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June 10, 2015

Police response to Texas pool party prompts outrage


Video of an altercation between a white police officer and black teenagers outside a pool in a Dallas suburb gained national attention due to the officer’s behavior.

Police arrived at a pool party after neighbors complained about the way the teens were behaving. A bystander captured on video officer Eric Casebolt grabbing people and brandishing his weapon.

According to the local police chief, the teenagers did not have permission to be at the pool. Parents and other witnesses said they did in fact have permission, and that some of the teenagers live in the neighborhood.

The footage seems to show Casebolt grabbing an unarmed girl in a swimsuit and throwing her to the ground, at one point pushing her face into the grass while pointing a gun at other teens. Other police officers can be seen trying to get between Casebolt and some of the teenagers.

Tatiana Rhodes, who organized the party with her sister, said the officer’s aggressive response was out of hand compared to other officers at the scene.  “Everything could have been solved entirely way better than better than what it was,” Rhodes said.

The McKinney Police Department said Casebolt had been placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Neighborhood resident Sean Toon said he supports Casebolt’s response to the situation and believes the video footage “doesn’t tell the whole story.”

Officer Casebolt has since resigned from the police force.

Warm up questions
  1. When are police allowed to use force?
  2. Are you allowed to videotape police with your phone? Why or why not?
Critical thinking questions
  1. Can you describe what you see happening in the clip of the incident?
  2. What is the effect of a bystander recording video of this incident?
  3. How does outrage over this incident relate to other conversations about police conduct from events in other parts of the country?
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