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July 13, 2009

President Obama Addresses World Hunger

Meeting with world leaders in Italy last week, President Obama addressed nuclear weapons in Iran and food shortages in Africa.

This video is a report and discussion about the G-8 meeting, but teachers can use the one minute clip of President Obama talking about hunger in Africa as a springboard to talk about America’s role in helping other countries with immediate problems such as lack of basic necessities.


“There is no reason why Africa cannot be self-sufficient when it comes to food. I have family members who live in villages — they themselves are not going hungry — but live in villages where hunger is real.” – President Barack Obama

“If you talk to people on the ground in Africa — certainly in Kenya — they will say that part of the issue here is the institutions aren’t working for ordinary people, and so governance is a vital concern that has to be addressed.” – President Barack Obama

“I want to be very careful — Africa is a continent, not a country, and so you can’t extrapolate from the experience of one country.” – President Barack Obama

Warm Up Questions

1. What country did President Obama’s father come from?

2. How might President Obama’s African ancestry influence his approach to foreign policy?

Discussion Questions

1. According to President Obama, why are there food shortages in Africa?

2. How is Kenya different from Ghana? Why do you think that is?

3. Do you feel institutions work for ordinary people in the United States? Why or why not?

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