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August 10, 2009

Health Care Heats Up in August

As members of Congress begin their summer recess, some are hitting the road to find out what constituents think of the health care reform bills on their way through both houses of Congress. Many Democrats who hold town hall meetings on reform in their districts have been met with resistance and anger over parts of the proposed bills.

Last week White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs dismissed the protests saying much of that anger is being orchestrated by right-leaning groups and big money interests.

In this report NewsHour health correspondent, Betty Ann Bowser, talks members of Conservatives for Patients’ Rights and MoveOn.org to try and get to the bottom of the public mobilizing.


“What you see is, I think, a display of the democratic process, where people come forward and express their views. And we all respect that.” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D- Calif.

“There’s been lots of protests done by the left, you know, on the Iraq war and stuff, and, you know, people didn’t question, you know, how helpful was that, because it’s their First Amendment right to do that, just as it is ours to do this.” – Nancy Rumfelt

“I don’t think the shouting itself is all that helpful, but it’s hard for me, when the other side starts shouting, it’s hard for me not to go ahead and do the same.” Doug Lindslay

Warm Up Questions

1. What is health care?

2. How do you pay for the doctor when you get sick?

Discussion Questions

1. From the interviews what do you think of the protesters? Do you think this type of demonstration is helpful? Why or why not?

2. Name some other big demonstrations you have seen in your lifetime, what were they for?

3. Health care is a very difficult topic to talk about in this country, why do you think that is?

4. The Obama administration alleges that a lot of false rumors are being circulated about health care bill. Why would his opponents want to do that?

5. Research some of the health care bill, would you vote for it? Why or why not?

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