

#MyZeitgeist: how to use Meograph


Meograph is a media-making tool that you can use online for free in your web browser. It allows you to create unique mixes of media content, including photos and videos you find on the web as well as your own media assets. It has tools for annotating media with map data, narration, text and links. It uses a sequence-style editing format that allows you to create a flow of moments from the media elements you choose to bring together.

Meograph | How to use it 

Getting started

  1. Pick the 5-8 biggest news stories of 2014. Google Trends, PBS NewsHour and PBS Learning Media are all great places to do your research and find media for your project.
  2. Click on the red “Get Started” button below to begin making your Zeitgeist project on Meograph. You can use the “#MyZeitgeist Example” below as an example.
  3. Add moments in the Meograph for each of your news stories and then add images, maps, videos, narration and even a soundtrack.
  4. Have your teacher email your Meograph’s URL and information to kgould so we can contact you if you win. See details at the bottom of the #MyZeitgeist digital student page.


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