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September 26, 2012

Is Online Job Hunting Effective?

More and more companies are moving their employment process to the internet these days. Large businesses have extensive internet application sites, and online job boards like Monster.com have become a go-to source for many job-seekers.

So with the job application process moving online, that should make the job search easier, right? According to some hiring managers, exactly the opposite is the case. Online job posts attract many more applicants that a tradition posting might, and many companies have mostly automated the hiring process, taking the human element out of the equation.

Many online job postings use programs to search applications for specific key words and phrases, meaning that if you do not use just the right words, your application might not meet the cut.

While many people have obtained jobs this way, Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli warns that it might not be the most effective or efficient strategy. He recommends that job seekers make human connections to have the best chance at getting a job.

“Get to somebody who knows the person who is doing the hiring and can make case to them,” he says.


“I honestly think if you’re going to be spending the bulk of your time at home doing nothing but answering job ads for eight hours a day, you are not going to find a job,” – John Franklin, ministry volunteer.

“Somebody told me that they had 29,000 people apply for a reasonably standard engineering position, and nobody made it through the screening process. The software told them nobody was qualified,” – Peter Capelli, author of “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs”.

Warm Up Questions

1. Do you have a job? How did you get it?

2. Have you ever applied for a job online? How was the experience?

3. Would you say that it is easy or difficult to get a job these days?

Discussion Questions

1. After watching the video, what strategy would you use to get a job?

2. Do you think that companies who use online application systems should change their process? If so, how?

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