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February 24, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Cyber Schools

For some students, going to class and sitting at a desk with 20 other students is a thing of the past, thanks to virtual schools that are gaining popularity all over the U.S. Students in ‘cyber schools’ log on every morning to a virtual platform where they can see a teacher, hear a lecture and raise their hand to ask questions all without leaving their living room.

In some states, like Pennsylvania, students are able to choose virtual school over public school if they want. The virtual schools get funding from the school the student would have attended.

However, not everyone thinks cyber schools are the answer; often, technological problems get in the way of student learning, and sometimes students get bored with no other classmates to interact with in person.


“I really didn’t know who was in my class. It was just me, myself, and I all alone doing schoolwork. It’s boring, extremely boring.” – Austin Wall, former cyber school student

“And with the click of a button, we can access a different Web site, a different video clip. We can have students doing different things at the same time.” – Christine Crow, teacher, Penn. Cyber Charter School

Warm Up Questions

1. What do you think happens at a cyber school?

2. Why do you go to school?

3. What kinds of activities do you use the Internet for during your school day?

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think you would enjoy attending a cyber school? Why or why not?

2. What were some of the problems with cyber schools cited in this video? What are some of the advantages?

3. What subjects do you think are best suited to online learning? Which do you think you would need to be in a physical school to learn best? Why?

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Web Tools Take Education to New Limits

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