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February 12, 2015

South Sudanese youth tell their stories at National Geographic camp

A National Geographic program  challenges students to express themselves in a new way by photographing the world around them.

The program, which takes place at 67 photo camps across the globe, asks students to document universal issues that affect young people. Their diverse experiences, and the work that comes from them, makes up a new exhibit at the National Geographic Museum.

Catherine Simon, Duku Savio and Akuot Mayak participated in the program from South Sudan, capturing sights from one of the world’s most conflict-laden areas.

“Documenting human life, it’s meant a lot…The country has been in a problem, and we need to grow up, and we make something for ourselves, so that we can be strong in the future,” Savio said.

Photography can be empowering for youth who are not given enough chances for self-expression, Matt Moyer, a National Geographic Photographer who works on the program, said.

The program “allows these individuals to have an excuse to go out into their communities and explore, and to see their world, and study it in a way that they wouldn’t by just walking through it. It gives them a voice,” Moyer said.

Check out more of Simon, Savio and Mayak’s work at PBS NewsHour.

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