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October 17, 2017

California’s blazes result in deadliest week of wildfires in recorded state history

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  1. Firefighters continue to battle wildfires in Northern California’s wine country. The flames, which erupted on Sunday, October 8th, resulted in the deadliest week of wildfires in recorded state history.
  2. Officials have now confirmed at least 41 deaths from the wildfires which have destroyed 220,000 acres.
  3. Several thousand firefighters have been battling the wildfires, including men and women who are incarcerated.
  4. The cause of the fires remains under investigation. However, the utility company PG&E said high winds and vegetation growth contributed to trees, branches and and debris impacted the electric lines in the region.

  1. Essential question: How significant is it that various groups of people come together to help during emergencies like the wildfires in Northern California?
  2. How important is it to find out the cause(s) of the California wildfires? Explain your answer.
  3. Be sure to read the New York Times article on those fighting California’s wildfires. What qualities do you think the men and women who battle wildfires possess? Do you think the men and women who are incarcerated should make more money? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think it’s necessary for state and federal agencies to keep records of major events such as wildfires, droughts and floods? Why or why not?
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