April 30th, 2021

Educator Voice: Teachers still feeling isolated more than a year into pandemic

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Monise L. Seward, Ed. (left), Dr. Theresa Chapple (center) and host Sari Beth Rosenberg (right) share their thoughts on what teachers and school staff’s had to say about working in a school during the coronavirus pandemic.


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PBS NewsHour EXTRA held its monthly “COVID Check-in” over Zoom as part of its Educator Voice series on April 21, with Dr. Theresa Chapple, an epidemiologist with many years in public health; Monise L. Seward from Georgia, sixth grade special education teacher; and Sari Beth Rosenberg, NYC high school history teacher and host.

Teachers and staff from across the U.S. and other countries attended the session. As with all our Zoom sessions, the educator audience plays an active role throughout the conversation, sharing stories of the challenges involved in working in school during the pandemic. The discussion also centered on the upset and disrespect experienced by a number of educators who have felt that some lawmakers and members of the media have been gaslighting them since the start of the pandemic regarding the dangers of COVID and school.

These particular Zooms are not recorded. Therefore, we ask our guests to recap the conversation, respecting attendees’ privacy. The COVID check-ins have been taking place monthly since last June.

You can watch the full recap here and look for highlights over social media @newshourextra.

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