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June 10, 2021

Indigenous tribes and major oil company battle over Minnesota oil pipeline

Sections of the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline are seen by a “No Trespassing” sign at the construction site in Park Rapids, Minnesota on June 6, 2021. Line 3 is an oil sands pipeline which runs from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin in the United States. Photo by Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images



Directions: Read the summary, watch the video and answer the discussion questions below. To read the transcript of the video above, click here.

Summary: A protracted stand-off between a major oil company and northern Indigenous American tribes intensified this week over the construction of a pipeline in Minnesota. Tara Houska, an attorney and founder of the advocacy organization Giniw Collective and a member of the Couchiching First Nation, joins Stephanie Sy from the construction site where the pipeline is being built. This story is just one of many on environmentalists and Native Americans challenging oil companies over land use rights.

Discussion questions: 

Warm up questions: Have your students identify the 5Ws and an H:

  • Who is protesting the pipeline?
  • What are some of the reasons they don’t want the pipeline replaced?
  • Why are some people in favor of the pipeline?
  • When and where is the pipeline being placed?
  • How will the pipeline impact Native tribes?

Focus questions:

  1. What do you think is a fair way to work out the disagreement between environmental groups and big business interests?
  2. What local, state or federal systems should be in place that might help resolve the conflict?

Media literacy: In the video, what were some of the forms of media used to help viewers understand and visualize the pipeline? Do you think they were effective? Why or why not? 

Dig Deeper: 

  • For an interactive map of the Line 3 Project, click here.
  • To learn about previous disagreements around oil pipelines, watch this video.


This Daily News Lesson was written by EXTRA intern CiCi Curran and EXTRA’s Victoria Pasquantonio. Curran is a sophomore at Amherst College.

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