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February 1, 2012

The Internet of Things: IoT

The.News correspondent Antonio Neves reports on the 13 billion devices connected to the Internet – the “Internet of Things.” He talks to a Columbia University Professor and a director at IBM on how this interacting technology affects us and whether there are dangers involved.

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Use the lesson plans and transcript under “Additional Resources” to accompany this video in the classroom.


“What’s happened is, instead of the internet being used to provide information to people, it’s being used to provide information for machines.”- JURI PARASCZACK, Director, IBM Industry Solutions

“We’re not just connecting computers to the internet. We’re connecting computers, but the computers are controlling things and monitoring things in the physical world.”- Dr. Steve Bellovin, Professor, School of Engineering at Columbia University

Warm Up Questions

1. What are examples of items that have microprocessors?

2. What do we use computers for?

3. Name some ways that technology has changed how you learn?

Discussion Questions

1. Explain how IoT might change your life, both socially and economically?

2. Predict what benefits the IoT will have for you, your family, your neighborhood?

3. Select a person or population and evaluate how the IoT will affect this person/group and whether it will be a positive or negative effect?

Additional Resources

Video Transcript

The Internet of Things: Language Arts Lesson Plan

The Internet of Things: Science Lesson Plan

The Internet of Things: Social Studies Lesson Plan

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