June 10th, 2021

Educator Voice: How the pandemic exposed systemic issues in education

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José Vilson during EXTRA’s Zoom on Covid and teaching.


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On Tues., June 1, guest José Vilson, educator and founder of #EduColor, joined host Sari Beth Rosenberg, a high school history teacher, and educators from across the country to discuss the ways the last year might lead to systemic change in education.

As with all NewsHour EXTRA Zoom sessions, the educator audience played an active role throughout the conversation. The discussion was not recorded to respect the privacy of participants, but Rosenberg and Vilson discussed takeaways after, which can be viewed below. Be sure to check out #EduColor’s Summit on July 23, 2021, here.

José Vilson offers his biggest takeaways

“This idea that we would come back to normal ignores so much of what we’ve been asking for…” — José Vilson


Sari Beth Rosenberg says this is a crossroads for education

“There’s so many times you look back in history and say, ‘Oh wow, what a missed opportunity…” — Sari Beth Rosenberg on the ways education could change after COVID


Vilson on three things that need to change in education

“We keep hearing that we can’t throw money at the problem, but we actually should try throwing money at the problem…” — José Vilson on the urgent need for better funding for schools


Vilson on the ways the media got the story wrong on education this past year

“Teachers are the primary enactors of education policy … too often when teachers were asked to be in the media there was too often this cute story about how teachers were helpful … but never about the nuts and bolts of the profession…” — Vilson on media coverage


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