March 23rd, 2021

Educator Voice: Educators/staff discuss the other pandemic — gun violence

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Teacher Sarah Lerner (top left), Dr. Joseph Sakran (bottom left) and teacher Meleah Hall (right) during the PBS NewsHour EXTRA Zoom discussion on gun violence, Feb. 17, 2021.


Note for educators and school staff: Use this Daily News Lesson: Senate debates gun control amid mass shootings about the Colorado and Atlanta shootings to discuss with your students what lawmakers are doing about the problem of gun violence in the U.S. Watch the clips below from our Educator Zoom on gun violence. If you would like to sign up for NewsHour EXTRA’s Educator Zooms, click here.

On Feb. 17, 2021, NewsHour EXTRA held its Educator Zoom series with Dr. Joseph Sakran, gun violence survivor and trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, and founder of #ThisIsOurLane, and Sarah Lerner, teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and editor/author of “Parkland Speaks.”  Also joining us was school nurse and Rutgers lecturer Robin Cogan.

The PBS conversation was hosted by Sari Beth Rosenberg, NYC public school teacher, and was attended by more than one-hundred educators.

Also joining the conversation was guest Dr. Gary Rosenberg, a child/adolescent psychiatrist who helped frame gun violence as a public health and mental health problem.

The conversation was focused on gun violence in society as a whole, not just school shootings, but as part of a larger public health crisis of gun violence. You can watch the full session here, or summary highlights below.

Full Zoom:


Highlight clips:

Dr. Joseph Sakran summarizes his takeaways:


Teachers Sarah Lerner and Sari Beth Rosenberg discuss the ways gun violence in schools is part of a larger problem:


Dr. Gary Ronsenberg frames gun violence as a mental health problem:


School Nurse Robin Cogan and Sari Beth Rosenberg discuss tackling gun violence through a public health framework: 

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