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Are We Ready For Driverless Cars?


A car that can drive itself may sound like science fiction, but car manufacturers and Google hope to offer this technology to consumers by 2018,…read more

I’ll Have the Test-Tube Burger, Please


Taste testers in London may soon sample their first in vitro burger – muscle tissue grown from animal cells in a laboratory. The sci-fi meal…read more

What Does Earth Day Mean Today?


Published April 18, 2013 On April 22 of each year people around the world plant trees, commute to work by bicycle and pick up trash…read more

Obama Hopes Mapping Project Reveals Brain’s Mysteries


Published April 8, 2013 President Obama rolled out an ambitious new scientific research initiative to study the brain last week that he hopes will bring…read more

Sinkhole Science is Actually Quite Simple


The drama of sinkholes, in which the earth can suddenly collapse and swallow up houses, has captured the popular imagination recently, but the science is…read more

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