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September 11, 2009

Afghans Outraged By Actions of Journalist, Military

Journalists covering the war in Afghanistan face the threat of death or kidnapping at the hands of the Taliban, a violent Islamic organization that used to run the country, but was ousted from power by the United States after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

In this report from Independent Television News, reporter Andrew Thomas tells the story of a reporter from the New York Times and an Afghan journalist Sultan Munadi and their capture at the hands of the Taliban.

The journalists were covering a NATO attack on a fuel tanker hijacked by the Taliban when they were kidnapped. British forces rescued Times journalist Stephen Farrell, but Mundai was killed during the rescue.

The Afghan Media Club expressed anger that military force was used in the rescue prematurely.


“Initially, it seemed heroic and necessary, but questions are being asked about whether the raid to rescue a British journalist and his Afghan colleague was wise and whether the journalists had been reckless in putting themselves in danger in the first place.” – Andrew Thomas, ITN

“The AMC holds responsible, the international forces, for the death of Munadi, because they resorted in military action before exhausting other nonviolent means. There is no justification for the international forces to rescue their own national and to free the dead body of their own soldier killed in action and leave behind the dead body of Sultan Munadi in the area.” – Farhad Paykar, Afghan Media Club

Warm Up Questions

Where is Afghanistan?

Why is Afghanistan important?

Discussion Questions

Is it worth the trouble for journalists to go to these dangerous parts of Afghanistan to report? Should the military rescue them?

What is a journalist’s role in the story? Should the New York Times reporter been more careful, or is it part of his job to go into danger?

Do you think the United States should stay in Afghanistan? Why or why not?

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