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October 26, 2018

Suspect arrested in bomb scares of top Democrats



Directions: Read the summary with your students, watch the video (if helpful, follow along with the transcript) and then answer the discussion questions. We recommend stopping the video at the 5-minute mark, for the sake of time.


Summary: On Friday, federal authorities arrested and charged 56-year old Florida resident Cesar Sayoc in connection with 13 mail bombings over the last few days that targeted several prominent Democrats and CNN. “These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country,” Trump said on Friday. “These are not hoax devices,” FBI director Christopher Wray said. Public figures targeted by the packages include President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Corey Booker, former CIA director John Brennan, businessman George Soros, among others. Authorities have said there could be more packages circulating in the mail system.




1. Essential question: What effects do you think rhetoric by politicians and media personalities have on people’s actions?


2. How should the government respond to the attempts at violence by this individual? How should the media cover the incident?


3. What effect do you think people’s violent actions could have on others?


4. Media literacy: Research three news outlets’ coverage of the bomb scares. How was news coverage similar between the organizations? How was it different?


Extension activities:


1. Read NewsHour’s Suspect identified amid investigation into suspicious packages to learn more.


A van which was seized during an investigation into a series of parcel bombs is transported to an FBI facility in Miramar, Florida October 26, 2018 in a still image from video. WPLG/Local10.com/Handout via REUTERS.


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