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June 9, 2016

Clinton wins historic party nomination

Essential question

How democratic is the presidential nomination process?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure a major party’s nomination for president after winning primaries in several states Tuesday night.

Wins in New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and particularly California earned Clinton enough delegates to secure a majority and become the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has so far declined to back out of the race, saying he intends to win next Tuesday’s Democratic primary in the District of Columbia.

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took the opportunity to address disappointed Sanders supporters unhappy with the way delegates have been awarded in the Democratic race.

“To all of those Bernie Sanders supporters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms,” Trump said.

In an interview with the PBS NewsHour Wednesday, Clinton said her campaign will be working to attract the backing of Sanders supporters leading up to the November election.

“I recognize that Senator Sanders really connected with young people in our country,” she said. “A lot of his energy came from their support for him, and we are going to be reaching out.”

Key terms

primary — an election in which the voters indicate preferences for nominees for president of the U.S.

delegate — a person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others

superdelegate — an unbound delegate at the Democratic National Convention

Warm up questions (before watching the video)
  1. Who is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party?
  2. What role do delegates play in the nomination process?
  3. Do you think Sen. Bernie Sanders will continue his campaign until the Democratic National Convention in late July?
Critical thinking questions (after watching the video)
  1. Now that Hillary Clinton has won the nomination, how do you think she will appeal to Sanders’s supporters?
  2. Do you think Donald Trump will end up securing some of Sanders’s votes? Explain.
  3. Trump called the system of superdelegates rigged. Do you agree? Explain your answer.
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