June 4th, 2015

Teachers’ guide to LGBT youth resources


The following list of resources is designed to aid teachers that are looking for ways to support LGBT students.

Understanding LGBT youth

firstperson1First Person | PBS Digital Studios 

This show on gender and sexuality features interviews with voices from the queer community and is hosted by Kristin Russo of Everyone is Gay.

LGBT Youth Resources | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

The CDC provides a list of resources for parents and educators with a particular emphasis on health issues for LGBT youth.

Young Adult Issues | GLAAD 

A continually-updated breakdown of news coverage on issues that affect young LGBT adults along with information on GLAAD initiatives.

The Parents Project  | Everyone is Gay

An informational website with support resources and advice for adults with LGBT young adults in their lives.

Mental health resources

pride2The Trevor Project

This organization provides a 24/7 suicide prevention hotline for LGBT young adults.

GLBT National Health Center

Provides a peer counseling hotline for LGBT youth as well as online peer-support chats.

Stop Bullying

Information for adults on how to prevent bullying against LGBT youth.

PBS NewsHour coverage

alexia2Here’s what most people get wrong about the transgender community | Article

PBS NewsHour spoke with experts and activists to correct misconceptions about the transgender community.

I’m a queer teacher in the Deep South — how talking about my identity challenges hate | Article 

Alabama teacher Douglas Ray discusses his experiences in the classroom as a queer teacher and how he hopes to educate students through his own visibility.

The quiet revolution behind the word ‘transgender’ | Video

Educator, author and activist Alex Myers talks about his journey growing up in a small town in Vermont as a transgender man and what students can learn from his experiences.

Other resources


Gender Spectrum

An educational organization that focuses on issues of gender identity and offers training materials for educators.

GSA Network

This organization connects Gay-Straight Alliance clubs at schools across the country, fostering acceptance and open conversation in communities.

Better Legal

A wing of the It Gets Better Project, Better Legal helps educate those in the legal profession about issues that affect LGBT youth.

State-by-state resource list

This list by Everyone is Gay shows a state-by-state breakdown of where LGBT youth can find support.

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