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November 23, 2020

News Roundup: Trump’s election challenges fail while Biden plans transition


Directions: Read the summary, watch the video and answer the discussion questions. Have students record what they found most significant in the summaries and ask them what they’d like to learn more about. For a transcript of the video, click here

Summary of the top news: Failing to prove any widespread fraud, President Trump’s allies have turned the post-election spotlight to the people who canvass and certify votes. Wisconsin has ordered a recount in two heavily-Democratic counties after a request from the Trump campaign. Georgia completed a hand recount that affirmed Biden’s lead and is set to certify the results.

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Warm up questions: 

  1. Who is disputing the results of the election?
  2. What are some of the reasons experts doubt any of Trump’s legal challenges will make a difference?
  3. Where and when will Biden be sworn in as president?
  4. Why is there a gap of more than two months between Election Day and a new president taking office?
  5. How will a delayed transition potentially affect ongoing national concerns like COVID-19 control and the economy?

Focus questions:

  1. Why do you think President Trump is seeking to delay transition resources to Biden’s transition team, even if doing so wouldn’t necessarily concede the election?
  2. Why do you think President Trump continues to challenge results, even if he has lost most court cases and has virtually no chance of changing any state’s election results?

Media literacy: What news do you think was most important from this summary? What important news are you aware of that was left out?

Additional resources

  • As classrooms discuss claims of voter fraud and voter suppression, learn more about ballot technology and voter suppression in these new lessons, including this lesson on the voting age.
  • This lesson on how to spot misinformation and disinformation can help students sort through claims about the election they find online.
  • This isn’t the first election in U.S. history that has been contested well after election day. To learn more about contested elections, check out this lesson plan.


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