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July 26, 2021

Daily News Lesson: Latino immigrants’ long history in U.S. baseball displayed in new bilingual exhibit


Directions: Read the summary, watch the video and answer the discussion questions below. To read the transcript of the video, click here.

Summary: As ballparks fill up around the country due to an easing of pandemic restrictions, the PBS NewsHour looks at a new exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. on the long history of Latinos playing baseball and how they changed the sport in the U.S. 

Discussion questions: 

Warm up questions: Have your students identify the 5Ws and an H:

  • Who was Orestes “Minnie” Moso?
  • What is the focus of the exhibition, ¡Pleibol!?
  • Do you think it is important that the exhibition has bilingual signage? 
  • When was the picture of all-star Marge Villa taken?
  • Where are some countries from which Latino immigrants brought their tradition of baseball?
  • How did playing baseball in local Latino neighborhood communities in the U.S. connect players to larger communities?

Focus questions: 

  1. What impact do you think an exhibit like ¡Pleibol!: In the Barrios and the Big Leagues can bring to local Latino communities? 
  2. Do you think it is important for baseball fans in the U.S. to understand the history of Latino players and communities?

Media literacy: How did the shots of ¡Pleibol!: In the Barrios and the Big Leagues in between the interviews with curator Margaret Salazar-Porzio help you visualize the goal of the exhibition?

Additional Resources:

Check out this piece about baseball in Latin America with a special focus on Cuban players and breaking the color barrier in American leagues here: http://metsminors.net/baseball-history-in-latin-america-cuba/ 

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