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November 17, 2020

Student Reporting Labs: Philly teens discuss election night and beyond


Directions: Read the summary, watch the video and answer the discussion questions below. 

Summary: Philadelphia students Ashan’te Carr and Maxine Antinucci, two first-time voters, as well as Syaira Broady, a volunteer poll-worker, discuss the presidential election with Greg Smith, a teacher at W.B. Saul High School in Philadelphia.

  • Carr said that seeing states change colors so fast was exciting yet “very scary.” 
  • Antinucci said that living in a populated area, people we’re honking and it was fun. See here how Biden’s supporters reacted to his victory. 
  • Broady said President-elect Biden should address COVID-19 as soon as possible, because it’s “getting out of hand.” See here how despite Trump, Biden plans for a pandemic fight. 
  • In response to a question about Trump’s refusal to accept mail-in ballots, Carr said she has two family members who had to vote by mail, and feels like “everyone deserves to be heard.”

Discussion questions: 

Warm up questions: Have your students identify the 5Ws and an H:

  • Who are these students and why do they care about the election?
  • What are some urgent matters students want Biden to address first?
  • Where are these students from and how was that location important in the presidential election?
  • When will President-elect Biden take office?

Then have students share with the class or through a Learning Management System (LMS).

Focus questions:

  1. What issues do you think President-elect Biden should address first?
  2. Why do you think President Trump would try to delegitimize Philadelphia’s leadership and government prior to the election? 
  3. How do you feel about President Trump’s refusal to accept election results?

Media literacy: Many news outlets are covering President Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election results, and there are two different pictures being painted. Why might different news outlets say different things about the existence of voter fraud, and how does this happen? 

Dig Deeper: 

  1. Play this Kahoot to learn more about what’s to come post-election. 
  2. Use this lesson plan to teach the difference between mis- and disinformation. 
  3. Read this article on teaching government amid false claims of voter fraud. 

By Rebecca Shaid, EXTRA’s intern, and Victoria Pasquantonio, NewsHour education producer

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